Wu Zun Goes Solo as Fahrenheit Disbands

And another one bites the dust. I don’t follow boy bands, regardless of where they are from (Taiwan, Korea, Japan, the States). But I know the basic information about most boy bands, and I tend to get really sentimental when I read about yet another one disbanding and/or losing a member. I remember finding KAT-TUN mostly annoying until Jin got kicked out, and then suddenly I found them fascinating.

After weeks of speculation, Wu Zun held a solo fanmeeting yesterday in Taipei, where he confirmed both good and bad news. The good news is that he is NOT quitting show business and moving back to Brunei to open more health clubs. Whew! The bad news is that he really did not re-sign a contract with his management and record company, and that Fahreneheit will no longer be releasing any new albums.

Wu Zun did not rule out reuniting with Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang, and Calvin Chen for promotional events and performances, but he announced that he will be flying solo from henceforth. He also discussed turning the focus of his career towards acting (oh my beautiful boy, I expect a rough road ahead – movie critics have especially sharp knives).

I know one person who’ll be a little bit sad hearing this news (my sister), and I find myself sad just because it feels like the end of yet another era. I’ve now gone through three major Taiwanese boy band disbandments – The Little Tigers in 1996, F4 in 2008, and now Fahrenheit in 2011.

There is always a possibility the record company will replace Wu Zun in Fahrenheit, or it’ll come back as a three person group. But I highly doubt that – Wu Zun was the leader and most visible member. Wishing Wu Zun all the best with his solo career!

Have an MV for Exceptionally Mesmerizing 出神入化:

[Credit: UDN news]

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42 Responses to Wu Zun Goes Solo as Fahrenheit Disbands

  1. estel says:

    … ~scratches head~ But I thought I just read somewhere that the WEREN’T disbanding, that they’d just recorded more songs? Huh?

    • ockoala says:

      There were so many rumors the last few weeks. But the official news reports have all confirmed that he’s out of Fahrenheit.

  2. M3Lover says:

    That’s sad news Ockoala I remember when SS501 signed with different management company although they did not announced disbandment the possibility of being together is nil at this point in time. I’m not a fan of Fahrenheit but I watched all Wu Zun’s drama he is totally eye candy but need a little bit of improvement acting-wise just like another eye candy Kim Hyun Joong. I hope his success on going solo.

  3. w. says:

    Fahrenheit was my 1st group/band that I liked in recent years before moving on to another (DBSK, JYJ). I cringed watching their recent “Too Hot” album. They are good singing mellow love songs but vocally they are not great and sad to say, they can’t dance. But they are the only likable fellow Chinese band and they are super fun/nice guys that I enjoy watching some of their dramas/movies. Wish all 4 good luck with all their endeavors.

    • Butet says:

      OH yeah. I am a rabid fan. Their last album made me totally cringe. They don’t have much of a vocal range nor can they dance, but they were so adorable and so sweet and so cute and so swoon worthy when they sang ballads.
      I knew it wouldn’t last, but STILL!
      (seriously, doesn’t Jiro like that really hard-core J-Rock music anyways. FLH is the anti-JRock)

  4. show2007 says:

    Eventually Calvin, Jiro and Aaron will need to enter the military for 2 years, it is predictable that Fahrenheit won’t last forever. Just wish that they can reunite and do a preformance together in the future. As of Wu Zun, he is really handsome but he needs to sharpen his acting skills and singing skills. Wish him the best and hope his success in the future!

    • Butet says:

      Calvin already went and did his service (it lasted 12 days or something.)
      Aaron is exempted because his all injured and has some disease.
      I think Jiro already did his service..

      WOW.. i know too much.

      • ladysaotome says:

        Yup – Jiro did his a long time ago and the other two are both out due to health reasons.

      • show2007 says:

        Oh really…Wow..only 12 days…how come they can’t do it in Korea…I want my Binnie back in 12 days okay I will give him 24 days, how’s that…BTW..they can get exempted if they have injury? Hmmmmm…thanks for the info.

