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Mei Le, Go Holds Wrap Party Amidst Media Rumors that Mike He and Cyndi Wang are Dating

Mike He’s upcoming TW-drama Mei Le, Go with Cyndi Wang wrapped its filming this week, and the cast and crew held a wrap party yesterday, as per the usual custom for all pre-produced TW-dramas. Since Mike was caught going to … Continue reading

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Upcoming TW-Drama Mei Le, Go With Mike He and Cyndi Wang Completes Filming This Week

Taiwan’s GTV is on a bender this year with a slew of high profile projects, including Extravagant Challenge and Hayate the Combat Butler. The former is in pre-production, and the latter is done with filming and in post-production. Mike He … Continue reading

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Mike He and Janine Chang Promote Sunny Happiness in Singapore

My current drama addiction Sunny Happiness has brought a wave of fresh air to the small screen. I think the drama even has a good influence on its two lead actors, as Janine Chang and Mike He went to Singapore … Continue reading

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A Look at the Leading Men of Taiwan Entertainment

With AKP fully branching out from K-dramas to TW-dramas in recent weeks, culminating in my decision to recap Sunny Happiness, I think it’s fitting to devote a post to a collection of Taiwan actors who breathe life into dramas and … Continue reading

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The Production of Sunny Happiness Releases Series of BTS Videos

Are you watching Sunny Happiness? If you are not, you’re missing out. This drama is well-acted, well-written, ably directed, and has a kick-ass soundtrack. I’m thisclose to saying to heck with it and recapping this sucker from start to finish. It’s … Continue reading

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Sunny Happiness: A Surprisingly Winning Pairing of Mike He and Janine Chang

Who loves Sunny Happiness (幸福最晴天)? I love Sunny Happiness, that’s who! I’ve not been addicted to any drama since 2011 started, until I ran smack dab into a wall of unforeseen couple perfection that is Mike He and Janine Chang. … Continue reading

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Ultimate Bromance (Joe Cheng + Mike He)

Time for our fourth installment of Bromances. Today we’re once again crossing into a new territory. Since I’ve already brought you some famous bromances in Korea and Japan, today’s delicious boy BFFs are from Taiwan, none other than top drama idol-actors … Continue reading

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