Jang Geun Seok’s Chinese CF for Zegda

The commercial is out for Jang Geun Seok’s Zegda CF. It’s a Mainland Chinese brand, and the CF is airing only in China. Jang Gen Seok is totally channeling a Mu Gyul-Goes-To-College vibe, going sporty and youthful with his attire and the CF theme. He’s really quite busy with endorsements these days. Coupled with the upcoming release of his solo CD, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him on back on either the small or large screen anytime soon.

I totally think his character in the CF needs a cute college girlfriend. He can bark at her, and she can meow back at him. 😛

Zegda CF:

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16 Responses to Jang Geun Seok’s Chinese CF for Zegda

  1. antonia says:

    “I totally think his character in the CF needs a cute college girlfriend. He can bark at her, and she can meow back at him”

    What can i say???? That’s one of the reasons why i love you and this akp so much. Not only the goodies but the comments!!!!.:D
    Btw many jgs in one commercial?? 😛 Love it!!!! so sad there’s no mgy in it :(. of course she’s the only one who can fill the cute college girlfriend role 😉

  2. Lyly says:

    This guy will never cut his hair again? Hopefully when he go to military he will have to. lol

  3. LizzyD says:

    re: barks and meows- Captain, your comments are becoming less and less subtle…I love it! hahaha But where is the MGY post to go along with this one? They are a unit, remember?

  4. Erika says:

    yep yep that empty spot only belong to miss nyaung.ah why they don’t put MGY also that way they can have their honeymoon there

  5. Melissa says:

    i wish he’d cut his hair…:-\

  6. Nita says:

    “He can bark at her, and she can meow back at him” …hahahaaa …

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  8. Sere says:

    JGS is adoraaaaable


    *checks the ads a couple of times and reads the tag*
    Okay, “feeling up” what, exactly? Sorry, I’m not a native English speaker so my (limited) knowledge may conjure filthy scenarios when there’s nothing but innocent content.

    I need to rewatch random scenes from m3 now./random

    • ockoala says:

      Don’t ask what Chinglish is supposed to mean. Just take the literal meaning and strip away any naughty accidental connotations.

      Here it means feeling happy (up/high). Or at least I hope that’s what it means.

      M3 is meant to rewatch random scenes. I re-watched the paper planes scene the other day and burst into tears from the happy. I am not joking.

      • Sere says:

        Ah, ok, I thought so, but hey, it’s kind of telling my first reaction was that. Heh, naughty, that’s me. ^^”

        oh dude, that’s one of my favorite scenes of the whole series. ksdfjskf It’s adorable, with the whispering and the HAPPY FACES. askjkdhfksf

      • LizzyD says:

        hahaha That balcony airplane scene is hands down my favorite one of the entire series. The way his whole face lit up at the sight of her, her sweet response to him…they really acted that out perfectly. I was so in love with them falling in love with each other.

  9. karina says:

    I love his hair!!! so cute and make him look younger. He looked older with short hair ( beethoven Virus) . JGS love you soooo much..^_^

  10. zine iyasin says:

    backyard and color is beautiful, pictures is so cute,*na-rak-na-ka*

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