Kim Jae Wook’s Band Walrus Releases Second Single “Seoul Witch”

The Kim Jae Wook fronted indie band Walrus has dropped its second single off its just released album. The song is “Seoul Witch”, and the MV takes Kim Jae Wook to what looks like sun-dappled Australia. I love the song, which is breezy and hip without ever trying too hard or being overly produced. I still can’t get over the irony of Kim Jae Wook playing the starched suitie Jung In when the man is literally oozing indie musician cred from his very pores. Sigh, too bad Mary Stayed Out All Night couldn’t be about TWO indie rockers fighting over one girl with a lot of hair.

MV for Seoul Witch:

It’s not often that I love an actor’s other hobbies and interests as much as I enjoy watching the actor onscreen in his day job. Kim Jae Wook is one of the rarities – I enjoy his indie music and feel like this is a creative outlet for his real passion, even as he continues to grow and mature as an actor.

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13 Responses to Kim Jae Wook’s Band Walrus Releases Second Single “Seoul Witch”

  1. Melissa says:

    One of the few guys who I think looks best in a pony tail.
    Btw, I really like that MV and song…

  2. sami says:

    jung-in is sooooo hot!

  3. estel says:

    Did you see the 10asia interview with Walrus? It’s interesting to hear what they have to say about their group dynamic and also their music. Here it is (in English):

    You can read Part 2 if you click on the link at the bottom of Part 1.

  4. Erika says:

    Yes,he does have certain charisma thats why when I watch him in CF I just knew I had to watch this guy because he will be big

  5. D says:

    he has a really great voice

  6. djes says:

    the MV is more like a jeans commercial. Or is it?

  7. cha_maeri says:

    Sigh. I used to be such a fan of KJW. And then Mary Stayed Out All Night happened. I’m sure I’ll get over it eventually, but for me the pain is still too fresh.

  8. Sere says:

    I like all of the songs on that mini-album, but this is a favorite. I like the MV, too. Omg, his hair when it’d down! *___*

    too bad Mary Stayed Out All Night couldn’t be about TWO indie rockers fighting over one girl with a lot of hair.

    *sighs dreamily* That would have been awesome. I wonder if KJW gave tips to JGS…

  9. allenif says:

    omo!!! omo!!! omo!!! thank u so much for this ockoala. i sooo sooo love ittttt!!!!!!!!!!! WOOKIE… FTW!!!!

  10. Larkspur says:

    Wow! The hotness! KJW in his awesomeness! Thanks Koala! I wonder what part of Australia this is?

    By the way, I jast saw live koalas today for the first time. In the flesh! What first came into my mind? Why, of course, it’s you Mz. Koala! They look really cute, but scary up close (sharp claws!). I was able to pet one, they have this serenity about them but one that makes you really uncomfortable (because of those claws, I guess). So I wonder why you chose that lovely creature as sort of a pseudonym? =)

  11. suri18may says:

    Kim jae wook … !! My fav too.. Wonder wen can he become a lead actor .. Hhmmmm…

  12. bluemountain75 says:

    His music reminds me about Oasis, Nirvana and The Beatles…he’s doing good job and know what he wants. I praised him for his hardwork, he become the best model 2010, and I see his acting skill is getting better and better. He challanged his acting ability in Antique Bakery as a gay, he did passionate kissing with a man…The look that he has, caught my attention when he played a role as a waffle guy in coffee prince 🙂 I keep going to see his drama upto Marry Me Mary…wish can see him more in another project.

    Thank you Mrs. Koala for keep update 🙂 Have a good day!

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