The Movie Adaptation of The Hunger Games Casts Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

New broke last night that one of the most sought after roles in young Hollywood has been filled, and starlets everywhere cried unless her name was Jennifer Lawrence. And yes, I am talking about something other than dramas and Asian entertainment, you didn’t go to the wrong playground.

The most addicting novel I have read in the last year is the most anticipated movie adaptation in Hollywood, which I am of course talking about Suzanne Collins breakout novel The Hunger Games.

This is no Twilight and its ilk, for a teen novel it’s surprisingly well-written with thoughtful and subversive concepts and themes I haven’t seen in teen lit since I read His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman (though Collins is nowhere near the masterful writer Pullman is).

I am so very pleased that Hollywood did not ruin the casting of heroine Katniss Everdeen by choosing a wide-eyed bimbo, but instead went with a truly talented and age-appropriate young actress. I know everyone has been calling for Hailee Steinfeld, but I really much prefer Jennifer Lawrence, who I think is a great choice who can channel not just Katniss’ steely grit, but also her burgeoning and confusing affection and attraction to the two men in her life, Peeta and Gale. This has really been Jennifer’s year, having just come off an Oscar Best Actress nomination for her performance in Winter’s Bone, and now landing the most coveted role amongst actresses her age.

The Hunger Games tells the story of a young sixteen year old girl living in a post-apocalyptic United States which has turned into an authoritarian society where control is wielded by melding entertainment with savagery. A televised game is devised that is a combination of Survivor and Battle Royale, where the children chosen to participate must battle each other to the death while the entire country watches, and the winner is the person who is left standing.

I LOVE The Hunger Games and its second novel Catching Fire (and I loathe the third novel Mockingjay so much I pretend it doesn’t exist). I’m so looking forward to this movie it’s not even funny. With director Gary Ross at the helm, the only way they can muck this up is to flail on casting the two male leads, who need to have sizzling chemistry with Jennifer Lawrence to make this movie come alive. And for those of you who have read the novel(s) – I am 100% a Katniss-Gale shipper. The movie is scheduled to be released in March of 2012.

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18 Responses to The Movie Adaptation of The Hunger Games Casts Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

  1. millie10468 says:

    Then you must have been 100% bummed that your ship was sunk in Mockingjay… which is probably why you pretend it doesn’t exist.

    • ockoala says:

      You must be kidding, right? Did I say that I wanted Gale and Katniss to end up together? Hardly. Gale and Katniss would combust and it’s hardly the recipe for long term marital bliss. Peeta is and was the conservative and correct choice for Katniss.

      What I hated about Mockingjay is how Collins upended her character developed for all three leads, created circular logic to justify her heavyhanded “morality of this story” ending, and took the easy way out in resolving the love triangle.

      Katniss should have ended up with Peeta, and Gale should have died. One was her true love that could not be, the other was her future that promised a life of hope.

      Mockingjay is a disservice to her readers and to her first two books. Add to it the choppy writing and horrific editing, one would have thought Mockingjay was written by a fan and not Collins herself.

      Please don’t project and put words in my mouth as to why I like or don’t like something.

      • millie10468 says:

        I didn’t mean to put words in your mouth and it wasn’t meant to sound like I was projecting my own opinions. I’m sorry if it seemed that way.

  2. Rum says:

    I have only just finished the trilogy last week and still suffer from withdrawal symptoms so much so that I am currently seeking out other dystopian books. I absolutely loved the books (minus Mockingjay) and the simple language used to deploy so much tension, emotion and other complexities. I understand why it had to be Peeta and was actually glad that a ‘good guy’ (as opposed to the usual [reformed] bad boy) who eventually got the girl. However I also believe that had Gale been featured more in the books he would have been serious competition for Peeta shippers, not that he didn’t have an impact even with his limited ‘page’ time. I mean the guy taught her life-skills but Peeta gave her (burnt) bread and saved her life (numerously) and wore matching outfits etc all for love…and survival. He’s the water to her fire and they actually got together… so yeah I’m Team Peeta all the way.

  3. FromSpain says:

    I have not read this trilogy but seeing as you think it is a well written novel and also because, so far, your taste seem pretty close to mine (I absolutely loved Pullman’s trilogy and, of course, all the drama you like…..I follow….and totally agree!!) 🙂 Soooo, a million thanks from this humble bookworm kekeke.

  4. diorama says:

    Cheers for the Hunger Games! (Except for the absolute chaotic dross that was Mockingjay – worst third novel ever).

    The first two books were the most delicious, addictive, fast-paced novels I have read in a long time. I loved the action in the arena, the relationship between Katniss and Peeta (although Collins really went overboard trying to create a love triangle – the whole Gale/Katniss thing was totally unnecessary, imo), the underlying themes of the books. I think Jennifer Lawrence is spot-on for Katniss. Definitely going to watch this movie.

    • ockoala says:

      Mockingjay was chaotic dross indeed – it was almost like Collins was brainwashed by the establishment and came out with a by-the-numbers attempt to manufacture plot without narrative direction.

