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Sunny Happiness Episodes 23-25 Recap (The End)

So I lead off my last recap saying that I was loathe to recap Sunny Happiness quickly since I wanted to spend more time with it. I then go and ruin my own strategic plans by recapping the final three … Continue reading

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Sunny Happiness Episodes 21-22 Recap

I’ve been rather unmotivated to recap the final few episodes of Sunny Happiness, for the exact opposite reason that normally explains a lack of motivation for doing a certain thing. Rather than dread, I’m trying to prolong my recapping of … Continue reading

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Sunny Happiness Episodes 19-20 Recap

Sunny Happiness is like an exquisite layer cake, to borrow the pastry analogy from our heroine Yong Yong’s love of baking. The cake itself is delicious when eaten as a whole, all the different flavor layers blending together into its … Continue reading

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CTV Releases Preview Announcing the Uncut Broadcast of the Sunny Happiness Wedding Night Scene

Hold on to your knickers, Sunny Happiness fans! Remember how I discussed that SH has two broadcast versions, the China version (45 minutes an episode at 25 episodes total, which is done with its run), and the Taiwan version (1 … Continue reading

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Sunny Happiness Episodes 17-18 Recap

Normally the tail end of a rom-com is where random plot obstacles pop up left and right to keep our lovers apart. It’s almost like the drama writer wants to make sure that we, the viewers, feel like our OTP … Continue reading

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Sunny Happiness Episodes 15-16 Recap

Let me dispel a few more Sunny Happiness induced moments of self-doubt pertaining to your perceptive abilities – yes, Mike He as Xian Yun Jie is getting hotter and more insanely handsame with each episode, and no, it’s not your imagination that … Continue reading

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Sunny Happiness Episodes 13-14 Recap

I’m going to keep this short and just let you read the recap, because episodes 13-14 of Sunny Happiness were just that good (ppsst, just an FYI, each subsequent episode of SH after this point also gets better and better … Continue reading

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