Retrospective: Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung mise-en-scene CFs

These series of mise-en-scene CFs may just be one of the best K-drama inspired couples CFs I’ve ever seen. From the concept to the execution, everything was perfectly tailored for the couple in question – Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung, who had just come off a sizzling onscreen turn as Lee Soo Jung and Jung Jae Min in What Happened in Bali. What happened was that they melted my screen, and gave the ahjummas of Korea collectively hot flashes and vapors with their indescribably sexual chemistry. It was raw, ragged, and totally riveting. I couldn’t stop watching WHIB.

After wrapping WHIB, they each bagged tons of awards and became CF darlings, individually and together. My favorite couples CFs were these from hair product line mise-en-scene. These CFs should be a case study in how to say a lot in 30 short seconds of air time. After watching the commercials, I immediately (1) wanted to buy the hair products because I was convinced I could have Ha Ji Won’s hair (and sex appeal), and (2) watched the CFs again.

Mise-en-Scene CF 1:

Mise-en-Scene CF 1:

When I watched WHIB, I never thought Ha Ji Won or Jo In Sung were secretly falling in love in real life, or that they ought to get together. What I did think was that these two people had an undeniable electric chemistry onscreen that was sizzling, and definitely not manufactured. To this day, I’ve seen pretty much all of their other works, and neither actor has created this level of unforgettable oomph with another co-star.

Jae Min and Soo Jung was probably the most toxic K-drama couple I have ever watched onscreen. Yet I could not help but be captivated and enthralled by them, and hoping against hope that maybe these two damaged individuals together could make it work as one whole couple.

One of the reasons (and there were many) that Secret Garden was such a uninspiring meta-failure for me was that Ha Ji Won was really playing the same character in WHIB, but with an easy-to-root for kindheartedness and some vocational training (and Hyun Bin was playing an even more messed up version of Samshik – but I’ll save that for another discussion). While Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won had great chemistry, for me it still couldn’t touch what she did with Jo In Sung back in 2004. There was not a single moment in the second half of WHIB where I didn’t believe 100% that Jae Min would literally die if he couldn’t have Soo Jung. Now that is some passion, folks.

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23 Responses to Retrospective: Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung mise-en-scene CFs

  1. sweetest tea says:

    ahhh WHIB madness is back.
    Acting is just superb. It was a one of a kind drama. def on my top list and looking mighty comfortable up there

  2. estel says:

    She is definitely rocking the long hair. Is it shallow to say I could never really get into her Ra-im character because she had short hair? I didn’t really feel the chemistry between her and Hyun Bin, honestly, but these two have it in spades. Wowzers.

    • tangee says:

      yeap, chemistry btwn her and HB was so-so.
      If you watch the BTS, HB seems to be close with her [like still holding her even after CUT scene has been called]and if he’s not with SHK, I would have thought that he’s making a run for her..
      then again, maybe, it’s just camaraderie..

      • Raxelle says: u have the link for the BTS of SG that you mentioned here..i soo want to watch it..thanks ^_^

        oh, these pics bring back the What Happened to Bali memories..they are in that drama together, right?..but sad ending though..

      • tangee says:

        I actually click on one of the previous blogs here where it’s posted by one of the SG shippers.. Sorry, can’t recall which one though.. try BTS SG on YT…

  3. tangee says:

    Dear ockoala
    domo arigato for posting…
    This DOES bring back the good memories.. They look hot together… Jo In Sung will always be ooohhh! one helluva of good looking guy to me.

    Oh.. BTW, when will he be discharged from his duties? anyone?

  4. miso says:

    gosh her hair is gorgeous. she looks so different with long hair. I was meh about her SG character, but mainly due to the way she was written. Have yet to start watching her other works.

  5. w. says:

    Is he back from military? WHIB was just scrumptious for Kaddiction. Someone has got to write a super script to unite these 2 for an even more intense drama. This ajumma here would be very happy.

  6. endodo says:

    I still need to watch WHIB…..

    Shame on me! Shame, shame, shame! XD

  7. idless says:

    Yes, WHIB is one of the most unforgettable K-drama for me, especially JIS and HJW chemistry. It was also because of this series that I became more interested in HJW works. Which led me to watching Hwang Jini and noticing JGS… but that’s another story to tell 😛

  8. Yong In says:

    yeah, in the early episodes of SG, i saw Ra Im similar with Soo Jung too. unfortunately, WHIB traumatized me with that tragic ending, so I wasn’t so hung up with said show. that was why I was so worried with the ending of SG, because of WHIB, lol.

    miss Jo In Sung! is he coming out from military service soon?

  9. leila8mae says:

    Oh my GOODNESS!!! Jo In Sung is soooo hot, I can’t breathe.. air anyone??

  10. thanks for sharing! didnt watch WHIB but gonna go read the story and also consider watching it!!! 😀

  11. Dante says:

    I guess I need to add WHIB to my “to be watched” list.


  12. joana says:

    I love Secret Garden and What Happened in Bali.
    I love both Hyun Bin and Jo In Sung for Ha Ji Won.
    I respect your opinion; but for me, SECRET GARDEN IS DEFINITELY “NOT” A FAILURE. 😉

  13. ais says:

    Agree!!! The chemistry between HJW and JIS in WHIB is just soo freaking intense.
    JIS will be coming out of the military this April, I’m hoping for a reunion project for these two 🙂

  14. angelica says:

    dear ockoala… wow intense chemistry..where can i watch whib my soju vids seems to be not working…thanks

  15. nita says:

    Ha Ji Won is not glamuor girl, but…i don’t know…she look exclusive and classy. Girl on Top !

  16. faith notes says:

    ha ji won and jo in sung have that raw, stirring chem that needs to be showcased again and again… and again. cant wait to see another project of them

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