Written Preview for Episode 7 of Dream High

Obsession – thy name is Dream High. Who knew that in the span of 24 hours and 2 episodes, namely this week’s episode 5 and 6 of DH, I would go from kinda liking this drama (as per my post last week), to full-blown-I-need-moar-of-this-crack utter and complete love for this deeper than it looks high school drama.

The worst news I got this week was hearing that next week’s episode 8 of DH would be preempted by a soccer match. Damn, totally brings back memories of when a soccer match preempted episode 6 of Mary Stayed Out All Night, and how I almost gnawed off my left knee in anticipation. I hope this time it’s not going to be as bad. Based on the preview for episode 7 of DH? It’s likely going to be *that* bad.

Written preview for episode 7 of DH:

Jin Gook’s father tells Jin Gook to leave Kirin High and go study abroad. Jin Gook can no longer disobey his father’s wishes. He decides not to participate in the fake show case. He also organizes his feelings for Hye Mi (organize – in the sense he sorts it all out in order to let go of it). Hye Mi cannot understand Jin Gook’s decision and feels stunned.

On the other hand, at the real show case, Jason is fed up with practicing with Ria, who has no real ability. He aimlessly decides to take Pil Sook to the noraebang.

The day of the real show case finally arrives. On the same day, at a different location, the fake show case of the misfit class also begins!

My thoughts:

Okay, I’ve watched the kids’ interview at the DH press conference, where it became very clear where the lovelines are for this drama, unless the kids lied or they are only revealing what they know about the plot written up to the point of the press conference a few weeks ago.

When asked who likes whom in the drama, the lead actors all stated: Pil Sook and Jason have a mutual love line. Sam Dong likes Hye Mi. And Baek Hee and Hye Mi likes Jin Gook. No mention of who Jin Gook likes, but since its about as obvious as a full moon on a cloudless night, then the main love line is clearly Hye Mi-Jin Gook. That is not to say that Hye Mi will end up with Jin Gook – it simply means that the central OTP of this drama is this couple.

Based on the preview, I’m more inclined to believe that Hye Mi is upset primarily/only with Jin Gook’s decision to leave Kirin and study abroad, especially since he promised to debut with her. My gut tells me that Hye Mi is beginning to feel the stirrings of something for Jin Gook, but its not so full-blown that she’d be stunned with his decision to not like her anymore.

Right now, the kids all need friends and people who believe in them more than they need romantic entanglements and relationships. Much as I adore Sam Dong, Jin Gook and Hye Mi are currently the more compelling leg of the triangle. Anything can change, and I am dying for episode 7 next week.

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Dream High bar, translated into English by me]

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12 Responses to Written Preview for Episode 7 of Dream High

  1. Dee says:

    ooh! thanks for this! – DH quite unexpectedly became something of an obsession for me too.. i almost wish you were recapping this series too, though i’m loving the MP recaps!!

    after the debacle that was the M3 plot, i am now so traumatised that even as I watch dramas that start off quite pleasantly & sensisbly, I am on the inside pleading to the Drama gods that it will stay that way til the very end ( ie, there’s a natural progression of events and character developments and no friggin new writer comes in halfway thru the drama who have insane ideas like killing off the other half of the OTP, for goodness sake!!)

    ANYWAY – thanks again for the preview! hehe. cant wait to see what happens to DH too – and yes as much as i think the SD&HM pairing is cute, JG&HM is much more intriguing. I think the scene where SamDong and JinGook are having a showdown, where Hye Mi is always smiling around SamDong and cries whenever she’s with JG, shows that HyeMi is more comfortable with JG. JG seems to be the only one who can crack her out of her aloofness, and more importantly, he is the only person she allows help her out of her troubles, thereby admitting her own vulnerability… in other words, i’m totally into this couple even though the pairings could very well change in the next few eps!!

    • ockoala says:

      I’m dying to talk about DH, hence a little bit of sadness I’m not recapping it. But MP is just as fun in a different way. 🙂

      M3 was insanity of the drama-script that is the exception, not the norm. It doesn’t make me afraid of watching live dramas. You get lemons with the winners, and M3 was a giant lemon of a script. I love the damn drama for the OTP only, but my god was the story a mess.

  2. ItadakimasU says:

    Thank you ockoala for this preview!

    finally a drama with a coherent written preview ^^
    kekke and nicely chosen, the picture with the two male leads xD

  3. Imcrazyce says:

    I want, no cross that out, I NEED more Pil-Sook /Jason action.

    • estel says:

      I know!!! They’re so cute…and so realistic. That’s totally what high school was like for me, so if they get together it will somehow validate my whole pain-filled high school existence. Or something. Anyway they just need to get together.

  4. rich says:

    Aww… but I like Sam Dong for Hye Mi. His sad puppy eyes is just so hard to resist…

  5. estel says:

    Preemption??? NO!!!!!!! Haven’t there been enough preemptions??

    ~sigh~ Oh well, I guess this is good for me being able to finish my homework and you know, actually get an education like I’m supposed to be doing…

  6. w. says:

    Because of Hye-Mi, I now seriously consider having bangs again, after working hard to let it finally growing out; reasoning that those bangs will make me look cute! The sad thing is my face is not oval & young. What’s intriguing is how beautiful Sam-Dong’s lips are. Also, Jin-Gook is so good natured but at the same time, in his MVs he is just really mean cool, not to mention the workout results. All 3, even Pil-Sook, are just so lovable. Wish I was young again.

  7. wiggles. says:

    I can’t wait! But I thought Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun) was the male lead?

  8. Melissa says:

    oh noooooooo! Sam dong 😥
    my heart’s gonna break into a million pieces when he gets dumped

  9. 23nuraina says:

    True to the OTP, they actually got chemistry compared to Hye mi-Sam Dong..

  10. Susi says:

    But the hyemi – jinguk is so cliche with the childhood romantic memories and sad family back story. It’s like a rehash remix of stairway to heaven and stained glass window.

    Samdong is so much better with more musical talent :< he does more for hyemi and understands her better

    Jin guk was just always there when she was at crying breaking point. And once you cry in front of someone, you feel comfortable enough to do it again and again. I think he'd do better with Baek hee once she goes back to nice girl and less evil witch

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