Dream High Episode 10 Written Preview

It’s no secret that I have been loving every minute of Dream High for the last few weeks, each week more than the last even. Aside from a fun-to-ship love triangle, what really stands out in DH is how it’s such a positive and affirmative drama. Like a kissing cousin to God of Study, DH strives to send the message that a person has to work hard and make the effort, in order to succeed and to deserve such success.

I like how this drama eschews the underdog magically wins plot (it’s much more realistic that Team White Swan can’t beat Team Black Snake at the dance-off), and steers the students into understanding that accomplishing a goal is not necessarily the same as winning, and the former is much more rewarding than the latter. DH is good and good for you (albeit in the usual simplistic broad strokes of drama writing), and watching each student in DH grow, improve, and mature has been a real treat.

Episode 10 written preview:

The students at Kirin Arts High depart for Japan on their field trip. Thereafter, Hye Mi, Sam Dong, and Teacher Kang also go abroad (to Japan).

Upon arriving in Japan, the three of them immediately go find the wedding location to earn money doing the job that the loan shark suggested. For some reason, the site of the wedding is filled with a charged and tense atmosphere. They end up making the mistake of grabbing the wrong song book to sing the congratulatory song.

On the other hand, Pil Sook is in the hospital suffering from hepatitis A, and cannot making the class field trip to Japan. Jason is very worried about Pil Sook. Hye Mi purposely tells a worried Jason a lie about Pil Sook being extremely sick….

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Dream High bar, translated into English by me]

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25 Responses to Dream High Episode 10 Written Preview

  1. Htagged says:

    Now all caught up, I am eager to watch more of Dream High! Thank:)

  2. antonia says:

    thanks koala, i like dh very much (i love anything with dancing and singing). and jason and ps are adorable!!!!

  3. estel says:

    Yeeee-ah!!!! Pil-sook and Jason plot developments!!! Bring it on, I can’t WAIT!

  4. anais says:

    And where’s the mention of THE kiss? 🙂

    And Hyemi is such a good friend! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • ockoala says:

      I’m betting my drama currency that the kiss happens, but happens when Hye Mi is asleep in the wheel.

      That both moves this couple forward (esp. if Sam Dong saw it), but keeps the MiGook ship from becoming a reality so early as in episode 10.

      But I could be wrong. Either way, I love a great romantic moment, and that is going to be killer. Ferris Wheel, swoon….

      Odds remain still 50-50 which couple is the end game. So exciting!~

      • anais says:

        I read that Soompi is all over the theory of Hyemi being asleep. While it’s entirely possible, I find it hard to believe someone can sleep rod straight upright while someone else is caressing one’s cheek. If that is the case, I’ll be really angry at the Show. Just seems so absurd to dangle such a carrot that turns out to be a red herring.

        Yeah, I have no idea , ha!, how this triangle will be resolved.

        I just want to take care of Jingook. Hyemi won’t have ya? Come to unni in sunny LA where you can ride your motorcycle and cry beneath your helmet nearly 365 days/yr.

  5. miso says:

    I’m enjoying DH much more than I thought I would! I love the flaws the characters have and that they work towards learning from them. Reminds me of an asian style Taking the stage (mtv reality). In episode 7 when Pil Sook sings the song, I could have sworn it was the same studio as M3..but my eyes could have been deceiving me.

  6. Ama says:

    I dont want hye mi to kiss ji gook…i want hye mi kisss Sam dong!!!!!! =]

  7. herdys says:

    thanks sooo much!! have been looking for any information about episode 10!! It’s a shame Pil Sook can’t go to Japan…. maybe Jason will come back just for her??

    Poor Sam Dong! Please let HM be sleep!!!

  8. Fia says:

    I’m loving this show because all of the characters are just so endearing, yes, even Baek Hee. Even though nothing in the show is spectacularly unique, the whole package together is a blast.

    I have a question though, Kirin is a college, right? Because Hye Mi was supposed to go to Julliard and whatnot? So that makes the characters around 18-19? Because the name Dream High makes my western brain confused.

  9. Erika says:

    Turns out DH make me love them,love the plot,love triangle,character developing&growing up.at first I’m not click with them after 4ep I grow my like,sadly MP the opposite,first 4ep I adore it then bang 4last ep they make me loose my interest.

  10. Vwen says:

    Gahhh, I’ve developed a much too soft spot for JG. ;~:
    I’ll be mad if all these misunderstandings between JG and HM are never resolved. Or are they already resolved? Meh.
    -sigh- Poor SD. I don’t want him to cry anymore. Or JG. Ahhhhh– Why is this love triangle so bad and so good at the same time… ><

  11. Angskeet says:

    that’s stupid…korean dramas just had to add in the hepatitis a

    • blueangel says:

      did the writers just add that in to get the PS and JAson plot moving? Not sure but hey you never know she might have had it for while it just didn’t cause her to get admitted to the hospital till now.

  12. ItadakimasU says:

    thanks ockoala for (always) posting DH’s previews…

    it calms my -can’t wait- urge

  13. momosan says:

    Noooo, not hepatitis! Jason, step up and go to Pil Sook! I really couldn’t give a fig about the triangle/square whatever, I just like my little chipmunk and Pil Sook!

  14. cinderella says:

    No spoiler about the MiGook kiss??

  15. jeankaycee says:

    well, its really about time that jason and pil-sook have some definite progress in their love story!

    i wonder why they dont have spoiler for the jin-gook-hye mi kiss?

    well, im really anticipating the next episode!!!


  16. Hallo says:

    Ah pls jason and pilsook… I just cant wait 4 ep 10

  17. sunshine says:

    I can’t wait until Monday!

  18. sholpan says:

    jason+pil sook
    hye mi+jin guk

  19. Jeska says:

    i really want jin gook and hye mi to get together. they just have so much history already and jingook’s character is amazing. he totally understands hye mi better than sam dong. sam dong is adorable, but i’m betting he’s the K superstar so it feels unfair to jin gook.

    also, they’re saying jin gook and baek hee will end up together. i will break something if that happens. i have no sympathy whatsoever for baek hee. she was a spineless character in the beginning and sure hye mi was mean, but it’s not hye mi’s fault that baek hee turned out so badly. i think that it was just hye mi’s real character all along and that it just finally came out.

  20. blurr says:

    yeah,,!! hye mi should be wif jin gook,,not baek hee,,,
    i hate baek hee the most,,i dont want jin gook end up wif baek hee,,
    argghhh,,,!! i hope so,,

  21. blurr says:

    yeah !! i really want to c jin gook and hyemi end up 2gether,, n not baek hee,,
    i hate baek hee the most,,

  22. Dori says:

    thnx for heads up. cant wait till monday!

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