Teaser for Jang Geun Seok’s “Moon” and “Star” PV for J-group Every Little Thing

When Jang Geun Seok went to Japan earlier this month, it was to film a video for the group Every Little Thing (ELT) for their upcoming single “Moon” and “Star” (Moon is from a male’s perspective, and star is from a female’s perspective).

His leading lady in the PV is Mina Fujii, is a rising young actress/model in Japan. She’s had small parts in various dramas, and is perhaps best known for starring in DBSK‘s “Doushite kimi wo suki natte shimattandarou” video (translated as “Why did I fall in love with you” – which I can’t stop replaying since last week, LOVE the song).

Teaser MV for “Moon” and “Star”:

Can someone tranquilize Jang Geun Seok so he can stop working? He’s making me exhausted from keeping up with his ridiculous work schedule and amount of new projects. He’s as bad as Kim Hyun Joong is. Oy, I prescribe some some R&R for these boys.

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29 Responses to Teaser for Jang Geun Seok’s “Moon” and “Star” PV for J-group Every Little Thing

  1. littletiara says:

    what? what? why is there a knitting scene? and why why why does it remind me of the one and only MGY? Oh JGS, tell me, are you really THAT whipped 😉

    Lol, someone should tell me when was this made, I mean, before or after M3? *because for some reason I am kinda paranoid of not having my life back and just lusting over this GeunGeun couple forever.

  2. erika says:

    he have so much work..maybe miss moon can talk him out to give a rest a bit, maybe taking school break or just them having a quite,romantic date so that he can be relax more…

  3. Francesca says:

    OMG! I am so excited to see the full version of this MV…

    Thanks, Ockoala for sharing this..

  4. simmiy says:

    I wish he’d change his hairstyle…. i still see him as Mu Gyul instead of JGS which drives me crazy…. it seems like Mu Gyul is cheating of Mary….

  5. Imcrazyce says:

    Speaking of Geun can someone explain this to me?

  6. Nance says:

    Maybe he lost a bet? Either way, that’s one brave move he pulled. Kudos to him!

  7. Hachimitsu says:

    “MOON”? “STAR”? Are you fo’ real, JGS?

    Is he trying to be obvious, or is he trying to be obvious? And the knitting! Haha ♥

    Well, maybe it’s all the PV director’s idea anyway, and you know, everything is just a ~coincidence~

    Also, Miina Fuji! She was in Bloody Monday – that was such an awesome Jdrama, but her acting in it was a bit uninspiring.

    • LizzyD says:

      The Chinese word for coincidence is two characters, the second character means “together” so his Chinese fans have been fondly saying that with enough “coincidences” they’ll end up “together”. I am very inclined to agree. 😛

  8. rory's mom says:

    Wow beat me to the punch, I read about this and learned it is a 60 min mini movie. Is she knitting something blue?
    These two people are extremely talented, not knowing the language but beautiful song on YT.

  9. Sere says:

    Okay, I *think* we need to hoard all these vids because someday he’ll go to fulfill his military duties and we’ll aaaaaaaaall be in withdrawal after less than a week. Mark my words.

    And yes, yes, I’m aware he still has time, but still…

    • LizzyD says:

      What!! You didn’t just bring that up! weep!!! sob!! wail!!! The day when Lee Min Ho and JKS go off to the military together (ok, same time) is going to be a sad sad day. I’ve actually hatched a plan to become a military nurse. I’ll do it for free. They don’t need to know I’ve never worked anywhere near an adult before. And hopefully they won’t question me when I say that I need them to strip to take an accurate blood pressure… hahahah

      • tangee says:

        Ha ha ha … that’s creatively naughty… ingenious idea… you may need assistants??? ha ha…

      • Sere says:

        I’m sorry I went there, but someone had to do it. I’m relatively new to the kdrama entertainment and whenever one of my bias leaves, I’m soooo sad and? I never actually see them grow up, improve, become great actors etc.

        With JGS, LMH, SJK, YAI etc, that’s a diffferent story. I already have it bad with my noona crushes on them, but…okay, yes, Im already preparing myself for the day they’ll have to leave cos if I don’t do that, I’ll have a sad panda face permanently on. You know?

        Your plan sounds good! Go for eeeeet! *g*

      • antonia says:

        LizzyD you always surprised me with your crazy comments, ha ha. i hate taking care of ill… but for jgs (plus lee min hoo ;)) i’ll do my best!!!

  10. Natasha says:

    This is unrelated to the article, but I HAD to tell you that I adore the Joong Ki banner.
    Like, LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  11. nita says:

    oo..she is from Doushite, JGS shows simple guy_ his acting so natural..opposite with his real image as “FAMOUS” entertainer in Korea. I need to watch in full ^^ thanks a Lot friend >>>

  12. antonia says:

    thanks koala, waiting for the full mvs!!!

  13. Dwaeji tokki says:

    I think the songwriter is fan of You’re beautiful it’s beacause of the sun and moon remember in You’re beautiful the metaphor
    moon=mi nam/mi nyu
    star=tae kyung

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