My Princess Episode 11 Written Preview

My Princess episode 10 left us, and Seol, in the middle of a choice for the ages – Smexy Diplomat Hae Young or being a bona fide princess for life. Hhhm, hard choice. I personally want both, so I would elect to be a princess, and then decree that Park Hae Young must be given to me as my prince consort or else I will stop doing my princess duties. Who says a princess has to be professional or dignified?

MP written preview for episode 11:

Hae Young’s question as to whether she can live her life just as his woman leaves Seol shocked. She knows that it was because of her that Hae Young made a powerful enemy in the form of the President. She’s worried that Hae Young will be burdened by this.

Yoon Joo finds Jung Woo and asks him about the authenticity of the satchel. The President can no longer trust Hae Young, who openly defied him. The President orders Hae Young to leave the palace immediately.

On the otherhand, Dan has the satchel which Jung Woo returned to her, and she meets with Yoon Joo. Hae Young walks towards the secret room where Seol is situated…..

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by Baidu My Princess bar, translated into English by me]

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79 Responses to My Princess Episode 11 Written Preview

  1. estel says:

    Stupid President, ruining all the living-together-run-in fun.

    Koala, I like your idea. I think that’s exactly what Seol should do. It’s only logical. Right?

  2. momosan says:

    See, I was hoping the preview went something like “Seol listens to HY say “live as my woman” and grabs him and they snog for 25 minutes of the episode.” No? I thought 25 minutes left enough time for other developments.

  3. Sarahdylan says:

    i wish she she’s the princess and he’s the consort and they have many little princes and princeses …..and they live happily ever after…and the witch??? was burned to hell….the prof became the godfather

  4. Erika says:

    Ah.she’t not giving the answer.gaah Dan so greedy want To be the princess.I HY,J or even LS smart enough to think of DNA test.that would end the game for dan and YJ.That would leave us last 5ep with cuteness and romantic of OTP

  5. yhelurthere says:

    that is all i ask.

  6. tangee says:

    What!!?? No lengthy tonsil hockey after that proposal of being his woman??!!.. LS not in momentum with HY?? Geezzz… Aishhh…
    Truly hope that happens… he he…

  7. Susan Sukkie says:

    something wrong with me, i lose enthusiasm to watch this drama because so many dull conflict there re monarchy and so on. Even M3 also sucks in plot but i still eager to watch it.
    Now i only read your lovely recaps and enjoy to see the lovey dovey momento that you shared between OTP, great job 😀

    i wish they will have happy ending, Seol will agree to be his woman in one condition, if he willing to be a prince and they get married and live ever after. Ditto.

  8. sandi says:

    Thanks so much Ockoala for the preview of epi 11.
    Because of president HY must leave palace ASAP…. will he really leave LS and palace????? I am keep thinking of that now…….. I am already so sad by reading this.

    Whenever I see SSH/HY has watery/tearful eyes in MP scenes make my tears out and I feel sad.
    Song Seung Heon is a one of the best emotional acting actor & I really like his acting.

    HY walks towards to secret room where LS is (I want to know now that where is her secret room, we don’t know yet, Am I right???)
    OMG …..What will happen between them after???
    Its so hard to wait MP…..wish epi 11 come quickly please……

    • Susan Sukkie says:

      “Song Seung Heon is a one of the best emotional acting actor & I really like his acting.” agree with you, if you ever watched auntumn in my heart you will feel the same, i emotionaly drained to his tears …sob sob

      • sandi says:

        Thanks so much for your comment. I am so late to know him because I just know him for MP due to Ockoala early post about MP in last year 2010. Yeah, I heard about AIMH drama but I like happy ending and my friends stop me not to watch.
        But after I fall for him I seen some of that drama scenes including ending already, so sad for seeing beach scene …….

        Have you seen his new movie “Ghost, In your arms again” ?
        He worked in that movie with Japanese actress Nanako Matsushima. I found something about that movie at YT, if any of your guys interesting pls visit below link…..

      • Susan Sukkie says:

        i havent see ghost, is this the one who similar to demi moore “ghost” ? will check your link, thanks.
        and yes, if you only want to see happy ending, not recommended to watch AIMH unless if you have bulk of tissue.

