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My mind has been blown with the activity going on at the Geun-Geun discussion forum here. I’m trying to find a work-around with how slow the original discussion forum is loading since the comments are upwards of 1000. For now, I’ll start a new thread for everyone to continue with the fun times.

I also bring some Geun-Geun updates – after the Codes Combine signing event, Jang Geun Seok rushed off to meet with Moon Geun Young and the production team of the Mary Stayed Out All Night DVD release. At least now we know they actually have one documented meeting, and that the M3 DVD is going ahead as planned.

[Credit: picture courtesy of Sukey at Baidu Geun-Geun bar]

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  1. doclovesgeungeun says:

    Hello again! First of all, my sincere thanks to everybody who has warmly welcomed me here. Thank you, Captain Ockoala, for letting me be a part of, as you all say, this crazy place where we geunies abound. 🙂

    I am currently busy preparing for a convention starting Wednesday in Beijing so I will be away for a while but rest assured that I will sneak a peek any chance I get. Despite this, I couldn’t resist but drop by for a while after coming across an alarming news bit on twitter. It mentioned something about a possible danger in a nuke plant in Tokai, Japan. This is found in the Ibaraki Prefecture/province. If my memory serves me right, our dear Jessi is from Ibaraki. Let us all pray for her and the rest of her country.

    Now about a medicine for this so called GeunGeun Virus that all of us here have contracted. Sadly, there is no known medicine for this. Besides, if there were any, wouldn’t you ladies think I would have been the first to take it, and maybe even risk an OD just to “get well?” LOL! However, we in the practice of medicine always say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. But, seriously, would any of you even want to be rid yourselves of the Virus? I know I wouldn’t dare to!

    Oh and lastly, thank you Quirkie and Bashful for those insightful opinions regarding MGY’s latest cy update. Yes, i did fail to remember how sensitive our dear MGY is to what’s happening around her. And this recent tragedy in Japan must have struck a cord. I know it did as it happened to me as well. We really have to be mindful of our actions now seeing as how life is too precious to be wasted upon trivial things.

    Later ladies! Gotta get back to my preparations!

  2. momo says:

    sorry random! can you guys give me the link that JGS has said PSH is a sister for him I can’t find this anywhere!

  3. just drop by to see how our dear GSIs have been doing. haven’t been able to join the discussions lately so excuse me if im kinda getting off the track, though i still don’t know where to start again, hehehe

    first off…

    with regards to the most wanted question about JGS and MGY past relationships respectively. esp. about geunyoung’s past relationships. i came across with some tidbits that was shared to me during CS days, i wanted to share some of the matters but i im not sure if im allowed to since it was shared to me privately. perchance it may possibly burst our bubbles here, though im still not sure on how the analysis will turn out, yet if you still want me to share it i will ask permission to my friend if i am allowed to share it with you dear GSI’s, so we’ll see…hehehe

    about the famous pinky promise of GeunGeunCouple (to cotto62’s question)
    if you have watched the whole show, you will see the guests getting blown by the strong air coming from the lower front of each of them after confessing a story, i think it was the result on how they judge the story, like if you didn’t get blown by the air, they will buy the story as good, while if you get blown away, its kinda lame, forget it. bleh 😛
    one of the hosts first asked geunyoung to accompany him for a pinky gesture after telling his story, which in turn they didn’t get blown by the air. later on, it was geunyoung’s turn and she asked geunsuk if they could do it together, hence the pinky promise sign, and that was the part where geunsuk was timidly covering up his face after being asked by the hosts to show his hands to geunyoung. LOL
    so to make it clear to everyone, there was no promise, it was just merely a pinky sign. 😛
    it was more of to accompany each other while getting blown by the strong air coming in front beneath each of the guests in the show. 😀

    im sorry, i think this was often misunderstood, because of the fan video, “GeunGeunCouple’s Promise”, although i never claimed there was really a “promise”, since i’ve put a “fan made” in the description, i should have explained the real thing about the show though, so it’s my bad. the video was just completely edited as a result of my thirst over GeunGeunCouple during those times, LOL notice the song i used also has the title “promise” (korean: yakseok / japanese: yakusoku) by my ever dearest, TVXQ! and it goes pretty well with the gestures they made during the show so thats how i came up with the whole thing about the video and the title. i do hope i made it clear this time though…

    about the original clip (cut part), there was another translation (a written translation) posted in the fated couple blog, i am not sure about it, i’ll ask admin jas (Psycho_jas/geungeunlove/@ilovekeunsuk) if where did she get the translation and if from what part of the show it was translated since i myself couldn’t follow. about the clip i have posted before in my YT channel (which was eventually deleted by YT, aish!), i asked my korean friend to translate it, i just did the sub. 🙂

    to lxandra
    to add up to your conclusion that JGS was the one who requested the production team to offer the lead role of mary to MGY, we actually have a hint there, remember when the news confirmed JGS with his manager went to watch the stage play closer of MGY around early september if im not mistaken. yeah, yeah of course it was all about moral support for your “FRIEND”, but if you think about it, actress for mary was not even confirmed yet during that time. then few days later, MGY was confirmed as mary for MSOAN! 🙂 (pls correct me if i was ever wrong :))
    my bet is that he possibly went to watch the stage play also to negotiate personally with MGY, (with MGY’s knowledge so it was a planned meeting i guess) although i think the negotiation have already started a while back before, but personal meeting is much more reasonable. he possibly met her after the stage play ended during that day. perhaps after the meeting or even during the meeting, they had their ever renowned drinking sessions together. hehehe

    as for sukhye anti’s (note: for those who are antis im not saying all sukhye fans are antis), most of the times its lame to talk about them, i’ve had many bad experiences with them. but sometimes im in the heat to bring on some fire too, but for now, im not in the mood to comment about it, so maybe next time…but if they insist to wave the flag, its show time…kidding, keke…

    • about SHK and HB break up…
      can’t help but to add my two cents regarding this, don’t blame me if im kinda happy about this news, pls don’t kick me out Ms. Ockoala since i know you like kyobin even comparing them to GeunGeun, its def. not because i don’t like kyobin couple, sure i learned to like them together as time passes by, not also because i am a secret garden fan (HB-HJW) i like the chemistry but not as much as i like the drama itself. i think im more happy because there is a much greater chance for SHK and Won Bin! woot!!! also maybe the reason im a bit not into kyobin also something to do with hyun bin’s name (of course i don’t blame him for having the same bin as Won Bin :P) given their couple name, kyobin, it always gives me confusion in the beginning, when i was still not used to it. they just interchanged the bin and kyo, LOL i am a binkyo shipper (WB-SHK) prior to GeunGeun, since i love them together in Autumn In My Heart, (where i first saw MGY) but since their chance got slimmer and slimmer, i just continued to follow them individually and have wished them nothing but the best, but with this news, im in high spirit again, keke.
      though like all of you, i NEVER want our Geuns to end up like kyobin (SHK-HB) of course, but i have no worries, im a firm believer over their fate together! the most important thing is we always keep our faith!
      bit off topic, i have learned to practiced that quote from my dearest boys, TVXQ, always keep the faith! same quote goes well to our dearest couple, GeunGeunCouple!

      don’t stop believing! 🙂

      • lxandra says:

        Ermmmm…so you’re more of a BinKyo than KyoBin fan huh? Same here..but like you I’ve accepted HB-SHK as couple which I have hope to last for at least more than 2 years….becos of her past relationship with LBH which I suspected a scam to raise the show rating..one reason becos the 2nd lead couple from AI also went public with their relationship abt the same tim as LBH-SHK & break up almost the same time too..So I prefer for couples from tv drama or movie to keep to relationship a secret 1st until they were caught candidly on a date after the show was long over…just like CJW & her Aircity co star LJW…they were caught after 2 years dating secretly since the show was over & still going strong for another 2 years while LJW serve the army & they’re still together till now…So I hope our GEun2 couple are like this too unless of cos like I’ve been suspecting that they’re already a couple before M3…

    • btw, HAPPY WHITE DAY! (esp. referring to geunsuk! ^^ keke)
      since this time it’s the guys pay back time for the girls who have sent them chocolates on valentines day.
      sukkie, how about buying a blue berry flavored candy (geunyoung’s favotite flavor!) keke ^^

    • pipa says:

      Hi EJ.
      Thanks for sharing those detailed information you have you just shared, it’s very interesting.

      Just to share my opinion…
      1) Re about their past relationships, I think I would go with LizzyD that their past relationships are not irrelevant anymore to their present status now and also bcoz I don’t want to burst my bubble hehe.. I’m happily fine in my Geun-Geun heart that they are together and I don’t care about who dated in the past.
      2) On JGS might have something to do in asking the production to offer leading female – actually there’s an article last year I shared above that JGS since April 2010 was already offered for the part and fell in love with it and asked the producer not to offer it to anyone else. And since JGS was very vocal even before he wanted to collaborate with MGY and besides their friendship, we assumed he was the one who convinced them to offer it to MGY and not to anybody else and lo and behold he went to her stage play, and in a few days she was confirmed for the part.
      3) On pinky promise, this might be the one you are talking abt, some parts I saw..
      Translated interview of JGS & MGY on Yashimanman (only cut some parts)
      by GeunGeun Couple (Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young) Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 8:40am
      Moon Geun Young: How about you? (pointing at JGS)
      Host: Do you agree on Moon Geun Young’s answer?
      Jang Geun Suk: Of course i agree. Why cant agree with her? I think im tensed and brainwashed here! (JGS hiding his face. MGY blushing, and smiling)
      Host:So if you agreed with each other,can you hold your hands?Why you are like that?
      (MGY & JGS both smiling and blushing)
      (Host is joking)
      (MGY & JGS hold their hands together)
      Host: The compitition getting hotter.. blahbhahbah…
      Host: On the other hand..Oh, look at this 2 children, they look happy spending time to each other. Come On!
      (JGS keep smiling)
      Host 2: These two kids have the same age right?
      JGS:Yes, we are.
      Host: Oh, so jealous to them..
      (MGY close her eyes, suk smiling)
      Host 3: So, its CONFIRMED!

      – Actually there’s nothing much to think deep in their YSMM guesting, I just find it cute of their akwardness and first time meeting together and later on found out the JGS likes her and admired from then on. It’s just nice knowing it all started in this show.
      4) on anti’s – I’d rather not spend my time on them, coz anti’s are anti’s no matter what.

      • antonia says:

        about point 3: thanks for the english translation. is so cute!!! i watched the video and is adorable

  4. nas says:

    Dear GGCEJ,

    Thank you so much for the info. Have been trying to find the sub for the geungeun pinky promise. So it was one of your first mv about GGC, though it was not really their promise but still we wish to imagine that they really did the pinky promise. hahaha…. don’t want to spoil our geungeun bubble here.

    anyway thanks again for the mv. really appreciate it.

    welcome to our latest geungeun shipper….


  5. doclovesgeungeun says:

    Evening y’all! I just wanted to share a link to a video I recently saw. You all probably saw it already but it might make your day, again, for the nth time. I found this on nate.com which is one of SK’s search engines.


    This was after the KBS Awards last year. I just find it really cute and so glaringly obvious that JGS, along with Manager Kim and MGY’s manager, was waiting for MGY. Too cute! I know they didn’t leave the event together as I saw a vid on YT before where JGS greeted and talked to some fans outside the venue. However, it seemed he was waiting for a certain vehicle to pass by first before he left. I’m sure you all saw that already as one of our shippers, Ixandra, has placed a comment there. If you’ve forgotten already, let me refresh your memories.

    Aaaaawww…. These two are just too cute! Night y’all!

    • M3Lover says:

      Hi doc! it’s not the KBS Awards but the SBS Awards in 2009….

      • doclovesgeungeun says:

        Thanks M3Lover for the correction! I stand corrected. 🙂

      • M3Lover says:

        You’re welcome doc! 🙂 By the way, I’m from the Phils too! Hope we can have some meet-up soon together with pipa to talk more about our Geuns. 😉

      • pipa says:

        Say what M3Lover, your from PI too?! Wow, another fellow pinoy is here. Hopefully, we don’t slip in speaking our mother tongue, everytime we’re on here and get’s excited too much. LOL

      • M3Lover says:

        Yay Pipa I’m restraining myself to do that actually….Thankfully it did not happen yet. It wouldn’t be fair to our fellow Geun-Geun lovers here.

  6. lxandra says:

    Does anyone know when JGS is schedule to return to Korea? Or has he return already? Becos it seems that there’s official news today he’s donating a large sum of money via his Japan fanclub to the Japan red cross…sure he can just make a call from Hungary but this kind of thing since it involve a large sum of money over USD100,000 I’m sure its more appropriate for him to deal from home…I dunno..just a haunch..anyone has any info?

    BTW Doc, in the after SBS clip I only saw JGS’s mgr….was there MGY’s mgr too? and watching the clip again @1:00 between the screaming voice of the fans I head a male voice saying “Moon Geung Youngie..” I dun understand the rest..perhaps I’m heard wrongly….may be anyone with Korean language can clarify…

    • doclovesgeungeun says:

      Ixandra dear, let me correct myself then. You see, i have never come across a video with MGY’s manager in it. So i immediately assumed that the man initially behind MGY is her manager/roadie/handler. The man smiled and bowed a little to JGS and even acknowledged manager Kim when he arrived. Said man also waited until the end of the clip where i assume that the two parties left already. My apologies then. Please feel free to correct me for my assumption.

      And about that donation JGS is making for Japan victims. I believe it came from his representatives in Japan, Frauinter. Said company also released a statement regarding the fate of his concert sched and album release in Japan. The statement said that they are not yet sure if these will push through and would wait a couple more days before making a final decision. You see, I’m a bit confused here. In some posts, people claim that the statememt came directly from JGS. In others, it was from the management company. Oh well.

      One more thing. Is there someone here who actually has a cyworld account and therefore has direct access to MGY’s cy updates? There is just something i need to confirm.

    • Smiley_iris says:

      Hi lxandra, all I have so far is that he was to be in Europe. For 2 weeks and that the fans from Budapest were told by one the people of JGS that he was leaving Budapest on the 13th. So that is even barely a week. That is why I was hoping if MGY was not with him right at this moment, he would send her the ticket to follow him for White Day. But my gut feeling is that she is with him from day one….considering all the facts that is being question like where are his staff for the photo shoots….makeup artist and so on….and the only one with him at the airport in the picture was his manager and him being on the phone with a worried expression. And like you said, we didn’t hear or saw anything regarding her whereabout during the first week of school and only surfaced on the 9th or 10th? And wording is too revealing….either it is not her posting or she is posting, for me it both seems to be a sort of coverup of her whereabout. Why I think this, JGS is not responding to those msg. What for when she is around. Now you stated after I posted about the 2 girls at Budapest being told not to take picture, and you said he is always very accommodating in regards to this kind of thing, he was the one who said no picture bec you thing they might take a picture of someone that was not supposed to be there… Originally, I was thinking of her being left at the hotel that is why she feels lonely and alone but since you think she is always with him then I still think it is definitely her grandma she is missing.
      My take about moderation and will cut it off still stand…. Maybe I am being too optimistic but maybe I am right in my speculation that she might be carrying already a #3 Geun. This makes me smile….. I love happy ending but it just sort of talley to the posting.

      • Smiley_iris says:

        Lxander, I was just at the sears- Jang Geun Suk site…it is posted there now about the Chinese-Budapest resident…. And also I think new picture of JGS, he is so skinny, feel sympathy, he needs to rest and gain some weight! anyway the staff was about tell where JGS was heading after Budapest, but maybe was stopped bec. The photo shoots ate finish and holiday now for our GeunGeun Couple, I hope……

    • Smiley_iris says:

      I heard sort of her name too and it sounds like from the man who came out of the van wearing white pants… I didn’t see the manager unless it was the guy in white pants but MGY Manager is shorter isn’t he?

      • Smiley_iris says:

        Bear with me lxander, check that video again, I think the guy who came out of the van is JGS….I thought it was not him because there was a guy standing in white plants talking to the manager, then he went in, then another guy who walked away was wearing white pants in a hurry without runing back wearing a toque….. check for me or watch it again for me. Gosh, we can understand only what they are saying….

      • Smiley_iris says:

        lxander it is around 1:16. this is my third time to double check, I’m pretty sure it JGS who left the van wearing toque in white pants walking really fast. Why I don’t maybe something to do with what they were talking about. Maybe on the way for a rendevous with someone and they didn’t want anyone to be able to follow. Because no matter how he try to have a private meeting, someone get to have a picture and I guess he really want some privacy. I wrote something already below if you happen to read this first, I did n’t know whre else I can do follow up to what I just wrote earlier. Check for me anyway, thanks..

