I’m a Koala. Who has opposable thumbs and can type. Come by and visit anytime. If I think of something interesting, I just might write about it.

I also write reviews for K-dramas for Thundie’s Prattle (see link to the right) – Thundie feeds me delicious eucalyptus leaves and rubs my belly to keep me content.

My goal (yes, Koalas have goals in life, sheesh) is to update once a day, never more, and most likely less. I have a Mr. Koala I need to feed, clothe, and berate on occasion, baby koalas I need to raise, and a non-Koala job I need to perform.

I love hearing comments, and suggestions or requests for certain posts. However, be prepared to pay an offering to the Koala.

I am O. C. Koala (not pronounced as one word) – and kinda like it when people call me Koala or Mz. Koala or Your Koala Highness.  😛

And when you write my entire handle out its all lowercase – ockoala.


84 Responses to About

  1. yuan89 says:

    yeh!!! good job. Can’t wait to read what kind of stuff you are going to write……

  2. doozy says:

    ockoala… inspired by your “obsessions” post, I made you a banner. hope ya like!

  3. doozy says:

    forgot to add, use it only if you want to. I won’t take it personal. 🙂

  4. ockoala says:

    OMG, doozy, I love it! And I am so grateful and speechless with the gift you bestowed on me! I will definitely make it my banner (once I figure out how to do it). Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your present is mch appreciated.

  5. doozy says:

    *blush with embarrassment*
    You’re welcome! sorry the picture wasn’t of better quality but I’m so glad you like the banner. 🙂

  6. Ender's Girl says:

    Heyyyyyyyyy I think I’ve seen you arouwwwnd…. lulz

    ockoala + own blog + regular belly-rubbing from thundie + droolworthy header c/o doozy (!!!) = spectacular, spectacular!!!

    congratulations on your new “baby” 😀 and I can’t wait to link you up!

  7. ockoala says:

    @ doozy

    Better quality? *Any* picture of my Jung Woo Sung is perfect quality. The smidge of fuzziness only makes me squint to look at him better. Or get really close to the screen. Either way, I love it!

    @ Ender’s Girl

    I had this poor ole wordpress account opened so I can write for Thundie, and after awhile I got bored with staring at its blankness. Voila, random dribbles start coalescing and forming coherent sentences and here I am, blogging about really whatever I want. Now that is freedom, baby! Not like being in her Thundie Majesty’s employ (*cough* servitude *cough*). 😀 Kidding, I give her my left kidney. But not my right one, I have a special relationship with that one.

  8. morserachel says:

    Found you here. I’m so delighted. Keep on writing girl, I’ll read anything you write and that’s a promise.

  9. Hi, nice to meet you !

  10. alou says:

    Hi there, just want to drop a note to say ‘Hi and great work!”. I have just started a similar site and love your posts. Look forward to read more of your work. alou 🙂

  11. wiggles. says:

    Hi! Your recaps are awesome (:
    Here’s a little something for your hardwork. (: enjoy. i’ll love to make you more. (a little bit hard for me to come up with an idea for it. haha)

    • ockoala says:

      Thank you, wiggles! The PK header you gifted me is gorgeous! I love it. I may have to put my Jung Woo Sung back when Athena premieres, but until then, I am proud to show off PK and your handiwork at APK. *HUGS*

  12. wiggles. says:

    here’s another surprise (: had to do another one cause i wanted too.

    • ockoala says:

      AHHH!!! I love it! *I dies*

      I will unveil this when my honey comes back to the small screen in December. *incoherent squealing now*

      Thank you again, wiggles. You are such a sweetheart.

  13. vorticella says:

    Hi Koala!

    Thanks for all the review… my first time making banner for someone…
    hope you like it!

  14. vorticella says:

    ah.this might be a better link!


    • ockoala says:

      *incoherent screams that only alien frequencies can detect* OMG, a Mu Gyul-Mae Ri banner? *I dies, but resurrects myself so I can stare it it some more*

      I am officially indebted to you for this gift. Thank you, vorticella, from the bottom of my heart. This will be debuted shortly, I promise. It’s beautiful and I love it!

    • wiggles. says:

      ah. love it (:

  15. wiggles. says:

    what i’ve done over the weekend. (:
    or the moving one (if it works)

    Love your banners VORTICELLA. awesome!

    • ockoala says:

      Muah! Thank you again, oh talented wiggles.