    • czak says:

      so agree with you…
      all his acting are quite forgettable and if i remember it i have this face i make just like when i eat lime. as far as i know, i remember Jiro wang more from HanaKimi and have come to adore his quite comical do in his works especially Momo Love…

      anyway as far as i know, usually when the leader abandons ship it always ends up bad. that is like the asking another TITANIC catastrophe — complete with the crashing into an ice berg and sinking to the bottom of the abyss…

      but if the group doesnt disband, i keep thinking Jiro should be the leader, when I watch their MVs I always notice him more, and I mean he was considered as Jay Chou’s bandmate, so i concluded he had that quality of being “the guy…” and I have always considered Jay as the man, well except for his latest sojourn to Hollywood with green hornet…!!!

  5. Butet says:


    I am now official downing funeral garbs and sobbing whilst listening to their albums.

    I know their have been rumors of them no longer getting along. BUT WHY! FOR THE LOVE OF BOY BANDS! WHY!.. JIRO!

    • Butet says:


      Okay, I’ll stop now.

    • ladysaotome says:

      I feel the exact same way. The first thing in my head when I read the title was “Nooo!!!!!” Much as they are sometimes too much (sexy girl and too hot, I’m looking at you!), I tend to love their music. And I needs my Jiro!!

  6. D says:

    this sure does feel like the end of an era….when I started watching dramas and TW dramas in particular Fahrenheit were at their peak and though like you I never followed them I have seen a drama with each of them except Wu Zhun and maybe that’s why a felt a connection with them so maybe thats why this feel a little sad…maybe this is a good thing for them especially Jiro Wang, who I’ve liked the best as an actor but now maybe he can pick some gr8 roles and flex his acting muscles a bit more….I cant speak for Wu Zhun but I do adore Aaron and Calvin though I find them much more limited actors compared to Jiro…but I wish all of them a good future anyways

  7. Buns27 says:

    awwwww, even though I haven’t been following them recently I was all into them a few years ago. I totally loved Wu Zun! Watched Hana Kimi and everything too.

  8. kirara says:

    I was always a big fan of Kat-tun and Jin was well no offense to his fans but I didn’t like his attitude and when he decided that he wanted to explore in the USA and leave Kat-tun as 5.. i was like YAY!! and then when he really did decide to go solo.. Double Yay!

    But Wu Zun, I’m a bit sad, I’m a total fan of him! .. he’s such a caring guy to his other band mates and the 4 Fahrenheit members support each other when they all have their separate activities.. I hope that he still keeps in good touch with the rest of his band mates and I wish him good luck with his acting.. I watched him in his Romantic comedies like Romantic Princess and Hana Kimi, but I think he’s better suited for action movies! (I still have yet to watch him as a pirate in 14 blades and he’s coming out with another movie with Barbie and Han Geng soon! 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

    • Ami says:

      Same feeling about Jin for me. I love his solo songs in KAT-TUN the most out of all the members’ solo, but he really doesn’t give a ‘team’ vibe when they shoot programs together. Now, I can fangirl over KAT-TUN without worrying about unnecessary things like whether Akakame is still an issue or not… which I totally don’t care about but can’t escape from as long as he and Kame are together on the same stage or screen… and I can buy Jin’s albums without having to fangirl about him. Does that make sense? 😛

      I dunno much about Fahrenheit so can’t comment, but I love this Taiwanese boy group called Energy and I remember mourning when Toro left the group… T__T

  9. babiplucki says:

    Eh? I always thought Jiro was the leader of the group?! Obviously, I live in some other dimension…

    I’ve got to be honest here (and totally not intending to bash anyone). Jiro Aaron and Calvin can sing and their acting ain’t half bad. The 3 aren’t as pretty to look at like Wu Zun but the other 3 can definitely make it solo. As for Wu Zun, the boy’s acting and Mandarin skills are still so stilted after being in the business for a while now that it can be hard to stomach sometimes.

    I’m not exactly sad that they’re disbanding but I had a feeling that they weren’t going to last all that long…

    • ladysaotome says:

      “the boy’s acting and Mandarin skills are still so stilted ” – that’s what I’m thinking! Of all the guys, his acting is definitely not cutting it.

  10. Sumaiya says:

    I really hate when bands promise that they will never disband and they go and disband…sad!

