Dream High Episode 14 Written Preview

Dream High is literally and figuratively soaring these days, with a continued consistently developed storyline plus a very addicting and snappy execution. I still don’t have a clue who will be K, or who will end up a couple in the main love triangle, but I do think that Hye Mi is discovering that she has the stirrings of feelings for Sam Dong beyond just “he’s my friend.” All I have to say is – what took you so long, girl! 

Now that she’s squarely stuck between Jin Gook and Sam Dong, with each of these guys dealing with their own issues, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dream High ends with only Pik Sook-Jason as a couple and leaves the main love triangle up in the air. Or not. This drama continues to confound me, in all the right ways.

Written preview for episode 14:

Teacher Kang gets a call from the pokice, and discovers that Baek Hee was also present during the incident with Jin Gook. The two teachers go to find Baek Hee, during which they discover certain truths about Baek Hee’s situation.

The world renowned record company EMG has announced that it will be using video submissions to conduct a selection process. Without possessing the requisite skills and talent, most people don’t even have the inclination to attempt the challenge. Sam Dong quietly goes to get an application form. Starting from Sam Dong, the kids one by one begin to apply….

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Dream High bar, translated into English by me]

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51 Responses to Dream High Episode 14 Written Preview

  1. estel says:

    Next week is going to be awesome I can just feel it. I hope that the situation with Baek-hee is, as was suggested by girlfriday over on dramabeans, the casting couch scenario. Not because I actually want that to happen (no one should have that happen to them), but it’s really the only thing that explains Jin-gook’s reaction, and also Baek-hee’s. Plus, I think it would be really gutsy of the writers/producers to do – it’s a problem for sure, but it doesn’t get much talked about in public. And I can’t wait to see how ALL the characters continue to handle the situations they find themselves in, from Jin-gook and Hye-mi and Sam-dong to Jason and Pil-sook.

  2. estel says:

    Oh, and for those interested: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/02/iu-releases-mv-for-“the-story-only-i-didn’t-know”

    IU’s released her latest MV, and while it’s a little melodramatic, it does show off her amazing vocals really well, and the song is beautiful and melancholy.

  3. Butet says:

    That was fast.


  4. anais says:

    I’m a bit thrown. These written previews – even though supposedly released by KBS – are so off from what happens in the actual episodes. Does this mean that the producers are changing the storyline at the last minute?

    • ockoala says:

      Good question. I have been curious about why the recent written previews have been off. I don’t think they are fan planted since it comes from KBS, but it’s just not jibing with the actual episode these last few eps.

      • Butet says:

        I read on Allkpop.com that even the actors themselves don’t even know who “K” is and that the producers-writers are just taking it as it goes and see how the plot develops.


      • Autumn says:

        well from what i heard, the writers have already decided who K is going to be, but the casts themselves don’t know yet.

  5. Butet says:

    I gave up trying to figure out who ends up with who or who ends up being “K”. Though I have my theories I don’t mind being wrong.

    But now, my mind is reeling. What is Baek Hee’s “situation” and what is the truth. My theory is that she totally faked the whole sexual assault situation and that she forced herself on him trying to ‘convince’ him to let her stay and at that exact moment that’s where Jin Gook comes in and misunderstands. But I could be wrong. I could be.

    I know this drama is about to end with a special instead of an extended episode, but can we please, pleassse, have like a Pilsook-Jason special? Or at least take part of the special and focus it on their relationship.

    • Liz says:

      No, I don’t think so, I think the manager started it.. he even send her after in the same day a expensive and fine ‘present’ (that I suspect is more like a Bribe to keep her shut up…) and so she insist to send it back to the manager, this means she wasn’t the one who started it.

      Well I could be wrong…

  6. w. says:

    I think they should increase DH to 25 episodes. There’s plenty of room for story development.

  7. MacMickie says:

    Oh my gosh! Why does Dream High only have 16 episodes! They can’t tell everyones story in just 16 episodes! I wish they should extend this. -___-

    I want to see more of Pilsook-Jason, they’re like so cute together!

    Is there going to be a season 2? Hope they do have one and continue it.