    • vorticella says:

      haha thanks Wiggles!! I really like yours too!! It’s a lot more colorful than mine. I will have a lot to learn! ^_^ Which software do you use to make the banner? I’m yet to learn how to make it interactive 😀 (we should have a club here ^_^)

      • wiggles. says:

        You’re welcome! (:
        Vorticella, I use cs3. I’m hoping to get the new photoshop though. haha.
        I just browse the web for tutorials and find what I like and then intepret it in my own designs.
        (: You can do that too! It’ll be helpful. (I agree! we should. haha)

    • vorticella says:

      wiggles, where are you? we should have a fan club for Koala!!

      • wiggles. says:

        i’m still here. (: haha. we should. let me know.

      • vorticella says:

        sweet! ^_^ I’m just a novice in banner making. Maybe we can start w/ that. Just develop a Koala Banner Making Club. *obviously members will be the two of us* and hopefully the varieties will be enough for Koala to sample them throughout the winter time 😀

      • ockoala says:

        What more can I say? You two are are da bomb! Seriously. *Giant Koala Hugs* all around!

      • vorticella says:

        ^_^ you have our supports. I really love reading your recaps. They are filled with thoughts and emotions that are relatable. This makes watching the drama a lot more meaningful. But most importantly, you’ve dedicated your specious time to write and spoil us. What else could we do but just feed you (so you can continue to do what we love :P). So Thanks!!!

        Just a quick question, is here the best way for us to send you our banner? or do you have a preferred email address that you would want us to send to?

        I think if you could make the banner rotate, you might not have to do them by hand => more time to write/recap/ and keep baby koalas happy 😀

      • wiggles. says:

        lol alright (: I agree with Vorticella. It’ll be easier for you if you did something like rotating headers instead of cropping the image and putting it up. But it’s up to your preferences. ^-^ either way, you can still share what your creative readers/fans made for you. ❤

      • vorticella says:


        is there a specific dimension that you use? We’ve been making it but unsure about the dimension. it will ease your workload a bit more ^_^

      • ockoala says:


        Headers of 940 × 198 pixels will be used as is, otherwise it crops for me automatically. Everything you guys have sent fits perfectly! It’s a match made in Koala heaven.

        I’m coding to do the rotating headers. Hopefully it’ll be up soon.

  16. vorticella says:

    because you feed us with a ridiculously cute image…

  17. Ivy says:

    hi Koala, just wanna tell you that your K-drama blog is fantastic – you’re really an expert on K-drama. thanks for the great work!

  18. rory's mom says:

    I never join blogs but when I found yours after I discovered K dramas this past Aug, I became your constant reader. Your page is bookmarked as one of my favorites and I view twice a day!
    Thank you for MMM recaps, reviews and news. Please keep up the great work that you do.

  19. therainhouse says:

    Dear Koala, would you help me out? I’ve been wanting to know whether Ha Ji Won was a beauty queen. I’ve searched Wikipedia and Dramawiki but it doesn’t mention anything about beauty pageants so is it safe to assume that she’s not a beauty queen?

    • ockoala says:

      Oops, been traveling so just got around to answering your question. As far as I know, HJW is not a former beauty queen. The only former beauty queens I know about are Park Shi Yeon and Lee Da Hae.

      • therainhouse says:

        Thank you.. I was so confused when a friend told me that Ha Ji Won was a beauty queen. Thanks for clarifying it.

  20. mary jang says:

    Thank you for your write ups. I wonder if you work on any media-related companies, or any network there in Korea, or you just write! Anyhow, you’re writing skills are excellent, I could barely imagine what’s really happening in the episodes. Keep it up Koala. 🙂

  21. Sheng says:

    Dear Koala, Felt so extremely horrible for calling you “OCKOALA” and did even typed them all in capital letters. Was not aware of the fact that you dont want to be called that way 😦 (Now im more afraid to even mention it) not until I’ve able to read this section of your website. Pls accept my apology. Peace!!

  22. vorticella says:

    ah I have some time today…but don’t have enough time to write you a more thoughtful comment…

    they might have past connection…but now they might be in two different worlds 🙂


    ps: It’s really hard to choose the right picture to depict their relationship 🙂

  23. Marie says:

    Heyyy ockoala

    i really really like your website and you’re truly wonderful at translations. I just read the song of ep 7 of MSOAN and i thought you found the lyrics somewhere but then i read it again and saw that you had translate them. Wow my respects!!!! And whenever i think the subs of MSOAN and SG are strange/incorrect i read your recaps and then i fully understand. you also write down your own thoughts about the drama and that;s something i really appreciate.

    o and finally i found something really interesting on internet:

    it’s a interview with geun and geun and funny bts. also the four leads are playing that game when they are drinking at MK housewarming (when they put down their finger whenever the asked question is true )

    i thought maybe you could translate it? because it seems really interesting.

    anyway thank u very much for your recaps!!!!!!

    a lot of greeting,


  24. pieroot says:

    Hi ockoala,
    I am so glad I found your blog…what can I say, it keeps me going when I’m in between episodes. It’s like a support group, I felt so alone with my addiction before finding you. Love the PK link….I can’t get over how hot KHJ is.
    Thanks again. Love all the news and the OSTs for M3.

