Kim Jae Wook’s Band Walrus Releases First Solo Album

After wrapping Mary Stayed Out All Night, Kim Jae Wook has jumped right back into his other day job – as frontman for the indie rock band Walrus. Seriously, his casting as Jung In as opposed to Mu Gyul must’ve amused him to no end, since he’s the real life talking walking version of Mu Gyul.

I approve of the attempt to not be type cast. Walrus is about to release the band’s first solo album, and in the meantime, Kim Jae Wook just landed in Japan this week for his scheduled fan meeting. *grumbles, cursed those lucky obasans* As cute as Absolute Mu Gyul was, that above is what a real indie band looks like. Sadly, I’m more of a pop girl, so I can only admire the authentic indie spirit from the place where I listen to “Take Care, My Bus” and happily love it. 

I really can’t get over how wild and free spirited the real Kim Jae Wook is, as opposed to repressed and restrained he was when playing Jung In. It was only the undeniable and incomparable Geun-Geun chemistry that kept me firmly on the M&M ship, but in secret I was dying to do all sorts of naughty things to Jung In. See, Mae Ri can only belong to Mu Gyul, so that means I can have Jung In, right? *is happy* Let’s watch some of the latest clips and MVs for Kim Jae Wook, shall we?

Teaser MV for Seoul Witch (a very breezy song):

MV for To Be (the first single of the album – totally hard rock edgey):

Kim Jae Wook interview in Japan this week (listening to him speak Japanese makes my knees buckle):

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18 Responses to Kim Jae Wook’s Band Walrus Releases First Solo Album

  1. estel says:

    HAWT!!! Omo. Sign me up for him! I love the MV teaser and the full MV and track. I lub me my pretty idol boys (Kim! Hyun! Joong! & My I Lub You Siwon!!!), but I like indie rock. And Kim Jae-wook. ^__^

  2. muscat says:


  3. miso says:

    im so glad u did a post on his album as well! i like the other 2 tracks off the album and they dont have as .uch of a hard metal theme. such a talented artist. i love that they incorporate his japanese skills in his dramas. hope he gets cast as a lead in his next role.

    initially when i was watching pasta, i thought he was one of the italian chefs…pretty face defined eyebrows and awesome hair…until i realized it was someone else after looking it up on wiki. heehee whoops. im going to watch bad guy one of these days since i heard he was awesome in it

  4. erika says:

    cool..I love rock indie band..and he so hot…I wonder when will he get a lead role as rock musician..that would be hot because he can deliver it well that he have a real life as one.

  5. pipa says:

    What the hell..i never knew this KJW is even more cool while banging some
    guitars and can kick some pretty sick rock song! I like rock/metal music..
    will surely follow him and listen to their album.

  6. allenif says:

    woah!! thnx for this ockoala. WOOKIE… FTW!!!!

  7. Sweety says:

    Wow he looks so much hotter than in M3! Go get them!

  8. F1968 says:

    He can stand in for Mu Gyul when MG and Maeri go for honeymoon…

  9. Sere says:

    OMG!!!! \o/

    Chingoo, did you know? I only (occasionally) listen to kpop because it’s impossible not to if you like kdramas and you’re easily addicted to random things (er, like me?) so while I’ll get JGS’s album cos I like him and am addicted to him, I’ll most likely get Walrus’ album cos that’s the kind of music I usually listen to and love.

  10. jess says:

    wow! I love Rock/and classic rock
    this is a treat for me
    thanks Koala
    love this pretty guy mooore .

  11. littletiara says:

    Okay, so here’s the plan. Jae Wook, you know how whipped Geun Seok is over Geun Young, right? I know you know, so don’t put on that what-are-you-talking-about look. Take that off. Good, so you know that he needs a little push here and there and they need a little help, right?

    So, let’s make a nice MV with them in it, what do you think? Of course I know it’s great. Now pick up a song, and call those two, there’s no way they will be saying no, I can even imagine Geun Seok answers Yes soon after you mention Geun Young’s name, alright?


    By the way, I love your music. (I would love it more if you can have them in your MVs, remember that, and notice that I wrote ‘s’ behind the MV, if possible, make each and every one of your MV with them in it).

    yours truly.

    Okay, I’m totally insane, anyway, it’s cool how Jung In is actually Mu Gyul, haha, does that even make sense?

  12. Melissa says:

    he’s so fineeeeeee

  13. Larkspur says:

    OMG! The hotness!!! Thanks Ockoala! This is a real treat for me! Will definitely buy this Walrus’ album!

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  15. iri says:

    A very pleasant voice – soft and gentle.Seems he is a kind person.

  16. zhiexi says:

    awesome! (^_^)???

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