    Looks like the past week has been full of sad news…first Kibum and Xander left (or rather the former kicked out) of U-Kiss and now my favourite T band decided to disband. Agreed they are not vocally the strongest but I always thought that they were really good together as a group…anyways I wish all four of them good luck! But I do hope they come back together (ugh in an interview last year Jiro said that he wants to release an album with his bandmates every year even if they do solo activities…I wish that could happen!)

  11. alyssia says:

    Well he’s in a good state. Acting fails, he will always have his health clubs to fall back on since he’s making alot of dough these last couple of years. Honestly, he was never meant to be a singer. They purely scouted him for his good looks. Though i must say that he brought to the band alot of fans because he was the most popular one. I’m looking forward to see Calvin branching out more.

  12. YT says:

    I find it funny that they’re disbanding right when I took notice of them. I’ve watched a couple of dramas (none with Wu Zun) and their music is catchy. It does feel like the end of an era with another TW boy band separating. Maybe they’ll come back as a trio to match their sister group, S.H.E?

  13. mayssenger says:

    When I first watched Hana Kimi I swooned over Wu Zun’s pretty boy looks. The others were just invisible beside him. But many dramas later, I’m so sick of Wu Zun’s painfully wooden acting and equally wooden voice I can’t bear to watch him any more. Instead, I find Jiro amazingly good in acting. I watched Momo Love and really liked him there. I think of the 4, he’s the best actor. He’s cute too, in a manic, frenzied way LOL. If they ever made Vampire Knight into a T-drama, Jiro would be perfect as Zero. LOL Jiro…Zero….rhymes….But the biggest surprise of all is Calvin, who was dreadful in his early forays into acting. I’m watching Love Buffet, and he’s my fav character. He can act now! And he’s got a lovely mellow voice to boot, and inunciates his lines very poignantly. I love his Da Ye character. As for Aaron, he was stiff at first but he’s better now. I think the 3 of them have bright futures ahead in the acting industry. As for Wu Zun, I think he should seriously do something else and forget acting.

    • ladysaotome says:

      And if they ever made Ouran Host Club, Jiro would make a great Tamaki!!

      • mayssenger says:

        Yes, yes! Agree! he’d be perfect in all the cute boy anime lead roles….can you imagine Jiro in maid sama, or the current one about the guy falling for the ring ghost-girl lookalike?

  14. djes says:

    yes, i thought Jiro was the leader?
    Oh,so finally he announced his decision. I didn’t follow TW boybands news anymore, but good luck for him and all the other Fahrenheit members!

  15. hollys says:

    OMG! my first asian´s love!
    well……. i don´t like them anymore! sorry i moved !
    i´m korean now!
    and seriusly people! they can´t barely sing! they can´t barely act!
    but yeah they are so cute t watch in TV! and yeah! their songs are so “catchy”
    and of course they are so handsome! but they have almost no talent! (like 35%)
    i hope they do well in wherever they do!
    ai daooo ai daooo!!!! love this song by the way-1

    • hollys says:

      haha sorry for the mistakes, i already see so many! XD í don´t speak english as you can see!

    • Ladycamia says:

      LMAO I love the way you said “OMG! my first asian´s love!
      well……. i don´t like them anymore! sorry i moved !
      i´m korean now!” ME TOO I’ve moved but I’ll always have some T-Drama I will like..if I could pass a few episode. Sometimes they are just so comical.

      But I will always like Wu Chun cause of his personality. Best wishes for him!!

  16. notoriousnoona says:

    i just recently got introduced to existence of this group through the members association with dramas and though i’ve never listened to a song, this seems rather sad. when you are on the outside looking in a lot of things rather abrupt and dim. i definitely worry about the other members and their futures. and if i remember correctly this is the member that “can’t” act right? i now see some similarities to that SS501…

  17. aphrael77 says:

    OMG!! Just when yesterday I was still saying they couldn’t disband, now it has to happen!

    I’m still too shocked to react….

    i have no doubt that the others can survive in showbiz without Chun, but this is really sad news… i feel a little upset. Fahrenheit was the group that nurtured Chun and made him famous. but now that he’s famous, he’s turning his back on his group members….

    i’m not saying that it’s not a wise career move for Chun, but emotionally I can’t reconcile myself to it yet … : (

  18. before i discovered the kpop world, i was watching t-dramas & listening to Fahreneheit .
    it’s always a bit heart wrenching to see a boy band disband =T but it’s Wu Zun’s career & choice . will be looking forward to where this road leads him . good luck to them all . another end of an era indeed .

