Cha Seung Won May Step in for Lee Seung Gi in The Discovery of Affection

Take a deep breath, lady (talkin’ to myself here – nothing to look at), and lower your expectations. I know it’s not 100% confirmed, and the entire thing could be more meh than yeah when all is said and done, but the news that Cha Seung Won might be the new male lead for the next Hong Sisters’ drama has me giddy as a school girl.

Sorry Seung Gi (you know I love ya), but I’m way more interested (1) when the age of the characters get bumped up a decade and the love story matures like fine wine, and (2) seeing new faces for a Hong Sisters’ project.

For those of you who can’t envision Cha Seung Won (most recently playing the baddie in Athena) in a comedic role, please watch City Hall asap and then let’s talk. The man has impeccable comedic timing (even better than his co-star Kim Suh Na who is already a master at comedy). The leading lady for the new Hong Sisters’ drama The Discovery of Affection is still rumored to be Gong Hyo Jin, and I couldn’t be happier with this new (hopefully happening) pairing.

What’s so great about this potential new casting coup is that both Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin are eclectic actors who have great range, depth, and subtlety to their acting – which could actually temper the Hong Sisters’ tendency to go for easy jokes and pratfalls over more sophisticated humor and wittiness. If this pairing happens, count me in!

[Credit: Hankyung News]

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16 Responses to Cha Seung Won May Step in for Lee Seung Gi in The Discovery of Affection

  1. xiaosxin says:

    I want this OTP!! I can already feel the awesomeness!! Bring it on!

  2. miso says:

    EEE! please please let this be true! loved cha seung won in city hall! I was meh about Gong Hyo Jin in Pasta, but i think it was the way her character was written, not her.

    • ockoala says:

      I lovedlovedloved Gong Hyo Jin in Sang Doo Let’s Go to School and Ruler of Your Own World.

      She was fine in Thank You, but in that drama similar to my feelings about her in Pasta, I was underwhelmed because the character was so passive.

  3. yong in says:

    either Seung Gi or him, I’m fine. Like them both : )

  4. Tarits (Rita) says:

    CSW will be perfect in this drama. He did so well in City Hall and which drama drew me into loving kdramas. He is a great actor and if it is a funny scene, boy, he is very good!

  5. momosan says:

    SQUEEEEEEE! um, yeah. Little excited about that over here. 😎 ::remembers there are some CSW movies left to watch in the queue::

  6. all4movies says:

    Me too, me too!!

    Love, love, love CSW and GHJ.

  7. ripgal says:

    Luckily the news wasn’t about CSW being in the drama with Seung Gi, if not I’d die choosing between my darling SG and CSW who can just eat him alive any minute.

    Yeap, CSW and GHJ for the win!

  8. diorama says:

    kyaaaaa, yes, yes, YES!

    Even though I love Lee Seung Gi, the idea of a mature, older, hotter Hong Sisters lead has me cheering. Their comedy does tend to be on the juvenile side at times, so hopefully Cha Seung Won will temper that.

    And Gong Hyo Jin? Icing on that cake!
    Anyone know when it starts airing?

  9. Sere says:

    I love LSG, too, but oooooooooooooooh boy, how excited I am for these rumors? I LOOOOOVE CSW and I agree, he has great acting chops and great comedic timing.

    And honestly, when the age of the characters is bumped up like that, I can’t help being gleeful. I may relate more easily to the characters if they’re in their 30s-40s since I’m in that range of age, too.

  10. Trina says:

    Please kdrama gods let CSW and GHY be on Hong Sisters new drama… They will be perfect.. Perhaps, we can have GHY boyfriend be in it too for the love triangle… ^^ I love love love CSW in City Hall. I love GHY in Pasta.. Well, I love Pasta also due to NMW is in it and Mr. Voice but mostly NMW. =D

  11. estel says:

    Ummmmmm, Cha Seung-won…don’t get me wrong, I love Lee Seung-ki, but I like my men a little more mature. And Cha Seung-won definitely qualifies. He was such a man in City Hall, even if he did do some despicable/slimy things in that drama. Lee Seung-ki is charming and cute, but he doesn’t possess the aura of manliness that CSW has.

    ~rubs hands together~ And of course, after the fiasco that was Athena, which I couldn’t even watch halfway through despite CSW and Siwon, I’d love to see him do something again soon.

  12. show2007 says:

    CSW…oh God I can’t wait. He will be the perfect fit for the drama. I am not familiar with Gong Hyo Jin so can’t say anything about it. I will take anything as long as is CSW. I love LSG too but I don’t think he fit this role. He is too young!

  13. sunshower3 says:

    I love Cha Seung Won! I endured Athena for him, after watching him in City Hall!! Love to see him in another drama soon 🙂

  14. R4N1 says:

    Aaaah i love that News n hope it’s true. Both of them (CSW + GHJ) are my fav actor n actrees. Can’t wait for watch this drama.

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