Video Preview for Episode 13 of My Princess

Okay people, here’s your preview for tomorrow’s episode 13 of My Princess. At the risk of starting my potential ranting and raving early based on the written (and now video) preview, I might as well just chill and wait for the actual episode to air. Unlike the collective horror that was reading the written preview for episode 15 of M3 (what with the going up a mountain, and OMG that still gives me brain pain to this day), MP 13 could very well have plot development that is sane and consistent within the logic of the story. Right? Tell me you all agree with that possibility….

Preview for episode 13:

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34 Responses to Video Preview for Episode 13 of My Princess

  1. simplydisty says:

    I’m actually just waiting for this drama to end. I want to just finish and watch episode 16 already. So that I can see the evil woman put in her place… GRRRRR…

  2. estel says:

    Here’s hoping…

    • estel says:

      Ok, no, I take it back. Now it’s Seol’s turn to get stupid and Noble Idiot all over us? Puh-leeeease, writer-nim, you couldn’t think of ANYTHING ELSE to bring dramatic tension to the storyline? Like, oh, say BEING A NOVICE HEAD OF STATE?!?! I mean, that’s probably not hard at all, no, nor is the conflict between ideologies of a civil servant and the newly crowned monarch. Yes, clearly, you choose the better path…or at least, the most well-trodden one.

      • mayssenger says:

        estel, they take turns being noble idiots each week….HY was first, if I recall, so now it’s Seul’s turn, which means next ep, it’ll be HY’s turn again….I bet they’re real tired of playing noble idiots.

      • estel says:

        Well, I’M really tired of them playing Noble Idiots. It’s like the screenwriter went on autopilot after episode six or so. ~sigh of disgust~

  3. outofurReach says:

    the link is available in China only D:

  4. Patty says:

    Hullo! Are you based in China? The video says it is currently available for viewing within China only… 😥

  5. Tarits says:

    I agree with simplydisty, let’s get it over with! To make ourselves happy and be happiest to see the 3 B’s scamper like crazy chickens!

  6. muscat says:

    Yoon Joo’s face makes me want to vomit—she’s totally irritating to watch “die bish die!
    oooops, sorry people for my sudden outburst, hoping for a worthwhile episode —thanks for the video preview ockoala.

    • estel says:

      No, I totally agree. It’s a good thing she’s not a real person, if I saw her in real life I might not be able to stop myself from a smackdown, right then and there, wherever that was.

  7. D says:

    o god the first part of this looks sooo cute…i think i might even livestream this if i’m still awake

  8. tangee says:

    Dear ockoala
    thanks for preview..

  9. mayssenger says:

    No kiss?

    • loveit says:

      Doesn’t looks like it … cute photos of him tying her hair though

    • mayssenger says:

      ok, something’s weird going on here….he wipes her face and ties her hair….but he doesn’t kiss her? Not even a peck? I don’t get it. Two ppl in love alone in a remote cottage. And all they do is pillow fight, wipe her face and tie her hair? I know, I know, I’m deprived, depraved….whatever, but is it just me thinking it’s so unnatural not to kiss, hug or hold hands? See, I’m not even going to talk about boating….we’ll only see boating in our shower dreams guys, sorry….I just feel it really weird that 13 eps have gone by and all they have to show for ROMANCE is a kiss on the stairs. And they’re supposed to be IN LOVE. Think what we would get if they were MARRIED….probably a brotherly slap on the shoulder for hello, and a businesslike handshake for goodbye? *shudder*

    • sandi says:

      how do u know?

      • mayssenger says:

        I just feel there won’t be any kiss, sandi….I hope the ep surprises me. But I really doubt it.

      • sandi says:

        Mayssenger, firstly want to say thanks to u for giving us a link of MP fan blog, I am enjoying to visit there to see any hint about MP.

        I hope for something positive, mayssenger, but not in epi 13.
        Because of LS will leave HY in epi 13 and HY will explose his feelings in epi 14. Then there will be some sweet scenes coming up …, I think.

        I am not happy to see main 2 leads leaving eachother over again & again….. but may be this leaving scene will give us something wonderful suprise, after HY&LS back together…

      • a_fan says:

        lived 2 sems in Seoul. Encountered some libidinous post-military K men

  10. mey says:

    i’ll be dreaming up my own haeyoung-seol scenario instead haha

  11. samgetang says:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks, Ockoala! 🙂 PHY tying her hair? Teasing her with food on the spoon? Pillow-fighting in front of the fireplace? Hmmm.. Cute. Cute. Cute. 🙂

  12. iceprincess says:

    How old is that evil woman? She looks old, old, very old. She gives me goose skin when she calls him “oppa”. She looks like his grandma !! (oh well, maybe his auntie – I am exacerating… ha ha ha)

  13. iceprincess says:

    Pardon me – I meant Exaggerating… sorry for my English. Italian is my first language.

  14. emma says:

    Hi, many thanks for the preview….I am just rewatching and rewatching the 1st part ONLY…I m still in the V day mood. So only the sweet and cute moments…I like the one he tie her hair and feed her food….They should really date in real life…they just look so pretty together…..arrrr..

  15. sandi says:

    Thanks for MP 13 preview.
    I want to watch it now, its so hard to wait. Its so good to see HYLS moments…….

  16. asea says:

    (Seeing the first part of the preview) (^_________^)
    (Seeing the later part) (‘o’) (–,) (T_T) (=_=#)

    Nooooo.. I will probably stream live but stop when the cuteness disappear, might watch this once it finished. Seems like it will be all frustrating except the last episode (hopefully not!)… So I thank you again for continuing the recap…

  17. Anne says:

    I think I will write my own chapter 13 on what happen when the 2 of them are alone in that cottage. Omg they are not high schoolers. HY is supposed to be in his early 30s and LS in her mid 20s. They should be doing some romantic things that they can”t take their hands and lips off each other. I want some kissing more than the PK kiss in the rain and in the car. Even kisses on SG are too mild. Pls PDnim. I hope I”ll see some this last 4 episodes

  18. evon88 says:

    Song Seung Heon, you really have a very handsome unique looks, your thick dark eyebrows and attractive eyes gives you the most greatest charm, to be so manly, tall in height, charismatic, dressing and walking with elegant style. An actor who is so brialliant and multi-talented always love and bless by the worldwide millions and millions surrroundings fans will give you the greatest support!!!!!!

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