Discussion Forum: A Million Reasons Why the Geun-Geun Couple is Cuter than Kittens

I was going to title this post – The Insane Geun Geun Posse but on second thought the kittens cuddling picture speaks for itself. I don’t think anyone is conjuring up a fervent passion for Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young to JUST DATE ALREADY out of thin air. From even before Mary Stayed Out All Night until now, these two have exhibited a flurry of onscreen and offscreen verbal and nonverbal gestures that say one thing and one thing only to anyone with a functioning visual cortex: “I’m totally affected by you.”

What that affection means is unclear until the day these two come clean – either by dating someone else, or admitting to date one another. They can be soulmates, they can be romantic partners, and in an ideal world, they can be both. I never realized the breadth and depth of Geun-Geun shippers the world over until I ventured out there to declare how much I adore them together. And then suddenly AKP was flooded with GG lovers who have provided a plethora of interesting and detailed analysis of their every interaction. I will continue to post about them going forward, but I wanted to created a master post for all GG lovers to congregate anytime to chitchat. This post will be tagged under the “Discussion Forum” category, so you can all find it easily in the foreseeable future (see link on the right).

To talk about our Geun-Geun ship coming true, we need all first acknowledge (as the Baiduers have) the holy grail of acting couple shipping – I am talking about none other than Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo, otherwise known as KyoBin. KyoBin is the elusive golden fleece of couple shipping – which is when a viewer watches a two actors play a pair of lovers onscreen, see something special, and hope they are dating in real life. This is different that hoping two actors who have never worked together would date. KyoBin represents a desire for a coupling stemming from concrete evidence of onscreen chemistry so potent, as a viewer you devote your time and attention to dreaming they would actually hook up and have perfect babies together.

There is a post on Baidu that is revered like it’s God’s 10 Commandments – it’s the post that was started during the airing of The World They Live In/World’s Within by fans of that drama, who hoped that KyoBin would become a reality. Nearly 3 years later and eighteen months after KyoBin confirmed that they were in fact dating in real life, that post has over 25,000 replies, and shippers of any drama couple continue to drop by and add a reply hoping that the aura of that magical post which came true would rub off on their hopeful coupling. Baiduers had a fun field day comparing Geun-Geun with KyoBin in terms of their behavior with each other prior, during, and after they filmed a drama together.

KyoBin’s hugs in World’s Within were full contact embraces, with Song Hye Kyo burying her face into Hyun Bin’s neck. I don’t need to explain what Moon Geun Young is doing up there. Furthermore, eels have remarked that Jang Geun Seok has publicly told his fans that he has a very sensitive neck.

While promoting WW, the body language, the gestures, and the looks that Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo were shooting each other literally mirror the Geun-Geuns at their M3 Press conference.

I’ve seen tons of K-drama press conferences, and at most the leading couple poses playfully for the requisite media couple shots. Rarely do you see them keep shoot looks at each other during the interview portion. Usually when one is talking, the other is listening politely. Let’s all say a HAIL to KyoBin, and pray that if our Geun-Geuns indeed have romantical feelings for each other, they can go public like KyoBin did, and be as well accepted by their fans, the public, and still have a successful career.

It’s adorable when you take a trip back in time to one of their earliest onscreen meetings in a variety show. Both were so young, and yet they just naturally were in sync if you watched them gamely participating in whatever the host asked of them.

Do you guys notice that at every awards ceremony they’ve been to together (whether as hosts, presenters, or participants), Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young are always dressed in matching or complementary outfits. Especially given Jang Geun Seok’s penchant for weird awards attire prior to 2009, his new-founded classy looks are always in tune with whatever Ms. Moon has picked out. At the Baeksangs above, they went for a sleek black and silver look. At the SBS Awards in 2009 they went for a retro light-colored look.

And of course, at the KBS Drama Awards 2010 – they were dressed like they were going to a wedding. In my mind, they went to their own wedding afterwards.

I’ve checked out a bazillion BTS videos of the KBS 2010 Drama Awards and here are some highlights. Moon Geun Young moved her chair closer to Jang Geun Seok first, and then he followed suit. They were the only couple onstage who won the couples’ award that were standing within shoulder touching distance of each other, every other couple had a respectable inch or two distance from each other.

In the end, my Geun-Geun love will wane as surely as time passes. But the natural progression of a fan’s fervor doesn’t negate the special brand of magic this acting couple sprinkled on viewers of M3. When and if the Geun-Geuns do end up publicly dating, I will be the first to throw a party at AKP. You will all be invited, with virtual champagne and cavier, and let all future onscreen couple shippers bow to THIS post as like it’s the new Holy Grail. Let’s end with some perfect moments from M3, shall we?

I hereby give the Geun-Geun’s permission, as captain of the Holiday Ship, to elope anytime they want to, because I’ve already gotten a set of their wedding pictures in my possession. 😀 I, however, demand pictures of any Geun-Geun babies, which will surely be the world’s most perfect infant specimen.

Wow, this was a monster post! I highly suggest everyone post comments about your observations and theories of our fave GG couple here (if you’ve posted already, you should go back to all the random GG posts and copy and paste so we can aggregate it all in one place). Or better yet, just have fun spazzing! Captain here, signing off.

[Credit: all pictures as labeled, and the unlabeled pictures are all screencapped by me]

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1,144 Responses to Discussion Forum: A Million Reasons Why the Geun-Geun Couple is Cuter than Kittens

  1. Hachimitsu says:

    This post is reaching 1000 comments – we’re insane, spouting legit and not-so-legit theories and speculations of these two lovebirds! If the comments here reach their limit, hopefully there will be GeunGeun Discussion Forum part deux?

    pipa / Re:marriage – I too think that JGS’ view on marriage changed, more or less. But from the way I see it, it’s actually the other way ’round, i.e. from him expressing his eagerness to get married as soon as possible, to him being rather elusive about the idea of getting married, especially circa M3 started its filming.

    I remember coming across his article at OMONA (any OMONians here?) around September last year, saying that he was jealous of YongHwa because he’s virtually married to SeoHyun on We Got Married, and how he wanted to tie the knot the second he meets someone he loves. And bear in mind, since that KBoom interview was a November issue, it must have been conducted around September or October.

    Then came M3 and MGY’s frank statements about her hesitance to get married at the M3 press conference/backstage interviews. And lo and behold, JGS began saying (I swear I read it in an article covering the M3 presscon somewhere) that he’s not yet ready for marriage. And at the FM, he chose MGY to be his girlfriend (knowing full well that she’s not the marrying kind) and proceeded to say that perhaps he might not get married after all. Plus! That M3 ending that he made (with, I believe, MGY’s input) where Mary and Mugyul did not end up getting married but remained very much in love. Fishy fishy! So I presumptuously think that because of MGY, his thought process evolved from “I wanna get married ASAP!!!11!” to “If my chagiya isn’t so enthusiastic about marriage, then I’ll take it slow as well”.

    I have no doubt in my mind that JGS is every bit of a family man so I do hope that if they really are in love, MGY won’t oppose too much to the idea of marriage since they seem to understand each other so well and they are obviously a perfect couple ^^

    Quirkie -When he looked to his right when pointing to himself and MGY, I think he was actually trying to get the attention of the cameraman there to put him on the screen so that MGY can see his cute reminder ^^; Regardless, he did seem like a super duper proud boyfriend when MGY was up there, especially when she was talking about the need for the station to improve its standards for the crew etc…look at how fervently he was clapping and woo-hooing, haha. He likes his woman strong and honest…!

    • Quirkie says:

      He was so adorable wasn’t he?! 😉 The fact that he would even do that speaks volume, its like he wanted to shout to the world (literally..) how proud he was and didn’t care who was watching! 😉

      • angie says:

        yuupp.. and don’t forget the thumbs up thing by jgs at the end of mgy speech.. it’s like they don’t even bother for the world to see how much they care and support each other.. ^^
        i just hope they’ll go public soon.. hehe!
        Live in Love GeunGeunCouple

      • pipa says:

        Hi Quirkie! Thanks for the pointing that out what RiannC shared. At first i was confused of what she wants to share, coz im having problems with YT at times. So after viewing it on another site and saw what his signaling,i was all giddy of his gesture and continue replaying it..haha! Truly these two are so adorable!

      • GGLover says:

        @ Quirkie and RiannC
        Yes, he is adorable and sweet for doing those gestures…. I can even hear the Giggling of the fans holding the cam when he did that… It was cool to see those two vids sync (i find it a little hard to sync it at first LOL), seeing how MGY reacts with each JGS funny gestures…
        You can see how JGS immediately STAND UP after hearing MGY’s won the award… it was like “he is the one” who won the award LOL…. and of course, his hand pointing to him and talking to someone while pointing to him and her.. yes it does like he’s saying they’re together…
        And oh,, when JGS gave a “thumbs UP” MGY touched her “bangs”… she felt shy LOL
        Thanks for sharing the vids RiannC.. another GSI on aboard.

    • pipa says:

      @Hachimitsu..thanks for the clarification on the possible Kboom interview date. It came second after his OMONA (I haven’t read this), then his FM in Japan. But regardless of his answer, I still love the fact that he still acknowledges MGY feelings first before him. My guess she is the Boss! Haha. Oh and I agree on the M3 ending, indeed fishy especially if he is the one who re-wrote the whole episode. Any devoted Geun-Geun shipper cannot but be puzzled why he wanted to end it that way. Btw, I’m still hopeful that perhaps, before her chagiya gets enlisted in the army, they will change their minds. Hehe..

  2. mysin says:

    my word is we’re totally crazy… LOL 😀

    I finally got my m3 withdrawal symptom by watching Runaway planB, Rain there totally manifestation of Ryo Sabura (although I totally dislike the ending, totally), but sadly when it finished I get back to m3… sigh… need another great unforgetable small screen stories, maybe I should watch movies now… ga back to my actual direction… ;-p

  3. bashful says:

    Dear Geun-Geun shippers, 🙂

    In honor of our favorite Geun-Geun couple, in anticipation and celebration of the 1000th post, and as a tribute to all the fan-made videos and AKP’s CSI team analyses that describe the unmistakable closeness of MGY and JGS, I’d like to dedicate the song “Close to You” written by H. David and Burt Bacharach:

    Why do birds suddenly appear,
    Everytime you are near?
    Just like me, they long to be,
    Close to you……

    Why do stars fall down from the sky,
    Everytime you walk by?
    Just like me, they long to be,
    close to you………

    On the day that you were born the angels got together,
    And decided to create a dream come true,
    So they sprinkled moondust in your hair
    And golden starlight in your eyes of blue…

    That is why, all the boys [or: girls] in town,
    Follow you, all around,
    Just like me, they long to be,
    Close to you…….