  19. M3Lover says:

    You’ll get over in time Aphrael77. I did when SS501 have to signed with different agency. I’m ok now just waiting for the time when they will release an album as a group. At least that’s their promise to us “Triple S”. Maybe in time Fahrenheit will do the same. Don’t be upset over Wu Zun abandoning the group he has to grow also a solo artist maybe it is time to test his own capability because sometimes in a group there is such limitation you are dictated by your management in relation to your group activities. Even SS501 members said that, that’s why they are doing solo/individual activities for now.

  20. Bada703 says:

    OMG! I can’t believe this. Fei Lun Hei was one of the few boybands I followed, and my first international/Asian boyband.

    I heard the rumours after they released their last album, but took it as fan-paranoia. I mean, Wu Zun is cute, but his voice isn’t strong enough to be a solo artist, and his acting – uhg . . . I seriously thought that if he was going to go solo, it would be to pursue a singing career; but, then again, he never seemed that passionate about singing.

    I know the TW acting industry is small, and his name and face are recognizable, but eventually, even fangirls are going to get tired of watching him be cute with no feeling. If he wants a long-term acting career, he is going to have to improve.

  21. Joy Chuah says:

    *scratches head* Wu Zun was the leader??? Seriously? I’ve always thought that Jiro was the leader because he was always more outstanding. I think Aaron, Calvin and Jiro will still continue to do well without him. They are more talented vocally and acting wise. Wu Zun was always more noticeable due to his good looks but sorry to say that he totally loses out in his singing and acting. I’ll still continue to support the remaining three.

  22. Kechia says:

    When did F4 disband? I thought they did not disband, they are just doing alot of solo work

  23. AH darn it i’m way too behind on news
    gosh one of my favorite taiwanese bands
    what what is this seriously i feel
    like everyone is against me. Why are bands dibanding/replacing
    members. WHY!? 😦

  24. ilikehim says:

    Ok, who can say they are surprised?
    I am trying not to bash here..but none of them really excel in singing, dancing or acting…did you really expect them to last? If they were actually a male counter part of SHE (talent-wise)..they wouldve last longer..like SHE.

    But i do need a moment to mourn the separation of Ella and Wu Chun to different cmpanies. They are hilarious together.

  25. Choco Huang says:

    fahrenheit cannot disband!
    fahrenheit is my FAVORITE band in the whole world….they are my favorite singers….they cannot break apart…………..if FHR comes back as a 3 some it wont be the same
    wu zun is not my favorite, because jiro is <3, but wu zun is REALLYREALLY good and hes important too……….omg…………….fahrenheit is always gonna b a 4someee wu zun CANT leave

    but ijust read like a gazillion articles that they didnot break up and that they just recorded like 4 new songs for a new album and then another gazillion on how they are disbanded……..im confused

  26. Choco Huang says:

    fahrenheit cannot disband!
    fahrenheit is my FAVORITE band in the whole world….they are my favorite singers….they cannot break apart…………..if FHR comes back as a 3 some it wont be the same
    wu zun is not my favorite, because jiro is <3, but wu zun is REALLYREALLY good and hes important too……….omg…………….fahrenheit is always gonna b a 4someee wu zun CANT leave

    but ijust read like a gazillion articles that they didnot break up and that they just recorded like 4 new songs for a new album and then another gazillion on how they are disbanded……..im confused

    • jicks says:

      I just want to share what I’ve heard over the last one or two days.

      *deep breath* As far as I am aware, Fahrenheit are not disbanding. Wu Zun has elected not to resign with his current management company HIM, instead he is now going with Fu Long who have promised to allow him to fulfill his intention of spending more focus on his acting career (something HIM weren’t able to work into his schedule as much.) But as far as Fahrenheit goes, they are still one unit (and also have an album coming up too I believe.)

      I would liken this scenario is to that of Kim Hyun Joong and SS501.

      Hopefully the four of them will stay strong through it all! ❤

  27. ladysaotome says:

    Hmm, just saw an article at asianfanatics with his manager saying the rumors are false. I certainly hope so.


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