Written Preview for Episode 13 of My Princess

I didn’t expect my request for some feedback from folks who are watching My Princess to elicit so many responses in my recap for episode 12. Agree or disagree with my opinion, it shouldn’t influence anyone’s enjoyment of MP. But it does baffle me when I’m told I have a hatred of this drama and therefore should stop recapping it.

If I hated MP, this drama would never be discussed at my blog, period. Clearly I am frustrated with where this drama has gone in the recent episodes, which as an emotion is wholly different than disliking something. My frustration stems from loving MP so much that it hurts me to see it take a nose-dive in plot sanity. Here’s to hoping episode 13 steers the ship back towards land.

Episode 13 written preview:

Because of this, I now give up Park Hae Young….!

Hae Young and Seol are spending some quality romantic time together, when Seol receives a phone call from Hae Young’s dad. She remembers painful memories from her childhood, and she tearfully leaves Hae Young.

On the other hand, Jung Woo tells Yoon Joo that he had switched out the real satchel. He asks her to quit her position as Director of the Royal Foundation. Seol finds Grandpa and tells him that she does not want to be princess anymore. Grandpa suffers a shock and collapses on the spot….

My Thoughts:

Mwahahaha, those of you wanting Grandpa to bite it, it appears your wish may come true. Or at least Grandpa will be out of commission for the near future it seems. In my annoyance with the last few episodes of MP, I forgot to credit the drama for avoiding yet another brain-dead plot point, which is people falling for a pack of incredulous lies. In this case, Dan’s crock of bullshit is bought by NO ONE, literally not a single human being in this drama believes her story. That’s wonderfully refreshing to see. Too bad Yoon Joo still wanders around executing piddling machinations.

I really wish this drama had no big bad – i.e. some evil-doer looking to derail the royal restoration – because there are so many overarching and more pressing obstacles that lie before Seol becoming a princess (and Seol getting together with Hae Young) that the writer could mine that well for years before it even hits the bottom. It’s like the opposition leader, the President, the citizens voting for the restoration, all of that takes a backseat to Yoon Joo and her power-trip-of-envy. I wish I could see more of that, because all of those issues will likely still exist even after Yoon Joo and Dan are fed to a pit of snakes. But who knows, maybe some hot and heavy boating for the OTP in that cabin will make me forgive all of MP’s recent transgressions.

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by Baidu My Princess bar, translated into English by me]

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61 Responses to Written Preview for Episode 13 of My Princess

  1. martha says:

    Here I was hoping that they would get some quality time for … you know fun stuff. Oh well. Also —-> I love your recaps even when they are a bit snarky 😀 Especially when they are a bit snarky. LOL It always seems like you are enjoying it and I don’t have to agree with you to enjoy your writing.

  2. estel says:

    Here’s to boating! I can forgiving a drama a lot for some quality boating between costars with good chemistry.

    And I hope Grandpa, Yoon-ju, AND Dan all bite it simultaneously in an act of God so we can finally have some decent plot development and get The Cute back.

  3. MJShinshi says:

    LOL@estel…bite it simultaneously!! that preview is not helping us with our wish for boating time in the cottage! There’s a picture of HY floating around looking sad out a window in the cottage….is that why? Will LS come back to cottage after Grandpa croaks….oops I mean collapsed? Bring the cute back!!

    • mayssenger says:

      He’s sad cos he looks out the window and sees her paddling away in a boat….a real one.

    • mayssenger says:

      Omg! Just had a horrendous thought….he’s sad cos he sees YJ coming…she’s right outside cos she wants some boating from HY! Omg….I feel sick….BLEAH

    • mayssenger says:

      Ok calmer now….he’s sad cos he sees the ghost of Grandpa yelling at him silently….he can’t hear the words but he can see them cos he can lip-read …..wait…Grandpa is mouthing: YOU JERKKKK. QUITTTTT RUNNINGGGGGGG

    • mayssenger says:

      Ok this is my absolute last post. He’s sad cos he doesn’t understand why writer won’t give him some boating. He’s checking his reflection in the mirror cos he’s worried he’s lost that boating touch.

    • allenif says:

      bwahahah! chingu, calm down please. i know what you’re going through coz that’s what exactly i am now. heheh! please hang on… keep your sanity intact till next week. LOL FIGHTING!!!!