      Even if the ending was exactly like I had hoped, the trip from page 1 of Mockingjay to the epilogue was a test of my goodwill for her story that I didn’t consign this book to the trash bin of mediocre fanfiction.

      I do have to disagree on the Gale-Katniss relationship, which IMO was never forced, and always existed even in The Hunger Games, but never delved into because Katniss spent the better part of the book at the Games.

      Katniss and Gale are too similar to ever make it work, but the lobotomy Collins did on Gale in Mockingjay (yes, she said it was Peeta that got brainwashed but in actually she herself switched Gale with a clone in Mockingjay to avoid having Katniss make a choice) was just vile. One should never ever pull the rug out from under one of your lead characters purely for a cheap resolution.

      • Sumayyah Ahmed says:

        Didn’t mean to trash your ship there! I was actually an undecided shipper until book 2, when I fell for Peeta (because he was just the right person for Katniss), although I still liked Gale as a character. The main issue I had with the Katniss/Gale relationship was the way Collins handled it – I felt like she should have had some character consistency, but then the whole book went to hell and that was the least of my complaints 😛

        I wonder why she had such a problem with the ending for this series ? I read her other series (Gregor the Overlander), also a very original, gripping storyline with a really sweet romance, and that one managed to end things on a consistent note. Oh well – I won’t complain because at least the first 2 Hunger Games books were very good.

  5. Tokio says:

    You really scare me sometimes hahah it’s like you post EVERYTHING THAT I LOVE!
    I am utterly obsessed with this trilogy, which is shocking because my room is initially a library and nothing has captivated me like the first book (the hunger games).

    I’m not sure whether I’m happy with J.Lawrence as Katniss tbh, but we’ll see.

  6. Tokio says:

    PS. THANK YOU ABOUT KATNISS-GALE SHIP! GAHHH, none of my friends agreed with me everyone was KATNISS-PEETA (or as I like to call them PeeNiss :D) but seriously, if they had a drama dedicated to the first book…I would live on this website if you ever recapped it, but such expectations will always be fantasies.

    • ockoala says:

      I call them KatPee. Heh. *runs away from Peeta-lovers everywhere* (or maybe PETA-lovers everywhere?)

      Oh my poor doomed KaLe. Btw, all my friends are Katniss-Gale, it’s the dark sexy ship to be on.

  7. mookie says:

    I’m certified KaLe shipper (though I used to be KatPee after bk1)
    I was torned for a tiny bit btn the shipping but totally agree with you on your mocking of Mockingjay, what a letdown!

    I’m not as worried with the boys, with the Kat casting down. And I honestly don’t follow the younglings enough to know names to fit the roles. Do you have anybody in mind?

  8. herdys says:

    I loved the first two books but i haven’t read the third one. I wanted to read it soo bad but then I started reading reviews about how bad it was and how the ending sucked that I lost interest. I will read it someday, I even bought it, but I guess I’ll have to prepare myself to suffer!!

    Is it me or hollywood is runnig out of ideas and is using all the famous YA books from the last years?? Mortal instruments is going to be a movie too, and I think Disney is doing the Lisa Mcmann books too!

    I don’t know how to feel. We’re suppoused to be happy cause we can see our heroes and crushes in real person but at the same time, hollywood destroys a lot of good books. I LOVE Percy Jackson and the Olympians.. but the movie SUCKED!! So hard!!!

    I hope they don’t screw up the Hunger Games making it less cruel and realistic. I don’t want it to be all gory, but at least somehow faithful to the original story.

    Can’t wait to see who they cast for our two very loved leading men!! *_*

  9. estel says:

    Man, I am so behind on my American pop culture these days…I’d barely even heard of The Hunger Games until a few months ago, which I presume means that I missed the wave of initial interest. Nor have I read His Dark Materials, though it sounds like just my style. (From the title, I’m assuming it’s fantasy, which I adore.) Sounds like I’ve got a lot to catch up on.

    Now, if only I didn’t have entire books to read for my Chinese Gov & Politics class… ~sigh~ School seriously messes with my drama and book time.

  10. goodange says:

    Lainey Gossip had more or less confirmed this a few weeks ago, and I think Lawrence (and her mom) were hinting at the Oscars that she was the prime contender for the role. I’m not familiar with Lawrence but have heard about her impressive acting her indie film, but she’s not exactly what I had in mind for Katniss. I was really hoping they would go for somebody even more unknown.

  11. mey says:

    i love this series. i didn’t hate the 3rd book as much as you do. but it would have been hard to imagine that was truly satisfying.

  12. Archana says:

    Hm, I actually didn’t think the novels were very well-written. The plot had so much potential but I don’t know if it was executed as well as it could have been. Personally, I thought the writing was stilted, the characters mostly flat. And, for some reason, I couldn’t connect with any of the novels emotionally. (For example, in Mockingjay, so many characters died but because Collins introduced them so late in the story and didn’t develop them well enough, I just didn’t feel the impact of their deaths.) Having said that, I was still thoroughly entertained while I was reading the series and really did enjoy it overall. I’m definitely looking forward to the movie. Thanks for the great post! (And great blog, too, by the way!)

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