  25. p00hpal says:

    Hi ockoala! De-lurking to extend my heartfelt “thank you” for creating such a fun and friendly playground for drama lovers to hang out. I may not comment much, but always swing by at least twice a day to see what kind of treats you have for us. Cheers!

  26. momo says:

    Firstly, thanks for a great site……..curious…..why Koala? Being an Aussie, the name caught my attention straight away…..and now I am glad it did, as I really enjoy your recaps of “Mary Stayed Out All Night”.
    Thanks a bunch 🙂

  27. babyowlie says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful site. I enjoy a lot. Btw, what is OTP? might sound stupid but I really don’t know.

  28. hi ockoala,

    im just taking a moment to de-lurk to say thank you for an awesome site. I’ve been visiting your blog for the past few months and it has been always a treat to read your recaps. It sure adds a whole lot of flavor to my drama viewing.

    im also sharing your love obsession with Mary Stayed Out All Night and it has actually compelled me enough to de-lurk and now I’m M3 obsessed enough to do some M3 based-artwork.

    anyway, here’s a little token of thanks for taking time to share your talent and making drama viewing all the more enjoyable..

    hope you enjoy these M3 headers =)

    Purple/Pink – Mu Gyul and Mae-Ri

    Grungy – Mu Gyul and Mae-Ri

    Sepia Memories – Mu Gyul and Mae-Ri

    Snapshots – Mu Gyul and Mae-Ri

    I know I’m totally shipping MG-MR, but here’s a little love for bone-melting handsome KJW…

    Hazy Memories – Jung In and Mae-Ri

    • ockoala says:

      Thank you, Purplewildcat. For delurking to chat with me, and for taking the time and effort to make these banners. I love them!!! Will be adding them to the rotation. Please join the discussion anytime you feel like. Which I hope is more often than not. 😀

    • vorticella says:

      these are so pretty PurplewildCat 🙂

      • many thanks vorticella =) yours are really awesome too..

      • vorticella says:

        Thank you PurpleWildCat. It’s always great to learn from one another. ^_^ Welcome to the Koala banner club!!

        PS: I’m planning to do a M3 marathon this weekend. Been so caught up w/ things that never completely focus my attention to complete the episodes ^_^

  29. vorticella says:

    Dear Ms. Koala

    While working on a different site, I found this: http://webgarden.ca/Blog/2008/04/how-to-rotate-header-image-in-wordpress/

    How to make a rotating header.

    I haven’t tested because I don’t have wordpress. Just in case you’re interested 🙂

    Stay warm 🙂

  30. kaydee_ says:

    I really love how you recap. I’ve been following your blog since PK and I’m still here for MSOAN. And since Christmas is around the corner, I was inspired to make you this: http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/221/30625239.jpg

    I hope you like it. ^^

  31. doozy says:

    Happy holidays, ockoala!

    Have a great time stalking Pi vacationing in Nihon! Stay warm!

  32. närvusägu says:

    Frohe Weihnachten!
    Joyeux Noël!

    ockoala!!! i wish you a mary christmas^^
    hope you can spend a wonderful time with your family and enjoy it!
    http://www.youtube.com/user/XnerjaveikaX#p/u/0/dPZE46nqE4Y a little present for you (it wasn’t me who made that).

  33. Ariel says:

    I’m currently into J-doramas and want to find a site as awesome as Dramabeans to give me updates on what’s going on in J-dorama land. Although this is just a side obssession of mine brought about by watching “Tatta Hitotsu no Koi” which I totally enjoyed. Thanks to your recommendation ockoala.
    I’ve watched Gokusen, Hana Yori, and a bunch of others it didn’t hook me as THnK did, it was too cartoony for my taste. I’m going to watch Buzzer Beater next, after that Yamada Tar and then last Minami-Kun no Koibito. I’m iffy on the last two dramas.
    I love reading your site, you and Dramabeans are my top 2 in my favorite list and I just finished reading both year end review. Totally different perspective but very enlightening. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and rants, now if I could have another site showcasing J-doramas I will have my top 3 fav site.