    On the day that you were born the angels got together,
    And decided to create a dream come true,
    So they sprinkled moondust in your hair
    And golden starlight in your eyes of blue…

    That is why, all the boys [or: girls]in town,
    Follow you, all around,
    Just like me, they long to be,
    Close to you………
    Just like me, they long to be,
    Close to you………

    Long live JGS and MGY! Long live AKP! Long live Geun-Geun shippers! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • bashful says:

      P.S. Just want to give credit to laura0152 who uploaded this “Close to you lyrics” video in youtube. Thanks laura0152!

  4. Quirkie says:

    Hello GeunGeun shippers!
    Happy 1000th comment! Ready for a 1000 more?! I know I am 😉
    Hope you’ll enjoy the following links…
    Again a 1000 thanks to our Captain!

    • angie says:

      Woooww thanks for the vid quirkie.. ireally love it!! especially the BGM geunyoraseul by m to m jeong hwan.. really love this song.. i kept playing it over and over again.. ^^
      Happy 1000+ comment guys!! Hopefully our dreams will coming true soon enough for ggc..

  5. zz says:

    Yes! It’s officially 1000th post! Woooohoooo!

    Let’s all gather and hold a party for this Geuns who never failed to warm us with their ever so loving chemistry and bring us all together to play in this loving playground. May all of us will cherish the love of our loved ones and for the Geuns.. get marry now!

    Toast to everyone!

  6. Lxandra says:

    Congratulations….its already reaching over 1000 posts…and I dun think its gonna slow down anytime soon…keke

    Thanks to ms Ockoala & everyone here who has been sharing notes. thoughts & opinion on this particular otp….however can I make a suggestion that our dear Ockoala make another page…..sumthing like pt2 kind of thing…since this page already ecxeeding 1000 posts & it take agaes to load….

    Thanx in advance….

  7. jessi says:

    Hooray! A thousand splendid comments! Congratulations to captain & my fellow shippers!!
    luv y’all & luv u TWO !
    @bashful, Thank u for ur beautiful heartwarming comment. Close to You, indeed reminds us of those two…<3<3<3

    p.s. finally! i was like…hey, can someone post that 1000th comment already. i was watching MP epi 15 and each time the part finish, i came back here to see if it hit 1k or not. thanks Quirkie, i owe u! K, now i can concentrate MP. see ya soon!

    • bashful says:

      Hi jessi, You’re welcome and thanks for the kind words… *^_^* Congratulations to you too!…Isn’t it great that only in 2 months we reached a 1000 comments! *_* If the trend continues, by end of this year we would have 6,000 comments. Amazing! ^.^

  8. Quirkie says:

    No problem Jessi!
    Couldn’t wait anymore…kekeke…so funny I was thinking the same thing!: ” Is someone gonna finally make that 1000th comment?!”…haha…I woke up this morning determined to reach 1k today, one way or another I was going to happen today!…alright now I can go to sleep..night night 😉

  9. Quirkie says:

    Hi! Me again 😉
    I am in such a good mood I feel like dancing with all of you! So I brought MGY with me 😉
    Ooh and look @ MGY you’ll think JGS had just finished watching this cf before drawing his ideal woman, remember? Soo eerily accurate, don’t you think?!
    Enjoy! and don’t forget to dance along… 😉

    • angie says:

      MGY in the vid does look like and even similar to the girl in JGS drawing.. And bouyyy MGY is hell sexy in the vid!!!
      I guess she’s not a little girl anymore.. at least not that innocent.. hahah!

  10. pipa says:

    Quirkie, bashful dearest..thanks in advance for the link. It’s not working here at work so i can’t wait to check it out at home. I love that everyone is so happy and in high spirits! Well, who wouldn’t? we’ve been unearthing Geun-Geun fishy secrets one by one.. haha!

    Again, Congratulations to all! Cheers Geun-Geun lovers!

  11. GGLover says:

    Geunies, GSI.. and most specially Ms Ockoala…
    Congrats for having more than 1000 posts!!!
    And Thank you ms ockoala to starting this marvelous thread….

    Let’s Continue connecting the puzzle/hints about the GeunGeun Couple.

    CHEERS!! I sooo love this forum so much that i can’t sleep without checking this..REALLY..

  12. N says:

    To a thousand more 🙂

  13. LizzyD says:

    Congratulations ladies on reaching 1,000 posts. Although I no longer post, I do periodically come and skim this forum. I am thoroughly impressed by the dedication everyone has shown to Geun+Geun.

    The kiss that sealed their destiny…

    • LizzyD says:

      P.S. I don’t know if any/all of you have seen the two ELT MVs JKS filmed in Japan. Sometimes what’s missing provides more clues and answers than what is present. In this case, when I see the way JKS looks at those 2 actresses, the way he touches them, and the way he kissed one of them, I found all the evidence I’ll ever need. Body language, expressions of the eyes, and the way your lips and eyes produce a smile… all of these things do not lie. Never in the past has JKS ever gazed at, smiled at, or touched a costar the way he did in M3 with MGY. The way his face lights up like a (Mary) Christmas tree when she’s in front of him…The way he appears to be trying to absorb her into his body when he hugs her… The way he kisses her as if he’s waited his whole life for that one kiss… What other evidence do we need? I will patiently and gleefully (*winking at Hachimitsu :P) wait for the official announcement. Even if it never comes, I’m still content, because they’ve already played out their real life love story on camera for us… What more could we ask for? 😛

      Alright fine, let’s be greedy. For short-term, I want 6 hours worth of additional scenes and the BTS for the Alley Kiss on the D-cut DVD. For long-term, I’d like to put in a request for 1 Baby Geun before JKS leaves for MS.

      • bashful says:

        Hi LizzyD,

        Thank you so much for joining us on this momentous day. We would not have reached this 1000 comments milestone without you… Thanks also for bringing to the fore that priceless picture of the kiss that sealed their destiny to commemorate the occasion.

        And how about your unique take on JKS’ ELT MVs in Japan? 🙂 I have not seen them but recalling JKS scenes with PSH in YB and comparing them with JKS scenes with MGY, I arrive at the same observations as yours. First, JKS hugs of MGY (e.g. all of them in M3) appeared to be more tight and freely given than JKS hugs of PSH (e.g. at the concert in final ep of YB) which appeared to be more reserved. Then I recall the YB fans’ outcry over JKS and PSH kiss’ being stiff (forgot which ep), whereas JKS and MGY kiss in M3 ep 8 was, well epic, as many fans described it.

        Lastly, I love your short-term and long-term requests. May I add my short-term request, that is for the 2 Geuns to do a saeguk drama where MGY’s role will be a beautiful, wise, and kind young queen and JKS’s role will be a handsome, wise, and kind young king, and they live happily ever after.

        Thanks again LizzyD. Take care and we’ll look forward to your next comment, hopefully soon! 🙂

      • GGLover says:

        Hi LizzyD..
        I’ve seen some parts of the moon and Star.. unfortunately, i haven’t seen any with English Sub yet ….
        I’m just wondering and very curious, about the story of it..
        and why do they have to include “a girl who knits a gloves”?
        and yes, i’ve seen the kiss scene of Fuji and Jang there but it’s not as sweet as how MuGyul kisses Mae Ri…

        Anybody here who saw an English trans of Moon and Star??
        Or better yet (i know im greedy LOL), anybody here who can translate?? LOL

      • nikousvet says:

        I am so glad you are back LizzyD!
        I had the same exact thoughts about JKS when watched ELT MVs. Only with MGY he is that passionate and gentle. The kiss in ELT looked sooo fake, no comparison even with the first kiss in M3 ( which supposed to be fake! hehehe).
        Congratulations everybody with over 1000 comments!
        I am reading them as my favorite book..

    • LizzyD says:

      Different link for same picture:

    • Hachimitsu says:

      *waves frantically at Lizzy*

      ELT songs are really nice so I’ve already downloaded their new songs, but my weak GeunGeun heart is not yet ready to see JGS within a 5 meter radius of other non-MGY women so I haven’t seen the MOON PV.

      Regarding the DVD, I initially thought that the proposed extra 7 hour content is that of behind-the-scenes alone, but it makes more sense if it’s made up of additional scenes (moar kissing scenes, plz). Regardless, I’m looking forward to all the BTS, how meager there might be. I read that MGY did the interview/commentary thing for the DVD today…perhaps JGS did too, before/after his signing event ^^

  14. erika says:

    whuaaaa geun’rs….congrats in reaching 1000 post…so amazing…although I’m barely make any post or share the joy but I’m still lurking around…still waiting in the corner patiently until both geun2 make the announcement that they are in fact dating and love each other for along time and finally can say it…if it happen that they found happiness in other people I’m happy for them because I want only the best esp for MGY because I’m a big fans of her and wish she could just make one drama and that would be enough for me…
    keep praying so that all our wish come true….

  15. april says:

    hi geunies, congrats for having more than 1000 posts here!!!!!!!
    you’re guys already rocks…
    i wanna share this vid, hope you all enjoy it……wkwkwkwkwk 🙂
    @lizzy d, don’t know why but i can’t see the pic u’re shared…maybe u’ve another link???

