Written Preview for Episode 9 of My Princess

The written preview for episode 9 of My Princess is out. Now that I’ve had a few days to digest episode 8, the verdict is worse than my initial impression. I really disliked the episode not because it was so suddenly weepy. I disliked it because the plot drivers motivating the turn towards melodrama made no sense.

Someone, anyone, can you tell me WHY Hae Young did the press conference and said the things he said? Yup, if you had to think really hard about it, then it means the action doesn’t hold up to rational scrutiny. Sigh, please drama gods, let MP episode 9 go back to the frothy yet sane-within-the-fantasty-context plot developments of yester-episodes.

MP episode 9 written preview:

Seol hears that Hae Young is willing to marry Yoon Joo, and feels unable to accept it. Hae Young sees that his statements at the press conference has led to Dan’s anger at Seol, he goes to the guest house to see Dan.

Hae Young explains to Dan that the statements he made at the press conference were not at the behest of Seol, and that he acted on his own accord.

At the same time, the ceremony for establishment of the Royal Foundation has begun again. Seol ceremoniously enters the event and finds it completely empty, making her frantic….

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese at Baidu My Princess bar, translated into English by me]

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23 Responses to Written Preview for Episode 9 of My Princess

  1. nicole says:

    wow! I hope this is a better episode than the recent ones! Now what who to blame for not having anyone to in the ceremony!? yoon ju?

  2. Eve says:

    wow.. you’re like a crack dealer… i’m surprised that’s you’ve updated every time i come here… and i’m online a lot…..

  3. 1crazynyt says:

    Thanks, Ms koala for the written preview been waiting since thur last week. Im not gonna go by that written preview coz sometimes the written previews they always release are very deceiving.. But at least I have an idea what’s gonna happen. I’ve read somewhere that by end of Ep 9 or 10 HY will confess his feeling….. Thanks again…

    • ann says:

      really ??? where did ya read it??? can ya plzzzzz give the site.. pretty plzzz… nyway really happy with your comment. now insanely waiting for his confession.. 2 more days to go…..

  4. mayssenger says:

    I know I’m shallow but it sounds so boringggggg…..where are the romantic moments of the earlier eps?

    • allenif says:

      yes chingu, it’s kinda boring now. i love it when they’re together and bickering. why oh whyyyy????

    • goodange says:

      We haven’t seen episode 9 and 10 yet, so, let’s not get bogged down by the preview. I think the written preview’s only highlighting the major scenes in the coming episode. I’m loving the part that Seol’s unable to accept by Hae Young’s willingness to marry Yoon Ju.

  5. Erika says:

    Ah,its not interesting again.are they just going to be typical rom-com drama where they had the crack in early eps then bring the unnecessary angst.I hang on MSOAN because I love geun2 but this one,they are not my love but I like it when they on screen together.

    • tangee says:

      Yes chingu
      MSOAN was ridiculously plotted but we hung on for Geun2. If MP goes ridiculous, I am not sure if I can do the same… True, only like it when they share the same screen.. chemistry of the two are good without a doubt but without the cuteness of the two in earlier epi. it is going to be tough, I’m afraid.

  6. loveit says:

    Thanks for the written preview Koala! About why why HY say the things he say…those people at baidu had a pretty convincing analysis.


    • MoMo says:

      Dang! Can’t read a word!

      • loveit says:

        A lot is said in those threads. My understanding of it is that HY has been loving LS all along and had been trying to stop LS from being a princess partly because he knows that if LS is going to be a princess, they cant be together.

        After HY learns/remember that his dad is the one that caused LS’s dad to be on the run and hence cause his death, HY more or less decide to help her become a princess. (Which also means he is giving up on them ever being together)

        Rather than let LS go to the press conference, he decide to attend the press conference for her and say what he said because that will be most helpful for her to become a princess rather than let her face the press cause he knows she can’t bear to betray her adopted family. Even if she can it will still reflect negatively for her to reveal the crime of her adopted father herself. He did this knowing that she will hate him for what he did so when he kiss LS on the stairs it is really a goodbye kiss.

        He waivers on the steps where they kiss but remembering his childhood meeting with her and what his dad did makes him more determine.

