Cast of 49 Days Holds its Press Conference

The pretty (oh my god so pretty) cast of the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama 49 Days held its press conference yesterday in preparation for its premiere next week. I’ve posted enough about the drama so I have nothing more to add substantively about the story, but fashion and chemistry-wise this press conference was a win and added to my interest in watching this drama.

First off, the ladies totally PWNED the gentlemen on the glamour front. Lee Yo Won, Seo Ji Hye , and Nam Gyu Ri were all stunning. I was particularly blown away by both Lee Yo Won and Seo Ji Hye’s ensembles, the former channeling whimsical softness and the latter a ravishing vision in red. All three of them were also battling it out for the shortest skirt of the year award, and Nam Gyu Ri wins that hands down.

The men all get a blegh from me – while no one looks horrific, nothing stands out as memorable or particularly dashing. Bae Soo Bin’s mish-mash of elements into one outfit probably looks the worst, but I really wish Jo Hyun Jae got the dress up, not down, memo and swapped his jeans for a pair of trousers. And I have a serious urge to brush Jung Il Woo‘s hair.

[Credit: all pictures of the respective agencies as identified]

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16 Responses to Cast of 49 Days Holds its Press Conference

  1. questions987 says:

    Bsb looks like he’s ready to go riding in the british countryside.

  2. Sere says:

    I love my BSB, but boy, oh boy, I can’t look at that outfit. It’s horrible!

    Question. Is Jo Hyun Jae wearing a crocheted sweater over his shirt? *squints*

    • ockoala says:

      Buh? I tried not to look too hard at any of the guys’ clothes, and instead focus on the face. 😉

      Oh, and sorry Viki is not releasing SH soft subs. *is sad for you* – imma going to try to keep up my SH recap pace, so I hope you’re in the mid-teens episodes now. It’s sooooo good.

    • momosan says:

      I’m saying knit vest on JHJ there. In a lace panel pattern. Want me to get out my Treasuries and see if I can find it? LOL! Actually, it’s interesting design wise, as that’s a rounder V than most men would wear. I’m thinking the pattern itself is less lacy IRL but photographs like that.

  3. Nigar says:

    all of them look so beautiful i love this drama

  4. MISCH-92 says:

    Lee Yo-won & Seo Ji-hye both stunning with their opposite images presented. Not all girl can rock those curly hair style like Lee (even pretty boy Jung Il-woo can’t). Her short white dress make her cute, simple enough to wear in afternoon pressconf. but the cut and embroidery give edgy vibe & makes her manage to stand out even beside red dressed Seo. Seo, if her dress is another color, probably become too simple, but red color make it attractive and sharp, accentuate her body very well. Although I hope she & Nam wear necklace, their neck look bare esp. Nam. And imo Seo look good with bang, but I wish they trim it more, looks too heavy in her forehead and kinda bogged her face a bit. Nam Gyu-ri, she pale in comparison to other girls. Too simple dress with too pale color, her bare neck bug me, & ehemm…. her breasts (sorry).

    And the boys, errrghhh… Jo Hyun-jae look good if U look at him from top to waist, but once you see his jeans, yeah….. at least he look sharp and fresh & I like his hair. Jung Il-woo, he looks kinda sleepy in some captures. Black & plain from top to bottom, nothing interesting & the cut make him look kinda lanky. Bae Soo-bin, OMG what happen with U boy! I see he opted for dare to be different and unique, but he step out the limit. Everything mismatched. 18th century boy wannabe!? o_0 What with the bulging in her leftside trousers? Plus his hair… too Bieber.

  5. Jeriko says:

    And the winner goes to… LEE YO WON !
    she’s all fine top to to, glamorous elegant in simple bright white.. her dress texture makes he looks glamour even she just in white, and her legs.. owh dear.. *envy ^^

    yeah, not many girls can look good in curly hair, but lee yo won, she’s stunning..

    me too, love seo ji hye simply red, really fits on her, and her image to be villain using red is so macth..

    nam gyu ri, preety, hmm.. but be careful of your breast dear.. ^^

    for boys, i go for Jo Hyun Jae .
    BSB, unique but there’s something with her trouser?
    and JIW, his suits is too simple, plain black..

  6. kamee says:

    at first i was worried with Lee Yo Won- Jo Hyun Jae chemisrty.. but lookin’ at their couple photos here.. i’m…. i think i’ll start rooting for them XD

  7. Barium says:

    What’s with those lifeless pose of Jung Il Woo with Nam Gyuri? Gyuri eyes like daydreaming while Ilwoo for God knows why his hands hang limply and he turn his head to other direction. Gosh.

    • anais says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth! I was giddy with all the photos of the other actors laughing giddily. Then… Eh? I thought Nam Gyu Ri was supposed to play a character whose body was comatose, not actually be comatose. Oy, sinice JIW is alive in his other photos, his pairing with NGR makes me feel uneasy since presumably he interacts with only her in the show.

    • Helena says:

      And they NOT laugh at all, NOT even smile. The contrast with other pairings make them even more noticeable. Can’t 1 of them at least try? Is there some problem?

  8. jandoe says:

    are they posing together per the pairings in the drama? if they are I AM SO WATCHING.

  9. deannadsc says:

    aigoo, has been restless for 3 days w/ no new drama that interests me after that DAEBAK-SH marathoning I did last week….
    49 Days is yet to premiere next week…..Jo Hyun Jae looks all ready for his much-awaited comeback!!! am so rooting for him & LYW!!!!
    thanks for sharing the 49 days-goodies, Ockoala!!!

  10. outofcontrol says:

    Gawd. Looked at the pics of the boys and can’t help laughing. Yes, better to focus on their faces.

  11. tangee says:

    “”Bae Soo Bin’s mish-mash of elements into one outfit probably looks the worst, but I really wish Jo Hyun Jae got the dress up, not down, memo and swapped his jeans for a pair of trousers. And I have a serious urge to brush Jung Il Woo‘s hair.””

    Oh! Ockoala dear, you’re hilarious! me laughing myself silly… ha ha ha!!

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