  16. lxand says:

    Since we have reach over 1000 posts, let me recaps on the happening so far…

    So far I think most of us here belongs to one of these 4 groups

    1st group – Those who believe there was nothing serious between the 2 until M3

    2nd group – Those who believe they have feeling for each other but never act upon it until during M3

    3rd group – Those who believe they have relationship before & break up but rekindle their love on M3 set

    4th group – Those who believe they have an ongoing reltionship since over a year or so & like other couples they fight, take a few days to cool off with each other & made up.. So when they finally got the chance to act as a couple in a romcom thay take the opportunity being a screen couple to display openly their real life affection they have to suppress since they 1st dated

    And of cos I am the minority belongs to the 4th group..and frankly the main reason I suspected JGS was strongly against KMG ‘death’ in ep 15, and ending up MR with JI becos he wants fans to remember the show as KMG & WMR love story aka JGS & MGY love story…

    I know many think JGS being shy towards MGY during SBS 2009 becos he was suppressing his feeling for her…I on the other hand didn’t think he was shy with MGY..but he was shy becos being caught on cam while he was alone with MGY…just like he blush & push LHK when he repeat MGY’s name out loud in front of the cam..they were still young, trying to hide a relatioonship, of cos they’re shy especially if they were being tease by few ppl who’re close to them…

    Now with more Geunies ‘evident’ YB like Angelina Jolie, the YB Anjell pet dog-Brad Pitt MGY’s ideal man or so JGS said.. AnJell band – Angel fan club…especially the song Fly me to the Moon plus the moon & the star thingy which was mainly in the 2nd half of the show…WHY? Becos most of JGS friendliness with PSH bts were from the 1st episode & I believe was release to public while they’re filming the 2nd half…since for the 1st time JGS was the oldest cast among the lead, I’m sure JGS was just being nice & friendly to everyone male & female casts to break the ice & take care of the just like what his senior co stars had done in the past..
    But after the bts clip came out fans goes wild and saying he’s in love with PSH, what gf won’t get upset..and to make it up to her, “he only sees the moon” came up & of cos “Fly HIM to HIS MOON” song

    However the end result is the same for all groups..jGS & MGY have come to a stage where they are in a serious relationship with each other


    Ok…back to current situation….has MGY update her cy recently? After the last I love u pic and loyalty on Feb 18? The one she chg her BGM to Japanese songs? After Feb 20th to be precise…there’s none rite? WHY???? Becos Jagiya is home, that’s why!!!! During JGS stay in Japan until Feb 1z when we know for sure MGY was in Korea, thereks only once she update her cy & that becos we suspected she was indirecty telling the world she’s on his side no matter what..then between Feb 17 to 19, there were several mssgs between the one in korea & the one in Japan..then it stop altogether…

    Another thing, on the same night she did the radio interview, she wrote the “did I do well & keuk I will miss you, really mssg” then a few hour later past midnight or eatly the next morning on feb 18 the “I love you” picture was upload in her cy plus the ‘loyalty’ mssg & the jap song selection for her bgm…am I rite abt this?

    Now dun you think its a bit weird that the shy & very private MGY suddenly put up the “I love you” word in the picture? I’m sure its not meant for fans…c’mmon…its so transparent its just not like her..its more like, what the word again, “exhibitionist” suspected bf of hers wud do…JGS is the typw who be in the open if they let him while MGY is a total opposite…which I began to suspect sumone update the cy FOR her in rtn for he song dedication…and later he leave a mssg ‘l miss you’ in cri J..now who is he missing while in Japan? Surely not his japanese fans since he is stll there..and I dun think other nation wud open the cri J unless she too has access to the account..

    Abt bgm…I just wonder..is MGY has always been the oerson who changes her BGM frequently with all kind of music genre & languages? So far after M3 she has updated her bgm from ballad to beethoven to indies in all 3 languages that JGS masters…if she has never chg her bgm this frequent with this variety, than that wud be a real fat chance her bgm by sumone who love all kind of music depending on what mood he’s in & of cos in languages he fully understand..example..the latest Japanese song were quite a sad songs rite? Perhaps that’s the mood he was in..in was on the 18th..he was still in japan..his gf has rtn home on the 17..and he’s missing her like crazy..thus the japanese sad song plus the I love you picture, stressing on loyalty then the ‘I miss you’ mssg in cri j…

    • LizzyD says:

      This is totally random but I noticed earlier on, you were speculating about the barking and meowing sounds being codes and so on. It’s different in most languages and it Korea, that is how the sounds are spelled.


      Scroll down to see list of how a dogs bark in other countries. 😛 I can only vouch for the 3 Asian languages I know, don’t know about the others.

      • Quirkie says:

        Thanks LizzyD for putting that one to bed 🙂 Glad to have you back! Maybe for while?! Hope so cos in my eyes you are our honorary GSI and we need your help 😉

    • bashful says:

      Hi lxandra, Like many here, I love reading your comments and bow to your GSI/CSI skills. 🙂 I also love your theory on why MGY has not updated recently her BGM.

      Can a Geun-Geun shipper be a freelancer? I ask because sometimes I feel I’m with the 2nd group, sometimes with the 3rd group and sometimes with the 4th group. (hehehe)

      Have a good day, and I look forward to more of your insightful comments about our favorite Geun couple! 🙂

      • angie says:

        i am too becoming more undecisive.. At first i was definitely in 2nd group but now i might have jump to 4th group.. Bcoz after i reread all GSI scenario, assumptions, analysis, etc.. and then compare it to all the interactions in M3 presscon, appearances in various awards, etc.. It does possible that they’re in relationship already before M3.. ^^
        In the presscon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oy9WrSYQKaY
        when mgy and jgs is up for photo mgy is clingy to jgs on 01:25.. The way she stands giggling beside him is like “i’m so happy i can stand side by side with my man so openly”

        And i was curious and suspicious.. why in that presscon jgs said “it was fate”? What’s the story behind it that made him said that??

        Can anyone elaborate?

    • Quirkie says:

      I am sorry I am usually not one to argue but the idea of JGS updating MGY’s BGM makes me uncomfortable. MGY strikes me as an independent, strong minded individual with a strong sense of self who has been communicating with her fans through her cy for a while now..she knows that they look forward to HER voice (literally and figuratively)… can’t help but think that’s her sanctuary and can’t imagine someone else using it, maybe make suggestions but not openly using it…Imho…

    • pipa says:

      Oh my lxandra..reading from the first stanza of your query if there is any latest MGY cy messages and nada i think. I’m not even finish yet in reading your comments, then i said to myself..yup, no latest messages bcoz her sweety is back home.. and bam you said it in your next sentences! haha..

  17. mysin says:

    @lxandra post
    “….however can I make a suggestion that our dear Ockoala make another page…..sumthing like pt2 kind of thing…since this page already ecxeeding 1000 posts & it take agaes to load….”

    I 2nd on your request
    it’s getting HEAVIER… plz ms.Ockoala dear… :-p

    Hi LizzyD… so glad you stop by…

    keep the spirit gals… 😀

  18. pipa says:

    Glad to see Ms. LizzyD around. As always she never fails to impress me with his awesome comments and at the same time amuse me with her wittiness. 🙂

  19. pipa says:

    Hi GGLover…while BR i saw your previous post and i think you didn’t get any reply?
    GGLover says:
    February 22, 2011 at 3:21 am
    Hmm anything more? Did I miss something?
    Just a Question….Im curious….. When does YB filming in Korea started??
    I saw this pic in I love jang geun suk FB account..

    What caught my attention is that… it is “dated NOV 14, 2010…” the owner commented and I quote..
    • i love Jang geun suk: no he’s not texting, hes just looking on his phone . why he need to text if the one he always texting is on just on the set. hahha.^^

    I am soo curious why she would say that.. and she’s a Korean and her account started Early last year… I guess she’s a GeunGeun shipper too LOL
    It’s not YB he’s filming during Nov. 14th, It’s MSOAN he’s doing. Actually they started to shoot around middle of Oct. 2010. And from the way admin of the page commented,she is talking (thanks btw for the pic) about MGY 😉

    • GGLover says:

      Hi Pipa…
      I guess my msg On Feb 22 was a little confusing… Let me clarify it (^_^,)
      I was asking about the time YB filmed in Korea b’coz, I was compiling things in the YB that I/Geunies felt like “connected to MGY…(ie.. jolie, Angels etc).. it was early or middle last year when it was shown here in my country.. so I guess probably, it’s 2009 in Korea when it was shown(?).. I wanna know when, in 2009 they started filming YB, so we can maybe connect it to “probably” JGS is pursuing MGY (if they’re not, in a relationship), during this time….that he used YB film to send her “secret messages”….
      Coz I’m definitely sure that JGS has something to do with YB filming when I saw that Tae Kyung (JGS) and JI (KJW) wore THE SAME bathrobe in YB and in M3…
      And those awards night that they were wearing a “matching” outfit/accessories is in the year 2010… They could probably started this “special friendship” or like MU (mutual understanding = dating but NOT committed with each other) thing in 2009.. well, that’s what the showbiz people here say/use in my country.. only to find out later that they already break up LOL

      And with the facebook pic of “I love jang geun suk dated Nov 14”.. I think M3 aired in Nov 8 (is that right?) in Korea… and basically, most eels are mostly pro- PSH coz of YB…. I’ve seen that she (the admin)and a name Vanessa wang, have been defending MGY and JGS “love team” over them LOL even some post earlier than nov 14…. And oh, I mentioned that I think she’s a GEUN GEUN SHIPPER also LOL (an EARLY Geun Geun Shipper)…

      And I am looking forward for another “coincidences” coming…
      Eagerly waiting for the MOON and STAR English Sub ^___^ …
      hmmm, I wonder why they need to include a “knitted gloves” made by a girl there.. Dnt know if it’s from his Ex or present GF (in the MV) ..
      ahhh cant wait for the story….
      Another thing to “dissect” by our GSI here LOL

      • GGLover says:

        Hi Geunies here..
        I saw this link ELT Star.. still working right now…
        hope u can view it b4 it’s block LOL

        The girl in this Star MV knitted something for him, not sure what it is.. but it’s not a gloves.. i think more like a bonnet or bigger…

        but in this preview of MOON the girl here knitted a gloves for him…

        So BOTH girls KNITTED something for him..
        I guess JGS loves receiving KNITTED garments LOL

        Hi Jessie.. can u give us your insight, as to what the song is all about? Pretty please?
        Big Thanks Sissy.. *kisses*

      • jessi says:

        Hi GGLover, imagining ur pretty-plz (with shreck’s catty face!) i felt this my obligation. Kidding, its my honor! ❤ Can u wait for a few hrs? Im at work. I’ll look at it whn I get home.

      • jessi says:

        Hi GGLover, sorry for the late reply.
        ok, i watched MV digest and read both Moon & Star lyrics. 1st, both songs are about lost love.
        oh, before i forget to mention, the knitting thing has no direct link with the lyric. acording to E.L.T themselves, these two songs are about one lost love spoken by both man and woman’s point of view. ‘Star’ which is woman’s view, is kind of positive image in both lyric and melody. she lost a love but trying to keep her spirit up. she feels she can do so because she has a precious memory of this past love. as long as she remembers ‘her love to him’, she can look up to tomorrow and go forward. she positively pray to the STAR for him/her keep that brightest smile each and every day. kind of one good example of ‘how woman can shake off the past and move on’. actually that was the song writer’s main theses. women act rather positive at the end of love while men drag their feeling and not afraid of throwing himself into the emotionaly miserable point. Moon, the man’s helpless love song to his ex who will never come back to him ends with a quite inpressive phrase that ‘Love is an illusion’. So that’s that. i couldnt find the lyrics in english and frankly, their words and terms are so abstract and i just couldnt translate it into eng. these songs are still too new so wait little longer for someone to put up the full song’s translation. But the bottom line is, since both songs lyric portrate no specific scenes, knitting or any other part are all came from song images. knitting scene was for ‘Moon’. showing how she sincerely loved, devoted to this man. Still, it didnt work well because of him, he thinks. so unlike M3, knitting here kind of representing sadness. I think this is no connection to Mae-Ri’s knitting factory and im glad for that because M3 knitting represents happiness, Mae-Ri’s warm and cozy love to JKS…oops KMG. In my eyes, what occupying the MV girl’s mind when she was knitting, is that her own feeling, like concentrating her love. In the other hand, all Mae-Ri was thinking when she’s knitting gloves or sweater is that to give MG’s hands, body and his heart warmth. that’s the difference so leave MGY’s knitting alone. haha. It coould be JKS’s suggestion to use knitting scene to show the girls affection but i hope not. (i’ll say it again, leave MGY’s knitting alone! its special!) well, MV had a professional director and even though JKS is a rising star in Japan, dont think he can actively work on the script just yet. GGLover, i dont know if this satisfy u or not but basically the songs have no link to our MOON and STAR. but hey, no connection but the coincidence of song titles, knitting scene piles up on top of the other numerous coincidences we’ve already discovered. i think that tells one thing, its DESTINY!!! oh and im totally agree with LizzyD about zero chemi between JKS and Mina Fujii. dont need to wait for the kiss scene. his eyes are telling no extra thing, just acting.