  8. jowha says:

    They say that the weather man is full of lies. I say that KBS comes in a good second.

    Although I do think that there is some truth to the preview for next weeks episode as the show will come to a close soon.

  9. Erika says:

    Oh my I want they add more ep like 20ep?never got tired of it.I think Jason-Phil suk the only pair.gosh I love them so cute.

  10. jeankaycee says:

    thanks ockoala!!!

    even though i have a SamMi heart, i already gave up who’s ending with whom or even guessing who’s gonna be K because dream high have given me so much satisfaction in regards with its storylines and executions

    even though the acting of some of the cast are not superior, its how the story takes place that really captures my interest.
    im keeping my fingers crossed for the great finale that this drama deserves!

    and last, a shout to kim soo hyun for being such a joy to watch making samdong such a kid to root for!
    he’s really a young actor to look out for!

    im so excited to next episodes to come!

  11. solbay2 says:

    Ok, so me and my sister is still stuck on ep 7, but I can’t help sneaking a peek. All I can say to this – “but I do think that Hye Mi is discovering that she has the stirrings of feelings for Sam Dong beyond just “he’s my friend.” All I have to say is – what took you so long, girl!”

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT when when how?! Oh god I need to dl the other episodes now!

  12. InHwan says:

    What’s the certain truth about baekhee’s situation? So many question marks in my mind now.. Feel so sad that the drama is going to end.. Hopefully they will extend it or have a second season! It will be really great then!

  13. herdys says:

    I think Baek-hee will be K.

    Don’t hit me please!!! *hides behind computer*

    She was the one who originally got the pendant, and now she’s the one who needs it the most. I’m sure Jin Gook will get better and then he’ll give it to her. At the beginning of the series K said he/she wanted to thank to persons who believed and helped him/her. It could be the director and teacher Shin, who’s on her side now.

    I don’t know, it seems the best way to redeem her. That doesn’t mean that Hye-Mi and c&a won’t be famous, they just won’t be K.

    What do you think???

    • rdrgrmx says:

      yes, it makes sense D:
      since the director did not feature again, and the only person he helped was her.
      But I still think the singer is a man.

      • herdys says:

        I read in soompi that even the actors don’t know who K is. It seems the writers haven’t decided yet, or so they tell us. That means that the first episode wasn’t filmed with them knowing who could K be, so all the theories based on that are meaningless.

        I wish it could be all of them, it would be so cool, but doesn’t seem very probable. A lot of people think Sam Dong will be the one… We’ll see!!

        Can’t believe there are only 3 more episodes left!! Waiting for episode 16 it’s gonna be TORTURE!! T_T

    • InHwan says:

      Wah! It make sense.. Maybe baekhee will be K. Actually I don’t really care who end up will be K. I care about the relationship part. Haha. Waiting for monday! But I don’t want the drama to end so quickly..

    • saboriana says:

      Thank you
      I thought I had lost it when right from the start I thought K would be Baek Hee. I’m so happy to know that if indeed I’m loony at least I’m not the only one. The reason I pick Baek Hee is because at the audition when she mistake the bug in her mothers dream to be a lady bug which is lucky, the principal corrects this by letting us know that the bug is actually not lucky at all but rather a common bug. But butterfly’s start off as rather common and unattractive caterpillars, and for all of Dream High so far, Baek Hee has been the only caterpillar to not became a butterfly.

    • michelle says:

      BaekHee is not K. In episode 1 of the drama, at the very beginning, when someone says to the chairman, “it has been said that this is a picture from singer K’s high school days, is that right?” to the chairman, the chairman answers, “That’s right; this photo was taken from his school days.” Because the chairman said “his” and not “her”, K is either Jin-Guk or Sam Dong. And I’m thinking it’s Sam Dong because he’s proven himself to be a musical prodigy.

  14. ackkkkk omg obbssesed says:

    PIL And JASON are so cute i love them i wish they’d admit to eachother
    i also with another 15-20 eps. never gets tiring KDRAMA ROX!

  15. Bibi says:

    Like Ma du Shik i have seen enlightement .I don’t care if SD doesn’t get the girl as long as he is happy.

