Written Preview for Episode 11 of Dream High

W.O.W. That was a great episode 10 of Dream High. I’m having a hard time concentrating on writing this post. No spoilers about what happened, except for using a post-topping picture of the kiss between Hye Mi and Jin Gook which everyone has been chattering about for the last week. I really love how the story continues to move the kids forward in all disciplines of their star-making journey – singing, dancing, and so on and so forth. I’m never bored watching a new episode of DH.

Episode 11 written preview:

Hye Mi accepts Principle Yoon’s offer for her to debut. Even though she is happy that she will be able to be on the same stage at Jin Gook, her happiness is temporary. In order to save Teacher Kang, who has submitted his resignation, Hye Mi, Pil Sook, and Sam Dong must all get an A on the upcoming song writing contest.

Except Sam Dong has suddenly disappeared, and Hye Mi must find him no matter what before the song writing competition.

On the other hand, Baek Hee is faced with the prospect of being kicked out of group K. In order to show Principle Yoon her true ability, she vows to get an A at the song writing contest….

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Dream High bar, translated into English by me]

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27 Responses to Written Preview for Episode 11 of Dream High

  1. herdys says:

    thanks!! Not having a preview is a such a bummer!! Poor Sam Dong!! T_T

    I hope that he isn’t going to end up deaf, but at least, if he does, I hope he gets the girl!!!

    Loved the Jason – Pil Sook momments!! Milky Couple = Love *_*

  2. sandra says:

    T-T buuuuh i need spoilers!! the only page i can access in my work is this one, can some one tell me what
    happend!!! pleaseee T-T

    • herdys says:

      I hope this helps!! SPOILER ALERT EVERYONE!!

      Pil sook has to stay in the hospital and at the end of the episode Jason goes to see her, and almost confesses, but ends up telling her he likes her voice, so to not missunderstand.

      JG and HM go in the ferry Wheel and he tells her everything about his dad and how he suffered. They cry together and they kiss. Poor Sam Dong watches everything from a window and his heart breaks. He starts to cry and the something happens to his hearing and he falls to the floor and I think he faints.

      More things happen but those are the BIG SPOILERs!! Hope it helped!! Also there a website called REBEL SOULS and she does live recaps. They help a lot… especially if you don’t understad korean like me =)

      • sandra says:

        THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! it help a lot because i still have 5 more hours here, in my work
        thank U!!! 🙂

  3. estel says:

    OMOMO Episode 10 was AWESOME!!!! Not only because there was copious amounts of singing and dancing (the dance-off in the streets of Tokyo, anyone???), but because everyone is moving forward somehow. Things are getting shaken up, but believably.

    We saw with M3 how even awesome, amazing acting and chemistry couldn’t save a horrible story/script. I think Dream High is a great example of how mediocre acting can be elevated by a great story.

    And might I add a giant SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! for the Jason/Pil-sook moments and the last scene?? *squees some more*

    • Erika says:

      I must disagree with u.m3 great acting and chemistry cover the lack of plot.thank u..
      yeah I’m on board for Jason-phil suk

      • estel says:

        In terms of watchability, I do agree with you; however, in terms of the overall quality of the drama, I think Dream High is better than M3. That doesn’t mean I subjectively like it more, it just means that objectively I think that a good plot with good character development+decent acting+good directing = a better drama than M3’s crazy-insane-crackhead plot+amazing acting and chemistry. But M3 and especially our GeunGeuns will always be my True Love.

  4. Erika says:

    Thanx for this.yeah its getting better.their acting so low but the story is good..

  5. hmi4 says:

    are they gonna do damage control soon, because i don’t think i can take more of SD suffering >_<

  6. Angskeet says:

    run samdong run….i’m supporting you lol

  7. Anona says:

    Did you see the trailer for Dream High 11 yet? Samdong has an earring…o_0 I have no idea what they’re saying though…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cjf-VtQ_Jc&feature=player_embedded

    • estel says:

      Teacher Kang hands the principle his letter of resignation as the girl teacher (why can’t I remember her name?) asks what’s going on with the resignation letter; Hye-mi says that the university class was better at [can’t make out the word] than anyone else – what do they need to do to show it? Girl teacher says that if all three of them make an A on the upcoming songwriting test, then Teacher Kang will be acknowledged (I assume this refers to not being let go). The principle calls Kyung-jin (the girl teacher’s name) and she says back to him, “What, Dad?!?” The teacher gives them lyrics and tells them to create a work of art. Hye-mi mutters something I can’t make out, Pil-sook exclaims that Sam-dong is headed home, and we hear Sam-dong’s voice say that there isn’t any sound and then says something else I didn’t catch about running away (the sound??? not too sure). Hye-mi says this times it’s her turn, she’ll do [something – sorry! I’m not very good at Korean] for Sam-dong. Sam-dong says that later he/she (Korean isn’t specific on the pronouns, so it’s ambiguous) is going to look back and regret this. The preview ends with Hye-mi saying, “Sam-dong…has disappeared.”

      Sorry, I know there are a few important pieces of information missing, but hopefully that’ll tide you over until tomorrow. ^_^

  8. koreandramalover says:

    no patiently for waiting episode 11,please..
    if done all the works(the subtitle)..
    i will rushly buffering the drama..

    im become addiction in this drama..
    love the kissing part ! ❤

  9. anabanana says:

    (I)my poor SD… why do you have to witness it?! my heart bleeds for you.(I)

  10. Mangooo says:

    this is the preview for ep 11..
    but i can’t understand what they are saying..
    can anyone translate this? especially the Samdong’s part!

  11. InHwan says:

    Dream High. Episode 12.

    Woohyuk-sam is back to Kirin once again. Haemi felt the changes in Samdong and trying to talk to him but Samdong only replied that he will not perform on show case. Haemi felt helpless with Samdong’s condition..

    The principal wanted to see whether members of K leaded by Jinkuk has chances to go solo or not so he suggested them each of them to have solo stage and Baekhee to perform the song she “composed”. Baekhee felt unsecured since she plagiarized the song and convinced herself that it’ll be ok…

    Dream High. Episode 13.

    Baekhee is caught plagiarizing the song and is on the brink of being terminated from group ‘K’, but Hyemi, who promised to herself that she will no longer hurt Baekhee, declines the debut offer. However, Baekhee’s mistake is revealed to the whole world thus outraging the public, and she falls into despair. In the end, Samdong does not show up for the showcase…

    However, his hidden talents become known through the composer teacher, and receives an offer from the entertainment company. He is thinking whether he should accept or decline the offer, but when he sees Jingook and Hyemi together he finally decides to accept. Meanwhile, Teacher Kang finds medication in Samdong’s room… Eventually, he finds about Samdong’s hearing loss…

  12. hello says:

    InHwan, where did you get those info?

  13. InHwan says:

    I got it from a website. The person helped translated from Korean to English. I forgot to acknowledge the website.

  14. divalcious says:

    Why did I think that was Shinee’s Taemin for a second when I first saw the pic??

  15. InHwan says:

    It seems like there will a change in the loveline. JG will be with BH. And SD with HM! Wah. So sad. I want JG with HM!!!

  16. fyrachan says:

    Nah, I want SD with HM. I can’t feel the chemistry between JG-HM :p Keep fighting SD, I hope you get the girl 🙂

  17. InHwan says:

    I watch the interview of dream high. Sort of confirm hyemi will end up with samdong. And jinguk with baekhee. Don’t like this plot!! ;(.

  18. InnerMagui says:

    Any spoilers for episode 12? =D
    I couldn’t find the preview T.T

  19. InnerMagui says:

    I want to know about PilSuk and Jason aswell =DD

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