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7 Seeds: Reading Links + OTP Speculations

Instead of sleeping like a good koala should have been doing, I nearly pulled an all-nighter re-reading my stash of 7 Seeds. Yes, it’s that good. And no, I’m not exaggerating. Advertisements

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7 Seeds: A Manga First Impression Review

(Natsu, our heroine of Summer Group-B, with Arashi, her crush, and Semimaru, the group rebel/clown) Sci-Fi Meets Shoujo Manga: Before I read my first novel, before I watched my first drama, before I launched into a thousand and one obsessions, … Continue reading

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How Candy Candy Taught Me About Dramas

I am currently watching Friends, Our Legend. There is a lovely little interlude in the drama where the leading lady is discussing with one of the two male leads about the types of men a young lady wants to encounter.

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