Moon Geun Young Goes Edgy Minimalist for Bazaar Korea

Moon Geun Young goes for sleek and edgy in her latest photo spread for Bazaar Korea. She shows off a cropped haircut that reminds me of Kim So Yeon‘s now iconic look for IRIS, but Moon Geun Young manages to retain her inherent cuteness that somehow creates a balanced juxtaposition with the harsher cut. I love these pictures, and love Moon Geun Young for continuing to try new looks that always seem to complement her personality.

Moon Geun Young is currently not attached to any project, whether stage or screen. But she has indicated that she will be open to working this year at the same time she continues her university studies.

[Credit: all pictures from Bazaar Korea]

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40 Responses to Moon Geun Young Goes Edgy Minimalist for Bazaar Korea

  1. BundaGhifary says:

    she’s more cute n more beautiful with her new cut…thank u 4 posting her the one of her fans…i always update ur blog.thank u..thank u…thank u…

  2. staying up late says:

    Wow, now she looks even MORE matching with our blue eyed boy, Jang Geun Suk!

  3. Rose says:

    waaa ~ she looks so great

  4. BundaGhifary says:

    I give 2 thumb up 4 her hairstylist…they did an awesome work 4 her 2011 new looks…what a great job!!LOVE U MOON…SO MUCH..her personality,her lovely and kindness heart who always spend her money to charity.

  5. Sere says:

    I’m kinda meh about the outfits except this one but she looks drop dead gorgeous. I love her new haircut. Love it to bits. \o/

  6. Zoe says:

    I love her soooo freaking much! I know she was recently on “Hong Eun-hee’s music town” radio show, but I’ve had the absolute worst luck finding both the video or translations. Does anyone know where I might find something?

  7. Liz says:

    Now I think she can pull off Kirie character for City Hunter even More, please Pd nim pick MGY!!! Want to see on screen again, also in this character 😀 never saw her in a tough character (besides CU) .. but it would be different because has action and all!!!!

    • mysin says:

      I kinda imagine MGY would really exact for Kirie… (I read the comics anyway) you can see, phisically she looks like Kirie, big eyes, sexy with skirt, and now with her short hair… most fit and perfect I must say…
      and also
      I do wish hope she’s doing action movie… will be a challenge for her, no?

      • mysin says:

        and one more thing…
        I REALLY want to see MGY plays as a detective… and do some kick ass ;-D

  8. bizbee says:

    oh she looks wonderful…and if she doesn’t have any other projects i was hoping that she do city hunter. i know they are considering PMY but moon would seriously rock the role and i am itching to see her in a new project. i know it hasn’t been that long since she done mary but i didn’t watch much of mary and i really like her. i just want to watch something that is good as well.

  9. jandoe says:

    this is her new haircut then? OMG I LOVE IT.

    last picture is total win! edgy and glamorous at the same time

  10. bashful says:

    I love love love MGY and her new haircut! 🙂
    I also love love love today’s banners — all featuring our Geun-Geun couple! 🙂
    Thanks Captain ockoala for these lovely pictures and banners! 🙂

    I wonder if fellow Geun-Geun shipmates have seen these yet. I’m sure they’ll be delighted…

  11. Erika says:

    Ah,she had cute sexy image.I guess the stylish&all knows that geun young gain weight so that she looks awesome so they give this for her esp her back..I love her so much.oh I hope she got new project that have great story&character like POTW&CU and have great chemistry with the lead like MSOAN.perhaps City Hunter?ah no matter what at least one drama please?sukkie must be happy to see her in that pic..

  12. Melissa says:

    i really looks good with this haircut and clothes!

  13. Twinklefan says:

    Moon have grown up to be a beautiful lady. Her haircut looks edgy and at the same time cute on her. Can’t wait to see which new drama or movie she’ll be in next.

  14. Kender says:

    Is it a haircut or a wig? They’ve gotten pretty clever with wigs lately.

    That being said, she looks SO CUTE. Very meh on the clothing, but fashion mags are less about the clothes themselves than about the image presented, and MGY looks pretty fabulous.

  15. muscat says:


  16. mysin says:

    see this pict…

    compare it with Kirie character in the comic book (city hunter)… really exactly ALIKE
    hope someone from the production of CH coincidently see this blog and read our posts…

    • berry says:

      Javabeans says “City Hunter confirms casting Park Min-young ”
      Hmpphh, I love to see Miss Moon in that role…sad sad sad…
      I need to see her again in small screen… sigh…

      • mysin says:

        what??? I was dissapointed watch her in SKKS, she really needs a lot to learn… I wonder why she won other awards in the last KBS award?

    • mysin says:

      yes… it’s tranlated Kaori for the comics that spread in my country, maybe different (a.k.a Kirie) in others, but I know which character that’s been ms.Liz aimed to… 😉

  17. tangee says:

    3 words… She looks lovely!!!..

  18. blissfulpearl says:

    love it!!!
    but somehow the hair reminds me of rihanna. hehe.

  19. ripgal says:

    Love the last picture!
    She’s just got everything man. Lucky guys who got to act alongside her.

  20. pipa says:

    The Chameleon MGY looks great! The last pic is ooohhh so sexy!!

    Oh and the it! thanks Ms. Ockoala! makes me misses them more…

  21. Yani heryani says:

    So cute and sexy…….

  22. pipa says:

    Btw, is this shoot is recent? coz from what i understand when doing a magazine spread, it takes months before
    it will be published. In this case, her hair which seems real, might have cut it early this year?

  23. dani says:

    she looks like that girl in “baker king ; kim taku”

  24. daisy says:

    she is cross eyed so she should use smoky make up to cover it! and it will make her more pretty!

  25. Diana says:

    WOW you’re pretty moon! very masculine! he…he… just kidding

  26. rory's mom says:

    Lovely Moon Geun Young. Amazing how she can always look so sexy and different with each picture. She looks so different from that radio interview so I am thinking there are wigs involved unless her hair grows faster than the rest of us.

  27. sam says:

    cross eyed and very skiny…

  28. therainhouse says:

    She is so cool! How many people can pull that dress off! Sleek, sexy and chic!

  29. Khim says:

    Wow, MGY looks so CHIC n alluring in these pix. Love her new haido! I’m still amazed at the way she manages to transform from one character/image to another so convincingly & effortlessly!!

  30. nechie robles says:

    right, the perfect word for MGY……….. CHIC and CLASSY

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