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Kim Tae Hee and Jung Woo Sung Reunite For LG Dios Campaign

Oh man, Heon-Hee shippers are going to be sad their favorite couple missed each other by a refrigerator. LG selected Kim Tae Hee and Jung Woo Sung to be its spokescouple for its new line of Dios fridges. They filmed the … Continue reading

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Korea’s Top Stars Get Honest Acting Critique From Experts

Recently a panel of experienced entertainment veterans ranging from the former head of SBS to an acting professor at Seoul University got together and critiqued the pure acting ability of the top-paid stars in Korean entertainment. I found all the … Continue reading

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A First Impressions Review of A President and A Princess

When I do something late at night that seemed like such a brilliant idea, in the stark daylight I have to wonder – what was I smoking? I’ll probably give certain esteemed drama watchers an apoplexy, but nevertheless I went … Continue reading

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My Princess: Official Posters, Character Stills, and Preview

It’s the first week of 2011, and also premiere week in K-dramaland. A spate of new K-dramas are making their bow this week in various time slots, and I’ll likely check out the first episodes of the ones which interest … Continue reading

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My Princess: My Thoughts and the First Batch of Stills

Did any of my friends think I would let this drama pass on by without acknowledging it? Not bloody likely – even if my ambivalence and curiosity are waging an internal battle royale. The next sacrificial lamb MBC drama to … Continue reading

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