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Trailer and Stills Released for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

As an Asian-American growing up in the 80s and 90s, the most famous name in Asian-American chick/family lit was Amy Tan. I’ve read all her works up until the most recent novel. My appreciation for her early storytelling talent and … Continue reading

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Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Ji Hyun Reunite on the Big Screen for Thieves

Pardon me? Did I read the news story right? The casting has finally been confirmed for the upcoming blockbuster-in-the-making Korean movie Thieves. The first thing going through my mind is – oh hells yeah, Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Ji … Continue reading

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Korea’s Top Stars Get Honest Acting Critique From Experts

Recently a panel of experienced entertainment veterans ranging from the former head of SBS to an acting professor at Seoul University got together and critiqued the pure acting ability of the top-paid stars in Korean entertainment. I found all the … Continue reading

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Jung Woo Sung Back to Giordano for 2011 Ad Campaign and First Teasers Released Along with So Ji Sub and Shin Mina

My I Lub You is back endorsing Giordano! It’s been years since he was their spokesperson (back in 2004 with Jeon Ji Hyun, which I’ll link to the CF after the jump as well, said CF being so hot it … Continue reading

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Jang Hyuk – “When I was a Rapper”

Did you guys know that Jang Hyuk released a rap album, titled TJ Project, back in 2000.

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