      • sandi says:

        Yes, it is korean/japan version of american movie ghost….
        I haven’t seen SSH’s movie either. I am looking forward to it and as u said we need to prepare for boxes of tissue for this movie too …..because according to preview in that movie he left alone without her. So we will see a lot of his deep emotional acting and good love story.

  9. mayssenger says:

    Just knew last week’s cliffhanger would end like this….he walks away. Sigh. Anyway it’s good there’s a SECRET ROOM. I didn’t even know there was a SECRET ROOM. I put this in caps cos it’s really important. All my hopes are centred on this SECRET ROOM. Cos I gave up on the car long ago. Writer, can they just make out there for once and forget about the whole boring monarchy/palace/satchet thing? I’m not even asking for boating or kissing anymore. Just a hug would do. I’m that deprived. Please. I’m begging you.

    • sandi says:

      where are u? I been waiting….
      So u mean secret room is only known by HY&LS and they made it after he left palace and her….. how sad….?
      Its hurt me already….My poor SSH/HY…..
      I will use Ockoala word…… come here please, I’ll give you big huge hug, OK…

      • mayssenger says:

        hi sandi been busy cos of lunar new year….nice to see you here lurking!

      • mayssenger says:

        I’m so disappointed nothing happened after he told her to be his woman. I was expecting her to say “Thought you’d never ask!” and he grabs her and they run past evil plastic face and the nice lady’s maid and get into his car and drive off to some secret place or her mother’s inn and make out for one whole day and then come back to the palace. BUT NOTHING HAPPENED. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!! AARGHHHHHH!!!!!!

      • sandi says:

        OH!!! your short script is so nice for epi 10 ending scene to be continued on epi 11 beginning…. it make sense… preview is only little… so I am still hoping…your thought might come true…

    • tangee says:

      Dear maysengger
      “”I’m not even asking for boating or kissing anymore. Just a hug would do. I’m that deprived. Please. I’m begging you.””
      Ditto.. ditto.. ha ha…
      Cheers… Good day to all.

      On a more sober tone, something had better happen in secret room since he’s been instructed to take the highway… don’t like president for separating our OTP.. bad man, he is..

      • mayssenger says:

        What secret room is this anyway? HY and LS made their own secret place? So it should be her bedroom right? he he

      • tangee says:

        They could be in the bedroom, bathroom, library etc. etc. for all I care, they should just have long kissy-kissy scene… fingers crossed..
        Now, if only scriptwriter is reading all that we suggested.. he he..

    • allenif says:

      ARGHHHH!!!!!! NO KISS OF THE CENTURY?!?!?! *sigh*

      annyeong chingu! me too didn’t even know that there’s a secret room. i guess the writer finally got tired also of the car scene.

      off topic…. chingu, are you by chance chinese?

  10. kirara says:

    okay, I ‘d rather be his girl than be a princess, I know the princess gets the glitz and glamour but I won’t be happy, its more important to have love and someone that will care for you.. sorry, that’s my 2 cents but I wish Wednesday would COME ALREADY! I’m dying to know what she’s going to say after Hae Young threw that bomb at her.. Secret room? It’d be okay if they just make out in this room and then pretend nothing happened, that could work too.

    Anyways.. waiting for ep 11!! 😉

    • mayssenger says:

      kirara, you forget he’s been kicked out of the palace so he’s got no bedroom now. So it would have to be HER bedroom. But I’m fine with that. She’s got a bigger bed than his. I checked.

      • deedrama says:

        Maybe it’s still in the car. But when you sit on the backseat, voila.. it suddenly changed to secret room. And how do they find out? Well, surely because they have to move in a bigger place to.. mmhhh.. do.. mhhh hhmm…

      • mayssenger says:

        deedrama, you’re thinking wild thoughts….but I likeee!!!! Yes, yes! Car morphs into secret room! But a car has plenty of room, just got to squeeze a bit. HY has to leave the door open though, which means he has to fix the other door. Open doors for both their legs to dangle out. It’s dangerous if you can’t move your legs right cos you can get blood clots? deep vein thrombosis????