  7. cotto62 says:

    Dear GGCEJ,
    thx for the translation…. I think your’s is the closest to the truth. I like it, & it didnt even affect the least of my now-crazy-shippering of wonderful GGC.
    I love to feed my mind with the wonderful bubbles too, but I like the reality more. As of now we all dont know what’s the reality is for sure (all were just assumptions, best as they r, though), so we r entitled to hv our own analysis, I guess. I’d like to base my analysis on facts, I mean the whole facts available, not just the ones I like, so to minimize the bias. I mean, if I only want to know half truth (only the gd news ones) and close all the bad news, it will only cause bias. If thats how I want it, why dont I just make my own story about them…? I will make it (my own story) very very very wonderful in my imagination, not to bother with all facts, wont even bother to analize things, just make my own story, wouldnt it will b more wonderful?
    I dont get it….. I mean, why worry of different analysis or some unwanted facts (if they r exist) if we r already so sure about this our beloved couple.
    At the beginning I wasnt that enthuasias to this couple, coz, they do hv vastly sweetest chemistry on & off screen that I honestly never ever witness before anywhere in my whole life, even in movie (I never be able to describe adequately of their chemist to do them justice), but this kind of amazingly strong chemist makes me worry that if it fail to lead them to be together it will hurt so much, and I esp worry of MGY (bec she is the more sensitive one & to be truth I love her more than JGS), unless I see reason that he is really in to her. But through reading postings here, now I’m very sure that he is really in love with her either, so I support this couple wholeheartedly now either (more than other males that I had supported before for the sake of her safety).
    So if someday it turn out they cant be together, I’ll still believe that they really love each other but cant be together for some reason. That’s why I still want the whole facts available, even if they are hurts to know, so i can be ready if my hope of their togetherness cant be fulfilled (probably my dissapointment even more than the couple themself if things doesnt turn out as we hope).
    So… GGCEJ dear,…. if U hv some facts there, whatever it is, I’d love to know, if U r allowed to share, please……… If our friends here cant accept if U post it here, then I will be very grateful if U can share it with me privately at my e-mail. Otherwise I’d go crazy roaming the net just to find every little tidbits available of their news……..
    I will be very thankful if U can share with me, please……. (my e-mail address : sdsd-sdsd2011@hotmail.com)………
    BTW, is there any news of what JGS reaction ’bout the prank (from KJW & MGY)? I’m really curious…. my guess is JGS was crying too, when seeing MGY were crying. He did hints that he cant stand to see her cry. At the BTS of crying scene of the last filming, he did look affectionate but sad to see her work on her crying scene in front of him. Wonderful of him.
    Thanks again…. & peace to all, hope there will be gd news soon from our GGC……..
    Tx capt…….for providing this forum…

  8. Quirkie says:

    Hello Geunies!
    As a faithful shipper, while we patiently await for more thriling news, I have to try to keep you entertain right?! So, I have a brain teaser and a scavenger hunt for all of you. What the price? A Happy ever after love story to remember for ever and ever 😉
    1st the brain teaser: Find the clues. In this MSOAN title banner, they are dead giveaway clues about our lovely couple. How many are they? (this was too adorable, I had to share it with you all!)

    Credit: Hermione12@ tieda.baidu bar

    Second the hunt: I found this interesting article from back in 2/2010 (I’m only posting the interesting tidbits) The original interview was taken from Elle Korea
    Translated by ployinkypink at soompi from the chinese translation done by JKS China Official FC

    On being a playboy….
    “ Of course I like gals.
    But I’m not a playboy. I’m the kind who will be very faithful to my girlfriend. Do you believe that my mobile only has the phone numbers of 4 female artists? Park Shin Hye, Sung Yu Ri, Che Yi Ryun (?)…. and *there’s 1 more I can’t say. But it’s not Ha Ji Won noona like what everyone thinks because she has changed her phone number.”

    * Hummm….now who is the mysterious actress? Please GSI team I need your help 😉 Although I’ve already made up my mind as to who the lucky gal is…haha 😉

    Second item for the hunt was a translation for O’live show in 2010
    Thank you to ploinkypink@soompi for the translations.

    I particularly enjoyed this section 😉 JGS So cheeky!
    Host: You are already 24 years now (born in 1987). What’s your zodiac sign?
    JKS: a. Rabbit b. Snake c. Tiger
    Host: I don’t feel that you are like a __________….hahaha
    JKS: I feel like a a. Rabbit b. Snake c. Tiger
    Host: hahahah…why a ________?
    JKS: the feeling of …. I like~
    Host: The photos from this morning’s shoot (showing Pink JKS photos)…JKS exudes the vibes of a carnivorous man. Do you personally like to be a carnivorous man or a prettyboy?
    JKS: i don’t really like the term “prettyboy” recently. you should ask if i’m like a carnivorous man or herbivorous man?
    Host: haha… which type do you think you are?
    JKS: I’m a _______ man in the day…. and _________ man at night!
    Host: hahahahha…. then how about herbivorous woman? or canivorous woman?
    JKS: a. Herbivorous b. Carnivorous
    Host: JKS likes to tease photographer…. A basic requirement for _______ man is 6 pecs. So do you have 6 pecs?
    JKS: (acts cool) I can easily train and have 6 pecs, but I don’t feel like doing it now. haha.

    Host: The fact and myth about JKS’s height. JKS is actually 182cm tall!
    JKS: The reaction of people who see me in real life is always: “Oh! You are really tall!” I’m not bothered about those rumours. (Says with a straight face) but I won’t give up wearing heeled shoes either.
    JKS: Although I wear heeled shoes, I definitely don’t wear those height-increasing cushion inside my shoes.
    Host: Hahahahahaha. An honest JKS is even more charming!
    JKS: (Smile) (*the 2 seem to be sharing some private joke.)
    Host: Fact and myth no. 2 about JKS. Mature women like JKS~?
    JKS: Actually I’ve never thought about this question at all.
    Host: What I think is that… mature women like you because you have the enthusiasm of youth + a manly side….
    JKS: I’ve never shown my manly side…. but I actually do have a manly side…
    Host: For example…?
    JKS: I mentioned it just now…. I’m a _______ man at night…
    Host: hahahahahaha
    JKS: For example, in the daytime I’m sitting here quietly like now, but at night I’ll be crawling here and there…
    Host: hahahahah… JKS is a man with many charms
    Host: You got even more popular because of YAB.
    JKS: I won the Netizen’s most popular award. It’s very meaningful to me especially at this time. I really wanted to win this because it’s voted by the public viewers.
    Host: If you are not an actor what will you be?
    JKS: a. Singer b. Teacher c. Car salesman
    Host: I interact with my friends and family too! haha. ok you are suitable to be a ________. I can imagine!
    Host: I think you’ve grown up and are more mature…
    JKS: I think so too. I feel like I’m slowly becoming an adult…
    Host: Yes you are slowly getting older… hahahahahaha
    Host: Another side of JKS. drawing eyeliner.
    JKS: once during a photoshoot, I tried on eyeliner by chance. although eyeliner is usually used by women, it’s something new for guys and I quite like the look.
    Host: You don’t care about how others look at you?
    JKS: There’s nothing to be bothered about. I’m in a line where I should try different images and I like to experience different things and discover different styles for myself
    Host: What is latest JKS’ trend?
    JKS: I wish to be one who won’t be swayed by the latest trends. When people mentioned JKS I want them to think of all the different sides of me. I’m constantly searching for myself. I even think about how I’ ll be like when I reach middle age… my father has a paunch now…
    Host: So your father is different from the JKS now…
    JKS: I want to maintain my look now…and people’s expectation of JKS.
    JKS: JKS’s expectation for 2010 is to be able to find himself more… If I climb too high too fast, I’ll be scared of falling. My hope for 2010… is health. Health is most important. Also I hope to meet more talented and outstanding people…
    Host: Like me…
    JKS: *looks at host* (laugh) Can’t stand you~
    Host: hahahahahaha
    JKS: O’Live TV!

    Answers later, unless you find the article first! Happy hunting! 😉
    P.S I have a feeling JGS wil be back early, can’t have Ms Moon keep crying her beautiful eyes right?! 😉

    • Quirkie says:

      Well this was a short wait…I got news!
      Have you ladies heard JGS other new single ” Make memories”? another one sweet as candy with xtra sugar! Listen to this…

      I have seen the lyrics for it but since don’t know who to credit for them, I won’t post them. Overall they are about how no matter how tough life can get, with this song, this melody, we can all start over and make the song sing together.
      Hummm…I am def thinking the song is connected to JGS’s desire to uplift the Japanese people’s spirits but could it be meant for a certain someone who has been SO miserable lately as well…It is White day after all…what you think? 😉
      Also I found it interesting how the Bye Bye Bye single dropped the same day someone felt All alone (3/11/11)…then said I am Missing you a lot the next day as if acknowledging the delivery of the song… 🙂
      Now any doubts that someone has listening and comforting? Your guess is as good as mine 😉

    • M3Lover says:

      @Quirkie on the brain teaser: is it the moon & the star? And there is also the cat that is in-love ( I assume the cat is in-love because there is a heart on top of it’s head & ears).

      On the second hunt: You’re guess is as good as mine. 😉

      On his interview on O’Live TV: I watched it on TVN (a Korean cable channel). It was featured on TVN Style Report, he was one of the actors/actress that was interviewed. The host is the top female photographer in Korea (I forgot her name). The interview runs for about 20 minutes (minus commercials), it was funny as well as informative. You can surely see that he is witty, articulate & intelligent (mind you those qualities are what attracts me to a guy).

      • Quirkie says:

        He was so flirting with her wasn’t he?..haha

      • M3Lover says:

        He he he yes but as I understand they have worked previously together that’s why they have so much rapport & they are very at ease with each other.

    • bashful says:

      Hi Quirkie,

      This is so much fun! Thanks a bunch! 😀 Not only do I get to read JGS interviews but also play a game. Well, bellow are my answers or guesses. 😉

      Part I –
      1. Cat
      2. Moon
      3. Star

      Part II –
      1. M.G.Y.

      Part III –
      1. a. Rabbit
      2. Rabbit
      3. Rabbit
      4. Rabbit
      5. Herbivorous man in the day; carnivorous man at night
      6. Carnivorous
      7. Carnivorous
      8. Herbivorous man in the day; carnivorous man at night
      9. a. Singer

      • Quirkie says:

        Ur welcome Bashful! You were so close..he said he felt like snake because of its body, skin prints…and a car salesman; can you imagine walking into a car dealership and have JGS greet you?!! That’s a lot of trouble! We’d be buying cars left and right 🙂

      • pipa says:

        And all his lady customers will ask first a test drive before buying the car, me included hehe.. 🙂 kidding!

      • bashful says:

        Thanks Quirkie for the correct answers! 😀 I knew I should have taken your clue when you said he was being “cheeky”, then I could have gotten the “snake” answer right. 😉

        I almost picked “car salesman” too but changed my mind since I do not recall him seeing in any of his recent dramas as being attached to a “cool” car so I couldn’t picture him as a “car salesman”. 😀 Pipa is right; all the potential lady customers will be asking for a free test drive if he were a car salesman. LOL!

        Thanks again Quirkie. That was a fun and informative exercise! 😀

    • ggLover says:

      He didn’t mention Stephanie? (not sure abt the name).. The one that he did a video call? or she’s NOT included because she’s a singer and not an actress??
      But i’d like to think it’s MGY, of course..

      • Quirkie says:

        Hi ggLover! Glad to have you back and thanks for playing! Yes I didn’t think it was Steffanie since she is not an actress…hum..who else could it be then…I like your second guess 😉

    • doclovesgeungeun says:

      Quirkie! That’s a huge chunk of “meat” you just gave. I just couldn’t resist but post. On the banner, there were several clues being the moon, star, a cat with heart shape above it’s head, and of course, the original strawberry symbol from the manhwa version.

      For the 4th actress, of course i’ thinking it’s MGY. After all, isn’t she one if his bestfriends? How could you be beat friends with someone you don’t communicate with, right?

      As for the answers, i’ve seen that interview already and i find him really witty and sincere. The answers are the following.
      1. The host doesn’t think he’s a Rabbit
      2. He feels like a snake because it has a soft pliable body
      3. He’s a herbivorous man during the day and carnivorous man at night.
      4. He is suitable to be a salesman because of his well modulated voice

      • Quirkie says:

        Hi Doc! You had to have all the answers didn’t you?! :)…but you missed one…

      • doclovesgeungeun says:

        LOL! I have seen the clip already thats why I knew the answers. As for the butterfly you mentioned, is it the character before the cat? I’m not good at Hangul but i thought that word meant “the” because of the characters. The two “Ls” stand for the letter “n” supposedly and the horizontal line is part of their vowel which is “eu.” It doesn’t make sense when you put it together right? But as a whole, it translates to the word “the.” Oh, and that banner is actually the title in the manhwa version minus the strawberry, cat, moon and star. They just added those to cartoonify it i guess. What’s striking there though was in the whole of MMM, there was never a mention of a star. The moon was clearly depicted when they went to the bridge at Han River to watch the moon but there was never any mention of a star. Hmmm… Does that mean what I think it means? Borrowing from your line, “your guess is as good as mine.”

        That’s it for me. I have to tuck in now coz I have to be up in 3hrs for my early morning flight to Beijing. Hope by the time I get back, you and the rest of the Geunies would have some juicy news on our dear geungeun. Can’t wait!

      • doclovesgeungeun says:

        Let’s deconstruct the banner. Hangul is a pretty hard language to learn. Yup, i’ve been studying it for a while now. So anyways, the first word there is Mary, from the square with a strawberry shape inside to the horizontal line. Specifically, it is spelled as “Maeri.” The next one, the one you thought was a butterfly (maybe it is and i’m wrong), stands for the word “the.” The next word/character, the one with a moon shape, means “outside”. The next character, the one with a cat shape and star inside means “night”. The last character means “of”. That is when you deconstruct it character per character. But in Hangul, it has just two whole words, Maerineun Oebakjung. Loosely translated, Mary is out at night. There. Being an OC is such a pain. I couldn’t resist sharing that. LOL! Now i barely have 3 hours of sleep before i get up again for my flight. Ugh! Good night y’all!

      • Quirkie says:

        ” Being OC is such a pain” LOL i could just picture you Doc, trying to sleep with your mind nagging @ you..haha
        Hope you had a safe flight! Please try to get some rest also cos you know once you’re back you’ll be on that computer again 😉

    • pipa says:

      Yay Quirkie! me, me, I want a A happy ever after love story to remember for ever and ever!! Haha.. but I can’t answer the first tease, the link aren’t working here at work . Ok, about the females artist..hmmm.. I wish JGS could have at least gave a clue but since he didn’t’ I will presume it’s the mystery girl he’s been friends with and admires since they met *wink wink* And the rest of the questions, I’d go with.. (in order) rabbit, rabbit, herbivorous, carnivorous, carnivorous, carnivorous and salesman.. so there, some of my answers, to follow the one with link. *praying that all my answers are correct* 🙂

      Oh and the interview looks fun, the last part was hilarious! Typical of his way of dissing just crack me up! LOL I hope I can find link later when I get home.

      • pipa says:

        I forgot to say.. thanks dearie!

      • Quirkie says:

        Hello the Pipa!
        I like your take on the paparazzi incident earlier, me too I don’t think I want them to get caught that way. JGS said he felt more like a snake…this guy I tell you…anything to make an adjumma start thinking naughty things 😉

      • pipa says:

        Oh shoot! got me wrong there on the snake thingy, I haven’t seen the vid actually….but you will still share with me “A happy ever after love story to remember for ever, right? pleaseeeee…. *begging Quirkie while clasping both hands like* hehe 🙂

      • Quirkie says:

        @ Pipa LOL

    • Quirkie says:

      Thank you ladies so much for playing!
      I just wanted to put a smile on your faces, especially Jessi’s. Well as far as the MSOAN title, the only other clue I saw was the last character on top before the cat, looks like a butterfly… 😉 I know I have a vivid imagination sorry..hehe

      Dear Captain, please stop me if I guess to silly cos I can carried away sometimes…thank you for this forum again!