  4. muscat says:

    i can’t get myself to watch ep. 11 & 12–right now i’m waiting for some redemption hopefully on these upcoming 2 episodes (pleassssee ) i want to feel not angst but a sense of sheer tranquil joyfulness that only a good fantasy drama can provide. ( i guess that is why i diligently follow dramas to kinda escape from the hustle and bustle of our daily routine called life)— i’m in need of a good dose of MP—-a ja-ja- fighting????? 😦

  5. D says:

    “Hae Young and Seol spend more romatic time together”…YES…looks like we get more of the cute next episode
    “Grandpa suffers a shock and collapses on the spot….”…LMAO…I know this is not funny but after the number of times Lee Soon Jae had to collapse in WUAS last year, I thought the MP makers would be kinder toeveryone’s favorite Grandpa this time around….looks like he just has no luck with January dramas..lol
    that said I am definitely enjoying this drama more than Dream High mostly because I love the OTP here and I work better with dramas with strong OTP’s rather than frustrating love triangles plus I feel like MP retains the cute better through a drama’s midway angst than Dream High still keeping it enjoyable…I agree that they should focus on more of the other issues that concern the restoration of a monarchy rather all the Yoon Ju-Dan evil doing

  6. tokii says:

    oohhh!! FINALLY.. grandpa will collapse..!!! sorry guys i’m not being cruel….but as grandpa’s one track mind abt how Mr P is same evil as his dad.. in almost every single episode, i really really do think that dude need some rest..DO NOT to kill him though, but make him sleep aaaa like coma??… he can wake up after Mr P n princess r married n have kids…anticipating some cozy moments in epi 13… fighting MP!!!

  7. a_fan says:

    Thanks again Ockoala. It’s anyone’s guess where this drama is headed. Maybe it’s Yoon Ju after all who is the real princess.

  8. Bada703 says:

    Definitely agree about ” more pressing obstacles”; but, maybe they’ll get into them. Is this a 16 or 20 episodes? Although, at this rate, I’m cheering for 16 😕

    Also, I wanted to express my appreciation of your evil laugh. ALOL

  9. yong in says:

    omo, Seol leaves Hae Young again? I had high hopes for this episode, aigoo. I thought we already had it resolved that both of them will find the truth together. Now, she’s leaving again? I hope she does recover those important childhood memories of her there.

    Thanks for this!

  10. Minsun says:

    Thanks for the preview koala! Been anxiously watching your site for it:) I’m with you on the boating! But I dare not get my hopes up…

  11. Tarits (Rita) says:

    I am glad I read the comments and got the opportunity to laugh. It seems everyone wants grandpa to kick the bucket. I am surprised that no one bothered to write more about the the Big B and the Little B except Estel. And to Estel, I say “high five”! Do you need help to push all 3? I gladly volunteer so they can have dust for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    But what is the writer thinking? Is it still the original writer on the wheels or has the other writer managed to get a grip of the story that it suddenly changed course. I think the writer(s) do not wish to give the followers any reason to rejoice but just let out a lot of tears.

    Whichever, I will not watch episode 13 as as not to make myself sad. Episode 14 and 15 I bet would still have the 3 B applauding still unless all 3 have kicked the bucket!
    The writer must love them so!

  12. dianah501 says:

    omg i hope everything will finally go well for Seol. She has suffered too much already. but….. she is super lucky to have a guy as caring for her and as handsome as hae young in love with her. Did u guys see how in the last episode when Yoon Ju threatened her and he came in like “Look at me, tell me whatever she told you, i’ll protect you.” i was like AWEEE! ❤

  13. mayssenger says:

    so annoying…..she leaves him again? How many times now has she done this? Hide and seek, hide and seek…..aarghhhh

    • allenif says:

      huhuhuh… chingu, it’s 360 degrees turn from what we are expecting. T_T care to join me in assassinating the writer?

      • mayssenger says:

        so annoyed allenif chingu….what is wrong with the writer???? It’s like she’s on a totally different wavelength than us shallow ppl…..he he Oh, well, at least this time we’re rooting for the right guy. Remember M3? haha We rooted for JI and look where it got us. But it’s almost over….next week’s the last two eps….what am I going to watch after that? I wish HJ would act in a new drama….I love SSH but HJ’s still my no.1

      • tangee says:

        Yes, it is getting a bit more ridiculous than expected…
        “”care to join me in assassinating the writer?””
        Count me in on this mission possible…

      • a_fan says:

        Count me in. I do wonder if these writers ever watch dramas.