      • jessi says:

        sorry i forgot about the two knitting scenes. in STAR, the girl who is in the wheel chair was knitting scarf and the girl knitting also scarf in second MV u posted is the one the guy loves. looks that the guy really loves this girl Mina Fujii played but he also has some sort of guilty/love to the wheel chair girl and just couldn’t leave her. the guy (notice im not using his name but calling him GUY? with the other girl, he becomes just a guy, no more than that! haha) sure seems a knitting receiver. bring them on! no one knit like MGY! yup, im the one crazy biased ahjuma! sorry ladies, for my chain posts. im off now.

      • pipa says:

        Yikes! sorry about that, my bad. Yup, got confused there and was asking, why she has no idea? but of course you know, as obvious with your UN hehe.. YB started airing Oct. 7 and runs till Nov. 16 and prob started filming late Sept? just my guess.
        Btw, this was already posted here that dring YB filming JGS is always texting during break per PSH.

      • GGLover says:

        Hi Jessie,
        Big thanks sissy for the insight of the MV *hugs*… I guess MaeRi’s shrek eyes really works.. (^_^)
        Since you said that there’s NO lines or whatsoever about the “knitting” thing in the MV… I was just thinking, “is knitting the only way to show their affection“ ? Can’t they use “crochet” or something else?.. And I thought I saw him holding a knitted gloves while he’s in the bus… But since you said that I should leave the knitting alone.. i’ll put it at rest.. okay then.. me no more mention about the knitting LOL ..

      • jessi says:

        hi GGLover, ‘him holding a knitted gloves while he’s in the bus…’ ur rite. i thought both were knitting scarf but the wheel chair girl’s (she’s korean btw, not the actress, her role is a korean girl) was the gloves. hmmm….maybe the director or ELT saw M3 and got the idea. possible…i don like other girls knit for JKS but its possible.

      • MikiMouse says:

        If I recall correctly, in the interview of ELT’s Moon and Star MV, Kaori Mochida mentions that she saw JKS in YB and wanted him for her MV. I think she is a fan of JKS, moreover a “GEUNIE”! Hence all the connection to M3 (JKS&MGY). It’s too bad she didn’t cast MGY, but then that would cause too much controversy from the anti’s. But then…why did she put in a kiss scene…to make the comparison and confirm that the ep8 epic kiss is no acting!

      • jessi says:

        yep, the lady singer Mochida liked JKS since YB, wanted him on their song’s MV. i haven’t seen the kiss scene yet. How is it? (wht kind of question is this…) nothing personal but they wrnt look like lovers in the MV and the story line was a bit too typical. if MGY played the role, im sure it became a hell of love story…then again, i dont wanna see a sad love played by them.

  20. staying up late says:

    Hello Everyone! Been reading but have not commented because there is SO MUCH to read and you guys have basically covered EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Jang Keun Suk is having a FAN MEETING, Autograph and Photo session in Singapore in April. Would anyone here be interested in attending them together?

    Perhaps we could just go for the Autograph session and ask him point blank the QUESTION which have been the central theme of this discussion forum. Of course he may not answer but we can gauge his immediate facial response and add confirmation to our earlier drawn conclusions/believes.

    • Hachimitsu says:

      If you’re not too confident to ask him THE question right in his pretty face, I suppose maybe you can just make and parade a “JGS loves MGY” fan board for him to see, haha.

      I hope you can make it to the fan meeting, I’m happy for you! ^^

    • LizzyD says:

      This is what you do. Buy a big poster and bring a fat permanent marker. Tell him to write, “The world has never seen a love like ours. Let’s show them.” Then tell him your name is Moon Geun Young and make him write it. If he refuses, write it yourself. When you’re done, make sure you turn and face the video camera with your poster held high.

      We’ll all be here waiting…. hahahaha

      PS. if you get arrested, we’ll hold a fundraiser for your bail money.

      • N says:

        oh jeebus lizzy d. that is hilarious. nice to see your return.

      • M3Lover says:

        That’s one hell of an idea LizzyD. I looooove it! Hope they can do that but I read in the rules that there is a poster that the event organizer is going to give out where he is going to sign for his autograph session. You cannot bring your own items for him to sign. 😦

      • jessi says:

        oh LizzyD, u gave me one good laugh. u r so precious!

    • pipa says:

      Hi staying up late. I think Koreandramalover/KDL and her friend i think is going( see her post above). I hope she drops by here again and maybe you can also join her.

      Don’t forget to bring us some Geun-Geun goodies! Good Luck!

  21. Hachimitsu says:

    Happy 1000+ comments, Geunies! ♥ Now each and every one of you, pat yourselves proudly on the back! Happy to be part of the clan, even though I regrettably don’t really contribute as much as I wanted to in the GSI team.

    Anyway, do people here stalk the English thread at Baidu? I’m not sure if discussions there can be shared but JGS said something very, very interesting to a fan during the Codes Combine signing session earlier today. To paraphrase ‘vam829’:

    “From Suk Global Chinese net

    Suk: Aa,I haven’t seen that clothes for long time
    Fan: Please write something as touching as you can

    and then while Suk wrote, ‘You only look at me and only remember me’, he said that he even said that to his girlfriend.”

    Guuuuys! Are my eyes turning blind and my brain hemorrhaging on me, or did he just slyly admit that he currently has a girlfriend…? To his fan, no less! Unless there’s subtle Chinese meaning that got lost in translation, what I’m reading is not ‘ex-girlfriend’, but just plain straight out ‘girlfriend’. And he didn’t dodge/deny the girlfriend question either at the Samsung Galaxy event.

    Since I refuse to believe that there’s any other girl in his eyes aside from MGY at this point – what with his fishy attitude since the new year, the cryptic Love Begins message and coincidences etc – can I just conclude that they are totally dating and he is just itching to announce it? Imagine him saying “Only look at me and only remember me” to MGY for realz….! /fangirl squeal

    • LizzyD says:


      I saw that early this morning and have been squeeing all by myself. The exact translation from Chinese is:

      JKS: I haven’t seen that shirt in a long time. (I’m assuming she’s wearing a JKS fan shirt or something.)
      Fan: Please write something as mushy as possible.
      JKS: (writes) Only look at me, only remember me. (says while writing) Wow, these kinds of words, I’ve never even said them before to my girlfriend!

      Chinese is kind of like Korean in that you can leave out verb tenses, subjects, and so on. However, based on the Chinese translation, there is no past tense in the verb, no “ex” in front of the girlfriend, and nothing that sounds like girlfriend in general or girlfriend in the past. Therefore I have chosen to reach the same happy conclusion you did.

      Also, the Star & Moon videos are safe to watch. I was really worried about watching and actually felt ill thinking about it. However, I actually laughed after I saw it because it further cemented my belief that they played out their true life feelings in M3:
      1. When he side-hugged the girl with the bangs, he subconsciously leaned away from her. His hand was also splayed loosely at her shoulder, no death grip the way he does to MGY.
      2. With both girls, he did not stuff their faces in his neck. He hugged OVER their shoulder, the way he did with PSH. By that, I mean his face is actually past their shoulder. This makes the hug look tight but at the same time limits the actual amount of skin to skin contact. With MGY, his face is even with her shoulder so he’s able to tilt his face/head into her face, neck, and hair.
      3. When he kisses the wheelchair girl, his mouth is SQUEEZED shut. The girl had her mouth open but his was clamped as tight as MGY’s was in her CS kiss. He also looked like he was ticking off the seconds in his head.
      4. His smile was very commercial. Even when he smiled big, it never reached his eyes.

      Lastly, just a little tidbit. On the Baidu site, someone posted a previous interview (I think it was 2009??) in which the interviewer asked which spot on his body he’d most like to be kissed. JKS responded his neck and pointed to the left side but it’s the exact spot that he stuffs MGY’s face into whenever he hugs her. (espec the roof hug) Heeheehee

      And very lastly, the fanmeet was at 4pm and was 1 hr long and MGY reportedly did her DVD recording commentary at 5:30pm. I am crossing my fingers that he went straight there after. I’ll be seriously pissed off if it’s taped separately while I’m sitting here studying Korean with more dedication and determination than I produced for all my degrees combined.

      Lastly-est (hehe), the 7 hrs mentioned in the DVD prelim description does refer to BTS. However, usually with D-Cut, they do add in extra scenes. Tamra Island had a whopping 6 extra eps added in I think (but that series was shortened during filming). But YB had extra scenes and so does the new SKKS dvd. It’s unlikely it’ll be more than 2 hrs or something total, if that, but a girl is free to dream, right? After all, isn’t that entire forum a beautiful dream we’re all sharing? 😛

      • angie says:

        Hahaaa.. i love your comments Lizzy D.. and like others here i also read the new comments at work while grinning and giggling.. ^^
        This is definitely my happy place.. ❤

      • erika says:

        awww…so it save to watch,..what a great analyzed and glad that JKS treat his girl co-worker different from MGY, if he treats them the same then I’m going to get mad…hehehehe

      • Quirkie says:

        It is a bingo!! thx for sharing 😉 got to learn Chinese quick! so funny I am currently learning Korean too, I swear the things JGS will make us do…*sighs*

    • MikiMouse says:

      you can’t imagine what i’m doing right now….i’m at work and my co-workers are like ‘what the…she’s grinning and letting out little squeaks’. Seriously, before I get sent to some mental institution, please JKS let it out! MGY’s ready but she’s too shy….she already hinted to you, “I like men i can lean on, depend on…” meaning you take the lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hachimitsu says:

      MikiMouse – I was all *____* and then flailed to myself when I read it. I hope people around me didn’t think I suddenly got an epileptic attack.