      • Quirkie says:

        I meant dear Captain please stop me if I get too silly, I can get carried away sometimes- case and point- 😉

      • jessi says:

        Heey Quirkie, okay im crying and smiling at the same time.…. Thanks always. as for the quiz, guess I got 70% right. Oops, am I going to be left back? And somehow I cannot link MSOAN title banner. (so ms. Quirkie, plz dont take off the points for that?) anyway, are u guys sure Geun Young (i too like this sound, Geun-Suk-si) is in korea now? Because I feel otherwise. Isn’t it possible that her Mar 13th cy message was made prior and scheduled to be posted on that day? I don’t wanna argue over who posted it but just thought that the message was a bit abstract like safe to post it in any timing. Anyway, I just want her to be always happy so hope they are now putting their heads and shoulders togather, taking a nap during traveling the europian cities. Lastly, I admire JKS for his compassion for Japanese people. Thank you Mr. Jang, I love u (kyaaa, I said it & I mean it!)
        BTW, we have new friends here, rite? Hi doc, Hi smiley_iris! and many other new folks (sorry i havent read every posts yet) welcome to the happy cutie sweetie Geun-Geun wonderland.

      • Quirkie says:

        Don’t worry we can come up with something, no one gets left back in my class :).
        So funny and yet scary that you brought up the fact that MGY might not be in SK now…you guessed Lxandra’s thoughts, now mine, I think you might be psychic 😉
        I was thinking that I noticed that usually lately when her messages are not directed at anyone in particular, JGS is around and the statement ” I give you a week to remember” is still bugging me…Technically this is his last week abroad… still investigating, let you’ll know if I find anything interesting 😉
        In the meantime Fighting!

      • pipa says:

        Hello Jessi!
        Glad to see your post, we miss you dearly girl. Is everything ok? aren’t you perhaps going home to see your folks? Hope they are in a safe place. Sorry for asking a lot, since I’m kind of emotional person and what happens to your motherland affects me a lot that I worry it might (but I pray not) happen to my place since we are surrounded by waters and live in this earthquake fault line something.

        Also, I 2nd you the link of M3 doesn’t work for me either that Quirkie will spare the points for it. And about how you feel of MGY whereabouts? But what about the recent tweet posted March 14, that she was spotted in school and she has a pictorial for W mag? I don’t know but it still surprises me that Seok is not posting any messages in reply to some of her cy post last week..strange.

      • jessi says:

        hi pipa, actually the train line goes to my hometown is not operating now. but my sister in Tokyo will go there as soon as the line starts running again. whts hard for us living away from home country is that we cannot do anything but watching it. im sure that MikiMouse and Hachimitsu feel the same. yesterday the power came back in there and i was able to talk my parents on the phone first time since the quake. they are 86 & 85 and have many catastrophic experiences in their lives. and my mom said to me, as she had survived everything in her life, she is stronger than i think she is. and cheered me up. (as the youngest child, im the king of weeping and pessimism!) wht makes ppl in Japan keeping their spirits up now is that they are thinking and caring about other ppl who are in the situation worse than they are. and are really appreciate for the help from other countries. im praying for Japan and at the same time, trying to be strong as my parents told me to. (funny, im still a little child in front of them) im sorry i didnt want to bring up heavy feeling here but as I see so many of you showing compassion to us, i wanted to say I am truly grateful for your concern.
        About students posts who saw MGY, arent they little too simple? (and frankly, sounds like a grownup pretending to be a college student) if i saw a movie star in person, i probably go every details like what she wear and who was with her etc. not just she was pretty or nice, like anybody can say. i definitely will write something only i as an witness can tell, just to brag about “I saw MGY!” And wht made me think her Mar 13th message little off is…i really don’t want to offend anyone by this…..it was posted just 3 days after the Japan EQ. besides the fact that Korea is one of Japan’s nearest neighbors, as almost whole world was affected and the great amount of their mind occupied with the ongoing disaster, it just kinda out of her character not mentioning at all or not even ‘abstractly’ suggesting about it. so I thought either she wrote that message prior or posting from very far and not so convenient place to accessing the news. (if u watch news in foreign language, hard to digest it or to feel its real) But even if my speculation is all wrong, means nothing to do with my (sorry, His) lovely Geun Young-si.
        Btw, congratulations ladies, for 2K comments!

      • jessi says:

        Sorry, her cy message was 2 days after Japan EQ, not 3 days.

      • pipa says:

        Jessi, I never knew this before but I just realized now when this disaster happens how the citizens took it and noting how calm you all are, especially when I saw various amateur videos taken by people when the EQ happens, although some kids are crying which is natural for them get afraid, but when I saw the older folks standing in a safer ground and them watching their properties engulf by the raging waters, I was flabbergasted by the calmness they have shown. And reading from you how your 86 & 85 yo parents are taking it, I think I need to praise everyone for being this strong despite this unfortunate events, unlike here in my country, people panic and very worried. So, my hats off to you, your family, the people, the country, I know God is watching, the world is watching and willing to help. As JGS said… DON’T GIVE UP JAPAN! *throat stiff and want to cry while typing this*

        About MGY schoolmate fan accounts, it sometimes it cross my mind if all those are real sightings or just made up. I mean, it easy to create something just to make people talk abt and sometimes do get successful on it especially on twitter and FB unless there is a picture to prove it then we know it’s real. I don’t know but It seemed MGY either went with him on the 8th or she followed him in Europe before the EQ happens, just my hunch.

        Cheer up Jessi!

    • antonia says:

      thanks i love the interview,, jgs as cheeky as ever 😛
      but the link for the MSOAN title banner didn’t work 😦

  9. N says:

    So close to another thousand!!!! Haven’t posted in awhile, hope all is well. As for the fans from Japan, I am prYing for you guys as well…

  10. Smiley_iris says:

    This is the site whre I found that he donated 10,000,000 japanese yen…..
    Fated Couple Jang Geun Suk ♡ Moon Geun Young

    Home Monday, March 14, 2011
    Jang Keun Suk donates 10 million yen to Japan Red Cross
    reposted at jangkeunsukforever’s blog

    Jang Keun Suk’s Japanese website company Frau has announced on 14 March 2011 that according to JKS’ intention, they have on his behalf applied to Japan Red Cross today to donate 10 million yen (around US$ 122,000), together with his message “Hope that disaster victims can resume normal life as soon as possible”.

    JKS’ album release on 23 March and Tokyo Showcase on 27 March are still under discussion.

    Credits: KeunSukChina+ jangkeunsukforever’s blog

    Posted by Geungeunlove at 3:17 AM Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz Labels: Jang geun Suk
    nitakku said…
    Japan disaster actually bad news for his debut album, 1st showcase and You’re My Pet 1st filming which is planned in Japan also BUT at the same time his heart also focus to the victim and maybe he have many friend there…he must be love Japan very much_

    thank you Jang Geun Suk you’re so kindhearted ….we hope you’ll get more and more success in you life and carrier -LOVE YOU-

    March 14, 2011 3:42 AM
    Anonymous said…
    very good!

    March 14, 2011 6:19 AM
    Anonymous said…
    You have a good heart equal to your good look… keep it up!

    March 14, 2011 7:23 AM
    Anonymous said…
    I am not surprised that he is donating to the Japan Red Cross directly because he knows that through them it will be distributed to the one who need it most. I read about some of his charities and felt that he is a very compassionate man. I wish that people would always see him as a good man instead of one mistake he make and they make a big deal of it right away. He is only human and should always remember that good deed more than mistake that was not even intentional done. All the best for JGS and more blessing. God be with you always JGS.

    March 14, 2011 1:07 PM
    melany said…
    lovely as always my beloved geun suk…

    March 14, 2011 2:36 PM

  11. nikousvet says:

    Quirkie, you are brilliant!
    First, I wonder why he could not tell the name of the fourth actress, who’s number he has in his book!!! The name is too familiar? It is better not to give up the name to avoid possible unwanted questions.
    Second – hilarious.
    Thank you.

    Information about JKS donation is from this site
    and another ( sorry I lost it).
    There is an information about Hyun Kim and Bae Young Joon also donating big money for Japan relief.
    In addition to this there is an information about JKS show case :
    “Meanwhile, Jang Geun Suk on April 23, Maxi Single “Let me cry” coming up from Pony Canyon in Japan debut. The CD showcases 27 launch, which will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight, the implementation of performance that is currently in talks with.”
    It looks like his schedule will have significant changes.
    Team GSI, I hope you pay attention to this changes!
    Any news from our Moon?

    • Quirkie says:

      Thank you! No, Ms Moon has been really quiet. I am by the end of the week we’ll hear something…or not if her chagiya comes back early 😉

      • pipa says:

        Omo! I can’t wait to hear good news Quirkie! 😉

        Ok, it’s bedtime for me..need to recharge for a few hrs before work again starts again.Have a good day Geunnies!

    • M3Lover says:

      The latest news is the release of his Debut single/album & his Tokyo showcase is postponed indefinitely. For me it is the right decision since the Japanese people are on the process on rebuilding their lives brought upon by the earthquakes & tsunami aside from the impending threat of a nuclear meltdown. Eels all over the world can definitely wait when it is okay to re-schedule.

      • pipa says:

        Hi M3Lover.
        Thanks for sharing the info. It’s quite inevitable that all his commitment there might possibly push back coz the situation is getting bad each day I hear news. It just breaks my heart to see the sufferings of those affected. I’m praying hard it will end soon and things will go back to normal in Japan and Seok to be able to fulfill all his schedules for his beloved eels around the globe esp his Japan eels

  12. ggLover says:

    Wow, almost reaching a thousand post in less than a month…. I miss you guys so much.. I hardly read your post here due to my super bz sched.. but i never thought it is already reaching this much… Welcome to the new shippers.. and Jessi, i hope you and your family are fine… our prayers are with u..
    Quirkie and lxandra and ALL GSI teams (especially Captain Ockoala) super thanks for your analysis.. Please dnt stop giving us juicy and meaty updates to keep our ship sailing…..
    Need to catch up reading… (^_^)

  13. lxandra says:

    So the Budapest fans were saying he’s retuning home on 3/13, rite…which was on Sunday…If they’re telling the truth, I’m sure they were refering to Budapest time, so with the time difference plus flight duration, he shud arrive home on Monday 3/14…now why I do keep recalling MGY’s cy last Sunday “Moonday, a week to remember” msg…and I still cant believe she was LOOKING FORWARD to miss sumone for a week!!! And I also cant believe that she’s being excited wanting to leave mushy mssges on her cy just to excite her fans….no…that’s not it…A week to remember usually refering to sumthing new you’re going to experience or an advanture or once in a lifetime kinda of thing or even travelling & vacationing to a new place especially with sumone special..and from last ‘Moonday’ 3/7 which I believe they’ve been preparing to leave since no one knows exactly the destination & what time they were leaving on Tuesday which can be at any time between 12:01 AM to 2:00 PM (the last flight to European country for the day)…and to arrive home by Monday 3/14 in Korea…so doesnt it make approximately ‘a week’ which also coincide with a week to remember from MGY’s msg, dun you think so….

    BTW have anyone saw JGS pict leaving Seoul on 3/8? Not many ppl with him..1st when walking tru the entrance airport, there’s a lady staff with him….only one person…then at the check in counter, the lady staff was nowhere to be seen but his mgr was with him…only him…so where were the rest of his crew? And check out there’s not many ppl in the airport too..it wasnt crowded as in the daytime..and the last flight to Europe that day was at 2 pm…so it can be anytime earlier…I’m sure if its the daytime many of his fans wud be waiting for him…and I think they did but they got confused becos they didnt see him leaving…however there are a couple of pictures that showed JGS in the airport without any detail & the time…one with only the lady staff while walking towards the checking entrance, the other while waiting at the counter only with his manger

    My bet was his mgr , the crews together with his ‘jagiya’ went into the airport first…Unlike other times, his mgr had to go in first becos he had to take care of their boarding passes especially his jagiya…once she was safely check in with other staffs, he call JGS to come in…he waited for JGS at the counter while JGS was accompanied by a female staff….becos it was weird that JGS walk openly tru the airport & his mgr wasnt with him…instead of taking care of him as usual his manager went in 1st…So he must have been assign to do sumthing more important than escorting the boss…like escorting the boss’s gf with care to hide her identity…

    And check out too, since the blunders MGY posting the picture in her cy at the same time she was supposedly doing a magazine photoshoot, there’s not update or fanaccount of seeing her or her whereabout anymore…dun you gals feels sumthing amiss here? Dun you all feels sumthing fishy is going on? And not the least suspect that she’s not in Korea but in Budapest instead in these past few days?

    Well…smiley iris count me in….her “Moonday” msg is a total giveaway…and I believe she was in Hungary all these time with JGS, for their ” week to remember”….

    Thanx for the interview..

    Abt the 4th mysterious girl he refused to name..well let’s start with PSH…it was no secret in an interview while filming YB he said that he exchg no with PSH since their Etude cf which was around Feb 2009…and Sung Yuri is also JGS co star during 2007/8 Hong Gil Dong…and Cha Ye Ryun is also JGS co star from Doremifasolatodo 2008 movie ….see all the 3 names are his costars from 2007 to 2009….and he specifically said it wasnt HJW….therefore the 4th name must be a famous person he has never work with on a drama, movie or a cf when he did this interview in 2/2010….we saw he call tiffany on YB set, so if he keeps her number it shdn be sumone he cant name becos he’s very much aware making the call to tiffany for the sake of the cam since wanted to boast to her abt his cross dressing as SNSD girls…since this was bts cam they can always edited the part when he’s asking for her number from sumone before dialing..anyway if its Tiffany why bother to keep it as a secret any longer since he knows fans saw him calling her on the set?

    Now we know, he listed MGY & CSJH Steffanie as the only close female celebrity friends since 2007…he even talk abt how steffanie often came over having meal together but he always see her as a brother not as a girl…but due to her back injury she has rtn to US in 2009/2010..which means probably he no longer keeps her number…If he has Steff no, one of a female celeb he refered as his close friend, I’m sure he wud have the other female celeb he too refer as his close friend, dun you all agree….but since this interview took place in Feb 2010, he still has no idea he’s going to be in an official work with her yet, how can he simply reveal her name…especially when her name has been ‘buzzing’ tru most of his interviews & tv variety programs…imagine if he said its MGY, I bet he’s gonna create another headline…and even as that fans have been bashing MGY becos they’re not happy he refer to her as his close friends instead of PSH..

    During M3 presscon, remember carefully what MGY said…that she watched all his previous works & they wud call each other to comment or suggest how to act their character better…I mean during presscon they only started filming together say about 2 weeks perhaps less & the show wasnt even airing yet, so how cud she watch and comment rite, so I bet she slip & was refering to their calls commenting on each other’s previous works, which mean she must have his number to comment on his past works while he was still working on them & vice versa…and I also remember during BV days, when MGY’s POTW had high rating compare to his BV there’s one interview he did, he mention laughingly that his BV is competing against POTW during airtime…so I bet he’s checking out all MGY’s work too…

    So yeah…I’m 95% sure, the 4th number he cudnt reveal as at February 2010, belongs to MGY….and of cos now without doubt he’s definitely has her number…oh, btw, remember during Halloween party 10/2010 a fan heard he talk on the phone with sumone names “Maeri” …of cos at the time the fan heard the name & share her account ,ppl have no idea who he was talking to, but now I guess everyone knows why he was so happy after receiving the call…..keke

    • M3Lover says:

      They posted at My Star JANG KEUN SUK 장근석 張根碩 in FB page that JKS is on his way to London….

    • lxandra says:

      BTW I just realised sumthing…JGS cant be in Europe for 2 weeks from March 8…becos if it’s going to be 2 weeks he will be returning to Korea only by February 22nd…which is impossible becos in his schedule which was made before his trip to Europe thus before the tsunami disaster in Japan, his 1st album is supposed to be released in Japan on March 23, which mean he has to be in Japan earlier to prepare for his album launching…so how can he stay in Eroupe longer than a week? He needs to return home 1st to prepare things to bring over to Japan & he at least has to be in Japan by 3/21 plus he needs at a couple of days to recover his jet lag!!! Which really make sense when the Budapest fans stated that JGS wud leave Budapest on 3/13…

      3/13 ~ Departure from Budapest
      3/14 ~ Arriving Seoul…
      3/15 & 3/16 ~ Recouping….
      3/17 – 3/19 ~ Getting ready for Japan launching..
      3/20 – 3/22 ~ Preparing the last minute preparation in Japan
      3/23 ~ Album launching

      So this at least how his original plan shud be before the unfortunate disaster in Japan..and I’m sure now he even has to get back soon to reschedule & plan alternative action regarding his album….

      And cos once again I want to emphasize how it matches with MGYS stmt “Tommorow is Moonday…a week to remember” or sumthing along the line..

