CTV Releases Preview Announcing the Uncut Broadcast of the Sunny Happiness Wedding Night Scene

Hold on to your knickers, Sunny Happiness fans! Remember how I discussed that SH has two broadcast versions, the China version (45 minutes an episode at 25 episodes total, which is done with its run), and the Taiwan version (1 hour an episode at 16 episodes total, currently aired only 4 episodes). Well, the production of Down With Love also had the same situation, so it added back cut scenes into the Taiwan broadcast to lure viewers to watch it.

SH is pulling out the big guns – the preview for this coming Sunday’s episode reads “the only broadcast of the entire uncut bed scene”. Oh my lord, I am so tuning in you’ll have the peel me off the screen. The preview (which I have linked to below), shows snippets of more making out that we never got to see. No wonder Janine and Mike get embarrassed when talking about filming that scene, they made out way more than I initially realized.

Click here to watch the preview for the uncut wedding night scene. While watching MVs and other SH goodies, I’ve noticed a few more scenes that were never shown in the C-version, which leads me to believe it will all be shown in the TW-version. Hurray, I’m so buying that box set when it comes out later this year!

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20 Responses to CTV Releases Preview Announcing the Uncut Broadcast of the Sunny Happiness Wedding Night Scene

  1. Sere says:

    OMG!!! *____*

    I’m so buying that boxset, too. Please, let there be English subs!

    • ockoala says:

      I’m pretty sure there will be English subs, because Singapore will be broadcasting SH and the Singapore box sets of dramas always have English subs. *claps hands for you*

      I’ll alert you when it comes out. I just saw a boxset for Zhong Wu Yen, which finished airing in December, so I think SH will have its official box set probably in the late Fall.

    • outofcontrol says:

      me too. Watching online at Viki is so agonizingly difficult especially for this segment. Maybe too many were watching and rewatching it?

  2. anne says:

    anyone has any idea where to watch the taiwan version? Thanks!

  3. dramaville says:

    i will buy as well!

  4. tobepof says:

    Koala, did I told you I am so in love with you? hahah, kidding, but Thanks much for all your news, your writing…

  5. Emma says:

    oh hopefully they include all the rest of the scenes that were deleted in the C-version u know the one he walk a drunk YY out of the restuarant…. I never like Mike He in Devil beside you…but SH really rocks.

  6. liz says:

    I noticed a scene that was cut in the C-version, one that Yong Yong get drunk while her, wang la and YJ have dinner and YJ has to take her home because she drank too much, this scene I didn’t see in the c-version but it was in the 31 minutes preview… ?!

  7. yolili says:

    Ockoala, what happy news!! 😀

    I’ve been reading your recaps faithfully and decided to do a marathon last nite from Epi 18-24…hahha, oh the angst! Am determined to finish it tonite and just add a few more dark rings under my eyes! 😀

    Gosh darn, Yun Chao is soooo swoonsome altho IMO he does act childishly at times. SO hard to ship either brothers solely, I’m like a swaying grass going back & forth between them depending on the unfolding scenes, hahaha.

    I like Yong Yong’s character, she’s so sensible and thoughtful and especially the way she talks..calm and matter of fact. I haven’t watched many Taiwanese dramas mainly coz I always found some of the characters, usually girls, so whiny, clingy and loud. Sorry, just my opinion. Hence, Yong Yong is a breath of fresh air for me.

    LOL, I can understand Mandarin but can’t read the characters and after last nite’s marathon watching, I found myself talking to my son today ala Yong Yong style/Taiwanese way and got a “Why r u talking like that mom??” …. oh the things drama addiction can do to one.

    Thank you for introducing this gem and waiting for your following recaps!!

    Ohh, and I find my self pressing the FF button whenever Wan Lan comes on screen, LOL.

    Cheers!! p/s are you going to introduce anymore gems after SH?

  8. Jnt1024 says:

    Where can I watch the Taiwanese version?

  9. pretty says:

    Hi there! Can’t seem to open the link you gave for the preview, do you know where else I can watch it? thanks

  10. Melissa says:

    I’ve always wondered how 2 actors can act out sex scenes in front of so many people. It must be prettyyyy embarrassing. that’s why it’s always hard for me to watch behind the scenes of kiss or sex scenes…it just feels so awkward.
    And i think that feelings are bound to cross over when filming something like this…even if actors claim to not liking costars.

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