In no particular order whatsoever.


Jang Hyuk     Lee Bum Soo     Cha Seung Won

Jang Geun Seok     So Ji Sub     Jung Woo Sung

Chun Jung Myung     Hyun Bin     Lee Jun Ki

Kang Ji Hwan     Kim Myung Min     Lee Jung Jae


Ha Ji Won     Yoon Eun Hye     Kim Suh Na

Moon Geun Young     Son Ye Jin     Park Jin Hee

Gong Hyo Jin     Nam Sang Mi     Seo Ji Hye

Up and Coming K-Actors/Actresses:

Seo Woo     Yoo Seung Ho     Jung So Min

Lee Min Ho     Kim Bum     Im Joo Hwan

Kim So Eun     Park Bo Young     Yoo Ah In

Song Joong Ki     Kim Soo Hyun

TW Actors/Actresses

Vic Zhou     Ariel Lin     Joe Cheng

Cheryl Yang     Mike He     Janine Chang


12 Responses to Favorites

  1. In no particular order, but I cannot get over the fact that the first name you wrote was Jang Hyuk, he is my favorite drama actor, I love his passion.

  2. kimchi says:

    I go for Chun Jung Myung & Micky Yoochun (he’s adorable in SKK Scandal).

  3. Junivel says:

    ill go for moon young. i really like her. she makes me smile everytime i see her cute actions. :)).. she’s very cute! I wish i would meet her in the near future. hahaha. IMBA! asaness!

  4. charmainne says:

    omo, u dont love sukkie?

  5. zolo says:

    huh? y isn`t there park shin hye?? i love her with geun suk more than geun young ^ _ ^
    she`s adorable and good at acting. for man i`ll suggest lee seung gi HE`S CUTE and have nice manner, hilarious bla bla bla lol

  6. YesungBiased says:

    Ever since I started watching Kim Jae Wook in Mary Stayed Out All Night (and I even watched Bad Guy just for him), I fell in love with him and his acting ^_______^
    definitely a great actor and has lots of potential… and VERY HOT! lol

    • nemo82mi says:

      @YesungBiased, did you watch ‘coffee prince’ ? he is in it as well. and I liked his character. he is in the movie ‘antique bakery’ too. I liked him in these better than in MSOAN. haven’t watched ‘Bad Guy’ yet.

  7. Danna says:

    lol…Jin Yi Han an up and commer?…he’s got to be the oldes fo them all

  8. adj says:

    Jang Hyuk FTW!!!

  9. friska says:

    wow……… no jang geun seuk I really sack

  10. Ai :) says:

    omo, will you be adding kim soo hyun after his awesome performance in dream high? 😀
    he’s my new favourite actor….that face….that voice…that body… *drools on keyboard*

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