Spoilers and Thoughts about Dream High Episode 8

I’ve got some spoilers for the upcoming episode of Dream High. Rather like my spoilers during the Playful Kiss days, the veracity is yet to be determined, but the source and the content appears quite credible. I’ll save ALL the goodies until after the jump. Dive in with me if you are dying for the next fix for your DH addiction.

DC Gall lit up with a fan posting about the scene in the preview that everyone has been talking about – the scene where Hye Mi comes back after Jin Gook stood her up, and she runs into Sam Dong, and he ends up yelling at her to “don’t say it” about something.

Rather than the general supposition that Hye Mi wants to tell Sam Dong that she has feelings for Jin Gook, and Sam Dong yelling at her that he doesn’t want to hear it – the actual conversation doesn’t involve Jin Gook and is purely a Sam Dong-Hye Mi unspoken matter. Script spoiler below:

HM: Can I tell you? Why I am crying?
SD: No, don’t say it.
HM: Let me tell you why I am crying.
SD: NO!!!
HM: I don’t like you. I wanted you to come to Kirin so I lied to you.
SD: I know….I know that you don’t really like me….please don’t cry….
SD: Please don’t cry [and then Sam Dong can’t hear again]
[Sam Dong faints]
HM: Sam Dong! Song Sam Dong! Please wake up! I’m sorry, I was wrong (to say it)….

I think this spoiler is highly credible, because if Hye Mi tells Sam Dong that she has feelings for Jin Gook this early in the game, this love triangle would deflate faster than my soufflé. Secondly, I don’t think Hye Mi has concrete feelings for Jin Gook (yet), but more like he’s someone who has become more important to her than she expected and realized.

Between Sam Dong and Jin Gook, Hye Mi clearly has more feelings towards Jin Gook at this point. And I for one would much rather Hye Mi and Jin Gook be the end game if the alternative is for Hye Mi to pick Sam Dong out of some guilt trip that he may be going deaf because he took a pot meant for her to the dead. Ugh, I hate sacrificial love resolutions.

The DC Gall post also stated that the PD intended for the first eight episodes to be MiGook, and the last eight to be SamMi. This is a really ballsy spoiler and I don’t put that much weight on this supposed leak from the PD.

On a happier note, KBS released new official stills that show SamMi doing the dance that the kids were practicing in episode 6. Super squeeee! They look so so cute together. I especially love the look of WTF on Jin Gook and Baek Hee’s face. Yeah, you two can go and keep doing your trashy roboto dance, and leave the sweet and tender little moments for my darling SamMi.

Looking at these stills, I FINALLY made a connection that has been bugging me for weeks now – who Suzy resembles. Suzy looks like a young Han Hyo Joo! Anyways, it looks like Jin Gook is stuck with Baek Hee for the time being. She’s getting an opportunity to debut, and his performance with her at the show case likely means he might get to perform with her again.

In addition, Taecyeon’s bandmate Nickhun from 2PM will be making a cameo appearance. He plays Romeo while filming a CF with Ria who plays Juliet. He apparently helps her regain her self-confidence.

Lastly, it appears that Hye Mi and Pil Sook are really becoming good friends. I love these pictures that show Hye Mi comforting and supporting Pil Sook in the littlest of gestures such as holding her hand. The old Hye Mi would never do that, and it’s a testament to how much she’s changed over the last few episodes.

[Credit: all pictures released from KBS, spoiler dialogue from Baidu Dream High bar]

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31 Responses to Spoilers and Thoughts about Dream High Episode 8

  1. estel says:

    Awwwww!! This is great news for a lot of awesome reasons. First because Sam-dong and Hye-mi will have more time on-screen together, which is great because Kim Soo-hyun rocks and as we all decided before, Jin-gook is being a jerk and doesn’t deserve Hye-mi at the moment. And because I think Sam-dong is softening a lot of Hye-mi’s rough edges.

    And second of all NICHKHUN!!! AAAHHH!!!! I am such a fangirl of his…if you haven’t watched him and Victoria of f(x) on We Got Married, you’re missing out. Seriously. They are TOO. CUTE. together. I don’t even care that it’s probably a tiny little cameo (which, incidentally, he’s already done a cameo in All My Love, which Ga-in and Jo Kwon are currently filming). Maybe he’ll do a drama next! He would totally rock as a second lead – he’s go the right personality, though it would be sad since he wouldn’t get the girl. But anyway.

    And Hye-mi and Pil-sook! I just adore Pil-sook, maybe because I think the “normal” girl in all of us can identify strongly with her. I mean, I know that I was a lot like her in high school, only not as nice and I didn’t do the lollipop thing. But we’ve probably all had that hopeless crush on the guy of our dreams. Thankfully, it looks like she might actually get her guy. *cheers* And I think Hye-mi needs a friend like Pil-sook to help her act a little more like a real human being.

    This next week’s episodes are going to rock! So excited. ^___^

  2. herdys says:

    Seriously, I need my Dh fix!! there’s a limit for the times I can rewatch the other episodes!! T_T Stupid soccer..

  3. Fia says:

    The Hye Mi and Pil Sook pictures are beyond adorable. A much healthier friendship than Hye Mi and Baek Hee.

