Spoilers for the Formation of an Idol Group on Dream High

All week I had niggling doubts about whether I should have boarded the SamMi ship. Not because I don’t 100% adore this coupling, but because I wasn’t ready to let my gorgeous, sizzling MiGook sweethearts go. Until now. Bringing you spoilers about an upcoming musical development in Dream High. I don’t think this definitively answers the question about who is “K” at all, but it does shed some light on how the angst and romantic developments might unfold.

Written previews for episode 8 have already revealed the fact that Baek Hee will be getting an opportunity to debut. I posited that Jin Gook will be debuting with her since he performed the showcase with her. I was only partially right – the debut will be for a group named K, and will comprise Baek Hee, Jin Gook, Jason, Ria, and two others. Their first single will apparently be a smash hit, titled “With K”.

I don’t believe that the K in 2018 necessarily has to be one of the six in this group, and still could be Sam Dong (or even Hye Mi). I do, however, believe that this development really reinforces the unsubstantiated spoiler that the second half of the drama focuses on the SamMi couple (and therefore the GookHee couple as well).

Once Jin Gook is out of Team Misfits, and even goes so far as to debut, I don’t see how he can continue to have Hye Mi rely on him, open up to him, and trust him. Without those things, there is no way to develop MiGook any further, because these two are not head over heels in love that they can surmount this seeming defection on the part of Jin Gook.

I am still open to ANY ending, despite my being happily a SamMi shipper, as long as the story remains true to its underdog-achieves-success story. I just hate to see my angtsy white knight Jin Gook fall into Baek Hee’s clutches. Run, run as fast as you can, Gook!

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Dream High bar]

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18 Responses to Spoilers for the Formation of an Idol Group on Dream High

  1. kjt says:

    “I just hate to see my angtsy white knight Jin Gook fall into Baek Hee’s clutches. Run, run as fast as you can, Gook!” – i totally agree

  2. estel says:

    I have to admit to being a little disappointed at this news. I wanted the tension between Sam-dong, Hye-mi, and Jin-gook to keep developing. And I definitely DON’T want Gookie anywhere NEAR the evil clutches of Baek-hee, who for sure does not deserve him, even as a bandmate. But I suppose almost anything could happen – this is kdramaland, after all. Stranger things have happened.

  3. hapacalgirl says:

    If somehow they redeem baekhee I wonder if people would be so anti-Baekhee/Jingook. I mean right now I don’t think Baekhee deserves JinGook but I also didn’t think HyeMi deserved Samdong in the beginning. I dunno , they haven’t really developed the Baekhee character like they have the other 3 and I don’t know why but I don’t think she is all bad even I highly dislike the two-faceness and actions that she has done/shown up til now.

    I don’t know maybe its because I am very logical/rational and try to understand people that its really hard for me to hate a character in a kdrama.

    • anais says:

      I’ve a better idea. For JinGook to go back to HyeMi since they really get each other. Then, for SamDong (I may have to duck for a really long time for this suggestion) to be the one to redeem BaekHee.


      • Vwen says:

        Haha, I shall be ducking with you then. I’ve been irrevocably tied to the HM-JG ship. 🙂 ❤

        (Though personally, I think BH deserves no one's love at this point.)

        Can't wait for Episode 8~

      • Melissa says:

        i’ll be really sad if samdong goes from being completely obsessed with hyemi to liking baekhee

      • Crew says:

        Throws a tomato! Team SamMi all the way!

        But on a more serious note, it would be weird for Samdong, who was in “love at first sight” to suddenly switch to BH, since they’ve hardly had any interaction thus far.

    • D Angel says:

      Well I absolutely agree with you on this one. I somohow think Baek Hee deserves to be given a chance. I think people foceus on liking Mi and since Baek Hee is her natural rival (and because of some of her bad actions I admit I didn`t like) they simply settled to point her as negative character without giving her a chance. I do hope in the drama they will develop her character and I would like to see Hee/Gook together.

  4. amc says:

    If BH succeeds in her life without any confession of her wrongdoings, I feel sad for the show. I am wondering why the writers allow the person who had committed several crimes (i.e. putting the pin in other people shoes and making the pot falling over other person’s head) can get away and enjoy her life easily like that. Oh, well. I might be so simplistic that the law of karma should work out clearly in the drama.

  5. sholpan says:


  6. SecretAddiction says:

    Ahhhhh!! *dies a little inside* MiGook, don’t go away!! Please, please, please..

  7. jeankaycee says:

    thanks ockoala for the spoilers!

    my SamMi shipper heart is happy but im kinda sad too coz it this means that jin gook will really be an ally of baek hee which i really dont look forward too!

    well, if this would be the turn of events, then i’ll just seat back and see how they would play this out.

    just hope that will be all worth the wait!


  8. dami says:

    i just read in allkpop that the other two are jason and pilsook..and i was wondering how is that possible..maybe they got that wrong..well i am a sam/mi shipper..

  9. Melissa says:

    how do you explain this picture then:

    I think the love triangle will continue…

    • allenif says:

      woah!!! i do hope so. though am currently boarding SamMi ship coz i was and still upset of jin gook and i adore the cuteness of sam dong, i still believe jin gook and hye mi are meant for each other. having an awesome childhood memory and personality that complement each other, these two will surely make it. well…. this is only my pov 🙂

  10. Nomi says:

    it”s not that i don”t like Samdong,I do and I his scenes with Hyemi are so cute,especially since he looks so confused ;), but Migook was “right” for eachother since the beginning and pushing jingook in Baekhee”s arms just sounds arrrggghh..
    One day til episode 8 ^^

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