  16. Pamela says:

    Well this is what I think. It would be Hye Mi & Sam Dong and Jin Gook & Baek Hae. ❤
    I love Hye Mi and Jin Gook's childhood memories, but I think Sam Dong is perfect for Hye mi!
    And I think Baek Hae is K. Like other people said, she is the one who needs help. I love Dream High. They added a twist in the recent episode. I never thought it would turn out like that.

  17. sunny says:

    I think 6 of them will be K. And hyemi would not choose anyone because she choose friendship is more important than love. This drama is about friendship and support one another.

  18. Tiffany says:

    Hye Mi definitely likes Jin Guk but I think she’s starting to like Sam Dong… did you see her face when Sam Dong asked her if she liked him?

  19. hyunju says:

    im pretty sure samdong and hye mi will end up together… yey!

  20. anais says:

    I don’t want anyone but Chipmunk and Sushi to become a couple. Rather than have HyeMi end up with anyone, I want her, JinGook, and SamDong all to focus on realizing their dreams. They’re in high school. The Milky couple makes sense since their affections are appropriate to high school aged teenagers, whereas the competition between JinGook and SamDong is too much.

  21. luvnickhun says:

    Guys do you know who will end up with hyemi PLZ tell me if u have any idea <<<

  22. YL says:

    It’s clear that the manager is in cahoots with the candidate running opposite Jingook’s dad for the presidential campaign and he had plans to bring him down. Baek Hee gave him the perfect chance and got the ‘gift’.

  23. YL says:

    I think K is definitely Samdong since he’s the only one trying out for the international company EMG. Isn’t ‘K’ an international star eventually?

    • dreamhigh says:

      but then in the end, all of them try out for EMG. and in realiy, jin guk (Taecyeon from 2PM) can speak english (cuz he was born in america), korean (cuz he immigrated to korea when he was young and he’s korean), and some other azn language that i forgot (cuz he’s a singer). thats 3 languages. and isnt that considered international?

  24. YL says:

    Hyemi with Samdong – 60% Chance
    Hyemi with Jingook – 1% Chance
    Hyemi with No one – 39% Chance

    That’s my take

  25. ican'twaitforthenextepisode says:

    you know, until now i have no idea who hyemi really cares about.
    But from the start, i wanted jun gook and hyemi together! 🙂
    then samdong seemed like the third party, but now, not anymore.
    everything seems equal!
    I heard that the play didnt start with a K in mind, but due to everyone’s questioning, they chose one?
    pilsook and jason are still the best :DDDDD

  26. IloveDreamHigh23 says:

    OMG I had a brilliant and BEYOND brilliant.. thought…

    WHAT IF… K isn’t one of the kids?

    WHAT IF .. K is Kang-saem..
    OMG WHAT IF.. he like…. went back to his days.. and WHAT IF that was the “Director’s” Plan all along., in wanting him to teach the kids… WHAT IF that was to make him realize his own talents?!?!?!??!?!

    • dreamhigh says:

      omg based on your way of thinking…..i might be true……but then how did the pendant get to a man? (there was a man’s vice and he was holding the K pendant at the beginnin of the series)…..OMG O.O

  27. InHwan says:

    Just watched episode 14 of Dream High! Can’t wait for episode 15! Most likely hyemi will end up with samdong. Can see her feelings towards samdong.. What will happen to JinGuk?! ;( Oh no..

  28. dreamhigh says:

    ok, so i dont know who K is, but at the beginning of the series, a man was talking about how he wasnt the reason for K’s success, and som other dude was saying that he was too modest. well, then i think the modest man was the director, you know, the one that left a while ago? can K possibly be more than one person? its probably like all 6 of them and in the end they are all happy friends. isn’t jin guk, jason, li ah ra, yoon baek hee, etc. in the group “K”? ❤ pil suk and jason, so cute! and idk who's better, sam dong and hye mi or hye mi and jin guk. but i dont think it's about hye mi's relationship. in fact, since the whole drama is so short anyways (CRIES T.T) the end will probably picture sam dong and jin guk agreeing to keep competing or something.

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