Hyun Bin at Berlinale for High Cut Magazine

Hyun Bin was just at Berlinale (Berlin International Film Festival) a few weeks ago, where his latest film Come Rain Come Shine (co-starring Im Soo Jung) was invited to screen at the festival. A high honor indeed, and one that continues to rocket Binnie to the heights of stardom, right before he has to take a two year hiatus to do his military service.

In what is likely his final magazine spread before he enlists this month, High Cut magazine shot a glitzy behind-the-scenes look at Binnie the movie star at Berlinale. Just exactly what we need to soothe our souls with the imminent loss of Binnie from the screen.

I’m actually happy that Binnie is going off to MS. He needs a good long break, some time to recharge his batteries from the hustle and bustle that is show business, and to get the ever intrusive media off his back. I’ll miss him dearly, but I know he’ll back better than ever.

[Credit: all pictures from High Cut magazine]

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12 Responses to Hyun Bin at Berlinale for High Cut Magazine

  1. estel says:

    I wish people didn’t portray smoking as looking cool. Smoking isn’t cool, it kills you and gives the people around you lung cancer from second-hand smoke.

    On the other hand, in the metaphorical sense, Binnie is smokin’. I’ll miss his gorgeous face in dramas for the next two years, but like koala-unni, I’m glad that he’s going to have some time away from the entertainment business and all it’s stress. He’ll get to be stressed about other things, like how intense being a Marine is. ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

    • koreandramalover/kdl says:

      i agree with you totally on the smoking part, Estel!
      i absolutely abhor, loathe and hate smoking for all the obvious reasons and i am sad to see Hyun Bin portraying it in the photos…

      but i also agree that Hyun Bin looks gorgeous in the photos that does not include the cigarette…

      thank you once again, dear Captain, for putting up the photos…

      and i agree with you too, Lady Captain, that Hyun Bin needs to take a break from a super-crazy-busy 2010 and early 2011 for him…

      all the best for his 2-yr duty as a Korean male in the Marines…
      and hope to see him back safe, sound and re-energised… 😉

      • tangee says:

        Hey! Dear KDL
        “”i absolutely abhor, loathe and hate smoking for all the obvious reasons””
        I second your second on this..

  2. antonia says:

    thanks koala
    HB looks great, i gonna miss him so much, but i’m glad he leaves while he’s as his best!!!!

  3. Sere says:


    I’ve got NOTHING remotely coherent to say except OMGGUH, but that’s not coherent, so. *shuts up and stares some more*

  4. cha_maeri says:

    He smokes? Geez, Binnie, that skin won’t stay young forever take care of yourself!

  5. w. says:

    I get saddened & insecure when my fav stars/idols smoke, drink and not take care of their health because that means I won’t get to enjoy their magnificence & golden voices for long because those substances destroy looks & voices.

  6. jowha says:

    He’s leaving on such a high note. What a great way to leave. Oh Binnie…. you will be missed.

  7. nycgrl says:

    Apparently Binnie made 4 million in two months thanks to CFs post SG. Now I get why he took on SG.

  8. Kat says:

    I’ve always wondered why Korean magazines post pics of celebrities smoking. I guess they don’t have a strong anti smoking campaign over there?

  9. tangee says:

    The man looks drained and tired. He needs a BREAK most definitely..

    Thanks ockoala for posting this last batch of pictures of HB before he goes MIA for 24mths..

  10. Raxelle says:

    aiggooo..does he really smoke? or it’s just part of the shoot that he has to do? i hope it’s the latter..i also don’t like and easily turned off with an actor/idol who smokes…but nonetheless, i agree with you all – he’s SMOKIN’ hot in all these pics! ^__^

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