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Latest Production Stills of Jung Woo Sung as Athena Concludes in Two Weeks

My most anticipated drama of 2010 turned out to also be the biggest disappointment of the year for me. It wasn’t the worst drama of 2010, but it was definitely the biggest waste of talent all around. No, I’m not … Continue reading

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Athena Update: Jung Woo Sung and Jung Chan Woo Discharged and Recuperating at Home with Mild Injuries

Update: Jung Woo Sung and co-star Jung Chan Woo have both been discharged from the hospital after suffering an on-set injury while filming an action sequence in Athena: Goddess of War. Producers have clarified that initial news reports that listed … Continue reading

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Jung Woo Sung Seriously Injured While Filming Action Sequence on the Set of Athena

Breaking news: Jung Woo Sung was seriously injured on the set of Athena: Goddess of War, along with another co-star, and both were rushed to the emergency room. The van they were riding in while shooting an action sequence was … Continue reading

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Athena Announcement and Romantic OTP Picspam

I’ve watched both episode 1 and 2 of Athena: Goddess of War. I was so distracted by a multitude of work and holiday stressors swirling around me that episode 1 pretty much went over my head. I was bored. Watching … Continue reading

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Taeyeon’s I Love You MV For Athena

This is the second MV off the Athena OST, and it’s also called I Love You (the first being Park Hyo Shin‘s song with the same name that was released back in August). They really are going to pound this … Continue reading

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Athena Update: Plot Synopsis, Character Descriptions, and Latest Trailers

SBS posted a boatload of drama information about its upcoming Mon-Tues drama Athena: Goddess of War. All of these are taken directly from the SBS Athena website. It’s quite lengthy, and give away the plot set-up and character details, so … Continue reading

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Press Conference for Athena: Goddess of War

The cast of the upcoming Athena: Goddess of War held its press conference today at the Seoul Walker Hotel. It’s a little early since the drama doesn’t premiere for another two weeks (following the end of Giant on Mon-Tues on … Continue reading

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