Mei Le, Go Holds Wrap Party Amidst Media Rumors that Mike He and Cyndi Wang are Dating

Mike He’s upcoming TW-drama Mei Le, Go with Cyndi Wang wrapped its filming this week, and the cast and crew held a wrap party yesterday, as per the usual custom for all pre-produced TW-dramas. Since Mike was caught going to a movie with Cyndi last month (along with another couple), rumors have persisted that they are dating.

I have zero problems with Mike dating Cyndi, but I can’t for the life of me see ANY chemistry between them, whether onscreen or offscreen. Conversely, at the wrap party for Sunshine Angel, I thought 2 more shots and Rainie Yang and Wu Zun would start making out in front of the media and the cast. That’s what I call chemistry, this heightened awareness and camaraderie with each other.

No matter how much Mike and Cyndi pose like a couple, I get the vibe that it’s all for show and they are trying too hard. But the Taiwan media is trying its darndest to imply that this offscreen coupling is a reality. Anything to drum up interest is savvy on the part of the production – too bad I don’t buy this crock of jello.

Wrap Party Interview with Mike and Cyndi (English subs):

I’ve heard that Mei Le, Go will premiere sometime in the Summer. It might end up going head-to-head with Sunshine Angel, which will pit longtime co-stars Mike against Rainie. Awww, much as I disliked their dramas together, watching Mike and Rainie make out never gets old.

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9 Responses to Mei Le, Go Holds Wrap Party Amidst Media Rumors that Mike He and Cyndi Wang are Dating

  1. Alyssia says:

    No Mike belongs to Rainie!!!!! lolz seriously, cindi never age does she! She looks the same as she did years ago. I find her voice so annoying. I dont really like any of her series either.. But i dont hate her. Just waiting for her to have a good drama to woo me over.lolz

  2. Melissa says:

    yea i don’t see it either
    r mike and rainie good friends? they totally look like a couple when they are together. i love how they joke with each other
    btw this is not the best hairstyle for mike he. he looks best in black spiky hair.

  3. blueangel says:

    I see him more with his leading lady from sunny happiness. but that’s just me.

  4. estel says:

    Mike just doesn’t look right without Janine next to him. That’s my opinion and I stick to it.

  5. dramacafe says:

    I love Mike but darn I can’t stand Cindy! I’d have to go with Rainie & woody Wu Chun’s Sunshine Angel instead. On another note, still hoping & praying to the drama gods that Rainie & Mike reunite in a drama someday ’cause they really look good together onscreen.

  6. endodo says:

    I agree with you–the media is trying to sell some BS. I personally don’t see the chemistry between them (yet) and I seriously don’t like Cyndi standing next to MINE MINE MINE MIKE. I probably will end up watching this because I’ve suddenly turned into a TW drama addict and I watch everything Mike He is in. Ugh, let’s hope Cyndi has taken some acting lessons since her last drama.

  7. unee says:

    for me, i like ariel lin for mike 🙂

  8. Roxyalso says:

    I agree with you about Cyndi…I dislike it when two people star together in a drama, and the media decides they want more mileage from the actors. They have tried to match He up with Wang, seems like forever.

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