      Btw Smiley_Iris I just notice you post this above..
      “oh no, my imagination is going wild now, talking about the neck…. remember about MGY being all wrapped up with same colour scarf as JGS? Around January 24 or something, I can’t remember! But the thing is being all wrapped up even when you think the place got to have heater, I am thinking that MGY have lots of love marks on her neck…..e-rated….sorry….too much vivid imagination!”

      Good point….yeah, looking back other celebrities at the same even were even wearing thin dresses & regular clothes without heavily covered with thick jacket & scarf as if going to the ski resort..

      So perhaps like many thinks, me at least…that she’s covering her hair, when she was actually covering all those marks on her neck, huh???? Gosh this is becoming so 21+++ thread…LOL

      • Smiley_iris says:

        hahaha lxander, it is all your fault you got my old brain ticking again….told you it got x-rated in my imagination….. (but it fits right?)all covered up, I would think it would be a big hat or toque or bonnet….. when I saw her cover up, wasn’t even thinking anything a all, just thought fashion statement….. till I got here and read how you analyze things and got my old brain ticking again and become my old me looking at everything in every angle.. with my old why, how come and whatever I can think to get satisfied with whatever…. and I remembered how to be young and madely in love hahahahaha….my kids will say “gross” mom….don’t want to hear that from you……

    • Smiley_iris says:

      lxander, no I didn ‘t say the staff he was going home on the 13th, I said the girl from Budapest asked when he was leaving Budapest and one of the staff said the 13th and was about to say where to but was prevented. That is why, I was saying, with all the inconsistency of of what was norm between the Geuns, the kind of messages and him not answering, I really think she is with him for sure since I really2x think they are a couple, the would not like to be separated for a long time….especially of late, even for a few days seems to be so unbearable already! That if the photo shoots are done, I am pretty sure that if they still have a week, they don’t want to be recognize so that they can really have privacy for even a little while. They can celebrate white for a who week. Oh yah, remember about JGS didn’t want any picture taken by the 2 Budapest girls, when you say that is not a norm for him? I originally was thinking she just stay at home that is why she is super lonely ( I still think she is missing grandma and feeling guilty of leaving her) but since you say no picture because they might take a picture of someone that is supposed to be in SK. I think you are right there. Come to think of it, I can’t remember where I commented, when he was in Thailand and he was sticking his head outside the rooftop of the care…..if you look really hard inside, because it is tinted….there is a girl inside that looks like MGY……..I don’t know if you read my asking you to look at video of doc posting…..right after where he came out to greet his fans after 2009 SBS Award…..I posted March 14,2011 just a bit ahead of this message. check it out, he was doing a disappearing act there.

    • Quirkie says:

      Hi Lxandra!
      Very compelling argument about who the mystery actress might be!
      About MGY whereabouts, you almost got me convinced though I know better 🙂
      You’ll make a very effective lawyer if you’re not one already…I think my nxt game could be guessing what Lxandra does for living 😉 bet we’ll have a lot a guesses cos you seem to have a lot of talents.

      • M3Lover says:

        LOL Quirkie but I agree with you that Lxandra is either a lawyer or an agent in the Police force or Investigation Bureau. 🙂

  14. nas says:

    dear Smiley_Iris & Lxandra,

    both of you really make my day… with all the speculations and assumptions… we’re dying here with our imaginations… but still it was a pleasure reading all your comments. keep them coming girls.

    luv yer

  15. doclovesgeungeun says:

    Found this on Soompi Moons posted yesterday, March 14. Just wanted to share
    Credit goes to kikki, Soompi Moons

    “Just before as I was going to school, I spotted Moon Geun Young yang going to class! She was really cute. ㅋ”
    “아까 학교에 갔다가, 강의 들으러 가던 문근영양 발견! 정말 귀여웠어요. ㅋ”

    “I’m reading the assignment material posted by Moon Geun Young sunbaenim*.*”
    “She’s a model student..I should take after herㅋㅋㅋ”
    “난 문근영선배님이 올려주신 과제자료를 읽는다*.*”

    By the way, Quirkiem thanks much for the link for JGS’s song.

    • doclovesgeungeun says:


      i meant Quirkie

    • Smiley_iris says:

      But my question is for one, how come there is only 1 student who keep on posting and that student doesn’t even have a name! Why would MGY post her assignment material….I went to university too but we never post our assignment?! Kinda weird to be posting assignment! Maybe project? But too early on to have project to be posted don’t you think? I still don’t buy it, sorry, I am not being disrespectful but I guess I have reach my age that I question everything and look at every angle if something was kinda weird and doesn’t really make sense. I was just taking in everything at first until lxander just kept on questioning things and my inquisitive nature kick in. I went back to all the sites I can remember or even the last video you posted of 2009 SBS, if you look carefully, JGS left the van before his manager went to ride in the front,check 1:16 I think. Anyway, I don’t know why, but lxander and I heard the name MGY being mention @ 1.00 by a man, not JGY…but of course they were speaking in Korean, so I can’t understand.
      Quirkie, don’t want to sound that I am doubting your word, but, how could you be sure that MGY is not with JGS? How sure are you? 100%? Because my gut feeling is she is. Almost 99.9% Because if 2 people very much in love (by the looks they give each other)and if is true that it is just after MMM that they finally got really serious, do you think they would be able to bear to be apart this long and to think knowing it would be at least 2 weeks? Even for few hours or a day, it would be unconceivable, so unbearable. People who are so quiet and seems so mellow, or maybe I should say sensitive, which I think MG and JGS are (I know you will say JGS doesn”t look sensitive because outside he show himself as gaulible, easy going, but I can see in his eyes when he think no one is taking picture, he is introvert, so sensitive, always watching everyones reaction, feel hurt so easily, look at what happen at Lounge H, if he was not kind of person, he wouldn’t take it seriously, he will just say “Oh well, it’s nothing, so what if they saw my butt…..and just laugh about it, he is a man, some international stars even do it tget some attention. But no, not him, he crys his blues and worried about what his eels think and don’t want to disappoint them, and this eels should better and not criticize him because if they have been his followers for a long time, they would know he is not that kind of a person. Anyways,when people feel so much, they feel so deep. I can say this because, basically, I am like JGS, ok not so much because I can never perform in front of everybody, mind you I used to until I develop inferiority complex on my 2 year in highschool, how, when I notice everyone (meaning almost all the people within hearing and visible distance from me)watching me when I was just playing truth or consequences… and I always pick consequences because I don’t want to be ask a question that I am not willing to answer!! Stupid right, but that is the truth….I was singing a Carpenter song(my favourite singer, know all her songs by heart and they say I even sounded like her, I guess I acquired it since I like singing her songs all the time) I used to have a soprano 1 voice before and I like dancing, used to cheorgraph dances at school. But like I said I got inferiority complex, people wouldn’t notice because I would cover it up by talking but I am always shaking if I have to talk in front or even sing in front of my relatives….I even went for a voice lesson here for fun hoping I will lose my complex, but no, I didn’t even want the pianist, even he is my friend’s husband, who is even my friend to be around, got him to tape the accompaniment and with my friend I didn’t want her there that I decided I can’t do it, forget about getting better. Anyway, the point is , I know how deep a person feel when you are that type of a person. I feel so much. When I realized that I was destined to be with my husband, because the way we met, the way I was feeling whenever I see him, scared, giddy, don’t know how to act, acting weird, my heart was just jumping everywhere, felt like it will jump out of my chest, it was really scarry, I can’t sleep…tried to get him out of my mind because he is 10 years older and I was scared of him!!!! Thougt too much experience and I was naive, know nothing about these thing only theory, what I heard and read…… I never felt that way before, thought I was in love before 2x though didn’t get involve. But luckily, my husband was determine,he was a confirmed bachelor-everyone was telling me, his family was surprised too when he told them he was getting married, he was the oldest in married siblings….now we are still very much in love 29 years now like I said before. 3 grown up children. Still missing my husband when he is not around, he retired already but went back to work part-time for my spending money, kidding, he likes working, he said he gained weight and got bored and a company offered him a job, he is an acountant, and he is really good at his work so company pursues him…. but since his work schedule is flexible so when I call him and I am asking what time he is coming home, he knows by the sound of my voice that I am missing him,( couldn’t be lonely, we have 6 shih tzu!)he would rush home if possible….hey gals, we are in our advanced age already, nothing x-rated here, just hugs and companionship, just like almost like the couple at beach at MMM and MG & MR said that they hope they have, because the 2 more likely have loyalty.
      Fated love is so amazing…..you seems like you can’t get enough of the companionship, hugging, guess kissing especially when you are still young, touching each others hands,head, face, smell, funny how you like your others half scent,( luckily my hubby quit smoking….)just the clean smell of their skin….just knowing they are in the other room, doesn’t even have to be in the same room makes you smile and content, feeling of well being. And of course you are loved more than you can imagine…..I have gained so much weight, when we got married I was only 84 or 85 lbs. now it is 3 digits already! When I see a picture posted I am the one telling my husband, got I look so bad, my face is as big a wok!!! He would say it is the angle of my face, I would say, right, I really position it that way because so I won’t have double chin! All he will say is “oh, better eat just veggies…. but guess what? He would even cook my favourite dish!!! Weekends and when in the morning I ask him what he want me to cook, lately and before, he would say, no worry, I will cook when I come home. I learned how cook from him, he is a good cook too but I am fairly good too, got my own specially and I can cook it better than him, hahahaha…..
      I gained this much because I blame him, because he know what I like eating so that is what he would cook. Last night, he cooked chicken a la king, I only ate a bit, he was worried, told him he was doing me a favour because he know I bought a dress to wear to a wedding on the 26th and I said I have a feeling I won’t fit on it!!! He just said oh” He knows I like to look good all the time even though I am old!!! Men sometimes they don’t understand!!! Specially when I know I will be seeing old acquintance and his old flames!!!!
      Now you see why I am adamant that MGY is with JGS! Do remember too that she said that she want to go back to school but she doesn’t have any intention of finishing now but to take care of her personal stuff first. And I think when she say her personal thing mean nothing to do with a thing but a particular person! Who wants all her attention who is like a kid who doesn’t want to let go of his favourite blanket/toy! Or else he would be so lost and lonely!

      • pipa says:

        My take on her assignment posting on the net, I think it’s normal for anyone in this new age, living in the latest technology to post or share anything what they’re up to, be it their picture, their daily routine schedules or what not they want to share and since we have now twitter, facebook, emails, friendster, messenger, blogs, me2day,cyworld and etc. it’s very possible. Of course before like 10 or 20 yrs ago, we don’t have those kinds of technology to do it, what we do is share it only to people around

      • pipa says:

        meant.. people close to us.

  16. Quirkie says:

    Hi Smiley_Iris!
    Please don’t mind me. I’m just having fun speculating 😉 you think they are together, I want you to be right, cos all I want is their happiness. I guess they are in London now since he tweeted that he is there now 😉

    • Smiley_iris says:

      Don’t mind me too if you are not agreeable with whatever I am thinking, I simply want them to be happy so badly, I see a lot of unhappy married or just unhappy couple that are not maybe not fated. It makes worry about them. They are about my age when I got married and they are at my kids ages so being a romantic fool that I am, praying and hoping they end happy ever after too. hahahaha … being in their line of business, it is sometimes sad because, there are people like us, hahahaha, but we have good intention right, so it should be ok. that their private life is invaded. I am just going to pretend, which is really not pretending in a sense, that I am being their mom being concern about her children and making sure they are alright, just want them to be happy and healthy. So they are in London? I tried to find that, meaning saying he was on his way to London but it seems to evade me. I will go to fated couple or sear something… I got it in my Ipad… I am using desktop right now ‘coz it is easier to browse the internet, can go to 3 sites right away….. hahahaha, when my hubby was leaving for work, I was still in bed holding my Ipad and I asked him what he want me to cook…. he said no worry, he will cook when comes home…..I am really lucky, he knows I am obsessing with GeunGeun Couple and told him about them being like us and worrying that because they are in this business, looks like it is difficult for them to be like us…. just told me to take easy don’t want my blood pressure to be too high…..told can’t happen, looking good in prospective just have to keep on rooting and praying and he just laugh!!!!!

      • Nikousvet says:

        Can relate to yoo 100% I have children their age, very concern that they will miss wonderful opportunity of a lifetime if one of them are just simply stubborn or afraid of relationship or consequences, because they are in this business. Always thinking and comparing my own experience with what I see in them. I also think that JKS is very loving and sensitive person, who can feel deeply. The Moon is a cute little angel and very smart one, so I hope that they will make the best of it… Please!!!
        The life is too short to be afraid of it. I wish they realize it and be happy NOW!

      • pipa says:

        Hi smiley_iris.
        You’re one of hell of lucky lady for having a husband like that’s so understanding of your addiction. haha. I want someone like in the near future, i hope i can found one. 😉

  17. Star says:

    Hi..I just read some of your comment here and az PSH fan that really annoyed me.
    honestly GEUNGEUN or SUKHYE both are in same level for me;I don’t care both of them.
    you speculations abt her romantic life really made me Sad! PSH has friendly warm personality but it doesn’t mean, she fell for anyOne..after YAB ending she depressed Not for jKS or JYH !!! in one of her Interviews ,she explain it all and said cuz she really immersed in her role and it’s like her real charactor So she had hard time …
    Cuz of her face she pair most time with pretty guys in her generation (lee min hoo;jKS,kimhyun joong.lee honki,…) so she already has lots of rumers/antiS around .
    abt GKS i’ve never liked him around PSH (very biased..kekeke) but his behavior made lot of rummers (beside they did 2 or 3 CF together and a drama and sequal FMs…his action was really wierd with her ;his(JKS) stories abt his mother Or inviting her(PSH) in his FMs or calling PSH’ radio show his behavior in their last taiwan fm and etc.) I still believe he is not suit for shinhye personality (Hopfully suit for MGY…god bless them) parkshinhye is girlfriend and marriage type!butJKS isn’t (he is that type : if you are a girl so you’re his ideal)
    PLZ support your couple but don’t rant abt others;and sorry for my poor English!

    • bashful says:

      Hi Star, 🙂

      Thank you for your comment. You know I like PSH too. In fact, of all the YB cast, I like her the best. After seeing her in YB, I went to see “Tree of Heaven” in which I thought PSH’s dramatic portrayal was excellent. Then I also saw “Goong S”. Then I stumbled upon “Bichunmoo” where she had a small part but I liked her portrayal there too. Are you looking forward to PSH new drama with JYH? I think I might it check it out because I love their chemistry in YB.

      Like many commenters in this forum, I am an avid fan of the Geun-Geun couple. We admire their chemistry in MSOAN so much so we believe and we speculate that there is more to their chemistry. In the course of our speculations, we as fans sometimes get carried away. 🙂 So, just speaking for myself, I want to apologize if you have come across in this forum speculations that mentioned PSH and that made you sad. Oftentimes, the words and the happy face symbols we typed in our comments are not enough to express our good intentions. I strongly believe that none of us here mean any disrespect to PSH or to any other actors and actresses.

      Again thank you for your comment today. I wish you, PSH, and all the fans of PSH well….And if ever you are looking for a couple to support, please feel free to join us in supporting the Geun-Geun couple…We have fans from around the world and an excellent GSI Team who I think is getting close in solving the case (i.e. having JGS/MGY confirm they are a couple in real life). ^_~

      Peace! 🙂

      • Quirkie says:

        Ms Bashful,
        Always so gracious…I have to learn from you 😉

      • tangee says:

        Dear Bashful
        “”After seeing her in YB, I went to see “Tree of Heaven” in which I thought PSH’s dramatic portrayal was excellent.””

        Ditto… luv “Tree in Heaven” to pieces and also, the chemistry between PSY&LW.. Hope they’ll have a rematch when he’s out of MS.

      • pipa says:

        Way to go bashful!

