Dream High Episode 15 Written Preview

Who’s going to be K? What type of entertainer will each kid become, if one at all? Who is going to end up with whom? Episode 15 of Dream High….probably won’t reveal any of that just yet. I think Dream High is going to have a monster final episode 16 next week, where the drama reveals everything in a way that, regardless of your shippy choice, you’ll probably still be happy about. DH has turned out to be a drama NOT about the result, but about the journey, teaching the characters and the viewers that the experience is more enriching then how it all turns out. Because the end of one journey is merely the beginning of another, and the journey is neverending.

Written preview for episode 15:

Hye Mi’s father comes home one year later, and tries to convince Hye Mi to go with him to the US to study music. Needing to choose between popular music and opera, Hye Mi is conflicted. Sam Dong and Jin Gook find out that Hye Mi may be going to the US, and they each feel heavy-hearted.

On the other hand, with Jason’s introduction, Pil Sook has the opportunity to perform on a cable show. She is flustered by the sudden reveal of a picture of her former self.

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Dream High Baidu bar, translated into English by me]

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11 Responses to Dream High Episode 15 Written Preview

  1. ItadakimasU says:

    Thanks ockoala for the preview!!!

    and… COOL DH banner!!! Mi likes!

  2. blueangel says:

    Why does the appearence of ps’ photo before her diet has ria name written all over it?

  3. jeankaycee says:

    thanks ockoala!!!

    loving dream high so much!!!
    im excited on what finale dream high is cooking up!
    but whatever it is, i’ll accept it with open arms as it has been such a wonderful journey!

  4. D says:

    so i think this might count out Hye Mi from being K and I also have a feeling that they are leaving the love traingle open in the end with her leaving….so that leaves either Sam Dong or Gookie for K as I highly doubt it might be Jason or Pil Suk…of course the writers may just completely turn all of this around and we may never know…but here’s to hoping for Sam Dong!!

    • blueangel says:

      if the writers make it all 6 of them everyone would be happy!

    • estel says:

      I actually think Baek-hee has a pretty good shot at being K. It’s amazing how the writers made her the one we all felt sorry for and rooted for in the beginning, made her completely unrelatable and evil in the middle, and are now making her sympathetic. Wowzers, I love these writers. Dream High might be light on the acting, but the scriptwriting is really good.

  5. Butet says:

    I was refreshing your page all day looking for the Dream High recap.. Then I realized you didn’t recap this series.

  6. GuiGui says:

    Oh, i feel sorry for PilSuk. She gonna need to be strong.

  7. alyssia says:

    I think Beak-hee is K. The others are all talented while she’s more of the one that is lacking. Working hard to climb up to be at the top. I think the writer is going with that notion. Which i love. It is a very realistic feel.

    It doesn’t matter much anyhow. It doesn’t matter who’s K. It’s the struggles and mistakes that made the story so good. I would love a second season where they would show the other side of them when they become stars.

  8. iluv1n2d says:

    i think it’s sam dong.

  9. white light says:

    i think it will be Hye Mi

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