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Song Seung Heon’s Photoshoot for the Inside Pages of GQ Korea

Now that My Princess has ended, I’m sure some newly-converted Song Seung Heon fans are probably missing their Park Hae Young. Never fear, my Heon oppa will be back with another project this year – the man is a workaholic … Continue reading

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Korea’s Top Stars Get Honest Acting Critique From Experts

Recently a panel of experienced entertainment veterans ranging from the former head of SBS to an acting professor at Seoul University got together and critiqued the pure acting ability of the top-paid stars in Korean entertainment. I found all the … Continue reading

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GQ Releases Additional Stills of the Four Men on its Rotating Covers

Oh man, now imma have to buy this magazine. The GQ 10th Anniversary edition, which I posted about here showing its four different covers featuring Jung Woo Sung, Song Seung Heon, Kwon Sang Woo, and Lee Byung Hyun, doesn’t just … Continue reading

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GQ Korea Presents Four Rotating Covers for its 10th Anniversary Edition

Are you addicted to gorgeous Korean men in formalwear? Yeah, me too. Apparently, so is GQ Korea magazine, which celebrates its 10th Anniversary edition with not one, but four rotating covers featuring four of the biggest stars in Korean entertainment … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Song Seung Heon and Kim Hyo Jin for Mind Bridge 2009 Collections

While going through my oppa files recently, I made a belated connection that the girl he was paired up with when he was the spokesperson for Mind Bridge, a Korean preppy clothing line, was actually Kim Hyo Jin! I was … Continue reading

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A First Impressions Review of A President and A Princess

When I do something late at night that seemed like such a brilliant idea, in the stark daylight I have to wonder – what was I smoking? I’ll probably give certain esteemed drama watchers an apoplexy, but nevertheless I went … Continue reading

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Retrospective: The Four Hallyu Kings in Tokyo 2009

This is just a four-hot-guys picspam post. Nobody has a problem with that, right? When I read the news in the paper, sometime around November of 2009, that Lee Byung Hun, Jang Dong Gun, Song Seung Heon, and Won Bin, … Continue reading

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