    And the second to last picture of them dancing, the look on Sam Dong’s face is pure and unadulterated joy…and a little smug, lol. Like he knows he’s dancing with Hye Mi better than Jin Guk, haha.

  4. Imcrazyce says:

    I is die. So excited. Thank you.

    I think Jin Gook is “K” and not Sam Dong. And I think Sam Dong will end up with HyeMi at the end and nor do I think he will end up deaf.
    I love Dream High and all it’s characters. But all I really want is some Pil-Sook-Jason action.

  5. ItadakimasU says:

    oh wow… this is getting good!!! ^^

  6. e says:

    OMG..haha thank you for the spoilers and like the PK days they are always spot on so im kinda hoping its true because i totally ship SamMi hehe aww please be true 🙂

  7. jandoe says:

    for me Suzy looks like yoon eun hye; anyway, good spoiler stuff. though i personally think Jin Gook and Hye Mi pairs better (though Sam Dong is SO ADORABLE. beyond words)

  8. hmi4 says:

    omg your spoiler puts me in such an awesome mood. i’m definitely on the DH crack, more so than i was on the SSKS and SG crack. ❤ SamMi. what about Jason/Pilsuk? was there spoiler for them? when i watched the preview it seemed Jason rejected Pilsuk on her appearance and she was going on a serious diet for him? i hope that's not it, because i hope Jason's not a douche like that.

  9. leila8mae says:

    love it!! Sam♥Mi fighting!!! 🙂

  10. clarhae says:

    wah. first eight episode for jinguk and last eight for samdong?!!!!!!!!!

  11. jeankaycee says:

    thanks ockoala !!!
    still loveing your spoilers!

    love, love, love the SamMi dancing stills!
    just seeing it makes me smile!

    whatever happens in the future episodes, i just hope sam dong will not died or go deaf. and whoever ends up with whom with our love triangle (square?) , i pray that they would make it convincing and relatable.

    and also, please more pil-sook and jason cuteness!

    so please, monday come early!!!

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  13. KiiMMiiE says:

    I was just wondering, Dream High is supposed to be aired 2 times a week (Monday and Tuesday) why did it only end up having episode 7 this week? Does anyone know? 🙂 thanks in advance.

  14. SecretAddiction says:

    Ahhhhh!! So many people support SamMi!! I totally disagree… It HAS to be Jin guk and Hye mi!! Sam dong is cute but, he’s missing a certain something with hye mi that she has with Jin guk! I can’t put my finger on it but it’s there…

    I don’t know what I’d do if Sam dong and hye mi…(I don’t want to finish the sentence). This love triangle is really killing me, it’s so effective that it’s keeping me up (literally, its 3.29am here in aus) and fearing the worst (SamMi) while simultaneously and desperately hoping that with each episode my heart doesn’t crumble into a million pieces of stars as seen in the opening title.

    Oh no.

    Ps. Ockoala, I have been a lurker since PK and due to my previous bout of the lazies I have not thanked you for lifting my spirits when I needed it the most. So, I thank you, sincerely.

    • gugirl says:

      I think everyone has their opinion. You can’t forget about Samdong-Hyemi shipper too. Maybe for you it will be so not good if Hyemi end up with Samdong, but for the other? For me example, I always see Jinguk-Hyemi is like cute brother&sister who loves to share stories, but you aren’t, are you? So just let’s support & love our fav couple without leave uneasy-to-hear-or-read word about another couple, okay? 🙂

  15. heyhihello says:

    GAAAHHH! Thanks alot!
    Because of this spoiler I feel the NEED to watch Dream High. It will be IMPOSSIBLE to wait for Monday XD

    And really? Last 8 for SamMi?!?!

    I really don’t know who to root for but whenever I watch this with my friend, I end up supporting Sam Dong 🙂

    Did you know that Hye Mi is just SIXTEEN?! Sucha lucky gal XD

  16. wormsoup says:

    hmm. actually suzy reminds me more of Han Ji Hye from Sweet 18!

  17. InnerMagui says:

    I totally agree with you, I also prefer HyeMi with JinGook in the end, if she is only going to pick Sam Dong because she feels sorry for him… or because of the pot incident =/
    Jason/Pilsuk <

  18. InnerMagui says:

    *Jason x Pilsuk fighting =D they are my favourite couple! I hope Jason already likes her, even though she isn’t slim, otherwise he only cares about her appearance?? That… shouldn’t be like that… =(

    Anyway can’t wait for episode 8 !!!!! ><

  19. Shemi says:

    OMO!!!!!!! omo!!! omo!!!!!! De veras odie el bendito partido que trasmitieron la semana pasadaaa… nos hicieron esperar una semana apra nuevos capitulos…wowww no puedo esperar mas,.,,,.,

  20. Bushra says:

    Amazing comments !
    I like this way very much. Also I take all the pic were attached ^^.
    Keep going sweety … (=

  21. Gene says:

    Omgoshh,,, I was SO hoping Sam Dong will get Hye Mi. He went to Seoul for her and sacrificed & protected her! And he is SO adorable! I can’t imagine him being hurt T__T
    The cruel script …

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