  18. Smley_iris says:

    Star, I am so glad you are not one of us here…. your English is find, I am quite sure all of us understood what you are ranting about. We have a very happy environment here, don’t need to poison it.
    It is obvious you failed your comprehension class. My suggestion, read slowly and try to understand what you are reading. Don’t get your temper get the better you. We are not saying anything that we don”t base on what we read or heard. If you read anything you don’t like it is because you are being nosey, you can see at the heading it is about the Geun Geun Couple.
    Anyway, you are obviously a fan of PSH. A fan who doesn’t really know personally any of these celebrities just like us, we only think we know of them but literally, we only what we have read about them. Just remain a fan s or admirer, support them. We can only support them and wish them to find happiness because they are just human being like us. We can’t want them to love who we want, we don’t have any right. Ok we can hope and root for couples when we see or rather we think they are fated and look so good together and think have chemistry but the is human nature. Wishing like we do here rooting for this couple because we feel and think they have good chemistry and we think they are fated. We want their happiness above all. Of course it is normal to speculate but that is all we are doing here, we are not going to be mad if things didn’t turn out the way we want to because we have no right! Oh by the way, we don’t go to other sites just to bad mouth someone.
    By the way, what is wrong with JGS? He is arrogant or something just like in YB? Just because he is such he is a good actor and can portray his charater really mean he is the same in real life. He is a very good actor that is why you bought his character. My advise to you is do a bit of investigating for people, in your life and other people before ranting about them. Grow up, I just realized that you are a boy, not a mature man because a mature man would know better than to snoop and rant about another man. Live your own life. One more thing, go back to school and take English comprehension class and this time learn to listen and read slow then you will understand what you are reading. Read, understand and think before you open your mouth.God be with you and learn to love your neighbors.

    • MikiMouse says:

      Smiley_iris, though I know your intentions are good, and you don’t want other’s to post something that’s irrelevant to our GeunGeun. I think you’re a bit harsh here. Remember, we have ‘class’ here. Not need to degrade a hater.
      Star, if you’re a fan of PSH, what brought you here in the first place? Please seek happiness and solace in your PSH sites.
      God bless.

      • mysin says:

        yes… learn my lesson, I still hate myself for being easily provoked
        good to hear u again MikiMouse, hope U and your family are OK back-there…
        we here all pray for the victims of Japan tsunami…
        take care
        keep the spirit 😉

      • MikiMouse says:

        Hi mysin,
        Thank you. I have reached my family members and they are all safe. It really breaks my heart watching the news account of the devastation and this forum is where I seek solace. So please, lets keep this happy bubble, geun2 ship… (there’s so many names here) a haven for us all. Praying for Japan.

      • pipa says:

        Hi MikiMouse.
        I’m sorry i forgot that you are from Japan as well. Is Hachimitsu a native too, coz i think i read from the previous comment she is. Anyway, we are all in one in praying for all of you. God bless you guys!

      • MikiMouse says:

        pipa, kamisamida!
        I love this place!

  19. soft says:

    i came across with this interesting post from estel on jan 31 2011 – fm ms ockoala’s announcement on The MSOAN Photo Book Released (jan 31).

    estel says “The title (두근두근 러브스토리 Doo-geun doo-geun lovestory, or loosely translated, A Heart-pounding Love Story) is a clever play on their names: 장근석 (Jang Geun-seok) and 문근영 (Moon Geun-young). See anything familiar? Like two “geun”s in the title? ^_~ Someone had fun coming up with that”

    yes..now i am holding the photo essays book now and finding only JGS and MGS’ pictures (99.9%) from MSOAN!

    further analysis on this, anyone?

    • zz says:

      Cool that you have the photobook. Any chance that it can be scanned, preferably those off-screen shots? Much appreciated. 🙂

    • Quirkie says:

      Me thinking KBS people on the set realized that a blossoming love story was unfolding before their eyes, the execs saw a brilliant way to make money and went for it. Why include the other actors ( though I thought they did fantastic given the script) when the real fairytale story lies w the Geuns 😉
      @ zz, nice to read again, I second your plea, scans would be wonderful 😉

      • soft says:

        thx to my husband for buying me the book and the OST of M3 – much cheaper in SK. 😉 well, i’d love to do the scans. let see what i can do..

        a bit disappointed with the book though. only one photo of the epic kiss (one and half full page)…and no photo of the steamy scene either. i was expecting more ^_* perhaps it’s been considered as too personal to publish or (positively thinking) saved them for the DVD edition. too bad the book all written in hangul and i don’t understand. ^_^

    • M3Lover says:

      Not much BTS photo though…. especially that will cement our speculations 😦

  20. Smiley_iris says:

    I am very sorry, really annoy me when people say things about other people when in reality, we really don’t them only think we know a bit about them. And he was not really trying to understand what’s been said…. So far, I think no one really said something bad about PSH, only quoting what was out and trying to explain to I think Rory_mom about JGS acts toward her….. Anyway, really sorry…..since I watched MMM, I really became a mother hen to these 2, always trying to protect them….weird I tell you…uncharatistic of me….maybe I am more being a grandma,hahahahaha peace to all.

  21. Smiley_iris says:

    Hi gals, i want to share to you why I think they are married…. I saw this long time ago when I was just checking out JGS before MMM, I think this was 2009… I went google twitters to check any thing re our couple I found this… Can’t tell the exact site but I just paste this from there…. I knew I read it or saw it in one interview but can’t really remember where till I found this…
    During a recent interview with MBC’s “Section TV” that also showed footage from Geun Suk‘s recently wrapped up Asian tour which ended last September 4 in Seoul. Jang Geun Suk stated ” I am jealous; if I had someone that I loved at the moment, I
    would like to get married as soon as possible… tomorrow.” I will try to find it again then re post it with the site.

  22. Smiley_iris says:

    http://www.hellokpop.com/ there that is the site….

  23. Smiley_iris says:

    Me again, I know, told you home stay mom and an indulging husband….anyway,The launch of JGS DVD/CD has been cancel indefinitely and also the the show or whatever you call. The money are being refunded. I think also the filming of “My Pet”. I saw this early this morning, didn’t bother mentioning early because I thought someone will mention it but it almost nite time now here and no one mentioned it.
    Good evening everyone. Let us continue praying for all the people affected by the calamities all over the world. Let us pray for world peace too. Let us put our trust in God and ask for Mercy and forgiveness. Let us be humble and continue asking forgiveness.

    • Sharon says:

      Its been tooo long, ladies!!! I’m BACK!! Had only one hour sleep on d plane ride back,even at d airport ,i walked in a wonky manner but d thought of rushing back to AKP & u lovely gals, was like an instant energy charge..Can u believe that d fren that w stayed wt dsn’t hv a com/laptop/internet connection??!! I thot i’d still stay connected wt ya’ll in dubai but but but..
      on a sombre note,My heart goes to all our frens in Japan.May God’s Hedge of Protection & Omnipotent Grace & Mercy be upon them & the Japanese people ..My heart too stopped as my closest cousin is married to a jap’se & is staying there.Their 6-yr son , my very precious beloved godson , has a spot under d table that he goes to to hide during tremors which is still happening through out d day where they live. They’r 200 km away fr d disaster area but alot of houses & buildings have collapsed in their area.Her S’pore family’s bought her family an open ticket to return to Singapore anytime.Americans in her hubby’s company have all been send bk to US cos operations of their car company will halt for a few mths.Supermart shelves are empty alto govt assures ample supplies.Tremors r felt all d way into Osaka too where other of our frens live.
      lets continue to intercede & keep in ardent prayer everyone in d affected areas & all who’s lost love ones & homes during this terrible time.
      (Just made another call to Japan. Tremors are ongoing as i type…)
      Sleepy as i am ,my 2nd important thing to do( after phone call to japan) is to enjoy reading thru all d postings since 12th Fri..And by golly,wWoW its a BONANZA of postings!!Way to go!we’re hitting 1000 again!!
      Hi Quirkie ,i missed you tooo!! You’ve branched out to quizes ,I see! Getting even more innovative & i ws just gone for 5 days! What will u think of next?! heeeheee.
      I had a good giggle wt d speculation tt one of u ladies made tt they cd b married & have a bun in d oven!!! HAHAHA ,that is a sure sign of some of us( me included) slowly cracking up under this strangling long wait for them to own up! kekeke
      Darling Geun Young & Geun Suk ,if ur eavesdropping on us, drop d happy bombshell on us,SOON ,OK? Quite afew of us here r in d ‘mature’ age group & Patience isn’t our key virtue ,plus we,so so approve of both of you being very together !Tell us already!

      • pipa says:

        Yay Sharon!
        Haha..nice comeback girl!! You seemed to have really excited boarding the ship what with no puter in your getaway..yup, that’s sucks. Yup, pretty bad on what’s happening in Japan. All we can do is pray that everyone can get up in their feet again and for those perished may they rest in peace.

        And btw, your just in time for the next ship to board since we’re about to duck this one in our Geun-Geun seaport. 😉

  24. lxandra says:

    smiley_iris, you said….

    “Come to think of it, I can’t remember where I commented, when he was in Thailand and he was sticking his head outside the rooftop of the care…..if you look really hard inside, because it is tinted….there is a girl inside that looks like MGY……..I don’t know if you read my asking you to look at video of doc posting…..right after where he came out to greet his fans after 2009 SBS Award….”

    Frankly I dun know what you want me too see in the after SBS Awards 2009/10…all I see at the time you mention was JGS walk to his van, his mgr open the door, a guy with long coat came out, JGS quickly got in, another guy follow him in, the guy in white pant turns to walk away, the guy in long coat took off his outer coat & close the door while his mgr walk to the other side of the van…so I dunno what exactly that I have to look for here….

    Actually I tot he was lingering out of his car becos he was waiting for his car but then I realized he’s not…instead it seems like he was waiting for a certain car to pass first…and notice rite after the white car pass, he quickly turn to go to his own car & at the same time the fans ask him sumthing…and he replied in a chuckling/sheepish voice saying “MGYssi” and continue his way to his car, practically jump into it..at while he was walking to his car a male voice close to the person taking the fancam, perhaps the person who’s taking it himself becos his voice was very clear, saying sumthing abt “Moon Geun Youngie”…So I tot the white car that just pass him was MGY’s…and he was dwadling outside in the cold instead of going immediately to his waiting car becos he was waiting for her to go 1st, then got quickly into his car & follow her car closely..check out at the end of the clip @2:12 as his car reach t junction, the white van that has pass him earlier just turn to to the right when JGS’s van reach rite behind it…I dun think they dare to get into the same car right there with many witnesses…

    And can you share the Thailand rooftop link/picture…and I cant find it above & I dun think I’ve seen it…

    Quirkie…Nas *wink*
    Well…honestly I just speculate from what I read & how I understand it..and usually I wud read most of the fanaccount…however I dun simply take everything in…I’m sure most of us here have watch shows & series which base on celebrity’s life.. thus we that there’s usually 2 main categories of fan accounts…one is the ‘genuine fan account’ & the other is the ‘planted fan account’…

    The genuine one are the real one, usually a bit messy with strong excitement feeling & describing things more in detail & usually quite long with additional abt their own private story & tots…and some usually surface in a more unlikely place & telling thing which we least expected, of cos other than fan accounts from an official events…

    The planted one are more trying to emphasize the things/place the celebrity shud be or shud do but most of the time a vague accounts which didnt include any names or time or detail but at times overly detail up to the exact time & flight number which were irrelevant to a fan’s excitement seeing their stars ‘live’…just like the one Jessi posted sumone’s fan account claimed seeing a guy who looks like the actor she didnt know the name who acted in a show she didnt know the tittle & her friend confirm its JGS tru text mssg!!! See how vague this is..this person ddint state the date clearly or the name clearly even claim not to know the name…and this f/a came up AFTER a f’/a who claimed seeing JGS in Seoul airport on Feb 14 morning leaving to Tokyo…Now its not going to take a genius to figure out why suddenly the vague f/a with blurrish detail surfaced not long after the witness who saw JGS in Seoul f/a surfaced….Luckily Jessi figure out abt the snowing part & confirm this f/a was on Feb 14 nite…which we klnow for sure JGS was in Tokyo that nite cos his LH was just over..

    The same thing with MGY’s ‘classmate’ f/a…I mean check out between 3/9 to 3/15, there’s already 3 different students f/a & one ‘photoshoot staff’ f/a cme up…dun you all think its a bit trying? I mean sumebody is trying so hard to make believe that MGY IS in SK ….Think again…It was hardly any news abt MGY beside the offical events she attended which were all official reports from official media & just 1 f/a who saw her dining with her M3 dad since 1/1 after KBS awards until 3/9 when her JGY set foot in Euroupe….then ‘her classmate’ 1st started ‘spreading report’ abt seeing her tru the net…which was weird since school started from 3/1..has MGY became invicible between 3/1 to 3/8 ? Only until JGS arrived in Europe that sumone started to see her & out of hundred students who must have pass her around the school, if she truly was in school, only ONE student PER DAY saw her & seem excited enuf to share her/his encounter with her…and since JGS is away in less than 10 days there’s already 3 students f/a but while when he’s home or even when we’re sure MGY was in Seoul like during MP promotion in Ibraki, there’s no student updates seeing her around school official or non official…and the latest one, student claimed seeing her on the way to class, even get hold of her assignment paper..*rolleyes*..anyway it was posted on 3/14 & what a coincidence that not long after or was it abt the same time, a mssg abt JGS leaving for London came up….And remember while in Korea & most of Asia has turn a day to 3/15, most of European countries are still in bed as the nite just turn to 3/15…which means tipps abt JGS leaving to London was most likely 1st surface on the net on 3/14 night Euroupean time…Now dun tell me its not fishy that on the same day ONE person ‘spotted’ MGY in school, JGS was spotted leaving for London? Dun you think sumbody was trying so hard making an alibi that MGY is in Sk while JGS is still travelling? And I still believe he has to return home within this one or 2 days..perhaps he’s going to London just for transit & taking connecting flight to Seoul…I dun think there’s a direct flight from Budapest to Seoul, is there?

    Anyway..as I say if there’s no concrete visual evidence of MGY is anywhere in SK I dun believe she is…may be sumone shud take a picture of her in class with her current hair style & with a group of friends to make it more believable…it will be better if the pic has a date from the cam too…becos to me anyone can say anything if they dun have to give any proof…I too can make a sensational news saying I saw her here in our International airport since i dun have to give visual proof rite..well the more I hear abt these students fanaccounts while JGS was still on his trip, the more I believe MGY is with him…remember last time how we playfully said that MGY only resurface in SK when JGS has rtn from his trip…actually at the time we were refering to her official appearance reported by the media..of cos we didnt say so but that’s exactly what we mean…but now when JGS was out of the country, it seems sumone was trying to make MGY ‘resurface’ or ‘appear’ in SK but of cos unlike the other times, this time all the ‘report’ were vague which was just a mere so-call classmates f/a, not official report as we were referring to on her previous occasions…which to be is very doubtful..

    If you care to read ALL the post here, its not ppl from here who started abt ‘PSH being hospitalised becos of JGS’…It was Sukhye fans wishful thinking seeing that their bubble bursting when he clearly said has no romantic interest for PSH & not interested to date her real life…Remember in Champagne when he clearly stated that he didnt agree with his mom choice becos she was looking at a marriage prospective while he is looking for a girl to date/ gf…and at his age I dun think anyone wud jump into marriage unless he has a gf he’s very much in love with or he has an ‘accident’ with her…either way his mother’s choice is not important as the one he’s attracted to…a mother can have a list of choices, PSH is just one of them but by end of the day its him who’s going to marry & spend the rest of his life with the girl & I’m sure he will choose to his liking not his mom…

    I’m not a fan of PSH but I still give some credit to her…she has been recognised as an actress since she was 13 tru Stairways to Heaven way back in 2003…and if you have watch the show you’ll agree with me that YB wasnt her best performance..anyway even if she’s still lacking in acting I have no doubt she’s is a professionl actress …and for her being hospitalized becos YB character withdrawal depression or sumthing as such is totally bullsh*t to me….c’mmon YB wasnt her ONLY drama…she has acted in many other drama with equally hot actors…Nay…she was havinvg some other problem which she wasnt willing to share with the world..and I dun blame her..its her right to keep her problem private ..but her busybody fans cant stop probing & speculating that she has to come up with sumthing to pacify them…c’mmon give her a break…she’s an intelligent girl & she was having some problem & difficulty at the time which perhaps didnt event related to YB or JGS..at least I trust & respect her this much..it wud be really bad for as an actress if her future ’employer’ will think she’s not professional enuf to handle her emotion while working..afterall acting is HER job..anyway I hope this will be the end I speak abt PSH here…really getting tired to justify this thread to non Geun2 fans…

    • pipa says:

      Hi lxandra.
      I don’t know about MGY whereabouts but since I have this feeling before that she is in SK, reading you interesting scenario one can’t help but think otherwise. Honestly, as I read your analysis and Quirkie, I think it’s great you guys come up with so many interesting points to ponder for us less imaginative as you both. hehe..