      Lizzy – Tsk tsk tsk, WAE squeed all to yourself when collective squeeing here is much more fun? And don’t you go keeping GeunGeun secrets all to yourself anymore, you hear?

      Thanks for the more accurate translation of that exchange he had. I’m a little incoherent right now from this little revelation so all I’m going to say is: Squeeeee!

      Your take/observation on the PVs make me giggle. I do want to watch them because I love the songs and JGS is flawless, but I’ll be nice and kind to my fragile heart and spare it the anguish of watching him with other chicks for the time being. Maybe I’ll see them after I get my extra M3 scenes, or better yet when JGS and MGY go public, har har.

      Have I mentioned that I love their hugs? Yup, I love them and like I mentioned forever ago, because of MGY’s small stature, her face usually nestled against his neck and it looks like such a comfortable position ♥ I’m giddy to know that JGS actually likes it, although I could totally tell from his happy expressions whenever they did their (non-sad) hugging scenes.

      This is totally random, but speaking of M3, I think I picked up another possible non-scripted touchy touchy moment. Early in Episode 13, when Mary’s father left Jung In’s house after Mugyul brought her there in a luggage bag – Mugyul was all “Your appa left right? Let’s go” and you can see that he was stretching his hand out to Mary outside the camera frame. Camera on Mary and you can see that she reached and held his hand outside the frame, but ironically said “No we can’t go”. All of this was outside the camera shot. I was thinking, why would she grab and hold his hand first, and then say “no” if she was thinking of not leaving? Hmmm. Maybe Mary/MGY and Mugyul/JGS developed an intuitive habit of clinging/holding hands whenever they’re close enough. Cute!

      • M3Lover says:

        I also love the back hug at the skating rink where Mugyul put his right hand in between Maeri’s breast & stomach. I only realized it when i recently re-watched M3. It is so spontaneous that you’ll see that their actions in the series is a product of their instinct whenever they are acting out a scene, especially if it is an intimate scene or hugging/kissing one another.

      • Quirkie says:

        Awwww..they are so holding hands!…urgh I got me watching M3 AGAIN Hachimitsu!…In the same episode, I can’t get over that bathroom scene, so intimate! the way he stands so close behind her and after she says ” hold on ” JGS”s moved as though he was kissing her right temple…I know wishful thinking…cant help it though;)

      • tangee says:

        Yes!!! He was so close that I thought he was kissing her temple or her ear??
        Glad to know someone thinks that way too!!!

    • Quirkie says:

      LOL @ Tangee. Felt the same way when I read your comment, i am now convinced that we are hallucinating 😉

  22. MikiMouse says:

    I wonder if MGY & JKS will go out for the promised drinking outing (I’m sure they have already done so in private). Btw, good to hear from you again LizzyD. You’re in-depth analysis is so refreshing. Good luck with your studies but don’t stray away too far!

  23. pipa says:

    M3Lover..i noticed that too, the way MG grab MR from her back at the skating rink. KMG or is it JGS? arms are almost near MGY boobs..like i was, wow.. what was that sneaky touchy moments haha.. i’m squeeing with delight seeing JGS naughty side on MGY hehehe… this guys is so obvious has the hots for MGY!

    • M3Lover says:

      You know Pipa M3 seems like their own version of “We Got Married”… LOL! I got the feeling that I’m watching a reality show rather than a drama….

  24. pipa says:

    Hi Quirkie. I kept watching that sneaky bathroom scene haha.. Though the camera did has a focus on them, but the actual scene is more on JI. I’m sure the the two knows they are being filmed, but i don’t understand why their body and with JGS almost half naked self so glued to each other? and MGY don’t seem to mind, no? But what’s more intriguing is the way they whisper at each other in that position? It’s like true to life moments i see there. I agree, i though i see him, sneak a little peck in there. haha..

  25. N says:

    i’m watching goong for the first time, and i thought it was hilarious when the crowned princess’s friends played through all these saeguk dialogue and one pretended to be moon geun young.

    i’m not sure what it was about these two. i mean i’ve known JGS from all his works before M3, and started paying attention to MGY during Cinderella sister. But once they were both on screen for m3 i was hooked like it was crack. even though m3 has been over for almost two months already, i’m still severely addicted and visit this playground all the time to get my feed on mgy and jgs. everything i see now is: “mgy??? jgs??? come on, give me more!!!” its a current love hate relationship. i love the couple, but hate that my addiction for the couple has gotten the best of me…. this forum is seriously not helping the addiction.

    i guess i’ll be signing out for the day.

    this is N, and i am a geun geun addict, signing out.

    good day ladies : )

  26. rory's mom says:

    Quirkie: you posted this video and I had to comment that up to 2:46 all I see is disdain from JKS towards PSH. He made an effort not to touch her and when their hands accidentally do touch he quickly smells his hand to make sure there are no foreign perfumes on his hand and the hate look he gives her and she sees tells me he acts charming for the cameras but he don’t like her.

    • rory's mom says:

      wrong video. oops. it was Eng sub anj in Taiwan interview of JKS and PSH. the link is not for this video.

      • M3Lover says:

        @rory’s mom Can you please give us the link of the video that you’re talking about? I want to view it too.


      • rory's mom says:

        See if this works, I am really bad at linking. Laughing at myself trying to make a point. PSH had a major crush on JKS (someone once told me) but he wasn’t having it and he did have a girlfriend at that time (you all know). Also looking at all PSH interaction, he is charming, playful and funny but she fell for him and I believe it took him by surprise how serious she got. His appearances with here were minimized. Also (someone has already mentioned) during SBS awards, he had no contact with her and I swear that when he went to hug JYH he almost hit her accidentally when he extended his arm. The pain on her face broke my heart and I am not her fan.

      • rory's mom says:

        Oh I forgot to add, we all know how he lives on his phone and I find it odd that he was not seen using his phone during SBS rehearsals. Not saying it was because he was dating MGY, just stating that he MIGHT have been crushing on her at that time.

      • M3Lover says:

        Thanks! Am waiting for the video clip to load so that I can watch it w/out waiting for it to buffer. Re your comment I think it is not intentional on JGS part if he hit PSH & I think I read somewhere here that at the end of the program he hugged her maybe to say sorry for accidentally hitting her in the face while hugging JYH.

        I agree with you that PSH seems to have a crush on JGS based on the video that was posted before but I think JGS doesn’t want to encourage her feelings for him because he does not want it to be a burden on him. And it is no secret that he has a crush on MGY even when they were still in their teens aside from they listed each other in their profile as friends & he openly tell everyone that MGY is his “special friend”. So, that’s why they are very comfortable with other as we can see in M3. We can easily see that “special connection”. Hence, the speculation started.

      • M3Lover says:

        I watched the video & it did not show if they holds hands but I noticed that when their hands will about to touch he puts his right hand on his back as if he does not want their hands to touch. Maybe he thinks that PSH will grab his hand & hold it. Hehehe! Another thing is his facial expression, it seems that he’s uneasy/uncomfortable. PSH gazes at him but he does not return it.

      • Quirkie says:

        Well said M3Lover, I also believe he def wanted to avoid any misunderstanding. I remember in one of interviews he said that he didn’t contact her the weeks after YB wrapped because she was having a hard time letting go of the character. isn’t that a nice way of saying ” She was still caught up in her feelings for TK/JGS” ?

      • M3Lover says:

        So Quirkie he intentionally did not communicate with her to help her to let go of her character in YB? Maybe that’s why he is uncomfortable if they are to touch & during interviews if the interviewer asks questions that will link them. Thanks now I understand.

      • N says:

        rory’s mom, was that footage reent? i know yb ended last year but JGS has his long hair in here…

  27. Quirkie says:

    Hello Geunies,
    I am sure soon enough someone will post the entire transcript I just brought here the interesting bits…Please Credit Soompi Moons…thank you chicas!

    “ HEH: It says your hobby is dancing. It also has reading and listening to music. You dance well right?

    MGY: Um.. well..

    HEH: Truthfully?

    MGY: Well.. I don’t think I dance incredibly well.. but don’t think I can’t dance either. “
    ——-AnJell was supposed to be a dancing group…any connections?.. 😉 ————–

    MGY: Because I wanted to learn it more, I took jazz dance classes and even learned ballet. But even apart from just learning, I think it also helps relieve stress”
    .—————–Isnt JGS going to be a balelt dancer in his new project? ahem..————————————-
    “ MGY: There was one particular scene where I had to go on stage and do something.

    HEH: Yes.

    MGY: And I nearly fell on stage during that scene.

    HEH: Ah, really?

    MGY: And because I can’t see well in the dark…

    HEH: Oh!

    MGY: When the lights turn off, I can’t see anything. So, there were a lot of times when I bumped into things on stage.”
    ——–Night blindness Really…haha I couldn’t write it better even if I wanted to ;)—

    “ HEH: Alright, now looking at your ideal type of guy.. it has changed a little.

    MGY: Yes.

    HEH: In 2008 July, you said you would like a person who is very understanding and who you can lean on.

    HEH: And in 2010 March, you liked a rough and bad guy. What happened here? And has it changed again? “
    ——3/2010 around the Beaksang Awards, no I don’t think there are too many coincidences, do you? ^ ^; —-

    “ HEH: This is JJS ssi. “Did anyone give you chocolates on Valentines Day?”

    MGY: There is! Manager oppa. haha.

    HEH: Ah, I see. How about besides your manager?

    MGY: Not yet. My grandmother even asked me, I don’t know how she found out but she said, “Today’s a day to give chocolates, do you have someone to give them to? If you don’t, then give them to me.” Haha.”
    NOT YET it’s Feb 17th….Exaggerated plans- Reality poor…..don’t be discouraged! You tell me what you think..haha

    The songs SHE selected:
    To Be Forgotten by Kim Kwang Suk
    Finally Now Kim Dong Ryul
    Autumn Vacation’s There Are Times When I Want to Hold You Like Crazy.
    MGY: After listening to it recently, it’s a song that I’ve come to like a lot. As I spent last year busily, as it became the new year, I felt really empty. I think the song helped really comfort that empty feeling.
    A Grandmother’s Heart is Wide like the Sea by Lucid Fall

    SPECULATION Time! My favorite part…enjoy 😉

    • pipa says:

      Quirkie dear..why do i feel some of her song selections in her Cy are a like a reflection of her feelings…perhaps to a certain person? I doubt it’s a feeling of emptiness but the other way around. ^^,

  28. MikiMouse says:

    I’m copying this post from fb page of the geungeun couple.

    by GeunGeun Couple (Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young) on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 10:40pm

    To all my dear friends,
    Please do pay attention to this. I just got back from a forum concerning about our geungeun couple. Recently someone posted a lot of Moon’s pictures on Suk’s korean official website. We are not sure who did that but that really concern us. We need to spread the words out to all geungeun shippers, don’t do things that will hurt Suk or Moon. There are so many anti geungeun couple and posting either one picture on their official website will trigger a consequence that we don’t wanna see. If Suk and Moon are really into each other, this will ruin the chance because of this nonsense. We, the flowers must keep a low profile here. Just keep praying for them and bless them. That’s all we can do. So, please spread the words out to everyone you know.
    -GeunGeunFB & GeunGeunBaidu

    • pipa says:

      Thanks MikiMouse for sharing this. I hope those who did that will refrain from doing it. Fans of each idol/actors/actress are quite sensitive when it comes to pairing them to opposite sex especially if they do not favor the person or they have their own liking.

