Second Batch of Headers

I have the best blog friends in the whole blogospere. You guys post hilarious comments, share anecdotes aplenty, and are always generous with your knowledge and expertise. Thank you for sharing your life and/or interests with me. I want to wish everyone a Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Whether this is your birth year, or just another year to notch off, I hope that your hard work is rewarded and you find enjoyment in whatever it is you have chosen to devote your time to. This is the second post I will do to highlight the headers that have been created for AKP. It’s my utmost honor to have any of these headers grace AKP, and a pleasure to share it with you all today.

To help everyone find headers going forward, I’ve created a header page link above (continuously updated with a list of the header contributors and a link to any header posts I’ve created), and deleted the category link on the right.

Creations from the incomparable wiggles

Delights from the effervescent vorticella

Masterpieces from the one and only purplewildcat

The amazing kagome

The glorious kaydee_

betchay – who makes dreams comes true (with gif headers!)

Fantastic delights from 1crazynyt

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14 Responses to Second Batch of Headers

  1. muscat says:

    this is why you’re a cut above the rest…happy new year!!!

  2. bashful says:

    Happy Lunar New Year ockoala! May your blog, AKP, continue to welcome and attract friendly drama fans from around the world!

    Also, thank you for this display of the second batch of headers.
    They are a feast to the eyes! ** — **

    Cheers to the New Year and to AKP! 🙂

  3. koreandramalover/kdl says:

    Happy Lunar New Year, dear Lady Captain, the one and only Ms Ockoala!! (”,)

    May all your wishes and dreams come true and may true happiness and contentment be yours always (”,)

    Thanks so much for the display of the headers!! As Bashful said, they are truly a feast for the eyes!! (”,)

    Love, peace and joy, to you, dear Ms Ockoala and to one and all! (”,)

  4. Gong Xi Fa Cai, ockoala! The previous year has been great and the drama lover in me thanks the heavens I found my way into your blog. You make drama watching a lot more special…


  5. wiggles. says:

    Love all the headers! (:

  6. antonia says:

    wonderful headers!!! 😛
    thanks ockoala!!!!

  7. green-carnation says:

    Happy Lunar New Year…
    Virtual friends are so generous

  8. D says:

    Happy Lunar New Year to you too Koala!

  9. susansukkie says:

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! wishing you a very wonderfull lunar new year. Wish you all the best and thanks for your wonderfull blog.

  10. estel says:

    Gorgeous! It’s great to see these all in the same place. But I must admit my favorite is the gif of Mae-ri and Mu-gyul kissing. Because really, can you top that?? ^_~

  11. nikousvet says:

    Happy Lunar New Year ockoala!
    Thank you very much for these art, your creativeness and devotion to the drama that we love. I feel blessed to come across your blog. Thank you so much for your wishes too.
    Wish you long success and happiness!
    Best wishes for all !

  12. Natasha says:

    And the cuteness of My Princess!
    I’m happy:)

  13. endodo4ever says:

    Happy year of the rabbit, Jie Jie! 祝妳身體健康, 萬事如意!Love you & this blog! ♥

    Omg, the gif headers are freaking awesome! I especially love the one where we get to see the Geun-Geun couple making out 24/7! 😛 All of these headers are absolutely stunning so to all who put so much effort into designing them, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ♥ Happy lunar new year, y’all!

  14. scha says:

    AWESOME !!!! may i have one too?? pleaseeeeeeee ~~

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