      And as Quirkie mentioned awhile back, let’s see in the next days to come, JGS still has some days left in London before flying home and if MGY would post another CY message. I think if she did accompany Keuk, it would be pretty sweet of her to do so and how lovely to know that they are together. 🙂

  25. MikiMouse says:

    Just had to do this…comment # 980! Wow!

    • bashful says:

      Hi MikiMouse, 🙂

      Just want to add my Thoughts and Prayers are with you, jessi and all the people in Japan…Gambatte nee!

      I also want to share this heartwarming post from FB/SoompiMoons, which to me is a proof that the source of those meaningful cy messages and carefully chosen BGM is no other than MGY herself. This post also gives us a strong reason why a very popular JGS, who can pursue many other girls, would fall instead for an MGY: ^__^

      Bae Soo Bin “Geun Young ee in one word is an angel”by Moon Geun Young |문근영| Soompi Moons on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 7:09pm
      From a recent Bae Soo Bin interview posted on March 14th, 2011 by Sports Chosun that mentions our Moon.

      We asked Bae Soo Bin! ‘Is there someone who will sincerely cry for you?’

      Geun Young ee in one word is an angel. A drama is supposed to purify a person’s emotions and touch (move) people. Geun Young ee in her everyday life provides that. When I look at that friend’s manners or behaviors, the way she sees people with her heart, seeing these things I also learn a lot from her. And wonder, ‘What was I doing at her age?’ She also donates a lot anonymously, which is not a pretense but who she really is.

      source: Sports Chosun
      credit: Soompi Moons

      Take care MikiMouse! 🙂

      • MikiMouse says:

        Arigatou. I feel so much love here.
        The warmth that has spread onto us from our beloved Geuns is so beautiful. How I hope the whole world can join us, it will indeed bring world peace.
        Jessi, Hachimitsu and many with ties to Japan, GAMBARI MASHOU!
        Thank you for your thots and prayers. God bless you, all.

      • pipa says:

        Hi bashful.
        Thanks for the article. It’s nice to read how people describes her she is such a sweetheart. And I agree, for JGS is not about being pretty that matters most, and I think MGY has the quality even beyond that.

      • mysin says:

        kyaaa… this cute girl is admired by k-celebrities, male (mostly) or female, from different generetion… no wonder sonia (a.k.a rory’s mom) worried abt JGS “existence” for MGY… but for me… I never doubt for what I see with my own very eyes… hehehe… I’am same as stubborn as LizzyD 😀
        thanx for your concern for my safety sonia/rory’s mom, I’m OK here, although @the outer part island of my country there’re some houses and a (wood) bridge were swept away by the rising sea water that caused by the wave, but as I said everybody is safe cos already been evacuated…
        see U soon sonia/RM… I’ll always have faith… 😉

      • Sonia says:

        Hi mysin: I thought it only polite to answer you. I am broken hearted over what is happening in Japan. We got tsunami warnings here but our storms are worse than what we saw that ugly day. For all Japanese LOVE. The page grew more than 1,000. wow. I hope more postings about MGY, she is so admired by her fellow students on twitter world and her professors. For a student to say another student is a role model. Wow.

  26. nas says:


    I have to agree with your theory regarding the whereabouts of our GGC, although we could only speculate as there is none physical prof about where they are exactly at the specific time that has been discussed here.

    Did u read at soompi moon fb, MGY update her cyworld on 3/13/11. not sure how to post it here. maybe you could check it and give us your analysis.

    tq deary

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Pipa, Thx for d Welcome ! Its good 2b back right here ! Its a pity tt KWP is gonna be postponed yet again. That show seems 2b jinxed somewhat. ,
      Hey anyone of you lovely ladies coming for KS’s concert/fanmeet in Singapore? It’l be nice to put face to name ,jump up & down ,squeeel & give a real hug (Dun get me wrong..cyber hugs are warm & fuzzy replacements)
      Anyone?* Wink*

      • pipa says:

        I think Koreandramalover/KDL is going with a friend and F1968 (she wanted to but not sure if she got the tix already. They’re both from Singapore. Yeah, it would nice if all of you from AKP will gather and do those things altogether. hahaha..

      • mysin says:

        yes… actually F1968 leave her real name if u want to contact her through FB or twitter… check out the previous GeunGeun discussion forum (1144 comments) and find (ctrl f) F1968, I’m sure u’ll be able to contact her, she’s actively updates her twitter tho…
        have fun…

  27. pipa says:

    I’m so missing our couple, i think i need to re-watch M3 again for nth time while waiting for the thrilling news! haha..

    • Smiley_iris says:

      Lxander, I asked you to double check the video that doc posted I guess just for my for my satisfaction….. You don’t really have to look…. Only that obviously JGS and MGY tries really hard to have a privacy by doing a disappearing act whenever it is possible….before I post this, I did look at it again and this time I used this IPad and I can control the speed of the video…. Yes After the white van passed by he quickly turned around and jumped into the van…..I originally thought it was the guy in white pants who was talking loud but you are right got to be the one taking picture the video. But if you look closely and really watch (since you seems to be like me, scrutinize every detail, I asked you to check) the guy with white pants went in front of the door manager said something then this guy with pants went inside the van then a guy wearing toque and in white pants hands in pocket walked really fast away from the van, manager looked on for a bit then closed the van door and walked to get in the right front seat of the van…
      Regarding the video of Thailand and him putting his head out of rooftop of car, I am still searching maybe it is not Thailand bec. The car he is using is BMW without rooftop in Thailand but I really saw a video, stayed up till 4:30am looking but like I said I surf everywhere so am still hunting but for sure she was in Thailand too because when I was looking for this video at YouTube I encounter a video where something Jang geun Suk but the fans was shouting “Wi Marii ssi” several times….I was just super tired already by the time I turned of this IPad…(it takes long to go all the way down to posting) that is why I didn’t post it but I will try to find it, if I remembered last nite to put it to. my favourites so if, then I will be able to post it right away…. But don’t worry, I will find that video, I am that kind of a person, when I take a bit on something, I don’t let go until I can prove I did make it up!! But I got to cook and clean and I have a wedding that I’m involved organizing one for next weekend and another on may and GEUNGEUN COUPLE virus has been distructing me from them…. And I am running out of my schedule with some of responsibility ……. Oh my ok, really… I will check about the video I encounter last nite/this morning hopefully I put it in my favourite so maybe I won’t be posting after that for a while and try to be not to look here or else I will get distracted…problem is I just check here I go to check other site too for confirmation!!!

      • Smiley_iris says:

        Lxander, I don’t know how to copy the video here but it is at YouTube title ” Jan 7, 2011 Jang Geun Suk – Thailand ( gaysorn plaza) something…gosh, I just look and can’t remember… This no sleep not doing good for my memory! Anyway it was posted I think dated Jan. 9,2011. Take care all of you hopefully, when I come back here we have good news and hope my speculations hit jackpot!!!!!
        My continues prayers to all the people affected by the calamities. Let us pray for God’s mercy and His intervention for all that is happening to this world…. Love and peace and trust to our Alrighty Father.

      • Smiley_iris says:

        Lxander…. Sorry, me again I was not pleased with myself when I can’t remember, this the video about people shouting wii Marii…. I didn’t it too correct but close but this it for sure I wrote it down “7 JAN 2011 Jang Keun Suk in Thailand (@Gaysorn Plaza) by: ootJiiJ@popcornfor2 TagIMG 1414… still can’t find video no time today and for the next few days and weeks…. But I will find it

    • angie says:

      yep me too.. To cure my ggc withdrawal syndrome i keep on watching vitriana’s videos and msoan mv, Oh and the m3 photoessay too.. Still craving for more though.. Hope we (GSI TEAM) keep on finding interesting tidbits to reveal their relationship.. hihihih ^-^

  28. hi there again dearies, thanks for the replies 😉

    to cotto62,
    either unfortunately or fortunate enough, my friend hasn’t replied to me yet, i promise ill send you an email once my friend have already sent me a go signal. hehe 🙂

    to pipa,
    the tidbits have actually something to do with the theory (as JGS and MGY being a couple before MSOAN) so i guess it has something to do more with the time line. like i have said, im not sure on how the analysis of our other dear GSI’s will turn out since it may not be accurate enough as a basis. but still, it may be a fact and it may be not. yes past is not important anymore since what is more important is present and just by realizing the hints they are giving us today, i have to say its really squeal worthy! about the other translation, i remember jas once told me that her korean friend also translated it too. but i dunno why they kinda have a different translation, though i have always insisted the one my friend translated, hehe, maybe because i could understand a little korean convo too and it was the same thoughts as mine. but yeah, there’s nothing much about it, i just find it cute also since it was the first time i have laid my eyes over their undeniable distinctive chemistry! 🙂

    to qurikie,
    that is very interesting and fun! haha. i was answering it in my mind while reading. nice put. although the other girl’s phone number could possibly be stephanie (the grace) or tiffany (SNSD) or Ms. uknowhu, my guess still as good as yours! 🙂
    since i agree to what lxandra have mentioned, hint is, all he mentioned were actresses he had work with, and the intriguing is, why must he keep secret of the other one. remember he never denied that he always wanted to work with MGY. but he didn’t mention her name (as we are suspecting she was the one) just like what lxandra said, sukhye fans will not be happy to hear that it was MGY. the fact that she’s listed as one of his closest celebrity friends since 2007, its minus points to PSH. plus the fact that MGY is also an actress but at this point she’s in the same line with the actresses he mentioned. let’s put it simply like, “JGS’s leading ladies’ phone numbers” and as for MGY she’s qualified as “JGS’s dream leading lady’s phone number” at that time. 🙂 hope i made my point clear. hehe

    to doclovesgeungeun,
    hi dear, nice to meet you, if i am not mistaken, you are a doctor of medicine by profession right? hope you don’t mind me asking this again if others have asked this before. just want to confirm it directly from you, though basing from your posts i think you are. im asking not only because i am curious but also because i am very interested. so nice to have u here. 🙂

    to lxandra,
    oh you’re binkyo shipper too! nice~ i agree to what you’ve said, celebrities should just keep their relationships in secret until they will get caught by the public eye for the sake of their reputation. as for our geungeun, they can run, they can hide but they can’t escape the GSI’s! LOL…
    with regards to the theory of JGS and MGY being an official couple before MSOAN, to be fair and not to be a biased, if basing from some of the tidbits that was shared to me during those times, i think it was unlikely. but trust me, i always have the strong feeling that they already have their eyes on each other way before, so i say it’s more of like a mutual feelings towards each other without commitment. i can tell, im sure you do too! 🙂 and LOL you just cracked me up with your comment about the covered marks on the neck! naughty sharkies! haha

    and to all,
    actually, our bubbles will never get spoiled unless you have loss the faith over their fate together. so it’s safe to say, i will always believe what i have believed from the beginning. 🙂

    • better share this too 🙂

      A Melody Created Together/A Song Written Together — Jang Keun Suk
      A weak and unhappy (facial) expression.
      Biting back the tears that well up. When I turn around,
      silently looking at me… silently looking at me,
      there is a person,
      no matter how hard I try,
      I can’t forget.
      In a time filled with wounds,
      slowly blossoming, unconsciously beginning,
      there’s a beautiful song.
      A melody we create together. A melody (we) sing together.
      The days we share together sound like a song.
      A fresh new beginning.
      No matter how unfamiliar or difficult,
      we’ll always sing together…
      I don’t know the destination. I just lower my head,
      and we walk for a good while. When we stop,
      embracing me with a smile, bringing me to tears with a smile…
      …Is a song called “You”.

      translated by:lizzy_darcy10@ggcbaidu

      • Sharon says:

        THX!! was trying to get to read this earlier but com stalled . is this a poem or song written by JKS or written for JKS to sing?

      • @sharon, it’s actually JKS’s new song from his album let me cry. from this translation, reminds me of mugyul and mary in MSOAN when they did the “hello, hello” song together, hehe
        mugyul = music
        mary = lyrics
        music and lyrics from a lovely couple 🙂

      • Quirkie says:

        Awesome!! Thank you EJ for posting it, and thanks LizzyD for the translation 😉

      • LATEST NEWS:
        our sukkie just came back from london, 4 hours from now…

      • LATEST NEWS:
        our sukkie just came back from london to korea, 4 hours from now…

      • pipa says:

        Aww.. EJ, i love the lyrics, it’s so sweet and i can’t stop smiling. It’s a dead giveaway who the person he is pertaining too and my heart tells me it’s our Moon!

        A shout out to LizzyD for the translation!

      • pipa says:

        I wonder who wrote the song, is it Suk or somebody else? hmm..anyway doesn’t matter, as long as he’s the one who sang it. haha!

      • M3Lover says:

        It’s the English translation of his song “Make Memories” isn’t it GGCEJ which literally means “A Melody Created Together or A Song Written Together?” I love the song too! Now that I understand the lyrics of the song it makes me love it more.

        Thanks for posting & thank you LizzyD for the translation. Missed your comments here! Hope you will give us some signal soon!

      my bad may bad! i mean back to london from belgium. gosh i myself getting confused too! haha

      • Quirkie says:

        EJ be careful with what you say I almost passed out! 🙂

      • here is the picture:

        the girl with him is a photographer named jo soen hee and she also said “Suk from Antwerp, Belgium ~ Four hours later back in London”

        LOL jas and i have just been spazzing about this in twitter, we both got confused with the news…hehe

      • Sharon says:

        Thx GGcouplEJ & LizzyD for d lyrics & translation! We can only appreciate d lovely tunes for surface value until the invaluable translations come along to give us breath & depth to the heart of the songs . i guess when they both come out of the closet to admit their relationship ,then we’ll hear more chirpy ,less heart-rending poignant songs .More happy happy Hello Hello songs!

      • pipa says:

        EJ, good thing you corrected it right away.. who knows what it bring it here! haha…thanks btw.

  29. Sharon says:

    Thanks Pipa & Mysin , so its its koreandramalover & fren , F1968 & myself & cousin.
    We’ll see a little nearer d date ,whether its possible to meet for a AKP- GeunGeun War ( or rather Love ) Cry, b4 entry into d fanmeet!

    • Quirkie says:

      Hey Sharon! Welcome back!

      @ Pipa/ Jessi. It just hit me when I read your comment to Smiley_Iris about MGY homework…I took a course online when I was in college and homework assignments/discussions were all online (evidently) so it got me thinking if Ms Moon is indeed taking a class online she doesn’t have to be physically in SK to attend that class…Are you thinking what I’m thinking…the suspense is killing me!

      • Sharon says:

        Hey Quirkie! * HUGS!!* online assignments ,Yes! I’m gritting my teeth in absolute anticipation! Maybe they’re buying Will & Kate wedding souvenirs together! Maybe just maybe, they’ll go to d English countryside for the Spring picnic GY so wants!! dressed in her pretty floral dress!! Are our hearts beating in unison over this?? kekeke

      • Smiley_iris says:

        Girls, you are giving me a heart attack here….. I am supposed to be cooking and I told myself I’ll finish reading…. and now I just heard the door,my husband just came home already and I have not cooked…….oh my, he might be understanding and indulging but for how long…….. Wa……too many tidbits to resist…. Good senarios…..told you me think she is not in school…. Me old now and think ahead of more possibilities…. But think that posting is bogus… And student is a make believe student and think if signing in for attendance is being done sister….. Does she look like her even a bit? And I told you gals I heard/read he would be in Europe for 2 weeks.

      • Quirkie says:

        I’ve missed you so! Love your sense of humor! “Will and Kate wedding souvenirs…spring picnic in the countryside wearing floral dress” LOL… I’m right there with you, hiding behind a rock like a starving paparazzi! What is happening to us 😉

      • pipa says:

        Quirkie..and with that it got me thinking that 2 days ago i was checking FB, then someone i know posted something like
        a picture and she said on her message to her classmate i guess… “is this our assignment”? So, probably if there will be times she is out in SK, she can take the lessons online if her school does have that policy. Since she is an actress, she can apply for this.

    • pipa says:

      Sharon dear, don’t forget to bring M3 banner with the pic of the Geun’s perhaps in that epic smooching keke..and of course goodies galore!

      • Quirkie says:

        Right on Pipa! I can just picture his face 🙂 You know he can’t hide anything… the mystery would be solved right there and then..kekeke

      • pipa says:

        Agree Quirkie, and if does see it, i doubt if he will still be to concentrate on his FM. haha! Who knows he might call the one who brought the banner and give her a big hug for it and ask to keep to himself and show it to the girl he’s smooching hehe..

  30. doclovesgeungeun says:

    Hello ladies! Just got back from dinner with the sponsors here in Beijing. Yey! There’s internet and wifi connection at our hotel and once i got back in, my phone kept buzzing for email alerts. Close to a hundred since i last checked in here! Whew! You girls have been busy.

