Video Preview for My Princess Episode 15

My Princess is ending this week! It’s a bittersweet feeling for me, because what I enjoyed about this drama was so utterly winning, but what went wrong were so completely aggravating. C’est la vie, chingus. I do hope the final two episodes continues in the Seol-Hae Young cuteness while not attempting anything too substantive.

I think we can all agree that cute and fluffy is MP’s strong suit. I know I used a post-topping picture from tomorrow’s episode, but I don’t think it’s spoilery since Seol+Hae Young doing something cute in some place is totally expected.

Episode 15 preview:

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15 Responses to Video Preview for My Princess Episode 15

  1. kirara says:

    Just saw the video preview.. super cute! Agreed!! let’s keep the cuteness rolling, I can’t believe its already the last few episode this week! Time went by super quick! 🙂 Thanks for posting! (Wow, this is the first time for me to be the 1st person to post on a blog entry! )

  2. Butet says:

    Thank You..

    I’ll be clicking the replay button a few more times now.

  3. xmga says:

    can’t wait for your tom’s recap. thanks!

  4. mey says:

    i’ve been waiting for this!!!! i’ll take the peck. i’m prepping myself for more cuteness tomorrow!

  5. kawaii_sugar says:


    (i hope there’s gonna be a season 2 )

  6. Conie says:

    I can’t wait to watch the whole episode!! but I’m sad since tomorrow will be the last episode..=(..thanks for posting the preview..

  7. Dee says:

    ooh! cuteness galore!! fun, fun – can’t wait!!

  8. mandak says:

    like it!!! hahaha

  9. tangee says:

    1stly, thank you for preview [can anything be sweeter than this?]
    looking 4wd to more cutey scenes and the works… [you know what I mean] chuckle2

  10. karen says:

    Always love your preview and recap.

    But am sad to realise MP will end very soooonnn.

  11. sandi says:

    Thanks Ockoala. I feel like to watch it now…..
    Looking forward to read your lovely joyful recap tomorrow.

  12. angeli says:

    thanks very much for the preview….i love it very much…

  13. a_fan says:

    But I still haven’t had my fill of Park Hae Young, diplomat-chaebol-lover extraordinaire. I want him for myself.

  14. rainyrain says:

    thanks Ockoala
    I’m sorry to inform you that from the preview of the final epi ( which I read on soompi ) seems ( PS : spoilers ahead don’t read if u don’t wanna be spoiled ) LS-HY are going to be separated but dunno the reason and they are going to meet only after two years in USA if I still remember, I wish writer-nim is not planning to show us some stupid plot for separation and seems we won’t get our happy end till the very end 😦

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