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Jung Woo Confirms that He’s Dating Lee Ji Ah

When you are caught strolling the streets of Paris, sometimes the most logical explanation is the only explanation. Jung Woo Sung has pretty much confirmed that he’s dating Lee Ji Ah, though his words were more like they have a … Continue reading

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Jung Woo Sung in the March Issue of GQ Korea

I’ve already brought Song Seung Heon’s March GQ Korea magazine photospread here (channeling subversive debonair) to drooling fangirls everyone, and here’s my Jung Woo Sung’s photospread for the same magazine (channeling off-beat masculine charm juxtaposed with boyish touches). I’ve also … Continue reading

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Kim Tae Hee and Jung Woo Sung Reunite For LG Dios Campaign

Oh man, Heon-Hee shippers are going to be sad their favorite couple missed each other by a refrigerator. LG selected Kim Tae Hee and Jung Woo Sung to be its spokescouple for its new line of Dios fridges. They filmed the … Continue reading

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Korea’s Top Stars Get Honest Acting Critique From Experts

Recently a panel of experienced entertainment veterans ranging from the former head of SBS to an acting professor at Seoul University got together and critiqued the pure acting ability of the top-paid stars in Korean entertainment. I found all the … Continue reading

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GQ Releases Additional Stills of the Four Men on its Rotating Covers

Oh man, now imma have to buy this magazine. The GQ 10th Anniversary edition, which I posted about here showing its four different covers featuring Jung Woo Sung, Song Seung Heon, Kwon Sang Woo, and Lee Byung Hyun, doesn’t just … Continue reading

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GQ Korea Presents Four Rotating Covers for its 10th Anniversary Edition

Are you addicted to gorgeous Korean men in formalwear? Yeah, me too. Apparently, so is GQ Korea magazine, which celebrates its 10th Anniversary edition with not one, but four rotating covers featuring four of the biggest stars in Korean entertainment … Continue reading

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Jung Woo Sung Confirmed For the Hollywood Remake of The Killer

Following on the heels of a box-office successful Korean remake of the iconic John Woo movie A Better Tomorrow (Korean title Mujeokja, starring Song Seung Heon and Joo Jin Mo), a second remake of another John Woo movie is in … Continue reading

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