Ha Ji Won For W Korea and Hyun Bin and Tang Wei in Vogue

I thought about splitting this into two posts, but I realized it was really destined to be shown together. Hyun Bin and his Manchu (Late Autumn) co-star Tang Wei grace the cover and inside pages of Vogue Korea, at the same time that his Secret Garden co-star Ha Ji Won transforms back into her glamorous actress self for the pages of W Korea. Both are elite high fashion magazines, and both photoshoots capture these stars looking absolutely stunning. Great actors in stylized photos is always a win-win, and I love these pictures.

Binnie looks less gaunt and more playboy in the boudoir. Ha Ji Won works her short cut with some upcoming edgy Spring fashions. Binnie almost always looks fabulous even in his most down and dirty of roles (my theory is that it’s the dimples and the cheekbones), but Ha Ji Won is 100% a chameleon. She can either look completely unassuming and average, or so drop-dead gorgeous I have trouble breathing when I look at her.

Ha Ji Won’s photoshoot invokes an urban isolation that feels at odds with her feminine dresses. I like the slightly harsh colors of the stills, reminding me of being in the Garment District in the early morning hours. Binnie and Tang Wei’s photoshoot is clearly a rich urban couple lounging in their hotel room. It’s not salacious or foppish, but rather mild and mellow.

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12 Responses to Ha Ji Won For W Korea and Hyun Bin and Tang Wei in Vogue

  1. jowha says:

    Hyun Bin looks so hot. There has been so much Hyun Bin news lately… LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!
    Tang Wei kind of looks like Jung Ryu Won in the photos.
    I agree, Ha Ji Won is 100% a chameleon.

  2. mysin says:

    I know Tang Wei from Lust, Cautious movie… I don’t know about the movie’s response but what I know is she acted well in that movie, although I may say the movie is quite harsh…

  3. tangee says:

    The man has one of the best side profiles I have ever seen.. or maybe I’m bias again.. Gorgeous Hyun Bin… always.. loved him in Snow Queen..
    Tang Wei looks good with him here..

    Thanks ockoala for posting Binnie, one of my fave.. domo arigato

  4. ais says:

    Gorgeous people 🙂
    I’m watching secret garden right now.. i have yet to fall in love with this couple.. individually, they look damn hot. although, when i see HJW, my brain automatically think that JIS will be by her side.. memories of bali keeps on coming up 🙂

  5. anais says:

    The HJW W photos are really fabulous. Love the color palette.

  6. chasethelight says:

    Tang Wei really reminds me of Jung Ryeo-won, at some angles.

  7. Sere says:

    Binnie! RAWR! ♥___♥ He looks good. I…yeah, omg.

    As for Tang Wei, man, why do I always confuse her with Jung Ryu-won? She looks like JRW’s twin or…am I hallucinating?

    HJW is stunning.

    • doozy says:

      You’re not hallucinating. I also thought the same thing when I saw the pictures and prior to reading the comments was wondering if I’m the only one too. The similarity, especially in these photos, is really striking.

  8. Kechia says:

    I don’t know why but I love the photo with Hyun Bin smiling holding Tang Wei leg

  9. Raxelle says:

    i super love the last pic! oh my Binnie has the most gorgeous side-angle in the world..LOL!..thanks for the post! ^_^

  10. Zzanged says:

    Wow wow !!!
    Really like Ha Ji Won’s new look. Absolutely fabulous !!!
    She has so many sides.

  11. antonia says:

    2 weeks and i saw secret garden twice!! (last weekend i just marathoned it) since then i’m in love with hyun bin and ha ji won (i haven’t recovered yet, i guess i need to see sg again but i’m trying to restraint myself)
    so these pics are a gift to me!!! love them so much. hyun bing is so handsome and so hot, i like him in so much in sam soon, and snow queen. but nothing like sg, best role ever. and ha ji won was amazing… and i found a new love Oska!!!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

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