I don’t have a single ounce of header-making ability. But somewhere along the way, I made friends who have shared their talent at making exquisite headers with me, and AKP became a glorious place with gorgeous headers left and right brightening up every post.

AKP Header Contributors (in no particular order, and updated constantly – if you send me a header, I am forever indebted to your generosity):









Attached are the links to the first two posts I made on AKP headers. All future headers can be found on this page in the comments section (hopefully).  😀




102 Responses to Headers

  1. 1crazynyt says:

    Happy Chinese new year Ms. Koala and all AKP readers!!

    To welcome your Rabbit year, I have something for you. Hope you dont mind Han Ji Min, love the girl so much….

    • ockoala says:

      Absolutely stunning! Thank you, and no, I NEVER mind your selection of any subject matter for a header. It’s my pleasure and honor to showcase your work here. 🙂

  2. betchay says:

    Sukkie’s butterfly

    Geun2 again… ^_^

    • ockoala says:

      HUGS, so beautiful! I’ve also suddenly discovered I like butterflies, too. What have the GG couple done to me! *is losing my mind*

  3. 1crazynyt says:

    Suddenly I just realize that, you do all dramas not just K-Dramas right? so AKP dont mind if we see a glimpse of Vanesse here in AKP right Ms. Koala?


    Olla amiga BETH!!! Fancy seeing you here!! heheheheeheheheh as if we dont talk almost everyday but I kinda missing you now, when are u back from ur vacation? hurry back I dont have anybody 2 bug lately…

  4. vorticella says:

    I adored IU!

    Happy New Year 🙂

  5. a belated happy lunar new year to you ms. koala =) dropping a little geun-geun goodness..

    Geun-Geun anim8-1

  6. maybe i should undergo therapy…Nah!! still crazy about the geun-geun’s and sageuk fantasies. must be from looking at those awesome fan art and reading fanfics..

    anyway, in lieu of therapy, i made these..hope you enjoy it ❤

    Geun-Geun Sageuk

    JGS Sageuk Anim8

    Cutie Geun Yeung Anim8

  7. vorticella says:

    Good weekend 🙂

  8. jowha says:

    Hi Koala,
    I’ve been a lurker and a avid & loyal fan of your recaps. I made some headers as a token of my thanks to you for your hard work.

    These are some IU headers. She’s absolutely adorable in Dream High.

  9. jowha says:

    Here’s a Dream High header

  10. jowha says:

    Dropping by to give you another one….
    This one is Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Jung, Moon Guen Young, and Song Seung Hun.

  11. vorticella says:

    I actually don’t know the actress but the picture you had on your site is absolutely stunning!

    happy V-day 🙂

  12. betchay says:

    Happy ♥ GeunGeun ♥ Day!!

  13. jowha says:

    I give you permission to drool, but no touching.

    A little Valentines Day lovin for you from someone very special.

    • ockoala says:

      Ahahaha, Jowha, do you want me to be public enemy #1 for the Perfects and the Hyunnies? Whatever! I don’t care, gonna debut this ASAP. Perfect for V-day! Komapta, chingu!

      • jowha says:

        LOL. I think that Hyunnies & the Perfects might be more afraid of you. HAHAHA!

        Not that I’m a Hyunnie.

        What I should have done was a Woo Sung header. I’ll be back with Woo Sung.

  14. jowha says:

    A Koalas first love… he made her heart flutter… she melted his heart… hahaha

  15. wiggles. says:

    Here are two that I’ve made with Pixalmator, my new program and I’m lovin’ it~
    Stay more in tune (:

    IU & Seo In Kook

    Park Si Yeon

    • ockoala says:

      Eeeeep. Spectacular. You’ve outdone even yourself, wiggles!~

      I’ve missed you! HUGSHUGSHUGS, thank you~

    • jowha says:

      wiggles, so i see you use a mac? not only do i love your work, but i love love love the fact that you use the worlds best graphics computer!

      i have yet to try pixelmator. i heard it was a simpler interface than CS5. i sssooo want to play with pixelmator!

  16. wiggles. says:

    GeunGeun COUPLE (:


  17. wiggles. says:

    yes! I use a mac (: I use to do stuff on windows but once I’ve switched I never went back. Hahaha (:
    pixelmator is a easy interface (: but I do prefer photoshop for other projects/works. Pixelmator is lacking at some areas though, but I love it still.

  18. jowha says:

    @wiggles – that’s what a lot of people say, when you use a pc and switch to a mac, there is no going back.

    still drooling over the soo hyun banner *faints*.

  19. betchay says:

    ✿‿✿ hello ✿‿✿

  20. vorticella says:

    just love her! love the new haircut!

    enjoy the rest of the weekend! 🙂

    • ockoala says:

      Thank you, dear vorticella~

      It doesn’t look anything like MGY, yet it is her. She’s such a chameleon.

      • vorticella says:

        I love her! I actually like all her roles. She makes me feel for her characters whenever she plays them. Such a talented actress! 🙂

        hope your work this weekend wasn’t bad! Enjoy the new week!

  21. wiggles. says:

    more banners! enjoy~

    • wiggles. says:


    • wiggles. says:


    • ockoala says:

      Thank you, darling beyond talented wiggles. ^__^

      I’m working this weekend, and likely many more such weekends, and this really cheered me up. Thanks~

      Btw, Mr. Koala has a crush on Jung Hye Young (I can’t blame him). And even though I don’t think LYH is a very good actress, she’s absolutely stunning in those pictures. W.O.W.

      And you know how much I adore Ms. Moon, so no need to repeat myself. Oh what the heck – I love her!

    • wiggles. says:


      • ockoala says:

        Sigh….they need to make a drama together, so puuurty (and young).