      • sandi says:

        massenger, you make me LOL her about car scene, open door, door to fix ect…. OMG…. now you remind me of Playful Kiss boating manual…LOL…
        you make me a day, thanks

      • deedrama says:

        Oh, my.. we’re so crazy here.. waiting for tomorrow night.

      • allenif says:

        [B]Open doors for both their legs to dangle out. It’s dangerous if you can’t move your legs right cos you can get blood clots? deep vein thrombosis????[B]

        bwahahahahah!!! what can i say…. you’re crazy as usual!!! LOL

      • kirara says:

        Mayssenger.. It actually wasn’t a His room. everyone was mentioning about this SECRET room, so I just chimed in about this particular room to be the spot, but isn’t there a place she’s already snuck out with professor so that room could be an option or her room isn’t bad either, just make sure its locked so maids dont get in..

        ANYWAYS.. point being, everyone knows how he and her feels about each other.. might as well get it out in the open so its not so awkward.. I mean I don’t mind the silly stareoffs, its hilarious.. keeps me laughing because the tension in the room with the 4 is just RIDICULOUS.. AHAHAH 🙂

    • mandak says:

      “HY has to leave the door open though, which means he has to fix the other door. Open doors for both their legs to dangle out. It’s dangerous if you can’t move your legs right cos you can get blood clots? deep vein thrombosis????”

      hahaha maysengger…you should replace the writer..ur plot is better..hahaha

  11. kdramacrz says:

    THIS IS INSANE!!! I NEED TO WATCH EP11. It’s okay one more day. Just 24 hours. Only 1440 mins till Wednesday. It’s okay. RAGE RAGE RAGE. NEED EP 11.
    I wonder who will be in charge of the princess since HY is fired?? Maybe the oppa LS saw at the bank?……. I need more HY and LS moments.

    • mayssenger says:

      plastic face will be in charge? Help! I’m scared….

      • sandi says:

        who is the plastic face, do u mean YJ… ah ah … if she will be I am scared too…

      • mayssenger says:

        her face is so frozen it’s like plastic….scary

      • allenif says:

        why not professor nam? let hae young die of jealousy. LOL

      • mayssenger says:

        Oh yes! The prof! I forgot about him….yeah, why not? So what are they going to do now he’s been fired? I really think they’ll run off somewhere together soon.

      • allenif says:

        yeah… i want that too. i hope to see them out in the palace for a change. anywhere as long it’s not inside the palace. uhmmm…. why not in paris and climb up the eiffel tower and go bungee jumping. hmmm… it’s not romantic. gahh! am not good in this. what about your suggestion, chingu??? you’re the expert on this. heheh!

      • mayssenger says:

        The beach. Best place ever. Cos it’s cold. Then HY can cuddle her.

      • allenif says:

        oh yes… the best!!!! i like that. they can go swimming too and then be wet and wild. LOL

      • kdramacrz says:

        No I mean the oppa that lee seol met at the bank……where she was getting all her savings and HY was like oh I’ll take care of donating all ur fortunes to the charity and when they were leaving, lee seol bumped into the oppa she hasn’t seen for years…when she was going to give him a hug, HY pull her back.
        It doesn’t make sense for the writer to pop in Oppa randomly = there must be a purpose for randomly putting him in the drama….

      • kdrama=mylife says:

        I think kdramacrz means that the oppa who LS met at the bank might be the one who will replace HY when he is sent out of the palace by evil president.

      • mayssenger says:

        @ allenif chingu, if they swim in the sea at this time, won’t they freeze to death? It’s so cold haha….better to take a hot shower for two in THE SECRET PLACE wherever it is. Better still a bathtub for two.

      • tangee says:

        Dear massenger
        “”better to take a hot shower for two in THE SECRET PLACE wherever it is. Better still a bathtub for two.””
        What an ingenious idea! You’re not a scriptwriter by profession?? he he..

      • mayssenger says:

        tangee, if I’m the scriptwriter, I’ll have all HY-LS moments. No palace/monarchy/satchet stuff. Kiss, hug, shower, kiss, hug, shower….every ep.