    I’m gonna make this short since although our drug company sponsors will be paying for everything, i just can’t get myself to take advantage.

    A few salient points then.

    @mysin, mickeymouse and jessi – correct me if i’m wrong but you three hail from japan, right? It is nice to hear from you. I am glad you three are well. My continued prayers for your safety, as well as those whom you hold dear. And to the rest of your nation as well.

    @smiley_iris – no disrespect/offense taken. I was simply posting what i found on Soompi forums and i thought i might as well share it with everybody here so we could dissect this new development. My thoughts on this: we still don’t have any physical evidence of MGY’s whereabouts so doubt is still in order. Albeit, i encountered a tweet which lead me to a picture of the April issue of W mag which will feature celebs and lo and behold, our MGY is one of them. We had a discussion here a few days back about MGY’s reps saying she will be having a shoot for W mag at a certain date then she updated her cy near noon the same day so we were questioning the veracity of said photoshoot. Now about posting the assignment. In my field, students these days, since technology abounds, create webgroups where they post their respective assignments, any new info on lectures, etc. It is the easiest way for them to communicate since they spend most of their time memorizing anatomy and whatnot. Plus, there were two accounts. Albeit, unnamed, the other account said that said person saw MGY before coming to class. I know, like you all here, I am sincerely hoping they are, at the moment, together. But, my analytical mind says lets just wait for physical proof. Of course, it feeds our hunger for a final confirmation from them, to speculate. And might i add, fun, but still.

    @soft – hello my dear! What brings you to our happy bubble? Let me reiterate what most have already said. We here share the happy, wishful thinking that our lovely JGS and MGY should/would/could already be a couple. That is what brought all of us together despite the age, sex, nationality or even religion. We may quarrel at times due to different opinions, but that is what makes us all here a happy group. I sincerely apologize if you have been offended by some posts here whom you might think was a direct attack at your idol. But sometimes, a fan will always be a fan, overly zealous and protective of their respective idols. At times like those, one tends to be too passinate in defending their idols. We mean no disrespect to PSH. I think she is lovely person and has proven her worth in all the projects she has done so far. Kudos to you for protecting to her.

    @soft – envious! Geez! I wanna get a hold of a copy of that photobook and hopefully, the dvd itself. I am one with quirkie in asking for scans of someof the photos there! Oh, as for the translation. I think a correction is needed. I won’t elaborate more on how to go about dissecting each word per hangul translation but i think the correct translation is “Exciting Love Story.” Sorry, i don’t mean to burst anybody’s bubble here. It would have been exciting if the translation above was the correct one. However, it isn’t. As far as my hangul is concerned that is.

    Lastly, @geungeuncouplej, yes, that is correct. I am a doctor of medicine. Why do you ask? 🙂 oh, and that post almost made me fall off the bed (the one where JGS was supposedly back in SK). Now, we’d have a ball speculating as to why and such.

    My bad! I said i was gonna make it short. Alas, it won’t seem that way. Till next post! Hope by then, our captain would’ve a new ship ready to set sail.

    My ba

    • doclovesgeungeun says:

      Oops! I meant @star regarding the PSH incident. Not @soft. And please diregard my last phrase “my ba”. I guess i was gonna retype again but realized i already did and just forgot to erase.

    • Smiley_iris says:

      Doc, sorry about the sort of the doubt about posting. I thinking literally, like bulletin board! See how old you can imagine me now! Now with me who like new tech, I get you now about the posting part who said about corresponding course…. Does add up to that too. Sorry still sticking to my gun with my belief that she is with him!!! Stubborn old fool, that I am! Even she is enrolled to the school, probably she has an arrangement that some of her work will be done thru Internet…. Really going………oh my…..this virus is killing me, Doc you got to find a cure if our Geun2x still want to go on with this secrecy…..’coz it is to long for my aging self and I know the only cure for that I know is when it is in the open and they get married or they reveal they are married!!!!!!

  31. angie says:

    Hi my fellow ggc mates.. Happy 1000+ comments!!!!!!!
    @doclovesgeungeun welcome to the happy bubble.. good to have our GSI members growing.. ^^

    to mysin, jessi, and mikimouse my heart and prayers goes to you guys.. Be strong and my best prayers for you and your nation.. *hugs

    @quirkie thanks for the clever game and another delicious “meat” in our ship

    @geungeuncoupleEJ i love your posts and your dedication to our geuns couple.. I have strong faith in our geuns couple and my heart tells me it’s true.. And the translated song.. if geun suk didn’t wrote that, still he choose that song to be in his album.. so i’m sure he choose that “meaningful” song for a reason rite? *big wink

    To all.. don’t forget that believing is seeing.. if we believe we’ll see it (come true).. ^-^

  32. doclovesgeungeun says:

    One last post before heading out for a “late” night cap. @m3lover. That’ll be nice if we could do that together with pipa. If my sched permits it, i’d say let’s do it. Are you both from manila? I am. But my sched is quite erratic so let’s see.

  33. cotto62 says:

    I agree w U that they weren’t a couple preMSOAN, but they did (and does) hv mutual feeling for each other since long ago without commitment. Therefor the “hoorray” from JGS when she accepted the cast in MSOAN bec they will hv a golden chance to lift their relationtionship to a more higher level. He didn’t hv the confidence to propose a commitment to GY bec he was uncertain and probably felt that his feeling running a lot deeper than her and probably tot that she only willing to look at him as best fr. During MSOAN, he had a chance to explore it. Hope they will move fast now, coz I feel like i cant wait any longer, need the happy news soon.
    Anyway…. look forward for your tidbits (@ my e-mail if it imposible here) dear…. tvm… & tvm to u too capt….

  34. lxandra says:

    One more student encounter today…hmm, seems this going to one student encounter per day ever since JGS left SK….can a professor even ask for student signature during classes…never mind…I’m just gonna wait & see how long this going to carry on…and see if there’s daily ‘encounter with MGY’ by SSKU student keeps going on AFTER JGS return to Korea…

    EJ…I agree the past is not important but the stubborn me still believe their friendship has turn to romance & dating each other since before M3…perhaps they’re not as close as they’re now…since they’re still young thus not really commited to each other yet as they are now but I still feel that the girl he was seeing during YB is her..like before it was just dating & having fun kind of thing but now its more of a serious relationship & commitment with marriage in mind..

    Sharon…welcome back…hope you’ve an enjoyable trip..

    Nas…if we have solid & concrete proof what’s the fun of speculating anymore, eh?!! keke

    • Quirkie says:

      I too believe that at some point they dated. Might not have been as serious as now but they were def very close friends who are taking it to the next level now because they are more mature and committed. M3 helped them see that. On this I’m going to be as stubborn as Lxandra 😉 can’t convince me otherwise…my natural and professional instincts tell me so 😉 if it comes out that they were involved with others I’ll say “and your point is!….platonic relationships are emotional relationships those who discount them are just lying to themselves…imho” 😉

      • M3Lover says:

        Oh Quirkie! But i have lots of friends who are men & they are all platonic no sparks or something going with them. He he he! Let’s just say that JKS & MGY relationship is not platonic at all. I agree with GGCEJ that they are best friends but have deep feelings for each other & eying each other for a long time now & maybe they dated before but because both were still young they didn’t take it seriously. Whether they realize the true extent of their feelings for each other before or after MSOAN it doesn’t matter because we can surely see & feel the sparks & electricity buzzing around these two when they are in the same room.

      • Quirkie says:

        Maybe on your side of the equation…perception is everything.. 😉

      • M3Lover says:

        Well if you put it like that I can’t deny the possibility though. And I’m the type to ignore all signals or just play dumb when I don’t have any romantic notions with someone.

    • Smiley_iris says:

      Lxander still ca’t find that you want to find, not surprised though it always happen I am looking for something find them, but not giving up, couldn’t resist coming here and telling that I tried early this morning, no time to read here though really busy right now…. But Ifelt Ihave to tell you, won’t give up’coz Iam sure I saw it, but never Fear,I will find it when I am not looking for it!!!! Frustrated! But they did you watch the Jan 7/11! DidI hear it right? Of just me and my hearing is going off already? to everyone happy hunting.. Take care and keep on praying for the world…. And of course for our couple

  35. MikiMouse says:

    Something to ease our hearts.
    I’m not creative in writing, so the translation is somewhat direct. I hope you get the feeling tho. Don’t know much detail but picked it up from a japanese eel’s blog and credit goes to : kanekyoro55 on YT

    Was today a hard day?
    You seem to be smiling, but it seems you are forcing yourself
    if it’s too painful, just come a little closer
    I will come close next to you
    just hold my hand
    just look into my eyes
    I am here next to you
    just feel my heart, that I love you
    I will always protect you
    Oh, we, we can make it, my friend
    when it gets tough and you get tired
    we are here together
    Oh, we, we can make it, my friend
    please remember, I am beside you and loving you
    you are feeling so lonely
    yet, are you alone?
    you are so tired, but will not show your tears
    just once, look around you
    you are not alone
    I will swathe your everything
    just hold my hand
    just look into my eyes
    I am here next to you
    just feel my heart, that I love you
    I will always protect you
    Oh! We, we can make it, my friend
    in times of hurt, in times of sadness
    we are here together
    Oh! We, we can make it, my friend
    please don’t forget, I am beside you and loving you
    Cry, on days when you feel like crying
    I will always be here to comfort you
    and then laugh again
    I will always protect you
    Oh! We, we can make it, my friend
    Don’t cry alone, we are together
    Oh! We, we can make it, my friend
    we will promise with love
    Oh! We, we can make it, my friend
    when it gets tough and you get tired
    we are here together

    Oh! We, we can make it, my friend
    please remember I am beside you and loving you

    I pray the for the safety of many people.
    Please do not give up hope.

    • M3Lover says:

      I keep listening & playing this song on my MP3 player but only now that I learned the lyrics translation of this. Thank you! The message is very nice & touching very apt to what is happening now not only & Japan but all over the world who is experiencing upheaval in their country.

  36. Quirkie says:

    Thank you so much MikiMouse!! I’ve been listening to this song for the past 6 months non stop without knowing what it meant. Actually I didn’t care cos I just love his voice 😉
    More importantly I am sorry I didn’t know you were from Japan as well but know that you, all Japanese lurkers, and Japan are in my prayers. I hope you enjoyed the game cos it was for all of you. In the aftermath of this natural disaster I didn’t want to dwell on the horror but the hope for i’m absolutely in awe of how Japan is picking up the pieces with dignity, solidarity, and love. The world is learning/ has learned a lot from your countrymen, I def have. Hang in there, that too will pass and will only make you stronger…

  37. alleycat says:

    Good morning, lovely Geunnies… Happy 1,000+ comments! 😀
    It’s past 10am here at where I’m at, and I just wanted to drop by before I get to work. I found this on Twitter (credits to jksjapantwitter) and because of this my day is already complete… ♥

    I was supposed to post about the fanfic-like dream I had regarding our couple but…
    maybe next time. (*embarrassed) 😉
    Hugs and have a nice day to all! (^_^)

  38. Nikousvet says:

    Thank you MikiMouse for translation.
    I want to wish you, jessi and all GeunGeun shippers from Japan to be safe and recover as fast as possible and to forget this disaster as a bad dream. I am sure Japan will not be alone in this struggle. People from over the world are not only paying, but collecting donations etc., and there will be help.
    You are not alone!
    Feel the love of this place.

    AS to our GeunGeun couple I wanted to comment on the last picture of JGS from Belgium.
    Don’t you think that his picture is different? His eyes are so wide open, it looks like he stare at someone! And this one is not a photographer, because she is next to him. This is definitely not his usual gaze. I wonder who took this picture? This could not be auto shoot, NO. This look made me fantasize that there is someone who took this picture and this someone could be seen with camera at M3 ( begin at 18 sec. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYI3I7jHATU
    See what I am saying….
    I started to believe that our cute angel is there in Europe.
    here is a link to the picture again:

    • pipa says:

      It got it me think of it as well why that pic is too close up? not even seeing at least a glimpse of his room, unlike his previous pics. Is it perhaps that room is crowded at that time and there are people in there that should not supposed to be caught by the cam? hehe…

  39. Nikousvet says:

    I made several mistakes.
    I ment.. praying. What a ..
    Captain ockoala please help to correct!

  40. M3Lover says:

    Oh my! Is this Keun Suk?

    I’m hyperventilating here …. *take a deep breath*…..

    • Quirkie says:

      OMO!! ottoke! now I can’t fall asleep…

      • lxandra says:

        OMG…this picture???? Its really JGS? Look at his position…I mean no matter what, an adult wont tumble up so much in bed this way right unless he had some ‘vigorous’ activity earlier…and looking at the pillow & the bed it’s definitely not ocuppied only by one person….

        Btw is this a recent picture?

        I think it is….reason is that since her POTW days in 2008 until her Vloser stageplay days in October 2010 she has never wear bangs…it was only when she satrted with M3 that she finally adopt the ‘bangs’ look ans she’s not as skinny as she started M3…its looks more like how she is in 2011…and this picture ‘surface’ while JGS is in Europe…now cud she upload this picture for her family & close friends who’s missing her? And she’s clever too to take a picture with a dark background so we can see clearly where she is..I mean there wud be a different between her bedroom at home & hotel room right…

        And…also you gals are saying perhaps she’s been taking online lesson, huh? which mean she can take it from anywhere in the world so long she can access the net rite? Perhaps thats why she needs ‘sumeone’ update her ‘attendance’ daily in the net to proof to her fans & anti fans that she’s in SK instead with her ‘jagiya’ in Europe…

        And JGS’s photographer is a lady…and she was not seen with him when leaving Seoul…If fans didnt see her at the airport, then they too might NOT see other people who was with him leaving for Europe..especially a girl who probably wore a scarf covering half her face & a hoodie sweater…and since the the photographer is a lady, she wudnt be the only girl in the group…

        And seeing JGS sleeping picture, I bet it was not taken by a professional photographer…I mean out of so many picture he can upload why this one…So I cant help but imagine it was likely snap by his ‘room mate’..the one who has a bang hairstyle…and obviously naughty JGS likes it & cant help uploading the pic , teasing her & his fans a bit…which reminds me why he had to delete his cy in the 1st place LOL

    • pipa says:

      *Drools* I wish i was those blanket and pillows. 🙂

  41. Po_Im says:

    Hi happy GGC shippers,

    I just drop by to say that MGY just updated her CY about 1 hour ago, I guess. And her CY is full of lovely and warming messages and songs. I hope someone will translate it soon. I’m in the middle of my work and actually it’s time for lunch, but I can’t do because i want to leave this post for you ASAP.

    And, the very reason why I’m hurring in this post, because one of her songs is
    Here is a link to listen to this song –

    Actually one of my favoriate songs among which JGK sings, is “I’m in Love.” So I hope oneday I can hear this song from MGY’s CY. 🙂
    However it’s different version from what JKS sang last year, but I think this version is more suitable for Spring. 🙂

    Now, frankly I can’t concentrate on my work listening this song imaging lots of delightful things.

    And as you do, I aslo think these two beutiful Moon and Star keep giving us hopes.
    Yes!! I don’t give up my hopes for GGC, and for Japan as well.

    Oh, I give you another information regarding Cyworl(A.K.A CY). To register songs to their CY’s BGM, people have to pay for each song. And…it is possible to buy CY’s BGM songs for friends as a gift; that means, I can pay for the song Ra.D’s “I’m in Love” and send this song to MGY’s CY account. However it’s the owner’s choice if she choose this song as her BGM or not. 🙂

    • N says:

      po-im…. the “i’m in love ” song.. it is in MGY cy… or maybe you already know that.

      • Po_Im says:

        Hi N

        Oh, I thought that most of you know that “I’m in Love” is JKS’s favoriate song and he sang it during his FT last year. Maybe I’m living just in my thought. 🙂

        JGK sang “I’m in Love” in September 2010 in Seoul and in October 2010 in Taiwan, just before shooting M3. This song’s lyrics is a kind of confession to his lover how deep he is in love.
        Here is a link of YT which you can see JGK singing this song in Seoul FT.

        BTW, I’m not sure if I correctly post this video. 🙂

        Frankly, when I first heard this song sung by JKS las year, I was not sure to whom he was singing this song – however, I felt that he sang it to confess his love to someone.. And while seeing M3, I start to hope this song would be toward MGY. Finally, I heard this song, “I’m in Love”, from MGY’s Cyworld.
        Doesn’t it sound like that MGY answered to JGK’s propose using the same song? He he he..:)

        I really wonder what is the next surprise, especially after JKS coming back to ST. I really become loving our GGC’s surprises.

