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Mei Le, Go Holds Wrap Party Amidst Media Rumors that Mike He and Cyndi Wang are Dating

Mike He’s upcoming TW-drama Mei Le, Go with Cyndi Wang wrapped its filming this week, and the cast and crew held a wrap party yesterday, as per the usual custom for all pre-produced TW-dramas. Since Mike was caught going to … Continue reading

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The Movie Adaptation of The Hunger Games Casts Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

New broke last night that one of the most sought after roles in young Hollywood has been filled, and starlets everywhere cried unless her name was Jennifer Lawrence. And yes, I am talking about something other than dramas and Asian … Continue reading

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Jung Woo Confirms that He’s Dating Lee Ji Ah

When you are caught strolling the streets of Paris, sometimes the most logical explanation is the only explanation. Jung Woo Sung has pretty much confirmed that he’s dating Lee Ji Ah, though his words were more like they have a … Continue reading

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Li Yi Feng joins Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen in Upcoming Romantic Comedy Movie Love Phobia

No sooner have I discovered my newest beloved (that would be Li Yi Feng *ahem, MINE*), it would appear that 2011 is turning out to be a breakthrough year for him. No surprise, since he’s an ’87er, and I’ve recently … Continue reading

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49 Days Episode 1 First Impressions

I think I may have just shot myself in the foot when I said that I hoped 49 Days would simply be a good, but not great, drama, so I can be spared from becoming exceedingly addicted to it. Nowhere … Continue reading

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The Discovery of Affection Confirmed with Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin

Aw man, how did I get so lucky? Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won have confirmed their involvement with the upcoming Hong Sisters’ drama The Discovery of Affection, which is scheduled to air on Wed-Thurs on MBC starting in … Continue reading

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Written Preview for Episode 2 of 49 Days

Will 49 Days be good? I sure hope so, because I need a K-drama fix and lately not a single drama has been sticking. *pouts* I do like soul-switching stories, and really enjoyed Who Are You? despite the iffy acting … Continue reading

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