Jang Geun Seok Holds Fanmeeting in Seoul and Says Farewell to Mu Gyul

Jang Geun Seok held his Seoul fan meeting last night, performing all his recorded songs from the Mary Stayed Out Night OST, and shared some news about his career in 2011. Other than releasing his first solo album in March, he will be holding a series of concerts in Asia (Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai) thereafter, and will commence filming for a movie in March slated for a summer release. He mentioned it was a movie that he had already accepted, which makes it the K-movie adaptation of the manga Kimi wa Petto (which has already been adapted into a J-dorama starring Koyuki and Matsumoto Jun). I’m not sure if Han Ye Seul is still onboard, but they need another slightly older, super sleek, outwardly cold but inwardly brittle actress.

 At the FM, when asked which co-star actress he was most satisfied working with, Jang Geun Seok didn’t even hesitate and just stated Moon Geun Young. In his mind, she’s an actress that doesn’t ever capitulate in her craft. He said that when they were acting together, they discussed their scenes, and even often quarreled. Moon Geun Young has very strong opinions, whether its towards acting, or in other areas. In many ways, they are very similar, making them friends who see things the same way. When they were filming M3, Jang Geun Seok was so surprised to discover another person that was pretty much identical to himself. He says they still keep in touch, and sooner or later will be going out for drinks.

Jang Geun Seok also confessed that his favorite song from the M3 OST is “My Precious”. I’ll be on record stating that even if they never confess to dating, I believe that they are genuinely good friends first and foremost who have a special connection with each other based on their personalities and career development. Hoping they have adorable Geun babies is just me having some fun shipping a truly magical young couple. However, my addiction recovery takes serious steps back everytime one or both of them do something like this. I can’t complain, they make my job tracking them fun. Oh my precious cuties, keep on rocking in your careers!

[Credit: FM update and picture from Baidu Geun-Geun bar]

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181 Responses to Jang Geun Seok Holds Fanmeeting in Seoul and Says Farewell to Mu Gyul

  1. lxandra says:

    tangee….not only they are the only couple who stood so close together, I mean beside the odd SKK Scandal male couple, YAI & SJK , they’re the only couple who whisper to each other even on stage…so couple-like…

    And I wud like to add, during the fanmeeting JGS mention how he realized that MGY is very similar to him in most aspect…I think he was talking abt her work ethic…I mean even if he has known her for quite a long time, this was the 1st time they really spend their time working together…usually even with ppl we’re close with, if we never work with them, we never really know how they are while working…sumtime while working they’re quite different than on leisure…I believe this was what JGS means…now he knows that MGY too is very passionate abt acting & wud do adlibs to improve their charcters & acting just like he does…

    And I also agree, they both being advice not to reveal what their relationship really are..especiallly MGY is really a shy & private person..if she admitted has an experience of having a bf yet we never knew when & who, when she practically grow up in front of our very eyes, she must have gone all the way to keep her private life private..

    But JGS on the other hand seems having a difficult time to supress his feeling for MGY…excitedly revealed to go for a drink with MGY..he didnt even bother to deny rumours, in fact saying he doesnt know how he really feels yet…hehe, even if he has known all along I dun think he’s ready or he can share it with us yet…same goes with the drink…even if they had go for a drink, I’m sure he’s not going to tell us openly…actually telling us he’s gonna have drink with MGY in the future was a way to prepare in case fans caught them at club/bar together…at least he can say “oh…this is the drink we promise before” or sumthing like that…I can bet after the KBS award they went to celebrate as often done by most celebrities…perhaps not just the 2 of them but with the whole group…

    And oooh…I heard these days JGS hasa sudden interest in ‘Butterfly’….his recent Lounge H logo suddenly to ‘butterfly’ in 2 colours…pink & blue…he even tattooed a butterfly behind his ears…and what do you know…MGY happens to love butterfly…she wore her butterfly ring during sbs award last year & KBS award recently…No connection? Huh!!!!!

    Btw have you all check here….I’ve posted my own speculation abt his recent trips…

    • tangee says:

      Much appreciate your sharing..
      do agree that JGS may not be have it easy ‘cos seems like he loves to share or maybe he just love his fans v much, so he can’t resist but share and happy to do it only realising after having said what he has said, he realised SHARKS! me in trouble [in public view] for saying some things…

      Re his recent trips, They may be together??? possible??? I shall dream on….
      cheers to a good day..

  2. Ami says:

    When I found out that JGS got the part in the Kimi wo Petto k-movie.. I was like… what a casting coop! He’s perfect for the role! Hope the storyline will be good too.

    He’s gonna come here??? For a concert or a fanmeet?? *goes berserk*

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