    • M3Lover says:

      Maybe Po_Im wants JKS version of the song to be her BGM? If that happens that would be a dead giveaway. He he he! But as far as I know he only sang that song on is last fan meet in Seoul last year (don’t know if he also sang that on his other fan meets).

  42. Quirkie says:

    OK Geunies….OMG
    I am officially speechless…They are killing me with this…She updated her cy again…wait til you see 😉
    2 possibilities
    1. She is def in London
    2. He is on his way very soon

    • M3Lover says:

      OMG! Share the “meat” Quirkie I beg you!…. *kneeling*

      • Quirkie says:

        Credit: moons Song Jin Ying Chinese Forum
        기분 이 산뜻해 지길 – 점점더. 그리고 … 마음 이 참 고마울 뿐 – 계속더.
        Mood continue to increase became very refreshing – gradually thankful .. there –

        Updated songs:
        1. 널생각해 — One more Chance
        2. 너와나 의 프롤로그 — 나루, DEB (I think this is the OST for the Prince and I)
        3. I `m In Love — Ra.D
        4. Mr. Wonderful — 모리

        Would def wait for Soompi Moons’ translation but SERIOUSLY! Prince ( of the eels) and I, I am in love (with) Mr Wonderful…speechless…Ra.D that’s his song…. *staring @ the screen wide eyed, mouth gaping* 🙂

      • Quirkie says:

        Hoping to refresh my emotions- more and more. And… my heart is just so thankful- continuously more.
        기분이 산뜻해지길- 점점 더. 그리고… 마음이 참 고마울뿐- 계속 더.

        Song Title / Artist
        1 Thinking of You (널 생각해) – One more Chance
        2 Yours and My Prologue (너와 나의 프롤로그) – Naru (나루) ht
        3 I’m in Love – Ra.D
        4 Mr. Wonderful – Morrie (모리)

        credit to and translations by Soompi Moons

        The translation is not that far off. BTW let’s just say that the title “Yours and My prologue” is very significant in my eyes… 😉

      • M3Lover says:

        Yes & isn’t the song “I’m in Love” was sang by JKS in one of his fan meets? Her new main background definitely is meaningful (clouds with green sky) aside from the selection of songs in her BGM speaks of someone in love & very happy.

      • MikiMouse says:

        Sigh~. I wish they can come out like the Athena couple.
        I feel the sadness of not being able to shout out their love and the only way to relieve the overflowing love is to express it in such ways. Lyric translation of Mr. Wonderful.

        from by GeunGeun Couple (Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young) FB page

        MGY’s No.4 Cyworld BGM (2011.03.17)
        Mr. Wonderful – 모리


        Smiling Smiling little boy
        Jumping puppy, puppy world
        Well, like a fairy tale comes true.
        It might be , might be your good time
        Pumping sweet cake, cookie friends,
        Well, this is my place for you.
        Still I remember.
        And seal your December.
        Cuz I found Mr. Wonderful
        I think of happy days.
        Wake up, wake up , lazy birds.
        Where is your home , take me there.
        It makes me feel free, all right.
        Roly, Poly don’t say bye.
        Just turn it off , it makes me smile.
        I need a little time from you.
        Still I remember
        And seal your December.
        Cuz I found Mr. Wonderful
        I think of happy days.
        Still I remember
        And seal your December.
        Cuz I have Mr. Wonderful
        Hello, hello , little prince
        When you walk, I feel like dancing
        Well, isn’t this wonderful world ?
        Don’t be afraid of your thoughts
        I was silly. Just be true
        It’s time to leave it again
        Still I remember
        And seal your December.
        Cuz I have Mr. Wonderful
        Still I remember
        And seal your December.
        Cuz I found Mr. Wonderful
        Just , think of happy days.

        Who’s Mr. Wonderful?? is it Mr. JKS? ^^

      • Quirkie says:

        Ok, Seriously!!! I am sorry hello ladies 😉 the lyrics just got me all worked up haha…
        “smiling little boy” JGS is often referred as a boy what was his japanese nickname again Jessi? I forgot…his smile…
        “Still I rememberAnd seal your December” After the Awards it was a done….
        “Roly, Poly don’t say bye. Just turn it off , it makes me smile. I need a little time from you.” Bye Bye Bye song, turn it off and spend some time with me and make me smile instead 😉
        “Hello, hello , little prince” Hello JGS!! Prince of eels, song M3 song ” Hello Hello, my cute angel” Hello MGY!!!

        I mean when are too many coincidences too many??? Thank you so much MikiMouse for the lyrics!!

    • bashful says:

      Hi Quirkie! 😀

      OMG. The suspense is killing me! Please do share the “meat”, as M3Lover said… 😉 Thanks in advance!

      P.S. Thanks for the kind words above. You are gracious too. Am just following your good example and others’ good examples too. ^_^

    • bashful says:

      Thanks Quirkie and M3Lover! I just read your replies with MGY’s new message and BGM…Well, are you ready to slice and dice these? ^_~
      I’m going to start with “Mr. Wonderful”. The title is sooo wonderful and so reminiscent of a guy named JGS! 😉

      Thanks again to both of ya for these treats! 😀

    • Quirkie says:

      Now M3Lover, check this out & tell me you don’t see coincidences there 😉
      Bye bye bye lyrics credit: eelsusa

      Im talking thru and crying so and *thinking blue sky
      The color of our days piled up
      I can’t erase the *blurred memories of my story
      The time my heart was deserted
      I’ll go far away bye bye bye
      For you my ove I cry cry cry
      Even now I’m unable to forget the memories
      Right now for you, just for you
      I close my eyes and pray
      I send you this song bye bye bye
      *How many times, how many times before this long night passes
      Repeatedly bye bye bye
      Painfully cry cry cry
      But still *my voice cant reach you
      It pierces my heart every night
      In pain I close my eyes
      Hold me tight as I go bye bye bye
      Ill go far away bye bye bye
      For you my love I cry cry cry
      I thank u for all the emotions
      Even now for you, just for u
      I close my eyes and *pray
      *I send you this song bye bye bye
      And ill keep walking away bye bye bye
      Im talking thru and crying so and thinking blue sky

      *Now you’re sure that cloudy sky is not blue-green…kekeke
      Blurred memories, reference to song ” it blurred” No Reply
      How many times…ong night passes, reference “It rained on a sleepless night” about one waiting all night for the rain to stop to go so a loved one.
      My voice cant reach you, reference “I love you 3x” GoEun

      Doesnt it sound like a rsponse to this?

      Ok, done ciao 😉

      • M3Lover says:

        Wahhh! Yes if you look at it this way, (as) an answer to his song “Bye Bye Bye” it could be “clouds amidst blue- green sky”. Sorry my eyes just took her main background literally & I associated the green to “spring”. So that’s the English translation of the song “In Dreams” by Lena Park. Beautiful song! I can understand now why she chose that song last time.

        You’re sooo good at this. Thank you, thank you dear!

    • pipa says:

      I guess Quirkie, this could be the thrilling news you once said. Her new messages and BGM after that gloomy Mar 13 post. If she is in London, her words under her songs “i felt to become very fresh and cool…” maybe has something to do with her trip. If she is not there and Geun BF is on his way home, then her new BGM speaks for how happy she is he is coming home and the answer to her messages last week, felt lone and missing you a lot. Ah yes, these two is killing us! 🙂

      I’m relieved now, sleeping time once again. Have a good Geun-Geun day to all!

  43. mysin says:

    dear Doc,
    no, I’m not from Japan but since 2004 my country has been hit by tsunamy 3 times, countless earthquake, biggest one is 9,2 SR, (using emergency exit stair to evacuate from my 17th floor office twice, sigh…), 2x volcano eruptions and flood + landslides
    so tell’ya… we really ALERT by any calamity that’s going on in other part of the world cos we afraid that’s gonna effect us as well
    we, here, really feel that our earth is moving…
    but thankfully from the help of ppl aaround the world we can stand up again and I’m sure Japan will too in no time
    sorry, really not correlated with GGC topics
    I don’t mean to ruin this happy bubble with my own problems… 😉

    keep the spirit gals… FIGHTING!!!

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Ladies , the lovely heart songs posted & d sad sad updates of d Japanese Debacle( our TV broadcast is ongoing- the videos!! Oh d tragic scenes…) is putting me in a bumped-out mood. Just spend the whole morning trying to secure air-tickets for my cousin & her son to come bk toS’pore .Apparently ,she’s closer than we thought.The electricity is down again, she’s only contactable by handphone( till bat wears out).She can’t leave her house much cos of ongoing tremors .Mother & son ate fried potatoes last nite( wh my beloved boy thinks its a treat..). Narita is very packed. I’m this close to taking a flight out to Narita to meet her to bring her home.6yr old Kensho ,my godson & I ,hv some intense Love between us.He’s as good as a son to me. Hopefully, we can secure tickets soon & get them out by Tues.my cousin says she’l be leaving her heart behind cos her hubby can’t leave.SOORRRRY,I’m offloading this on you gals,you dears seem like my close frens now!
      IF NOT, for your wonderful sweet soothing voices cajoling me to a happier ground.. !! Thank you ladies & sorry again.I’m gonna go change to a chirper voice & face for my next post coming up next! LOVE & HUGS to our Japanese sisters here & God Bless their families & frens still in japan!!

      • Sharon says:

        Quirkie daarling! Me alone, I’d a coward in the face of 2 out-o-this-world gorgeous beings (Boo!to me) BUT..The 2 of us??Strength in numbers, babe!!Ahjumma POWERR!! GRRR! We’ll straighten our happily dishevelled hair( cos we were jumpin’ !) from behind the Rock that u mentioned ,take a few deeep deeep breaths to calm down, we’d walk up to them,acting all nonchalantly controlled but totally interested & classy-Cool( yeh,we can b good actors too when d occasion calls for it,right?)
        We’l make short required mindless chatter bt how cold d britsh air is THEN ,launch our attack! ” We’ve got no paper but we do hv ,oh guess what, a T-shirt permanent marker pen here, & could you, would you both pls sign on our shirts?” After which, I’d put on my mummy voice to ask for a non-threatening( fr us!) hug for both of us …from BOTH of them!And then a group hug!! How’s THAT for a fantasy,Quirkie!!
        Smiley Iris , my hubby made a BIG mistake of buying me a laptop so that he cd get his own back.Wrong move, dude! Cos now, I’m glued to it! Since, Im a single child, my mum has been tasked to take care of delish cooked food on d table! My 2 girls are closed to disowning me! But mum has buying power so ,Im good ..still. We shd hv a halfway house for people like us ,who live to dive into our cyber Geun2 world. Maybe, our dear Captain has to rename our new site( if she’s not sick of us yet) Geun Geun Santuary( in-controlled geun2 admirers )or worse Asylum( Outta control geun2 supporters/addicts)!!
        Pipa dear!! JKS is now kinda strict wt fans’ photo-taking plus Spore has a bad habit of searching our bags for videos etc & possibly a banner tt they think, i might threw at him,in d heat of d moment 1 So. I’m hoping they might pass around a mike for us to say somethin’.I’ll give him d short but direct spanish inquistion! I might b a bit far to laser him my soul-deep,scalding ‘tell-me-wat-i-wanna-know’ stare but i’ll try!
        Yo, Nikousvet! Have u seen CSI episodes where they zoom in on d reflections on d eyeballs to get d face of d photographer??
        Anyone here with that level of expertise??Anyone? just joking! You ladies are already top-notch investigators/dreammakers! * Kudos Kudos ,Really!!
        Anyway, her songs are SOO telling! Who’s she fooling?
        ‘Thinking of you( JKS) by one more chance ‘( one more chance to meet outside of fan/papparazzi glare).
        ‘Yours & my prologue'( jKS & my beginning)
        ‘I’m in love’ with
        ‘Mr.Wonderful’- JKS,who is better as an intense BF than a intense crusher/wink-a-ling occasional date/guy fren.
        Oh Geun Young, you sure are shirking you’re Little sister persona, dear! We WANT HIM for yoouuu!!!

      • Quirkie says:

        I like that fantasy Sharon! Dishevelled and all 😉
        I might squeeze him too hard though and MGY would get upset then…Did you see him betwen those sheets? * flashback, heart skipped a beat* Lucky lucky gal…

  44. soft says:

    short hair MGY.

    • M3Lover says:

      I wonder if that is her latest hair cut…. MGY is really mysterious we don’t know what is her real hair cut?

  45. Sharon says:

    Gals, as much as i think GY’s in Europe wt KS , i’ll put money on d table to attest to her innocence as d misunderstood photographer on d Naked KS pic. if she’s anything she’s been projecting herself to be wh is, d respected dignified lady/actress who takes calculated but NOT reckless risks , she wdn’t ,logically think ” hmmm, keuksuk’s sleeping .I think it’ll b a rockin’ prank if i took his pic while he’s flat out & in his naked glory & show it to d wooorld!!YES! ” So ,d only other people wt access to his private area are his managers! 1 or 2 or all 3 managers did d same thing in Spore( look for it on youtube on his 2009 S’pore trip/hotel stay).then, they went into his room to try to wake him up & dug into d hotel bed to try to fish poor KS’s naked body out! It ws intrusive then but now,its just not in good taste cos d poor boy just did so much good wt d kind donation & d heatwarming ‘Don’t lose Hope Japan’ placard message.The sexual connotation somehow detracts & dsn’t gel wt d angelic deed.
    I’m gonna jump to a conclusion that its one of his minders,d same one wt a naked-pic fetish,thats d culprit. Numbskull!!(hey, i’m playing nice here. i got more apt words to use!)
    Hey, KS! You love yr manglers,ops! managers/minders we know but they may not advise well on everything, sweetie.

    • pipa says:

      Hi sharon!
      If it’s really JGS i would definitely say his manager took it and it never crosses my mind that If ever his pretty GF is there, she will not took it, very unlikely of her character. And besides she might be occupying other rooms with the other female staff. But this boy got some nice flesh..yum! kekeke.

      Oh and the photo and banner thingy, well i know how strict his team is, perhaps your GSI capabilities and sneak a cam, maybe inside your bra? 🙂 and the banner, you can fold it and stuck in your back between your pants haha..what a lame suggestions! But yeah hopefully you guys will be given a chance for a Q & A, so go for it! I’m sure you know what our team wants to know from him. 😉

      • Sharon says:

        Gd mornin’ ladies!
        My personal taste? A rack wt some meat on it! Less fats but nicely grilled. in man terms , tanned somewhat ,toned & slightly buff. White meat on a stick ain’t quite my thang! But But But..with all clothes on, with those eyes,those lips, that smile, that that that droolicious voice!!! Man! Wrap it up to go,please!
        I’ll have him for my son,son-in-law ,anyday!Gd-looking,hardworking,loyal! Not much more to ask for, GY!(*-*)

  46. N says:

    out of respect for Jgs the photo should be deleted.out of respect fo

  47. M3Lover says:

    JKS in Budapest ….

  48. lxandra says:

    Is this the clip you’re refering to?

    But honestly I dun think its her…one becos the lady looks more fleshy than MGY, Two I dun think if she truly went to Thailand with him wud have got into the car openly with so many fans witness especially when she went there secretly….However it was interesting to see when JGS arrived in Bangkok he only had several male staffs accompany him…however when he left there’s one lady, I think his cordi/stylist was with him…so where was she when they arrived…and Kurt wasnt anywhere to be seen tho there were report he was seen with jgs the night earlier at a club…SO again I suspected his cordi either came with him but left the airport seperately with his gf or she came together with her & Kurt..becos there’s no clip of her anywhere with JGS during his officil work & dining between 5th to 7th…yet she suddenly appeared when they’re leaving…again I suspect she was ‘smuggled’ in the airport by Kurt & perhaps has check in earlier while the rest went in with JGS to create distraction…

    I agree with you…if the picture is truly JGS, it was probably his male staff playing pranks on him…and even if I think MGY is liberal enuf I dunt think she wants to share her hot bf in this condition & position with anyone especially other girls…come to think of it, perhap this is one of the official photoshoot for his pictorial or dvd photobook whatever he was doing there…becos looking atthe angle & quality, it looks very professional…yeah looking at it again I think its taken by a professional photographer….becos if its a prank I dun think the picture will leak out….afterall all the mgrs & staffs with him there, their paycheck comes from JGS’s pocket, I dun think they dare to betray him this way..

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