Jang Geun Seok’s Second Single “Bye Bye Bye” Drops but Album and Concerts Postponed

It should come as no surprise, considering the tragic natural disaster which has befallen the people of Japan, that Pony Canyon has just announced that the upcoming release date for Jang Geun Seok‘s first solo album has been postponed. It’s not indefinitely, but there is no tentative alternative date set at this time. Consequently, his scheduled showcase concerts have also been cancelled.

I’m sure in due course both will be rescheduled. I’m completely supportive of this move by Pony Canyon, which I must believe was done with Jang Geun Seok’s consent. This is the right thing to do, and has been happening to many events and activities scheduled in Japan for the immediate future. With that said, the second single off the album, the lovely ballad “Bye Bye Bye” has dropped, so have a listen below. Continue reading

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Upcoming TW-Drama Mei Le, Go With Mike He and Cyndi Wang Completes Filming This Week

Taiwan’s GTV is on a bender this year with a slew of high profile projects, including Extravagant Challenge and Hayate the Combat Butler. The former is in pre-production, and the latter is done with filming and in post-production.

Mike He and Cyndi Wang’s upcoming GTV baking and music drama Mei Le, Go also completed filming this week and joins Hayate in the post-production phase. It would have finished even earlier had Cyndi not come down with a bout of cellulitis right before the drama wrapped. Continue reading

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Sunny Happiness Episodes 23-25 Recap (The End)

So I lead off my last recap saying that I was loathe to recap Sunny Happiness quickly since I wanted to spend more time with it. I then go and ruin my own strategic plans by recapping the final three episodes in one sitting. Clearly I have a problem stopping, but really it’s because these final three episodes flow seamlessly into each other. When all is said and done, Sunny Happiness is the most satisfying drama I have watched in ages. This drama fills me with joy and contentment, the best feeling a great rom-com can do. Continue reading

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Cha Seung Won’s CF for Armani Men’s Skin Care

This is just awesomely hilarious yet mesmerizing. Cha Seung Won is the face of Armani men’s skincare line for Korea, and I cannot stress enough how Armani totally went against the grain to select a real man’s man to actually perform a multi-step skin care routine before our very eyes.

I was simultaneously enchanted by his great moisturizing technique, and worried that he’d pull out a gun and shoot the mirror after his final step. Cha Seung Won – you are one insanely sexy beast. Honestly, it takes a man completely at ease with his masculinity to shill eye cream. Continue reading

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Written Preview for Episode 1 of 49 Days

Here we go again – time to gear up to follow another K-drama live. I’m getting too old for this. Or maybe I just don’t have the stamina anymore. It’s a mentally exhausting and emotionally draining experience where the rewards most oftentimes don’t outweigh the time investment. I’m actually hoping 49 Days is just good and not great, because then I can watch it without getting too hung up. Continue reading

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New Stills of Moon Geun Young for Basic House China

Basic House in China released some new stills from its Spring 2011 catalogue featuring Moon Geun Yong, and these not yet seen pictures are just the breath of fresh air I needed. In real life she’s already lobbed off her long hair into a short boyish bob, which seems to be the Spring trend this year. I also have some updates on Jang Geun Seok‘s latest activities at this end of this post. Continue reading

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Sunny Happiness Episodes 21-22 Recap

I’ve been rather unmotivated to recap the final few episodes of Sunny Happiness, for the exact opposite reason that normally explains a lack of motivation for doing a certain thing. Rather than dread, I’m trying to prolong my recapping of SH, because I’m going to be so sad when it’s all done. I checked out a handful of new K-dramas and TW-dramas this weekend, and everything got a big thumbs down from my personal interest radar – none of them are riveting enough for me to get beyond one episode. Continue reading

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