      • allenif says:

        thanx so much loveit for the translation. i so love it 🙂

      • MJShinshi says:

        @loveit that’s what I thought after ep8 tho didn’t think of the kiss as goodbye. the memory of his father’s doing will make it hard for him to follow his feelings. there’s definitely a budding mutual stirrings of their hearts which clearly shows in their last scene facial expressions and not looking at anyone but at each other..

      • mayssenger says:

        Wow now it makes more sense…. so he’s helping her to be a princess even though the others think he’s not? The kiss was a goodbye kiss? That’s sad…awww…but sounds so like HY….he’s very honourable and would put her first before his own needs. I love HY. He’s the most attractive and nicest lead to come along in a long time.

    • ann says:

      omg.. u r the best!!! n here i was grumbling abt why they have to push agnst in so cuty n funny n lovely drama… i know that the whole drama can’t run just on the base of fluffyy fluffy scene.. but still wished that no more bucketful of tears..
      BUT after reading all ur translation on baidu guys analysis’)…. ohh man i REALLY REALLY M hooked up with this drama…. wishing something romantce will be shown in 9& 10.. just insanely waiting.. what these writers will move onwards… MP fighting… U R ma bestyyyy rom-com drama of 2011…

  7. sandi says:

    Thanks Ockoala.
    Why LS finds empty…. may be HY will not at ceremony?????……

    I do want to know HY true feeling toward YJ.
    Also I do want to know what is the reason he did press cornf….. as u said…it is really hard to think.
    After press cornf, HY always had waterey eyes (tears in his eyes), what’d made him so sad and emotion, by seeing that it make me so so sad and my tears out.
    Here is some more BTS of MY PRINCESS…..


  8. tangee says:

    Dear loveit
    Much appreciate your translation.. Thanks heaps..

  9. clichique says:

    I have come!!

    As much as I want the fluff to come back, it does not look probable because there’s a lot of plot threads to tread through that are quite serious, so…

    I’ve been trolling around on the Baidu threads. All I can say is, wow, some of those analyses are really really deep. Sometimes I think they are a lot deeper than the drama that’s going on… at least I feel like the people there get very passionate about their dramas. I felt that way about PS Man, which, upon thinking back, that was promising but turned into utter crap and somehow people still made it out to be deep analytically towards the end, even though, I knew deep in my heart that was all rubbish and just incontinuity with writing and other things.

    To be honest (and I wrote this on the Baidu threads), I hope that My Princess goes for the maturity/growing up of Seol instead of just going down the same Korean drama romance story plotline. I’m looking for character development… or at least hoping so. In fact, I almost want to say (but not really because I really like SSH & KTH’s chemistry) that I wish the romance factor was only one of the factors that makes Seol into a greater person, a better princess. Which means I could be even open to the ending not having them together…. though not really, no, I wouldn’t like that because I like them together.

    Sigh. Confliction.

  10. Jay says:

    Hmmm…why did HY do what he did at the press conference? I think he deliberately did something that he knew would hurt Seol because while he did appear to be helping the Imperial family, he’s still determined to ultimately force Seol out. He cleared the name of the Imperial family and therefore helped Seol the princess (as well as made himself looks like the supporter of the monarchy and thus reinforcing his current role), but he did it in such a way that he knew would hurt Seol the woman and add intense pressure for her to leave the monarchy in order to regain her family. HY didn’t *have* to throw Seol’s adoptive father under the bus to clear the name of her biological father; there were other possibilities. But HY chose to do it in the way that would be most painful for Seol, and that’s not a loving act. I think HY is falling for Seol, but he’s not admitting it and his conscious decisions, such as this one, are still about his conscious objective — regaining the family fortune and the life he thinks he should have with the Bad Haircut. In fact, I think his growing feelings for Seol are driving him further, because he’s in denial that there are any feelings at all.

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  12. a_fan says:

    I don’t know about you guys but I think it pays to pace Korean drama watching. I held out against secret Garden and Mary. In the last 6 months, I’ve only seen oh my lady, fast fwd I am legend, PK and now mp. I am sticking to mp no matter what. Our crown prince fell in love and married a part time student part time waitress single mom. I like prince and princess love stories.

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