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City Hunter Casts Park Min Young as Lee Min Ho’s Co-star

Wah? Of all the dissociative things that pop up in the funhouse that is Korean drama land (such as calling a drama The Thorn Birds when it has no priest whatsoever), this might just take the cake. The K-adaptation of … Continue reading

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Chidren Holds its VIP Movie Premiere with A-list Stars in Attendance

I knew this movie was coming out soon, but I didn’t realize that it held its VIP premiere last night until I read that Moon Geun Young had attended the event. I am a bad movie buff these days. Sigh, … Continue reading

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Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho go for a Night Ride along the Han River

It’s no secret that Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho are BFFs (and together with Jung Il Woo – they are like the Three Musketeers of the younger acting generation). Turns out that the Han River at night is also … Continue reading

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The 6-Degrees of Manga Adaptation Leads

If Kevin Bacon is the center of the Hollywood universe, I’ve yet to find his equivalent in the Asian entertainment world. Since we’ve been on such a Playful Kiss high lately, let’s spend a few minutes with the two young … Continue reading

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Lee Min Ho As The City Hunter

I’m sure all of you have heard the casting news, that Lee Min Ho (henceforth known as LMHMG – please consult the glossary section of AKP for the definition) has been cast as the lead in the K-drama adaptation of … Continue reading

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