Written Preview for Episode 2 of 49 Days

Will 49 Days be good? I sure hope so, because I need a K-drama fix and lately not a single drama has been sticking. *pouts* I do like soul-switching stories, and really enjoyed Who Are You? despite the iffy acting and shaky chemistry between the leads. I’m gearing up to watch the first episode now, and the preview for episode 2 looks promising.

Written preview for episode 2 of 49 Days:

Borrowing Yi Kyung’s body to return to this world, Ji Heon is told by the Time Angel (or Angel of Death) who appears before her the requirements for her resurrection. He also tells her that the iPhone she is using to communicate with him and the 4 million 9 thousand won she is clutching in her hand, all must be paid back. He then gets on his motorcycle and leaves.

Ji Heon watches the Angel leave, bewildered by everything that has happened. On the other hand, Han Kang is shocked when he finds out about Ji Heon’s car accident. Suddenly, Song Yi Kyung appears before him, and out of nowhere asks to work at his place.

[Credit: written preview released by SBS, translated into Chinese by 49 Days Baidu bar, translated into English by me]

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3 Responses to Written Preview for Episode 2 of 49 Days

  1. antonia says:

    thank you!!!! i’m kind of excited about this drama, even if i don’t know the cast (except jung il woo, though i couldn’t finish return of iljimae)
    are there episodes english sub???

  2. kamee says:

    tonite… i wonder how the story goes, waiting for your review

  3. martha says:

    I also have high hopes for this drama. I followed along with softy at Rebel Souls for the first episode and it seemed promising. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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