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New Stills from the Mary Photobook and BTS Video of the Moon Geun Young-Won Bin Photoshoot

The Captain of the Geun-Geun ship is inviting all passengers to dine with me. Black tie only, and you have to bring your powers of conjecture, deduction, and persuasion. The crack team in the discussion forum is entertaining me silly … Continue reading

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Basic House Korea Releases Photos of Moon Geun Young and Won Bin

It’s nice to know I have some objectivity left. With all the swooning I’ve been doing lately, I thought maybe my brain was permanently locked into spazzing mode. Fret not, I can still say it like I think it. And … Continue reading

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Moon Geun Young’s Basic House Ads Revealed in Stores

Additional pictures are beginning to come out from Moon Geun Young and Won Bin’s Basic House Spring 2011 ad campaign. Moon Geun Young looks the very definition of a “pretty baby” above, and I get the sense that the couple … Continue reading

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Retrospective: The Four Hallyu Kings in Tokyo 2009

This is just a four-hot-guys picspam post. Nobody has a problem with that, right? When I read the news in the paper, sometime around November of 2009, that Lee Byung Hun, Jang Dong Gun, Song Seung Heon, and Won Bin, … Continue reading

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Won Bin, Moon Geun Young, Kang Dong Won and Song Joong Ki Selected as K-stars on Sohu’s Top 50 Most Beautiful List

I wonder if Basic House did their research before hiring Moon Geun Young and Won Bin as their spokes couple for 2011. The reason I say this is because both have been selected by Sohu (China’s top search engine) for … Continue reading

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Moon Geun Young’s First Picture From the Basic House Spring 2011 Photo Shoot

Moon Geun Young‘s first picture from her Basic House photo shoot (partnering with Won Bin) has been released. She is getting more beautiful by the day. Shedding Mae Ri’s excessive amount of hair, she’s going for a look that is … Continue reading

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First Stills of Won Bin from the Basic House shoot (Bonus: Official MV from Ahjusshi)

Information is traveling at lightning speed, and already the first stills have dropped from Naver of the Basic House shoot with Won Bin. I’m keeping an eye out for Moon Geun Young‘s pics, and well as the couples shots which are … Continue reading

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