  29. tangee says:

    OK, ppl, it is 1079[MLXXIX] comments… WOW!! Yippey!! Hey faithful Geun2 shippers…
    me checking in again quietly. All of you Geun2 specialists, analysts, PIs and so forth, I salute all of you again. KEEP IT SAILING STRONG!! 3 cheers again..
    Since you all have sailed passed the 1,000 mark, how about the next?
    say 2,000[MM] comments?? How about that? Ockoala MUST be so proud of all of you. Even I am beaming with pride for all of you… yay!
    My dear shippers
    Meantime, be safe and take care, yah?

  30. ial says:

    M3 really drives me crazy lol
    i mean, i love MGY since a long time ago, but after watched M3 i couldnt even control myself to stop googling n searching about our lovely geungeun couple^^
    anyway, all of your sharp and detailed analysis are really great and it makes me happy^0^
    but then i try to search by myself and compared bts or presscon or whatever scene between MGY-JGS and JGS-PSH, its true that JGS-MGY are truly intimate, but i found out that JGS has ever teased or smile playfully to PSH too, although its not as many as MGY..
    can someone give me a logical comforting explanation about that please..??
    ~geungeun forever~

    • pipa says:

      ial..perhaps reading this whole page will give you an answer and i promised you will be very much comforted 🙂 Oh just to give you a snippet to start off.. JGS once said he only treats PSH as a sister, while never did he say that to MGY instead his “special best friend”. JGS during his FM in Seoul last Jan 29..this he said to her….
      “At the FM, when asked which co-star actress he was most satisfied working with, Jang Geun Seok didn’t even hesitate and just stated Moon Geun Young. In his mind, she’s an actress that doesn’t ever capitulate in her craft. He said that when they were acting together, they discussed their scenes, and even often quarreled. Moon Geun Young has very strong opinions, whether its towards acting, or in other areas. In many ways, they are very similar, making them friends who see things the same way. When they were filming M3, Jang Geun Seok was so surprised to discover another person that was pretty much identical to himself. He says they still keep in touch, and sooner or later will be going out for drinks.” 🙂

      • Quirkie says:

        Love you to pieces Pipa, you are so diplomatic!, I’ll put it plainly…

        PSH: SHE had a crush on him, being the stud that he is and having a drama to promote (which raised his stardom to stellar proportions) he milked it for all that it was worth…
        MGY: HE has a major crush on her, therefore as a man he is trying everything in his power to show her how much he cares truly…hope this will appease your doubts..;)

  31. rory's mom says:

    I don’t know Asian culture (youth) but are couples ring a big deal? Lately he is sporting one and so I believe he does have a gf and I am not saying it is MGY but he looks happy. I don’t like him that much (you all know that) but his eyes are so expressive and they are smiling (unforced) more than usual. Did you ladies know that MGY doesn’t like wearing rings that much? How come none of you ever mentioned the diamond stud she wore during KBS awards on her mid ear. I have gone through so many of her pictures and either that ear is covered or the stud is not there previous to awards. I attach no significance other than the fact no jewelry was present on JKS during awards but the previous year he had the infamous ring.
    I want you ladies to be right but …………

    • mysin says:

      Hi RM…
      yes it’s a big deal in Asia (I’m asian), not just for youth, mostly in my country it’s customary to the adults/those who are ready for serious relationship, no, I don’t mean engagement ring (engagement ring usually only wore by female, not the guy, although they have the ring too). Besides that we have pendant-couple goes with the necklace too, that’s it! just ring and necklace/pendant.
      abt jgs expression, u notice that too, do you? yeah… he sure is smile a lot lately…
      and abt mgy diamond-earing, I think it’s just accesories, you see she’s totally clean while she’s wearing that neckless gown in kbs award, a little spark make her nice, no? and I think, somehow, it represent her trully character… 😉
      abt jgs not wearing any jewelry, maybe he wants to par with mgy, same “clean”… 😉

    • M3Lover says:

      Well I think the speculations & GSI thing that fellow GeunGeun lovers here are doing is purely out of fun. We will never know the truth about their relationship unless they come out in the open and say it. It is no different from other couple that other fans are rooting. It is a natural progression since they were paired in a rom-com drama & they have one of the best pairing chemistry on screen. But when the time comes that it is proven that there is no truth to such speculation I think it is fine at least they are good friends. And if there is truth on these speculations, I hope everybody will be happy for them especially both their fans (Eels & Angels) because there is nothing beautiful in this life than being in love, when you have someone to love you & someone who’s always be there for you aside from your family & friends.

    • bashful says:

      Hi rory’s mom! 🙂

      How are ya? Thanks for the news about JGS’ wearing a couple’s ring…Wow! Symbols or gestures of Love just keep appearing when it comes to JGS and MGY, aren’t they? 🙂

      I seem to recall reading about MGY’s earring at the 2010 KBS awards show. It might have been in a different blog but I think it is here in AKP since we all admired how elegant MGY was that night…I also recall reading about JGS’ ring here in AKP. I think it was during the “butterfly” discussions or was it the discussion about JGS’ fanmeeting in Thailand? Sorry, I’m not sure. I also vaguely recall a fellow Geun-Geun shipper describing the ring as having disappeared after JGS’ management team denied JGS having a gf. But I’m not really sure about this recollection. Sorry. Hopefully soon, fellow Geun-Geun shippers who do recall will respond with the info. 🙂

      Que tengas buen fin de semana!

    • jessi says:

      ‘because there is nothing beautiful in this life than being love, when you have someone to love you & someone who’s always be there for you aside from your family & friends.’
      very well said M3Lover. we all know MGY is repeatedly saying that her ideal is someone whom she can lean on. in other words, ‘who’s always be there for you’. i also want to point out that Yesung, the Super Junior guy who had crush (?) on MGY for years said he was jealous of JKS by seeing their chemistry in M3 and ‘MGY understands of JKS’. i thought this is little strange. u could see JKS and MGY were well harmonized onscreen couple but its not necessary to say ‘MGY understands of JKS’. what’s more notable is that he didnt say Mae-Ri understands Mu-Gyul but Moon Geun Young understnads Jang Geun Suk. well, even if he (or the article writer) had simply used their real names instead of their role’s, it’s still strange to say that because MR understands MG was the drama concept, nothing to surprise about. Now, where did Yesung get that impression? then i found a photo JKS and Yesung together and someone says ‘JKS, ur friend says he has crush on MGY, wht shud u do?’ i now know JKS’s best friend among SJ memers is Heechul. JKS and Yesung probably are more casual ‘whts-up’ level of friends. (shud be. ur best friend will never publicly says ur girl is his ideal) but still, why ‘she understands of JKS’ idea came to his mind? did Heechul tell him or is it an obvious fact in their circle? Anyway, MGY is wanting someone she can lean on, JKS says he and MGY have almost identical character, and Yesung says she understands him. I think they’ve already found the one ‘who’s always be there for you aside from your family & friends.’

      • pipa says:

        Jessi..cant help but I think your post is love! thanks for sharing this info. Is that recent comment? Hmm..I don’t know what else to say but Yesung definitely knows something plus the fact they know each other and a fellow co-member is JGS close friend, it is possible JGS might have spill something to Yesung or perhaps Heechul and conclude it. Wonder though abt the jealousy question..we know JGS is a jealous kind of guy, so I assume he is haha..

      • jessi says:

        hi pipa, i read it soon after M3 finished. think early january. tried to find the link but couldn’t . shud’ve kept it but had no idea that im gonna join GSI team back then …haha. anyway, Yesung has been MGY’s fan since 2004 he says. he even dragged his fiends to see her movies! and what that his hit song’s title, the one for CS OST? yeah ‘It has to be you’…. i feel sorry for Yesung but what can we do? She’s taken, they are fated.

      • M3Lover says:

        Hi Jesse just read your post. I know for a fact that Heechul & Yesung is part of “Kind of Psycho yet Increasingly Charming” group (actually Heechul is the self-proclaimed president of the group) wherein JKS is also a part of that’s why you can say that they are best friends. Aside from them, the other members are Jo Sung-mo, Nassun, FTIsland’s Lee Hong-gi and Choi Jong-hoon, Supreme Team member Simon D, Epik High’s Mithra Jin and BEAST’s Jun-hyung. See this post from other blogger http://lovesears.blogspot.com/2011/01/kind-of-psycho.html
        Basically, aside from his listed celebrity friends in his profile they are also his circle of friends .

        In connection with your post I hope you can still remember the link because I want to view it also. This piece of news is interesting we can glean a little snippet of evidences re our speculations.

      • pipa says:

        Yup jessi, i feel sorry too for Yesung but i admired his boldness of telling everyone how she admired MGY, but as they say you can’t teach love. I’m sure MGY is flattered and touched by this. And the theme song he sung in CS is nice..saw some of his radio promotion singing this song.

  32. bashful says:

    Hi there Fellow Geun-Geun shippers,

    Hope you all had a good Friday and are looking forward to the weekend! 🙂
    So many good discussions today, huh? 🙂 Will catch up reading and enjoying them…

    This morning I stumbled upon a translation of the interview that JGS gave to Sohu-Korea Entertainment when he was at Beijing, China, promoting YB. I’m not sure if that interview has already been shared in this forum. If it is, sorry for the duplication.
    Here is the link: http://community.livejournal.com/anjells/152019.html#cutid1

    What struck me from this interview is the following question and JGS’s answer:

    SE: What is the first thing about a girl that captures your attention?
    JGS: It’s in the eyes. A person’s eyes are very important for communication. If I see a girl that I like, she must have kind eyes, a thin neck…… I will like girls like that.