      • allenif says:

        @ chingu mayssenger ► bwahahahah! i knew you would say that. silly me, coming from a tropical country, i really overlooked about it. it was just after i posted my comment that i realized it. swimming in cold winter… nyahahah! it will surely make them a frozen delight. :))

        and no doubt, you always come up with the brightest, wildest and craziest ideas nobody can beat. anything from you, i’ll buy it. :)) i so so so love that brilliant idea of bathtub for two. LOL

      • tangee says:

        “”I’ll have all HY-LS moments. No palace/monarchy/satchet stuff. Kiss, hug, shower, kiss, hug, shower….every ep.””
        yoo hoo! echo echo echo!! me giggling to your wacky ideas but luv it.. keep it up!!

      • deedrama says:

        Hot Shower? With Song Seung Hun? Without towel? Hmmmm….

      • mayssenger says:

        deedrama, just hang on….I’m weaving a see-through towel specially for SSH….should be ready by tomorrow.

      • tangee says:

        “see-through towel” ha ha ha…
        on a scale to 10 in terms of cheekiness, you’re definitely 11!! this calls for a round of applause… yey!!

    • mayssenger says:

      @ kdramacrz That oppa is cute but i thought it was just a cameo? Like allenif says, maybe the prof will be roped in. I hope it’s the cute oppa though….HY would be crazy jealous….it’s funny LS has such a diverse range of guys admiring her suddenly. Maybe they’ll bring in a new cool diplomat. After all, it’s 6 more eps. So if HY gets fired, does this mean he and the evil girl can’t get married anymore? He’s unemployed now, with no inheritance.

      • sandi says:

        Hi mayssenger, now some of you are talking about beach, shower ect…. so u better start to manufacture see- through towels as you were planning for HY before … LOL…. hahaha

      • allenif says:

        i guess so. he said he wouldn’t marry walking rubbermaid without the inheritance. more so, he told her that he cannot come back to him anymore coz he’s going to protect the princess. but how can he protect now the princess if he’s kick out of the palace? hmmm… be her personal bodyguard? LOL

  12. dangermousie says:

    Clearly I’ve been missing a lot and need to get back to this pronto.

  13. alisya says:

    I also watched “Autumn in my heart” after watching SSH in “My Princess” but i don’t like it as it is sad and a bit boring. So I didn’t continue watching but I knew the heroine died (skipped many episode and watch the final episode).

    • tangee says:

      If you’re into SSH, you may want to try East of Eden and Happy Together[1999]. I enjoyed HT ‘cos of it’s star-studded cast… Oh! BTW, SSH had scene where he has to display his 6-pack, delicious!!.. that was bonus to me..
      Enjoy and cheers…

      • sandi says:

        Hi Tangee, what is SSH has to display his six packs delicious, and can you pls tell which episode in EOE, I have seen some EOE scenes, if u cand remember the epi no pls share…. thanks in advance….

      • tangee says:

        Sandy dear
        It was in Happy Together that classic one (the beginning ep.I remember ‘cos I watched that drama twice. good script and bunch of up&coming future Hallyu[that includes SSH].
        I must confess that I did not watch the whole of EOE, I had skipped bit here and there. Sory not sure if there was any display of six-packs in EOE. SOS, can anyone help?

  14. carmela:) says:

    I’m so excited to watch episode 11!!!! thanks ockoala!!! 🙂

  15. EYawn ;) says:

    They should go to hot spring or something, and have some kissing and decide to run away forever;)

  16. MikiMouse says:

    okay, this post is getting deliciously naughty…

  17. mayssenger says:

    Just saw some new pics at vikkii. She hides in his suitcase at the airport. He opens it and she’s there! So guys, the SECRET ROOM is his suitcase LOLOL….when you unzip it, it’s big enough for two of them to make out in….time is running out so they got to make out ASAP. I think two of them will run away together….or since he finds her there, he’ll abandon his plans to leave for NY and bring her back to the palace. I want them to run away together, please, please.

  18. alisya says:

    I like Rain after watching him in Full House (my top favorite Korean drama) and I watched some of his dramas after that. Now, I think I will watch some of SSH dramas in future.

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