Dream High Episode 9 Written and Video Preview

My darling star-crossed MiGook couple! I hope Hye Mi kicked him in the knee before she allowed him to rest his head on her shoulder. Regardless of being a SamMi shipper, I squeed but good when I saw this picture. Almost made me forget the written preview for episode 9 of Dream High is out. And don’t you SamMi shippers worry – I’m still firming steering that ship. I’m just a sucker for a great romantic moment between any onscreen couple with great chemistry.

Episode 9 written preview:

At the last mid-terms of the year, Hye Mi, Jin Gook, and Pil Sook receive high marks, but it’s still not enough for the misfits class.

To earn more points, Jasosn suggests they perform “Dance of the Year” at a national dance competition. The kids will be split into two teams of four for the competition, and the group K will also compete. Hye Mi and Bae Hee are the respective team captains, and they each choose their team members….

On the other hand, Jin Gook’s relationship with his political daddy has been revealed by the paparazzi. Jin Gook’s father makes a major decision and calls Jin Gook to see him.

Video Preview (last scene of episode 8 plus preview for episode 9):

The ending of episode 8 was AWESOME! I love love love how DH is moving at such a fast pace, and the kids are growing, learning, and moving forward regardless of their unresolved and still maturing issues with each other. Watching Sam Dong and Hye Mi dance made me melt into a puddle of goo.

While Jin Gook had promised Hye Mi that he would debut with her on stage and he was the one who practiced the dance with her first – in reality its turned into Sam Dong singing with Hye Mi on stage first during the fake showcase, and now he’s learned the dance with her. My shippy heart is content.

I love how Jin Gook and Baek Hee were all shocked and incredulous at how much Hye Mi and Sam Dong have improved since they took off to debut as K. What did they expect? That everyone at Kirin would just keel over and give up? As DH heads into the second half, I think this drama can only get better and better. It’s not let me down yet, the perfect balance of emotional and plot-driven.

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Dream High bar, translated into English by me]

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15 Responses to Dream High Episode 9 Written and Video Preview

  1. herdys says:

    getting better and better.. Love the Jin Gook and Sam Dong’s mother scene, it was sooo moving!!

    Can’t wait to see how the Milky couple evolves!! Iu is so adorable!! :3

    • mcia says:

      Oc, will Kim Hyun Joong will be appeared again in one of next episode?? which episode??? though, love to see BYJ there….so add the quality of the Drama, these young new comer actors so lucky has a qualify senior mentor on their debut!!!

  2. azumi says:

    Thanks I can’t wait too otw I’m Sammi shipper ..^_^

  3. luvnickhun says:

    owww im loving sammi more and more ,, he is just adorable ,, already starting to hate jin gook

  4. cinderella says:

    I love that this preview doesn’t give too much away of Episode 8 since I’ve yet to relish in its greatness…

    • ockoala says:

      Oh really? I thought my discussion about episode 8 at the end of the preview pretty much gave away what happened in said episode.

      I shall endeavor to spoil more in the future. This is a post about a preview for episode 9, which clearly meant that anyone coming here to read it wants to be spoiled about episode 8 and 9.

      How can one watch a preview for episode 9 without expecting to find out what happened in episode 8? If I didn’t watch an episode yet, and decided to check out previews for the next episode, I sure as heck expect to be spoiled about what happened in said episode.

      Thanks for the heads up. If you have yet to relish in the greatness of episode 8, perhaps you ought to refrain from reading previews for the next episode. It’s usually very spoilerrific.

  5. Anona says:

    This show is so addicting and it’s freaking awesome it’s just akjhaklsjdfhlakdsf
    The dance at the end of the episode was *swoons* SamMi better happen it’s so cute ❤ I can't wait for it to be subbed I survived by reading the transcap…XD….This show addictive quality is kid of scaring me…

  6. blueangel says:

    Yes, the ending for episode 8 was not only AWSOME because of SD and HM’s reallt cool dance but also because PS and Jason finally come face to face after her cool transfermation! I’m excited about the next episode. more cool dance.
    Also a great way to keep warm while filming on a freezing set.

    • estel says:

      I KNOW!!! Pil-sook + Jason = LOVE (even though I thought it was really not such a great message that his answer would change once she was skinny and beautiful; but sadly, probably realistic). I adored the double-take he did once he recognized her. Ah, what a great ending!

  7. Vwen says:

    Oh dang it, what have you gotten yourself into JG? I hope he doesn’t completely convertto the dark side. ;~;
    -sigh- This ep was like a sucker punch to me and my pairing. </3
    Though I think SD's adorable and all and I won't mind if he ends up with HM.
    But JG cannot end up with BH. I absolutely refuse this ending. D:<

  8. roastedbananas says:

    although im happy with all the recent developments between the milky couple and the hyemiguk triangle am i the only one whos excited to see what could go on between the three teachers? lol for some reason theyve got me even more excited than watching the kids. can we expect some jyp-teacher kang- lee yoon ji triangle?

    love that this drama balances out its sad emotional aspects with subtle comedy

  9. mojaslatka says:

    thanks ockoala for the preview. I am so addicted to this drama. The whole plot and story is just pulling me. It is relatable for me. Oh Dreams. However, I’m refusing to pick a ship(got burned in coffee house) because I’m enjoying it as it is. May the best man wins HyeMi.

  10. Rush says:

    Ockoala, I’m struggling so hard to not read Dream High stuff on your blog! The one time I decide to follow a drama on KBS world and take it nice and slow, week by week, and then along come your caps and spoilers and it’s SO HARD to resist!! I haven’t even decided which pair to ship, although I’m veering every so hard towards Kim Soo Hyun. And this while he still has his shaggy, sheepdog hairdo going. What’ll happen to me once he cleans up??? Should I give in to temptation and just download all the episodes so I can catch up with your blog? But I’ve been so good about not doing that so far?
    Gah! Decisions! Decisions?

    On a tangential note, are you by any chance watching Jungle Fish 2?

  11. LadyOnne says:

    I adore Pilsook-Jason because not only are they adorable together but… maybe it’s just me but he does seem to like her alot and looked like he was worried of maybe hurting her in the long run if he ment to or not. But also once when she was talking to him right before the 200 day jump she asks if she lost the weight would he change his answer…. he has a flash back to the moment that girl said Pilsook could never debut enless she lost the weight…. I don’t think he changed his answer towards her because he only wants to date a skinny girl but so she could have the life she dreamed of and people would actually her and not take advantage of her voice…

  12. eunchan1824 says:

    Guys the raw of epidoe 9 is out on http://www.dramacrazy.com

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