      • allenif says:

        @mayssenger ► chingu, the writer is suffering from dyslexia. she totally forgot what boating is. your expertise is badly needed…ASAP!!! LOL on the other hand, watching MP is far better than M3. heheh! of course i cannot forget M3. how i almost died of heart attack because of our beloved JI. we were the crazy passengers of the sinking ship. hahahha! me too, i don’t have something particular to watch after mp and dh end.

        @ tangee and fellow pkisser a_fan ► annyeong!!! so let’s join forces and begin the operation…. god save the queen, kill the writer!!! … err, i mean the princess. heheh! or shall i say…. let’s volt in!!!!!

      • susan sukkie says:

        count me in, so ready to go

      • tangee says:

        Dear allenif
        “”so let’s join forces and begin the operation. kill the writer!!!”” he he he… my stomach hurts..
        OK, will need date, time and place to meet… komawoo…
        looks like you have an army of sisterhood with you re this assassinatio… LOL..

      • tangee says:

        oops… I mean this “”assassination””

  14. tuttie says:

    Boring and childish decision to leave him alone again! This angst its pointless… I hope next episode is better “cause this one sounds like crap!!! Hae young oppa, fighting!!

    • mayssenger says:

      tuttie, totally agree with you….very pointless angst….like the part he decided to leave and went to the airport? Ridiculous….she followed him there, wept, then….PHONE CALL?????? That’s it????? Next scene, he’s back….and it’s like the whole scene never took place????? Sooooo annoying….there has to be a POINT for every scene, you don’t just simply have them running off to the airport and then back again just for the sake of some angst! The writer is running out of steam and trying to buy time for 4 more eps.

      • tangee says:

        Hey, mayssenger
        “”The writer is running out of steam and trying to buy time for 4 more eps.””
        That is so so true to truth..
        Am a bit puzzled as to the script.. as everyone knows SSH/KTH were confirmed as leads for MP during May last year, if am not wrong. How is it that the script was not prepared then when things were already kind of firm up and how come they just script it as they go along while they are filming? As always, during the last few episodes, the leads run around like headless chickens ‘cos of @#$#% script?
        Do you have any take on this??

        Off topic… renowned director Wong Kar Wai did that to Maggie Cheung/Tony Leung during filming of “In the Mood for Luv”. Maggie said it was difficult and stressful that she was not given any time to practise on the script as there was none. they just make it up as they go along..

      • mayssenger says:

        headless chickens…he he I like that….writer’s desperate to clear all the loose ends and has got no time for romance…..always the same….a languid start then half way plot careens off like a crazy runaway train…

      • mayssenger says:

        tangee, I read from nana’s post that they had the writer from SG coming in halfway? No wonder it’s so different now….I miss the charm and banter of the early eps….it’s getting so heavy now.

      • tangee says:

        This SG writer, think she did have time for romance for the two leads, HY/HJW, am I right?? At least, they had some serious lip locking and hugs, sweet tender moments etc. How is it that she is not injecting the same thing into MP, huh? [that injection should have been 2 episodes ago!] we as fans demand to have an answer, don’t you think?? Then again, she is way too busy with the 2 bitchy bitches’ plot.
        Perhaps, her brain is on overdrive to no avail, possibly after unleashing all her energy for SG, brain out of juice no matter how much you squeeze…sorry! am a bit dim at the moment..But, But, but, dear scriptwriter, that’s gonna upset us fans and also, repercussion on the ratings, doesn’t she already know??!!
        apologies for ventilation due to frustration at writer… SIGH!!!

  15. dramacraz says:

    i hope grandpa doesn’t die cuz if he does die then UCLA will be like muahhhhh time to destroy LS……which is going to make me cry. T_T
    also i hope that 75% of the episode is about LS’s & HY’s “quality” alone time…….^^

    • mayssenger says:

      I think the collapse of grandpa is necessary to bring bad daddy back to explain what happened to LS’s father. I feel he’s a good guy, and that the secretary lied to HY about the past hounding. We see HY’s father threatening LS’s father cos that was what the secretary told HY, so could be a lie.