  34. nemo82mi says:

    Hi Koala, I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome website you’ve created. it changed the way I enjoy K-drama to the next level.
    Thank you so much and have a great year ahead… Happy New Year!!

  35. wiggles. says:

    I’m back! (: Will be making more banners for ya. Be on a lookout.

  36. wiggles. says:

    haha it’s always good to hear that you love it. You’re welcome (:

  37. vorticella says:

    hope you get to the east coast safely amid the snow storm 🙂

  38. tangee says:

    Your Koala Highness
    Just a short note that your laborious hours in bringing about the latest news on Geun2 and MP has been much appreciated. Thanks for cheering up my day with the bestest and the latest of Kdrama..
    Domo Arigato..
    Cheers to a good day…

  39. song-in says:

    hi there! can i post without bringing gifts? i’m too lazy to make banners, lol.
    anyway, thanks for the recaps, i really appreciate it…i knew about your blog in soompi.
    more power and keep writing!

  40. Donna says:

    Hi ockoala, I’m beginning to like you now. I’ve read some of your recaps of Kdrama and loved it. If you need any..anything for the baby koala to feed him just shout out and we will come for the rescue. I enjoyed so much in your playground. God Bless!

  41. Larkspur says:

    Hi Your Koala Highness,

    I don’t know why I only visited this part just now. I just found out that I’ve always addressed you wrongfully. Geez, so sorry about that. =)

  42. bashful says:

    Hi Ms. Koala,

    Just want to say “Thank You!” for the very lovely banner we have today — our favorite Geun-Geun couple in saeguk costumes! 🙂

    Have a good day!

  43. bashful says:

    Dear ockoala,

    Thank you so much for the Discussion Forum on Geun-Guen couple .
    From the very first day of its post, I have looked forward seeing the pictures of our favorite Geun-Geun couple and reading the comments. As time goes by, I find it exciting to see the number of comments in the Forum go up almost by the hour.

    But as the number of comments increase, the waiting time for the Forum page to display has also increased. At first, I immediately attributed it to my computer being old and my slow internet connection. Then I did a quick research and found this website:


    It appears there is a “plug-in” that can group and display comments in pages. I’m not familiar with this “plug-in” but if comments are grouped in pages and only one page of comments is made active at a time, then it may speed up the display of the Forum page. I’m also not sure if this plug-in is compatible with your blog’s underlying sofware.

    Perhaps you are already looking into this or is considering to implement one. If so, thank you.

    In the meantime, I’ll continue to visit and enjoy AKP and the Discussion Forum daily.
    And if I can be of help in implementing the above plug-in even though I have no “wordpress” experience, please feel free to let me know.

    Again thank you for the awesome Discussion Forum on Geun-Guen couple ! 🙂

    • ockoala says:

      Sadly I can’t do any modifications or plugins because I’m on a wordpress.com account. 😦

      Lemme see what other options I have. Thanks for letting me know. Much appreciated!~

      • bashful says:

        Hi Captain ockoala,

        You’re welcome…And it’s okay…Will still love the awesome Discussion Forum… 🙂 Have a good evening!

  44. Joana says:

    hi..just wanna ask whose that girl in your banner today?
    God bless..

  45. Cassidi says:

    Dear Ockoala,

    Thank you for always putting up the most juicy up to date info. I’ve been watching K-drama since I stumbled upon it last yr and went into full blown marthon mode of some of the classics. I have realized since then that I have an addiction. I came across your site over the summer and now I must come to you blog at least twice a day to get the newest info (although honestly it’s much more than that-#2 on most viewed lol).

    Although this is my first time writing, due to your blog I don’t feel like i’m going through this addiction alone (my friends just dont get it lol). A special thanks to all the info on Playful Kiss (still want more…might watch over) and Mary Stayed Out All Night (Team Geun-Geun all the way). Currently, loving Dream High. You have added to my excitement, angst and eveything in between in regard to dramas.

    Thanks again for keeping this Lonely Bostonian from being oh so lonely.

  46. Quirkie says:

    Hello Captain!
    Thank you so much for allowing us to indulge in our obssession!
    I was wondering is there a way to send you any PMs? I’d like to ask you something. Promise it’s nothing crazy and very much related to our GeunGeun couple!
    ooking forward to hearing from you!

  47. KeysMaker_ says:

    Hello Koala!

    I love JGS alot and i’m soo happy that he’s coming to Singapore!
    Btw, can i ask how do u order his album online? I tried looking for it but i cant find the link! you mind giving me instructions on how to buy? Thanks alot !!!

  48. tangee says:

    Hey! Koala
    Thanks for the lovely banner of the two very gorgeous looking people…
    much appreciate…

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