My Princess Episode 7 Written Preview

My Princess is chugging along at just the right speed for me. The character interactions and plot developments feel perfectly paced. I’m neither chafing for the romantic relationship to heat up, nor bored that it’s six-episodes in and Hae Young and Seol aren’t making kissy kissy yet. For whatever reason, I feel like a content passenger on the MP train, enjoying the trip and not over-thinking the journey.

Written preview for episode 7 of MP:

“I will be a princess. There is no feeling of guilt.”

Preparations for the establishment of the Royal Foundation are almost complete, and will be managed by Yoon Joo. After receiving a direct challenge from Yoon Joo, Seol lets go of the feelings of guilt. Seol announces that she plans to live in the palace as a princess going forward. Seol declares war against Yoon Joo.

Before the press conference, Hae Young makes contact with someone who knew Lee An (Seol’s father). Hae Young and Seol go to meet the person who knew her father….

My Thoughts:

Yay, road trip for Seol and Hae Young! I hope they brought their overnight bags, tee hee. I do so adore this couple, and their little one step forward-two steps back-three steps forward, and so forth, flirting dance.

Double yay for Seol standing right back up to Yoon Joo, who can get eaten by alligators for all I care. MP continues to delight as long as they give me more Hae Young and Seol in each episode.

[Credit: written preview released by MBC, translated into Chinese by Baidu My Princess bar, translated into English by me]

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17 Responses to My Princess Episode 7 Written Preview

  1. Corinne says:

    That will only work if alligators eat their own kind.

  2. momosan says:

    And here’s hoping someone is looking over the shoulder of the Evil One, as I’m thinking embezzlement, stock manipulation, book cooking…ah the possibilities.

    I think I left my alligators with mousie….

    We need a bedroom scene at least once an episode. Those never get old with these 2.

    • estel says:

      I second that! And I love how the director keeps the camera rolling until it gets really awkward, so you really feel all the budding attraction. ^__^

  3. muscat says:

    ahhh…anticipation….this is good.

  4. Amber's Cube says:

    Excited…Thank you for keeping us updated. Looking forward for another great recap.

  5. D says:

    hell yea!….i’m glad Seol is gonna go through with the princess thing…i LOVE road trips especially in kdramas!!!

  6. wiggles. says:

    I’m glad Seol was able to stand up against Yoon Joo. Can’t wait for the episode!

  7. J says:

    Pfew, that’s a relief. With the earlier preview suggesting that Seol had done a runner after Yoon J’s speech I was dreading Seol turning into helpless female, but it sounds like she stays feisty. And a road trip, hot diggity…

  8. a_fan says:

    Thank you! I can’t wait for Wednesday to come.

  9. wendy says:

    And……. we have backbone to go w/ the fairytale face!….nice one!!!!! and the prince charming just gets even more charming……. IIII loooove it!!!!! thanks princes okoala!!!!!! i thought today was going to be another blah day till Friday….thanks for the precious snippet. HAVE A GREAT DAY MP MATES!!!!!!!

  10. mayssenger says:

    Even better if they make a wrong turn and get lost in the forest/run out of petrol and get lost in the forest/she gets mad and runs out into the forest and he goes chasing after her….I know I’ve seen too many kor dramas! I just want them to END UP IN THE FOREST. Then kissy kissy and boating in the forest, not necessarily in that order.

    • tangee says:

      Dear mayssenger
      We are definitely on the same page!!! Your script is fantastic. Let’s hope the script is somewhere along those line!… Cheers..

  11. a_fan says:

    Just been to Soompi and saw the short hair a la Yoon Ju

    • mayssenger says:

      hey a_fan, good to see you here. You still got your nosehair trimming equipment from PK days? LOL Can use it to trim SSH’s nosehair haha…bet he’s got more nosehair than KHJ.

  12. sandi says:

    Thanks Ockoala. I have been waiting for it. I can’t wait to see how will HY&LS will in love each other.

  13. vorticella says:

    Wednesday please come soon! you’re utterly adorable together. They should really become couple in real life. I wouldn’t object to that (not that they would listen anyway) 😛
    Girl’s note: I do like most of the dresses that LS has been wearing. The stylist for this drama really does a good job dressing everyone up. ^_^

  14. Erika says:

    Fooh!glad seol take the challenge.take that evil witch,and may I add koala dear!may YJ eaten by,alligator then piranha then shark for all I care!tehe.
    oh I hope they give some treats for us in ep 7&8,a hot&sweet kiss?

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