Upcoming MBC Drama Can You Hear My Heart Casts Its Leads Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Jae Won, and Namgong Min

MBC’s current weekend drama Flames of Desire is burning up the screens with its epic pathos, but its successor looks to do an about-turn and go the cheerful, upbeat route. Earlier in January, rising actress Hwang Jung Eum was cast as the lead of Can You Hear My Heart, and this week her leading man was selected – fresh out of the military Mr. Smiley Dimples himself, Kim Jae Won. If I watch this drama, it will be for neither leads, but because Namgong Min also just got cast as the second male lead. Commence second-lead shipping countdown!

Hhmmm, Namgong Min *drooling…..* On a less fangirly note, I thought Hwang Jung Eum acquitted herself admirably in Giant, her performance getting better and better as the drama progressed. It was like she was soaking up all the collective awesome from her amazing co-stars. Her first leading role here should show whether she’s the real deal.

I’ve less impressed with her leading man. I’ve watched so many Kim Jae Won dramas and movies, and not a single time was it for Kim Jae Won. He seems like one of the THE nicest guys in the entertainment business, but his screen presence and acting nuance is close to zero for me. He melts into the scenery, and if there is another guy in the same drama, I end up rooting for the other guy no matter what.

In this case, it’s a given I’m going to root for Namgong Min, who I know is due for a breakout role. C’mon people, he singlehandedly made me not want to commit drama genocide on every single character in One Fine Day. He’s gorgeous and his block-of-wood-ness is slowly wearing away. He’s No Min Woo before No Min Woo become Dong Joo Teacher and lured women in with his emo-pretty-boy ways. Oops, did I put a shirtless picture of Namgong Min up there? I guess everyone will have to endure looking at his chest that was carved out of marble. 🙂

Can You Hear My Heart will be helmed by the PD who did Fantasy Couple, and written by the screenwriter who did Smile, You. I rather enjoyed the former, but the latter drama didn’t resonate with me. Can You Hear My Heart is scheduled to be a fifty-episode weekend series, with an uplifting story about the love between a cheerful woman and a man who is hearing-impaired.

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8 Responses to Upcoming MBC Drama Can You Hear My Heart Casts Its Leads Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Jae Won, and Namgong Min

  1. Kender says:

    I’m totally gonna be grabbity grabbity for NGM too, just so you know. Man is FINE. And it kills me how much crap he always ends up acting in. Give him a decent project and he might be, y’know, decent.

  2. dangermousie says:

    Who was he in One Fine Day?

    Loved KJW in Romance but his wide wide grin freaks me out.

    • ockoala says:

      He was the second male lead in OFD! The aquarium director who was unfortunate enough to fall for SYR and get embroiled in the whole fauxcesty love affair.

      He was definitly not to attempted rapist incest real brother of SYR. And we all know the fauxcest brother was Gong Yoo.

  3. muscat says:

    kim jae woon—oh how i missed thee—welcome back sweet cheeks—

  4. Sere says:

    Ooooh nice second lead! *___*

    Man, I didn’t like Fantasy Couple that much? It seemed so…dull to me. *hides*

  5. Trina says:

    O.M.G… ooooohhhhhhh nnnnnnooooooo!!! another long 50 episode drama….

  6. martha says:

    Oh very nice indeed! Thank you 🙂

  7. djes says:

    Namgong Min!
    whoaa. I never like Kim Jae Won…too sweet look to my liking 😛
    So this is another long episode dramas? I just can’t think that FOA will end anyway.

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