      • wiggles. says:

        i agree. they do look good together. 😀

      • ockoala says:

        Suzy not only looks like a cross between Han Hyo Joo and Yoon Eun Hye, she has what both actresses have, that indescribable something which makes them look great with ANY co-star.

        Really – she looks great with Taec, Soo Hyun, and even Wooyoung. And in the ads with Bummie, she’s delightful.

        If she can develop real acting talent, she’s got quite a career ahead of her.

    • vorticella says:

      these are beautilful wiggles!! *love*

  22. betchay says:

    Gorgeous MGY…..

  23. wiggles. says:

    another banner~
    omg, he was adorable in paradise farm ep 8 (: -melts-

  24. vorticella says:

    so happy for you ockoala!

    so many talents here!!! your sites are now full of wonderful banners!

    welcome to the banner club everyone!!! truly talented group! ^_^

  25. wiggles. says:

    i noticed i keep adding an extra o to the too. LOL. i can get those fix. or make an album and just share it with ya (: it’ll be easier.

  26. wiggles. says:

    Here’s a photobucket I made for ya (: i’ll post there and just notify ya.


    pw: kdrama

  27. 1crazynyt says:

    Just dropping by to drop off SH Header… Hope you do at least a quick recaps or blogging of SH .. Its getting better and better.. Hope Yong-Yong will not lose her baby.. Pls not another FTLY… Sorry for the spoiler, cant help it, I got carried away.

    • ockoala says:

      I LOVE YOU! Did you start watching SH after I pimped it out? Heh, I really want to recap it, but I can’t find DL links, and I need it to take screen caps. *pouts*

      • 1crazynyt says:

        I was looking for a good drama to watch and I found SH by accident, surprisingly I enjoyed watching it. It has a very interesting plot line. I’m such a sucker on Cinderella type story. Then, I recommended it to Beth and she told me you wrote something about it. I was like, awww that’s cool because SH deserves some love and spot on your blog. I was watching Love Buffet at the same time but I guess SH is much much better than LB. SH is more on a serious type T-drama with mix of comedic scenes. It’s good to watch while mending my aching heart over MP. Janine and Mike have great great chemistry but I’m kinda swaying on the 2nd brother..

  28. vorticella says:


    hope you have a good weekend…

    even though you’re riding on a SH high, I’m just loving Kim Huyn Joo in Twinkle Twinkle/Sparkling or whatever they decide to call it!

    Cheer up Koala ^_^

  29. 1crazynyt says:

    I Love Janine and Mike pairing so much.. So I made another set of headers and Im so liking Janine, weird I dont know why so? Hope to see them again…

    So excited of Janine and Vic pairing. could you keep us updated about Janine and Vic next project… Right now I can feel the chemistry between Janine and Vic.. cant hardly wait…


  30. 1crazynyt says:


    Can you delete my first post, I made a mistake instead of http, I used IMG..

    I Love Janine and Mike pairing so much.. So I made another set of headers and Im so liking Janine, weird I dont know why so? Hope to see them again acting together in the future as main lead…

    So excited of Janine and Vic pairing. could you keep us updated about Janine and Vic next project… Right now I can feel the chemistry between Janine and Vic.. cant hardly wait…

  31. wiggles. says:

    here’s a treat (:

  32. wiggles. says:

    not sure if it posted.

    my treat to you~

  33. jowha says:

    More more more banners. A plethora of lots of pretty banners lately.

    • ockoala says:

      You’re going to cause MP Heon-Hee lovers to have heart palpitations, Jowha!

      These are exquisite, thank you.

  34. wiggles. says:

    ever since watching Smile, You, I thought Lee Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin would make a cute couple irl. and now, guess what? they’re married (:
    hopefully you had a great weekend. here’s a treat.

  35. scha says:

    really love your current header..and jealous too ^^

  36. wiggles. says:

    Moon (: She looks awesome.

  37. jowha says:

    Wiggles, I swear your Noh Min Woo and Lee Min Jung header will be the death of me. I really want some more Min Woo and Min Jung time on Midas or else I’ll stop watching it. I never thought of the two together, but they are rather very cute together…. they would make some beautiful babies… LOL.

    And hello KOALA! I hope that you are somewhat enjoying the new dramas that have been airing. You haven’t been spazzing too much about K Dramas lately so I am treading lightly.

    Have you seen Midas? About 7 episodes in, all I can say is, give me some more Min Jung and Min Woo time PLEASE already! Isn’t it enough that he’s probably going to die? I’m actually secretly hoping that this whole testicular cancer thing is a lie because I don’t want Min Woo to die & I want Jung In to have a happy ending.

    • jowha says:

      And here are some headers for ya…

    • ockoala says:

      MJ and JY in Midas are the only reason I keep watching it. I need them to have babies and live forever and happily ever after. *sobs*

      I LOVE these KTH banners. Before MP I really didn’t like her, but now I think she’s ^%%&^%^ adorable. Thank you!

    • wiggles. says:

      LOL. I’m only staying with Midas cause of them two as well. Well I like Lee Min Jung that’s why i was watching it but now, i’m digging the both of them. they’re so adorable and cute together. I do wish for more of LMJ & NMW!
      Babies would be nice (:
      I’m currently watching the raw for midas ep 7. hehe.

  38. wiggles. says:

    Lee Min Jung & Noh Min Woo (:
    i love them together.

    • jowha says:

      wiggles, these are hot. there’s something about these two… they’re just beautiful together and it’s a shame that Min Woo is going to die.

      have you two seen episode seven? i have a good feeling that the tables might turn and Doe Hyun’s father will have a bigger role in this story.

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