      Grandpa collapsing would also widen the rift between HY and LS….she’s going to feel very guilty and YJ is going to capitalise on that. I think LS will probably leave for good this time….. *rolls eyes*……. just kidding guys! She will “leave” but of course he’ll run to the airport to stop her….again….. *smirks*….that will probably be in the last ep. Which means 3 eps of angst….oh lord, help me…. The amount of time spent running here and there is a sheer waste: think of the loads of boating and hugging and kissing and showering that could have taken place instead!

    • mey says:

      oh my god, yes! i want more than 75% actually. i’m greedy like that. can we have 55 minutes of sweetness and then if they can wrap up the bitter moments to the last 5, that’s fine with me.

  16. Emma says:

    oh Nooooooo, what’s wrong with Writer nim??? She must be suffering from lost memory for writing MP too 😦 I really hope ep13 written preview is mis-leading. I am looking forward to the “boating”, “flooring”, whatever-u-call-it btw LS and HY, it’s afterall Valentine Day… But I don’t think Grandpa is going to collapse cos maybe LS is trained in CPR….I just hope the kiss we so badly want to see, does not end up as a kiss-of-life for Grandpa!!!!!! Jr Park, not the most Snr Park!!!

    • tangee says:

      Dear Emma
      “”I really hope ep13 written preview is mis-leading.””
      I do SO want to believe this.. Patience, patience, let’s wait and see.. Fingers-crossed, maybe it’s not as bad as it seems..
      Thanks for the calm before the storm.

  17. Nana says:

    All the angst since the SG writer came on board? They better give us at least 2 episodes of cuteness (and some hot and heavy loving) since there are only 4 eps left!!! A shower scene wouldn’t hurt either.

  18. a_fan says:

    Can’t understand why oh why we don’t get more named SSH. He’s gorgeous. Love the way he looks at LS. IThe way he tilts his head. He id so tummy. I would jump on the chance to kiss thuse sexy lips and hold that hot bod. Never mind LS or KTH. I want him for myself, PHY or SSH!

  19. a_fan says:

    Ok, that was naked and yummy. Curse this android

    • mayssenger says:

      tsk tsk a_fan, calm down girl….you’re agitating yourself….do you mean he has a yummy tummy? Ok, ok, I see it….*soothing voice*…..

      • a_fan says:

        You can have HJ as long as I get SSH. He’s delicious.

      • mayssenger says:

        a_fan, did you see…he brought her to our little cottage in the woods!

      • a_fan says:

        Can you kidnap KTH so I get to play LS tomorrow and Thursday in that little cottage? I’ll then be enjoying kimpap, maekju and SSH in front of the fireplace in a darkened living room. Forget the kimpap and maekju. Just SSH will fill me up.

      • allenif says:

        uh-oh!!! the forest friends are back. LOL

      • mayssenger says:

        okie dokie….I notice SSH has got a lot of hair everywhere, bet his nostrils inside will look like the amazon forests, so go ahead….enjoy!

  20. sandi says:

    Thanks Ockoala for preview of epi 13.
    I am sick of HY and LS keep running away form eachother.
    Script writer please stop the repeated scenes.
    Write something that we all love to see form two main leads.
    Give us something that we can fully enjoy with lovely MP.

  21. samantha Lim says:

    I love your recaps! If I have to write one, I’m sure it would be somewhere near your style. Yours is better by a long shot. Love your humor!

  22. hermissingpiece says:

    What is the website to watch the ep 13 preview?

  23. houstontwin says:

    Typically, all is revealed to whoever is lying, seemingly unconscious in a hospital room. Here are some scenarios:
    1.Probably HY will talk to sleeping grandpa and declare his love for S.
    2.Maybe HY’s dad will appear and give grandpa a piece of his mind and declare his innocence.
    3. YJ will express her contempt and anger for all parties.
    4. YJ’s dad will confess his crimes.

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  25. saranggwoaidi says:

    MP is going too fast….i think they’ll need more than 16 episodes anyways………i was hoping that they would have time to be together until episode 16 😦 why do they have to screw up the plot? soooo annoying things were heading in a good direction now………… :((
    I miss My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

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  27. ethel bergado says:

    oh my, HY is so romantic, i am so inlove with this drama MP…

  28. ethel bergado says:

    oh yeah i just love the kissing part and how he confessed to her how much he love her. oh my i am just lovinnnng it….

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