    Where have I read this before? Who replied “the person’s eyes” when asked about her ideal type and is there something that she always looked at? (Trying to remember…) Aaaaah! I read it from the translated MGY’s interview at HEH’s Music Town radio show last Feb 18…Oh Geun-Geun Couple! If ever you take a compatibility test, I wouldn’t be surprised if get a perfect score! 🙂

    And how about JGS’s preference to a girl with “thin neck”. Doesn’t MGY fit this description?! ^.^

    Fellow Geun-Geun shippers, your thoughts, please?

    P.S. Attn: Geun-Geun Couple’s Evidence Collection Department. I’d like to submit the above interview as Evidence# 999,999,999. 🙂

    • Quirkie says:

      ” Attn: Geun-Geun Couple Collection Department”… LOL.. At this rate we’ ll close this case by the end of the month 🙂
      BTW loved the Carpenters’ MV, so soothing…put you in a right state of mind..right on

      • bashful says:

        Hi Quirkie! 🙂 Well, (got a big smile as I type) due to everyone’s contributions to this forum, special mention to your chronological and detailed analyses, as well as lxandra’s “never miss anything” and comprehensive analyses, as well as Hachimitsu’s equally compelling analyses, as well as LizzyD’s “never give up” and always optimistic analyses, and of course, as well as Captain ockoala’s “fully supported by pictures and very convincing” analyses, I think what you said is inevitable, that “At this rate we’ ll close this case by the end of the month.” 🙂 Oh, I can’t wait…LOL!

        Thanks for the kind words on the MV…It would have been better though if our fav Geun-Geun couple are in it while the song “Close to you” is playing…So, I’ll try to learn how to make one…(hehehe).

        Have a good weekend! 🙂

    • pipa says:

      Great find bashful! And i see, even in their own personal profile they noted ‘eyes’ is one of the features they look first with the opposite sex. And say what? it’s that how much evidences collected?! Awesome! hehe..

  33. LizzyD says:

    @ Rory’s Mom- I wasn’t going to post again but in case you’re reading this, I just wanted to say hello and though I’m sad you’re no longer on this ship, I hope you’re still enjoying Kdramas and all the eye candy they offer. 😛

    The couples rings are indeed a significant symbol of commitment in Asia, and not just amongst the younger crowd. There are even entire jewelry stores that sell only that type of ring. For that reason, I’ve been closely watching JKS’s hands for a sign, but I sincerely doubt anything will come of it. If you’re suggesting MGY’s diamond stud signifies something, she’s worn it before. Check her yogurt ad.


  34. mysin says:

    ahhh… it REALLY getting HEAVIER… please make it part-2 ms.Ockoala dear… please please please… 😦

    • pipa says:

      Hi mysin. Yup, the page is getting heavier especially when you open this page but i’m not complaining. Ms Ockoala main purpose of creating this forum is for us Geun-Geun believers to have our own haven like in the baidu post of kyobin who became a couple and admitted it 3 yrs after their drama and that post got 25T replies. Perhaps if all our fervent wish of them as a true and them coming out in the open..who knows this page will go crazy wild like the kyobin. 🙂

      Anyway, is it possible to have a second page for this post, for the next thousand post Ms. Ockoala? If its not, it’s ok.

  35. rory's mom says:

    Hey ladies, thanks.

    I feel weird posting here. Like visiting a friend you haven’t seen in a while but parted on bad terms. Silly me. I always read this blog cause I like your way of thinking. I want it to be true too. It was consuming me but I let go and I am happier but I so enjoy your superior CSI-ing.
    I read somewhere above that someone has taken it upon themselves to post pictures on JKS site. I read “Korean actors are not like Hollywood actors”. WHAT THE F does that mean? I totally agree that their sites should be just about the individual actor.
    Sorry about the F, I am sooo American.

    I hope you make it to 2000 posts even though it is taking a longer time for page to upload.

    Thank you for enlightening me on the jewelry thing. For the record, the hugs and touching on MSOAN could only have come from emotional attachment. The epic kiss, there was definite kissing (both of them).


    Still haven’t watched ep 15 and want to see BTS of alley kiss. Am so glad that Moon/Star is safe to watch but I won’t. I won’t sully my memory of the greatest on screen couple ever. That kind of magic is rare and unless it is a horror movie, I don’t believe I could ever watch either of them kiss another. Totally agree that there are other actors/actresses better or as good as these two. Totally agree that there are better looking actor/actresses out there. So what, we love this couple.

    In a world of sadness, this is a very happy place to visit. Keep it up.

    • M3Lover says:

      Hi rory’s mom I also read that at the GeunGeun Couple FB page. They are just asking the shippers/fans of this pairing (Keun-Geun) to refrain posting pictures of MGY on JGS site & vice versa to protect the two from Anti fans & bashful comments & tirades from other fans. I guess in this case from Sukhye fans because I read in lovesears blog that during the airing of M3 specially at the start the eels were in disagreement w/ some eels because some fans are pro sukhye pairing & the others are pro geungeun pairing. I think the comment, “Korean actors are not Hollywood actors” simply means that fans of Hollywood actors are more tolerable of their favorite stars pairing or private lives than fans of Korean actors which is a bit possessive of their idols.

      • mysin says:


        “…“Korean actors are not Hollywood actors” simply means that fans of Hollywood actors are more tolerable of their favorite stars pairing or private lives than fans of Korean actors which is a bit possessive of their idols…”
        “…to protect the two from Anti fans & bashful comments & tirades from other fans. I guess in this case from Sukhye fans…”

        not RELATED at all…!!!

        the chemistry between mgy&jgs is beyond everything…
        never seen such a pairing in my whole life of watching movies
        they (anti’s) should stop making axcuses

    • mysin says:

      I’ve seen lots of hollywood movies… that’s why I say this geuns are “not acting”, it’s scripted but they become theirself… esp all the intimate scenes… that’s why I got annoyed when jgs do those intimate scenes without hasitate or guilt…

      • pipa says:

        I think he is so overwhelmed acting alongside MGY, the lady is awesome in my book and aside from that he really likes her. And pouring out all his true emotions in this drama is a great way to tell the whole world how much he likes this girl imho. 🙂

  36. N says:

    yeah, the page is taking a seriously long time to upload now. but we shall endure : ) keep going team!

  37. pipa says:

    I know MGY may have subconsciously didn’t notice the way she hold JGS hand compare to KJW..but why do i feel so much happy to see this 🙂

    • MikiMouse says:

      Hi Pipa,
      Yep, I see that, she’s holding hands with JGS but with KJW, he’s holding her hand. Also, body language! She standing closer to JGS. Great find!

  38. lxandra says:

    Yeah…after watching the ELT mv I was so relieve that the “talented actor JGS” is back…for quite sometime I was worried that he might continue being himself, just the way he did in M3…keke…but it’s now back to acting huh?!

    And the hug…boy, the hug in M3 were way much better than any mushy scene in any other K-drama I’ve ever watch…of cos the way he press MGY’s head & buried her in his neck were among the best…but has anyone notice where exactly he press her face when trying to block her from the teenagers whos chased them in the alley rite before the epic kiss? I mean he cud have just lean to the wall and block her from their view rite? But noooooooooo…he press her face rite between his shoulder & his arm…ermmm his armpit to be exact!!! I mean, c’mmon what actress, regardless how professional, wants to inhale ordour from that area of any man no matter how hot he is!!! UNLESS of cos he’s HER MAN…remember the saying ‘Kissing every inch of your body’ must have come with a reason , rite “wink” …hehe kidding…but seriously it’s not appropriate…the actress wudnt go along with it & it the most ticklish area just for anyone to touch…so again I believe these 2 are a couple becos only then they’re this comfortable & confident with each other..

    My 2 cents on the couple ring…although many Asians adopt the couple ring thingy its more of a trend than believe…its another way of saying “this person is taken, so hands off ” Its not the traditional engagement ring becos engagement involve 2 families while couple ring only involve the couple…however its not a must thing for a couple…some dun like to wear it becos although it imply ‘comitment’ it doesnt control a person…commitment still comes from the heart…so to me its more for the fun of it until they make their relationship official such as engaggement or marriage..

    And remember even in M3 when MR suggested for couple ring, MG scoff her off saying how lame it is…but that doesnt mean he love her less…and instead of a couple rings he bought a cat pendant necklace for her…and she wore it until the end of episode 16 which was after a year he gave her…

    Back to reality, as celebrity I dun think if they’re truly a couple they will wear identical ring/couple ring around the same time publicly…unless they’re really want to go public with their realationship…If one was seen wearing a particular ring. I’m sure the other one will take it off everytime abt to appear in public…even a real life couple KimHyoJin & YooJiTae or SHK & HB were never seen wearing a couple ring in public or official events & since we never see them during the private hours we’ll never know if they have one…

    As for MGY & JGS…remember they both still own butterfly rings when I rarely see, infact never anyone wearing them until I saw MGY wore them, then followed by JGS several months later….and who knows, just like the cat pendant, the ‘butterfly’ ring was also a gift from JGS…remember sumone said MGY isnt that crazy abt rings, therefore I dun think she’ll go all out looking for a creative ‘butterfly’ ring…unless if it was given by sumone who LOVES ACCESSORIES..I mean of cos he will know or at least have the patience to look for a unusual Butterfly rings…

    And I still dun believe MGY was just a crush for JGS while filming YB…his mgt has clearly stated not long after YB ended filming & the SBS awards, becos of a certain ring he was wearing, he was actually seing sumone…Now why wud thay made up the story if its not true? Then again if he’s with sumone why was he so obvious with his obsession with the ‘Moon’, perhaps AnJell-Angel & Angeliana & Brad Pitt issue too..and like others have pointed all the things on JGS part during YB especially the later part of YB pointing to MGY, the SBS YB team performance they include MGY too, my own observation that toward the later part of YB & SBS Award JGS tried avoiding PSH…even in the drama itself there’s very much lacking of intimacy, like sumone worried to touch PSH incase his gf got the wrong idea again!!

    ANd thank you for sharing JGS refering to his girlfriend…and not his ex girlfriend…

    • jessi says:

      thats true. especially if the man wears it on his ring finger, that would be his clear statement of ‘I am taken’. not too many guys want to do that. BTW, is that ring JKS is weareing recently the same ring he wore during YB? well, it doesnt matter if its the same ring or even couple ring or not. the point is, his ring finger is taken…by who??? think there is a slim chance of its not MGY.

      • pipa says:

        Hi Jessi. Saw that ring too and it’s a different design this time, compare to the previous plain band that lxandra mentioned JGS wore pre YB days. Even last year at M3 presscon JGS is wearing something like silver plain ring, but not sure if it’s a couple ring or just accessories. Now in his latest pics at codes combine, I have no idea if it’s a couple ring but he wore it in his left finger, so you can’t help but speculate.

