Drunken To Love You With Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang Secures April Airdate on SETTV

The upcoming Drunken to Love You, the highly anticipated TW-drama followup to the record breakingly popular Fated to Love You, just secured its air date, yet it’s barely begun filming. DTLY will premiere in April on SETTV, following the currently airing Channel X (please will some kind soul put my poor Joe Cheng and adorable Amber Kuo out of their misery). The funny thing is DTLY will air earlier than leading actress Rainie Yang‘s other drama Sunshine Angel (with Wu Zun), which completed filming last year and only recently secured an air date for May.

The production is starting to release a few stills, and Rainie shows off her new short bob, which I am inexplicably fond of on her. She looks fresh yet mature. I doubt DTLY will be a masterpiece, but how palatable I find it will largely depend Rainie’s chemistry with her co-star Joseph Chang (aka the Eric lookalike). Another reason I’m curious about DTLY is that the drama promises to showcase Taipei and Taiwanese culture in ways never done before on an idol-drama, with all the alleys and shops integrated into the scene, and include some famous artists and artisans from the city.

Expect production of DTYL to ramp up now that its secured an airdate only a month away, and we’ll likely be seeing a barrage of promotional material shortly.

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14 Responses to Drunken To Love You With Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang Secures April Airdate on SETTV

  1. Butet says:

    oooh, excited. (snap, should be working on my thesis)


  2. D says:

    like her new hair a lot…..about time too..she had the old one for way too long

  3. katniss says:

    go Rainie! support all the way!

  4. endodo says:

    When you watch the premiering episodes & think it’s a go, tell me. After SH, you are my wise guru and I, your devoted follower. 😛

  5. wiggles. says:

    awh. i can’t wait. hopefully it’s good as FTLY.

  6. Blueangel says:

    Ohh rainie got a hair cut. nice. I’m liking it too.

  7. jeankaycee says:

    liking the short bob of rainie yang!
    will see if this drama is worth the wait!

  8. mookie says:

    I’ll have to watch this just because dramas showcasing homehome with a lot of heart and love for the place is my catnip.

    And I think I owe Rainie couple more dramas of being allergic to and making faces at her mention till recently.

  9. Kender says:

    That hair is so, so so so cute on her. :O

    And he’s looking less and less like Eric the more I look at him..

  10. Alyssia says:

    Wow 2 rainie dramas showing soon!!!!!! Must be my year! lolz… Though i’m not fond of dramas filming while it’s showing. Rainie looks hot in her new hair. The guy.. i may sound shallow but he’s not handsome. Hopes he looks better on screen.

  11. Jannie says:

    Finally, something to look forward to from Taiwan after Autumn’s Concerto.
    And Joseph Chang back on the small screen at last…so excited! Missed him so much. Plus re-uniting with Rainie – what a bonus! Though it would be a bit strange at first to see them acting as a couple, they were siblings in Legend of Speed.
    Love Rainie’s new hair style & looking forward to Joseph’s hot screen charisma – he may not be handsome in the usual way (like WuZhun) but recommend that you watch him in Wish Upon A Star as the hot twin brother & Legend of Speed as the super hot Mars.

  12. Brick says:

    Any project from Rainie is worth watching…

  13. bluetsukky says:

    okay so please forgive me for not knowing much but, I was just wondering why is it that this drama is referred to be the follow-up for FTLY? well aside from their title resemblance. please enlighten this poor person called me. thanks ^^

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