    • pipa says:

      Hi lxandra! Miss you dear and likewise your post. As always, you never fail to put a smile to my face reading your views and opinions. Regarding the cat pendant necklace I doubt it is part of props. Technically it is but remember JGS re-wrote the last episode so we can assume he incorporated it and it might be a real gift to MGY. Also, wonder if he still keeps the mittens that MGY made for him, me thinks they still are keeping it.

      Abt the sudden hug in the alley..that scene makes me laugh coz JGS really drowned MGY head to his upper body. The boy is too hyper in that scene. Hahaha..wonder what did MGY feel after that scene..did she laugh, feel out of breath or maybe she likes It? hehe..

  39. nikousvet says:

    I came across this article from Korean Magasine posted at Fated couple bloghttp://geungeuncouple.blogspot.com/2011/02/jang-geun-suk-and-moon-geun-young.html. ( Translated by:Psycho_js @ilovekeunsuk full credit to: http://www.facebook.com/marystayedoutallnight)

    Is this a new interview with JKS and MGY ? I think nobody yet posted it here.

    “Q1: Select the reason why you choose this work?

    Jang geun Suk : When i first heard that Moon Geun Young would be casted im so very happy.

    I really wanted to be worked to her in a drama. For me , Moon geun Young is not an actress , she’s my bestfriend that i really like.

    Moon Geun Young: The script was very attractive when i read it ,Jang Geun Suk and i have a really good relationship. Were the same child star and same age, and most of all we are similar. Its very interesting on the beggining of our first shooting, i am very comfortable with him.”
    1- JKS confession that MGY is NOT an actress to him, but a best friend, that he REALLY LIKES. And he is VERY HAPPY.
    2 – MGY admits that they have a REALLY GOOD RELATIONSHIP, and she is VERY comfortable with him.
    Q3: The communication between to of you is really easy , right?

    Moon Geun Young: we work together so well. Besides we have the same experience. So the two of us communicate easily. Discussed some things very close. We can keep secrets well.

    Jang Geun Suk: Me too.We have the same mood as well. After getting the script , we practice it together, doing it each other. There is no specific standard scene, we rehearsed two out of discussion. We meet in the play very well.”
    1- MGY says tat they communicate very well, discuss things VERY CLOSE and have SECRETS that they can keep well!
    2- JKS says that they have the SAME MOOD.
    I want to applaud (bravo!!!) these couple for the way they unveiled there relationship!
    They did it each in there own great stile! As expected, open as appropriate JKS’s confession that MGY is not an actress to him but a special friend, whom he likes very much, and reserved MGY’s more concealed admit that she is comfortable with JKS with whom they have secrets.
    Yes, they have secrets! And they can keep them!
    What else can we wait for? I don’t think we need to wait any longer. That’s it. It is obvious that they have special relationship that they cherish and DON’t WANT anybody to know any details about them. And GOOD for them! If someone want to have the relationship to grow it is important to protect them from others.
    I love these Geun Geun couple and wish their ship the best of luck …!

  40. nas says:

    hi dearest geunies…..

    anybody with reports regarding MSOAN DVD fan meeting….. can’t wait for the report. thank you in advance for all your hardwork….. we truly cherish all your efforts….


  41. lxand says:

    Refering to the YB promotion clip that RM’s posted above…this promo was around September/October 2010..I believe while waiting for MGY to wrap up her stage play…and yeah in this clip its very obvious PSH was trying to lean & flirted with JGS but he basically ignore her..and at one point @0:15 his glance at her even seem kinda iritated…he clearly put his left hand behind him, then she follow at put her hands behind her but JGS immediately put his hands at his side..as if she notice this she quickly put her hands at her side too and once again JGS quickly clasp both his hands infront of him…and I notice too that JGS often look/ brought his left hand to his face..as if he wants to make it clear to everyone watching that he’s not at anytime holding/touching PSH’s hand…hmmmm

    I dunno is it me or is PSH is way much taller than her height stated in her official profile? It said tha she’s 163cm which I really doubt..one thing I believe one reason she was selested for YB is becos she’s almost as tall as the boys..sure she’s the shortest but not much different from the rest..and check out whe she stands next to the 180 cm JGS..she was just abt a couple of cm or so shorter than him..even without heels her head is way past his shoulder…now compare her to the 165cm MGY..even with her extremely high heels during KBS awards her chin doesn’t even past his shoulder..infact her cheek is at par with his shoulder..when she’s not wearing heels heels her eyes is the same level as his shoulder..so there’s no way PSH is 2cm shorter than MGY…and frankly looking at her pictures with her 179-180 cm costars, I bet her actual height is over 170cm…more likely between 173-175cm…so why does she wants to appear short when she’s being bless with. height? I wonder if it has anything to do with what JGS wants in a girl..he likes a girl who’s height is below 170cm becos he feels intimidated by tall girls…other word he doesn’t like tall girls..btw it was also during this Taiwan YB fanmeeting that he wore HIS butterfly ring..care to wonder why???

    LizzyD…so dogs in Korea really bark ‘Meong Meong’ huh? So there goes our Mong Mong theory..keke

    Just a tot…
    Remember that JGS said he’s a VERY JEALOUS BF type..and who knows may be when MGY took the striper role for her stageplay sumone wasn’t quite happy no matter how hard he try to be understanding & to make her man happy she deciced to accept another drama although she has stated earlier not going to do another drama in 2010 since she was offer to act with her jealous sumone to make that sumone happy..perhAp duRing presscon she purposely said not wanting to get married becos it cud hinder her career just as a hint to sumone in particular to be more supportive & trusting..however she cheekily add that she’s not oppose to marry in her 20’s if she find an understanding man…another hint to sumone that she’s willing to get married before she reach 30 if he’s willing to be more understanding of her work…

    Btw sumone mention abt the bathroom scene…yeah it was suppose to be JI gets the wrong idea when he heard voices from the bathroom but when he spring on them, MG & MR were just innocently washing MG’s shirt..so there’s no reason for them to stand so close,rite..JGS cud just be standing next to her or even sitting on the washer’s top..but their position wasn’t so innocence afterall..he was leaning close to MR’s body..his hands at both her sides, his lips close to her neck & earlope..actually standing so close like this I wonder how JI can even hear their whisper when MG lips are so close to MR’s ear..dun tell me he still talk so loud while being so close to MR’s ear..or perhap he was doing sumthing else to MR’s earlope/neck…keke..wild imagination even orst than JI…lol

    • angie says:

      about the steamy bathroom scene.. i believe it’s yet again unscripted and just plain jgs and mgy played as themselves.. And yes i believe that jgs might sneak a peck on mgy.. heheh ^^
      Love them.. gogo geungeun!!

  42. lxandra says:

    Ok…just going tru more coments above…boy this page is getting heavier by the day…may be instead of page 2 we can continue this discussion/forum in another page say like the “Valentine page dedicated to Geun2′ ?

    Anyway…I was reding abt the knitted ‘scarf’ the Japanese girls were knitting in the elt mv…what were you guys talking abt? Becos refering to the clip the only thing I saw was the same blue colour half finish knitted mittens knitted by one girl & the other one when he was crying in a bus holding a blue knitted mitten to his face…I dunno if my computer colour is playing trick on me but it looks like the exact blue colour as the one knitted by MGY for him in M3….remember in another clip, they use body double when they did close up on the knitting and if I’m not mistaken it was brownish colour thread…and I know MGY didnt only knitt a pair of mittens for JGS but she knitted the half one as well…the one she warn KMG not to touch becos its not yet finish but MG still wore it…I’m sure for filming purposes she has to knit a new pair so that they can use the half finish one for filming…and in this elt clip how interesting they use the same blue mitten…. I mean why not red, green, brown or even different tone of blue…navy blue or turqoise blue…and look the way JGS hold the mitten…the middle part was completely covered in his palm…we can only see the top & bottom of the mitten…why??becos if its really the one MGY knitted for him I’m sure we know for sure the moment we saw the while dot/ball in the middle…

    I’m not saying JGS suggested the knitting scene but he might suggest to use his own knitted mitten instead & perhaps suggested to use his own ‘knitting factory’ as the girl’s body double as well….

    Jesse…I cant remember which picture but I did see MGY wore a plain silver ring on her thumb…which was kinda of odd to me…and nowadays JGS is very smart wearing all kind of ring on all his fingers, so its hard to notice what ring he’s wering where & when…but if I’m not mistaken JGS wore his so call couple ring during the SBS on his right hand ring finger not his left hand…I think the left hand ring finger is still reserve for his wedding band…so I doubt the one he wore on Combine cf is his couple ring…afterall for a cf shoot ususally they’re not allowed to wear their own accessories…btw during KBS award MGY did wear a ring on her right hand index finger..but not the usual kind..its more the kind of funky floral or was it ribbon design..

  43. nita says:

    my thought :

    1. their first love are they each other
    2. they used to going steady when they were teenager but they’d break-up because of busy in E-Business
    3. JGS love some other girl after MGY. MGY never replace JGS’s place with any other man but she just keep it for herself
    4. LATELY they’re realized they couldn’t live without each other
    5. they never announce their LOVE relationship until their marriage (like other couple which we never knew they are love couple suddenly announce marriage) hehehee

    this is my ‘stupid’ prediction … 😛 😛

  44. BundaGhifary says:

    Hello…I already read all comment,guess what??i took a whole week 2 read all this comment,n i love it…i’m the one who love them after I watch M3,but most of all i was MGY biggest fans,i collect all her movie and drama
    why a lot of korean male artist/idol admired her,esp musician Yesung,: admired her since 2004, Junsu(JYJ); MGY is 1 of his fans and he feel proud of that ,Taecyon:look how he adore her so much, the way he always talk about her in his variety show (win-win show) ,JGS:who already crush on her since teenage; even my predict that KJW likes her 2 from the way he treat and tease her while shoot 2gether…???
    I thought they might..no..must be fall in with her personality…right??she’s smart,simple girl(look her performance @ KBS award, clean frm jewellery but looks elegance), kindness and full of charity heart(that’s why i love her so much), has a sense of humor and most of all she has an original beauty no need a plastic surgery, and show her beauty charm inside 2 outside and all those boy can recognize it…hehehehe…so she can choose 1 of them…but i’m totally happy when she choose JGS…GUENGEUN 4EVER

  45. Diana says:

    Hi everyone you all deservedto be named as street detectives of sherlock holmes. cincaeyo! keep up all the good works! Keep digging!

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